The Red Corset

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You come home from work, a bit tired but excited because you know we’re going out for the night. You come in your bedroom, where I am taking a nap…crawl in bed and we sleep for an hour or so.

We get up, and get ready. We go out for a nice early dinner and a little dancing. You look so sexy in your black slacks and button down, and my little black cocktail dress hugs my curves in all the right places. We enjoy ourselves at dinner, discussing our days and other trivial things. I slip my foot out of my shoe and slowly run it up and down your leg just to remind you of what will come later.

We go to a nice club…not so crowded that we can’t breathe…but not so quiet that we can’t play a little bit on the dance floor. I wore four inch stiletto sandals so dancing is slightly less difficult, due to your height. I kiss your lips, turn around and shut my eyes enjoying the feeling of your arms around my waist and your hips against my ass, moving together.

We dance for a while, but decide to go home. The ride in the car is deliciously quiet. While you are driving I lean my seat back and prop my legs up on the dash. I lean back in such a way that my breasts are straining against the fabric of my dress. I tease myself softly, tracing my fingers up and down my thighs. I nibble on my bottom lip. I know you are watching me even though my eyes are closed.

We arrive back at your place, and you open the door for me. You offer your hand to help me get out of the car, and when I begin to you quickly pull me out and against you. You press against me, simultaneously shutting the car door, and lightly brush your lips against mine. I smile and take you by the hand and lead you inside.

Once inside, we go into the bedroom. I unbutton the top few buttons of your shirt and kiss your chest softly. I look you in the eye and tell you to go to the bathroom if you need to. You do and while your inside I move the bedside table away from the bed and out into the room. I quickly bring in two chairs from the kitchen and place one in the corner, and the other about ten feet away. You come out of the bathroom, having removed your shirt shoes and socks. You come up behind me and turn me around. I stop for a moment and watch you, to make sure this is something that you really want to do. I feel your heart pounding and know that you are looking forward to it in the same way that I am.

We kiss softly. I ask you to do one last thing for me. I turn around and you unzip my dress for me delicately. I go to the dresser, and reach in and pull out two pair of handcuffs. I walk up to you and put my hand on your chest. I am in control now. I push you backwards across the room, and into the wall. I chain your left hand to the headboard of the bed, and your right hand to the chair, which I secured by placing my suitcase on top of. You can still topple it over at will, but I am trusting that you won’t. I place a few trash bags underneath you to keep the area clean for the evening. Now that I have you positioned where I want you, the fun can really begin.

I kiss you softly, my lips roaming your face. I nibble your earlobe softly, reaching down for your belt slowly. When I have the buckle in my hands I give it a tug…roughly…just to remind you who is in charge. It’s electrifying to have such a big strong man in my control. Not just stronger but older…and I have a feeling you like the idea of being used by a much younger woman. I intend to prove to you that age has nothing to do with a woman’s capability to seduce canlı bahis her man.

My lips slide down your neck as I undo the belt buckle and pull the belt out of the loops. I unbutton and unzip your pants…helping you step out of them. I throw them across the room, and turn around, pressing my ass into the growing erection in your pants. I wiggle it around and around teasing you. I then walk to the thermostat, and proceed to greatly lower the temperature…and leave you to contemplate the events ahead while I go into the bathroom.

I take my time in the bathroom, leaving you to chill like a bottle of fine wine. I remove the dress and fix myself before returning to the room. I open the door of the bathroom and walk out letting you eyes look at the change in my appearance. I have altered my makeup and hair, increasing the amount of dark eye-shadow that I have on, as well as liner and mascara giving my eyes a sultry cat-like look. I changed my subtle red lipstick to a bright shade of blood red, to match the red satin corset that I have on. The corset has black boning along it, and there is a red garter belt to which my black fishnet stockings are attached.

I have worn my hair curly and wild, because it adds to the devilish appearance…and the look is finished off with black 4 inch stiletto heels. I look good, but not in a hooker sort of way…but more refined and sexy then over the top slutty. I move in closer and stand about four feet away so you can get a closer look. I’ve turned music on in the back ground, and move closer to you…like we were when we were dancing earlier. I rest my lips squarely against yours and slide my hands up and down your defined chest. I whisper seductively, “I think your going to enjoy this.”

My hand reaches for your erection and squeezes it tightly through your underwear. Your lips part to groan, and stay open…and my tongue flicks out to slide across your bottom lip. “You like that”, I groan against your lips…still squeezing. I press my hands against the wall on each side of your head and slam my hips against yours…sucking on your bottom lip roughly. I repeat the motion, groaning loudly each time I do. My breathing is ragged, and I turn around taking a step away from you. I bend over, allowing you to see my exposed ass and pussy. I finger my clit slowly, teasing myself and run my fingers up and down my pussy. I turn around and look at you…spank my own ass…wink and stand up. I walk out of the room, and leave you there with your hard on to relax.

I return in about five minutes…with a bucket of ice and a bottle of champagne chilling inside…and one glass. I place the bucket on the table and poor myself a glass of champagne…rubbing my body against yours. I sit in the other chair and open my thighs…one hand teasing my thighs while I sip champagne with the other. I lick my lips…and drain my glass…then lean my head back and moan while I circle my clit with my finger.

I stand up and place the glass on the table, while grabbing the bottle. I pour a little champagne down your shoulders and chest…and watch the liquid drip down your abs…making your tanned stomach glisten. I place the bottle in the ice bucket, and begin running my tongue along your shoulders…sucking up the champagne. I kneel down sliding my tongue across your abs and gathering the rivulets of champagne with my tongue. I look up at you smiling seductively, and press my face against your erection, rubbing it lightly back and forth. I cup your balls in my hand…squeezing bahis siteleri them and watching you pull on the handcuffs. I grab the waistband of your underwear with my teeth and slowly pull them down, revealing the sexiest piece of meat that I have ever seen. Your huge cock is standing proudly, thick veins running down your cock that when they rub against the walls of my pussy feel so fucking right.

I kiss the head lightly…and your cock jerks like it has a mind of its own. I stand up and sit down on the bed giving my legs a rest, and let you stand with your cock standing in the air proudly.

I tease you verbally for a while, wanting you to be as primed as possible.

“God baby, your cock looks yummy. I bet you want to watch my red lips swallowing you slowly…making you feel so good.”

I stand up and move forward, pressing my chest against yours causing my cleavage to bulge out of the top of my corset. I press my lips to yours, running my tongue along