The Sibling Code Ch. 01

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Eighteen months. It had been 18 months since I’d seen her. I’d joined the Marines right out of high school. A year of training, an 8-month deployment to Iraq, a station overseas, and then an 18-month deployment to Afghanistan. It was late May and I was finally home. I was a sergeant and I’d just reenlisted at the end of my four-year contract and was now stationed at Camp Pendleton, California, only forty-five minutes away from my big sister.

I knocked on the door and waited.

I’d had a crush on my sister since pretty much the time I noticed the difference between brothers and sisters. She was four years older than me and to my little brother eyes she was always the coolest person I knew. She never treated me like a chore and she always included me in her activities when she could. She let me drink my first beer with her and her friends, and she always let me hang out with her friends when we were in school. Which is a huge thing when your sister is older and gorgeous. Nobody ever messed with me because they didn’t want my sister mad at them. She was very popular so being on her bad side would have meant an instant downgrade in high school social status.

It was pretty early. I’d told Sabrina that I’d be by to take her out to breakfast around ten but the constant wake-ups from military life had gotten me up early enough that I was standing in front of her door at nine.

I knocked again.

I looked around as I waited for her to come to the door. She lived on the sixth floor of an eight-floor upscale apartment building. I knew she was home because I’d seen her car in the parking lot next to her best friend Crystal’s car. She’d written me and told me that they become roommates. I smiled as I thought of Crystal. They had been inseparable best friends for most of their lives and I had secretly had a crush on her for almost that long.

With a sigh I checked the door and found it unlocked, I opened it up and called out for them. Knowing Sabrina and Crystal they’d still be sleeping from partying the night before. I guess I’d have to wake her up and wait till she got ready. As soon as I entered though, I heard the shower and some salsa music coming from the bathroom. I was a little surprised that she was up so early but happy that she was getting ready. Now I wouldn’t have to wait on her as long. Thinking it’d be nice if I made her a cup of coffee I walked past the living room toward the kitchen. As I rounded the corner…

And about had a heart attack!


I couldn’t believe my eyes.

There was my sister!

And she was tied and gagged on her dining room table and the only thing she was wearing was a very small pair of pink panties!

She saw me at the same time and her eyes grew wide. She shrieked and struggled but her sounds were muffled and she couldn’t move.

As if in a trance I moved closer to her.

At 26-years-old my sister had the tight, toned body of youth. She did aerobics and swimming regularly so she was in great shape. She had golden skin and muscular legs with a flat stomach, her breasts were a large C to a small D. With her pretty blue eyes and small freckled nose, she looked like the stereotypical blonde beach girl from California. Her lips were small but her smile was wide.

At the moment her shoulder length blonde hair was in a ponytail and was strangely highlighted by the pink cotton rope that bound her helpless to her kitchen table. The table was dark wood and about eight feet long and three feet wide. Sabrina was centered on it face up. Her ankles were tied together and then the rope wrapped around the table. Another rope was wrapped at her knees and again around the table. The same with her waist. Her arms were tied behind her back and the ropes looped her arms tight to her body and then continued on either side of her to loop around the table. She had a bright pink ball-gag in her mouth that was held in place with black leather. All in all, she was very secure.

I watched her wriggle for a few moments as her eyes tracked me. She was blushing pink and made a bunch of whimpers through the gag.

Eventually she calmed down.

She just watched me as I took it all in. Now that I was close to her I took notice of other details.

First was the smell, my sister always smelled like sunshine on wildflowers. Second, she had a small red satin pillow behind her back, I assume it was to make her arms more comfortable since she was laying on her tied hands. Third, her panties were the sheerest material I’d ever seen. I don’t know why she was even wearing them since I could see everything. Her pubic hair was a neatly trimmed blonde racing stripe.

“Wow, you are crazy sis.”

I noticed she was breathing hard from struggling. This did interesting things to her chest and brought my attention to her nipples. They were small, pink and very hard, I reached out and touched them. She gave one small whimper but didn’t wiggle or do anything else as I teased her.

“Wow, somebody is enjoying this,” I laughed.

She looked escort ataşehir at me with exasperation.

“Hey, don’t give me that look, I didn’t put you like this,” I said as I continued to stroke her nipples. She closed her eyes as I played with her tits for a few minutes and as I stood there I realized something.

“By the way, who put you like this? I thought you said you broke up with your boyfriend.”

She moaned something through the gag.

“And where is Crystal? I saw her car and…” My voice died as I put two and two together.

My eyes went wide as I looked at my sister’s face, she was blushing red now.

“Oh my god, really? Crystal?” I laughed.

Sabrina closed her eyes and shook her head in embarrassment.

I kept laughing, “You are so bad. I never would have suspected.”

Finally, I stopped laughing as she opened her eyes and we looked at each other.

“So, are you bi?”

She nodded yes.

“But not gay?

She shook her head no.

“And Crystal is…”

She shook her head yes again.

“Very cool sis, and here I didn’t think you had a crazy streak in you.”

“And she left you like this while she takes a shower?”

She nodded yes.

I laughed, the whole ‘conversation’ seemed surreal. I went back to my inspection of her body. She turned her head to watch me as I walked around the table looking at her, I had to admit Crystal did good work, Sabrina couldn’t get free no matter how hard she tried.

I had never seen my sister partially naked. She was not modest at all and I’ve seen her walk around in t-shirt and panties before but this was a whole new experience. I was enjoying it immensely and every time I looked up from her body I found her eyes on me.

“Very beautiful.”

She blushed pink at the compliment.

It finally penetrated my brain that I heard a small buzzing. I looked at her panties and noticed a small silver bullet pressing against her pussy from between her legs. I laid my hand there, I could feel a small vibration.

Well that explains why she was wearing underwear, it was to keep the vibrator in place.

“Wow, she leaves you with this in place to get you all worked up right?”

Sabrina nodded at me.

“I take it after her shower she’s going to come and finish playing with you?”

Again, she nodded.

I smiled.

“Well, I guess I’ll leave and come back so that you two can have your fun. We’ll keep this visit between us, right?”

She nodded yes.

I pulled out my iPhone.

“But first, I have got to get a picture of this.”

Her eyes bugged out when I said that. It was so comical I had to laugh.

I snapped a few pics of her from far away. Then I got a few close-ups of her panties and tits. Finally, I took a few selfie style.

“Smile for me sis.” I said as I put my head down next to hers and took a shot of the two of us. I made sure her tits were in it.

“You’re glaring at the camera, take a good one for me.”

She rolled her eyes at me and made an exasperated noise but did like I asked.

I took another. It was perfect. You could see the two of us and the fact that she was ball-gagged and topless.

I’d been so involved in taking pictures I didn’t realize the shower had stopped. Suddenly I heard Crystal yell out “ready or not, here I come.

I straightened up and looked around, I could hear her walking down the hallway towards us.

Sabrina tilted her head toward the living room. I nodded, reached down and gave her nipples a quick kiss and moved away.

Thankfully the kitchen, dining room, living room, and hallway were built around a center area. As Crystal came through the kitchen into the dining room I stepped back into the living room. I froze so Crystal wouldn’t hear me.

“Awwww, is poor baby all worked up?”

I heard my sister make a few unintelligible noises through her gag.

“I love it when you’re all frustrated. You look so sexy.”

“Is the mean ole vibrator not set high enough to do the job?”

I heard the volume increase to a high whir, immediately I heard Sabrina moaning.

I risked a peek around the corner. Sabrina had her head thrown back and her eyes were closed. She was moaning and squirming in ecstasy. Crystal was wearing a towel wrapped around her body and was on my side of the table and bent over with her head between Sabrina’s legs. I could only imagine she was using her tongue on my sister.

From this angle I could see Crystal’s legs and just the slightest part of her butt. Her legs were long, sleek, and firm looking.

Suddenly Sabrina yelled into her gag and started thrashing her head back and forth. Sabrina’s body locked, then shuddered, and then went limp as she made little mewling noises through her gag. Her body gave small twitches for another minute. Crystal kept her head between her legs the whole time as Sabrina orgasmed.

Eventually Crystal lifted her head as I pulled back around the corner to make sure I wasn’t seen.

“That was intense. kadıköy escort What’s gotten into you?”

I watched Crystal gently remove her gag.

“Do you need some water babe?”

“Yes please,” Sabrina said.

Crystal went and got a small bottle of water and held it to her lips while she took small sips.

“You ok?”

Clearing her throat, “Yeah, I’m fine, I was just worked up.”

“I can see that. That was so sexy,” Crystal said. “So what got you like that?”

I snuck a quick peek.

Crystal stood over her with a smile as she traced her skin lazily with her fingertips.

Sabrina moaned, “N-no reason,” she stuttered.

“Uh huh, I bet I know the reason… Is his name Brad?”

Holy shit! She was talking about me. Had Crystal heard us? Did she know I had seen Sabrina? I kept listening.

“What?! I-I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Sabrina stammered.

Laughing, “I’m sure you don’t. Did you think I’d forgotten that your hunk of a baby brother was coming by this morning or what happened the last time he was here?”

“Shut up Crystal!”

What?! What was she talking about?

“Oh come on, you loved it and you know you want to do it again. Blowjobs are fun!”


“You’re so cute when you’re all feisty,” she laughed. “Your brother is adorable and you know I’ve had a crush on him since we were kids, when are you going to let me have a go at him?”

I had no idea what the hell they were talking about before but it was easy to understand one thing. Crystal liked me!

I could hear Sabrina struggling against her bonds, frustrated she replied, “Never brat, you keep your hands off him.”

Laughing again, “I promise I’d be good to him,” Crystal pouted. “So why not? You’ve never told me why I can’t have him. Do you just want to keep him to yourself?”

“No, that’s not it. It’s not like he hasn’t had girlfriends, some I like and some I don’t. It’s simple. What happens if it goes bad between you two? What do I do then? You’re my two favorite people in the world, what will happen if you two can’t stand each other? I couldn’t bear the thought of that.”

“Awwwww, you love me,” Crystal said.

Exasperated, Sabrina replied, “Of course I do, now untie before he shows up.”

“On one condition.”

Warily Sabrina replied, “And that is…”

“I won’t touch him but I want to tease him. Can I answer the door in my panties?”

“God, you’re incorrigible!”

“I know, but that’s why you love me.”

“Fine but nothing else.”

“I promise just a welcome home kiss and a little flashing.”

“What?! Urghhhh, FINE! ONE KISS. But no more, now untie me quick.”

I heard Crystal squeal in delight and then heard some movement. I risked another peek, Crystal was untying her. Deciding that was my cue, I quietly walked back through the other room. When I got to the front door I opened it as silently as possible and slipped out.

I looked at my iPhone, 9:45. I had a few minutes to kill before 10:00. I went down the hallway to the elevator and thought about what had happened.

So many revelations.

My sister and her best friend were at the least bisexual and pretty kinky. I had to admit, at least to myself, that I liked that.

Crystal. Crystal was walking sex appeal. Just thinking about her got my blood pumping. The crush I had on her was only exceeded by the one I had on my sister. Given the length of time we’d known each other and the fact that I was her best friend’s ‘baby brother’ she’d always treated me like family. Despite this there had been a few flirty moments between us with the best one happening on my 18th birthday.

We’d had a pool party to celebrate mine and Sabrina’s birthday. June 20 for her and June 22 for me, we usually split it in the middle and celebrated both our birthdays June 21.

I remember walking into my bedroom to recharge my iPhone, I’d been using it to listen to Pandora and the charge was almost nothing. The party was at its height and everybody was in the backyard and house. As I turned around to go back out she startled me. She’d walked into my room without me noticing and was standing three feet away. She wore that half smile she always had and looked so beautiful standing there wearing a yellow tie-string bikini.

I swallowed, “Hey.”

She didn’t say a word.

“Uhmmmm, everything good?” I asked. “You having fun?”

She looked at me for a moment, tilted her head and spoke, “Actually I have problem.” As she talked she moved right in front of me.

“Wha-what’s the problem?” I whispered.

With mock seriousness she said, “Well, the problem is I’m in my last year of college and I don’t have any spare money, so I can’t get you a birthday present.”

I licked my lips, “I don’t ne…”

She continued on as if I hadn’t spoken.

“And since it’s your eighteenth birthday I wanted to get you something special.”

She placed a hand on my chest.

I nodded dumbly, “Uh huh.”

“So I decided on one of two things, maltepe escort bayan but I don’t know which one you’ll want. So I’m going to give you a choice.”

“Uh, okay.”

She grinned, “Since you’re a man now you get to decide… A kiss or boobs.”

I looked at her stupidly, “Uhm, what?”

“A kiss or boobs.”

We looked at each other in silence as I worked through what she was saying.

“You mean…”

“I’ll either give you a kiss that a man deserves,” she said huskily. “Or I’ll let you see my boobs.”

“Holy,” I breathed.

“Since you’re a man now, you get to decide.”

I remember wanting to be a good guy and take the kiss but I couldn’t resist. All my teenage years had been spent looking up to her and secretly crushing on her. I wanted to see her tits more than anything.

I swallowed, “Boobs.”

She looked at me with knowing eyes. Without a word she reached up and undid the strings on her bikini top and let it drop to the floor.

I was mesmerized. Her tits were beautiful, the nipples were perfect quarter sized and dark. They were crinkled and hard after being exposed to air, or maybe she was enjoying showing them off to me I dared hope. I reached out a hand and touched them, then cupped them, feeling their weight, the softness, the firmness. At this point in my life I wasn’t a virgin but I swear I’d never been happier than that moment. I didn’t try anything more and simply enjoyed the ‘gift’ that she gave me.

She had let me play with them for about 10 minutes that day before she’d put her top back on. She didn’t say a word the whole time and afterward we silently went back to the party. For the rest of the night every time I looked at her I found her giving me that knowing half smile.

And now I found out that the girl I’ve been lusting after for a decade has apparently had feelings in return. The irony in this situation was killing me.

And something else, something had happened the last time I was here. Hmmm, I was going to have to ask Sabrina about that one. For now I’ll work through the whole crush scenario.

I hated to admit it but my sister was right. I would love to ‘hook up’ with Crystal, but if it went bad that could ruin things between her and Sabrina, especially since they’ve become lovers. That could get awkward quickly.

They’ve been joined at the hip since childhood and they’ve always included me in their fun so I didn’t want to ruin things between them. My best childhood memories involve the both of them and even as adults the three of us hang out whenever possible.

So as much as I’d love to explore the whole mutual lust thing, I should probably leave it alone.

I checked the time. Ten on the nose, time to go knock.

I got to the door and rang the bell, seconds later Crystal answered the door.

My breath caught in my throat.

It’s not that she’s prettier than my sister, it’s that she’s pretty in a different way. Even though they were the same age Sabrina is sleek and muscular but with that Sandra Bullock girl next door wholesomeness look to her. Crystal was Spanish and had long, dark, luxurious hair that fell to the middle of her back, green eyes with a slight slant to them and lips that were full and sensuous. Her skin was a light olive tone and she always had a half smile, like she knew that you were thinking bad thoughts about her.

She stood in the open door unashamed and wearing only a small black silk camisole top and a tiny pair of blue silk panties. Her breasts were slightly smaller than my sister’s and her nipples were hard as they poked against her top.

She held the door open with one hand and bent one foot behind the other as she let me stare for at least 20 seconds. She didn’t say anything as I took her all in. Eventually I looked into her eyes.

“Enjoying the view?” she asked.

“You know damn well I am you little brat, and thank you for that, it’s been too long since I’ve seen beautiful,” I said.

Her face brightened and a schoolgirl smile broke out. “You always know the right thing to say.”

She squealed and jumped at me, wrapping me in a hug. I reflexively wrapped my arms around her.

“You’ve been gone too long, we’ve missed you,” she pouted, her lips were inches from mine and her eyes held me fast.

“I’m sorry, but duty called,” I replied.

“Hmph, stupid Marine Corps. Well, at least you’re here now.”

With that statement she pulled my head towards hers and kissed me.

All my earlier thoughts about what a bad idea this would be flew out of my head immediately. Her lips were intoxicating, I could taste cinnamon on her tongue as it slowly danced with mine. The kiss wasn’t hard or soft, just passionate as she wrestled her tongue against mine. I became very aware of her firm body pressed against me. I put my hands on her ass and gave it a squeeze. She gave a small moan and her breathing quickened.


Startled, we broke our kiss and I looked at my sister in the hallway. Crystal looked sheepish as she faced Sabrina who mock glared at her.

“All right, that’s enough kissey face between you two. He hasn’t been gone that long.”

“Hey…” I said.

Crystal giggled and walked away. I tilted my head and watched her go. Her panties were a G-string so I had a nice view of her firm ass.

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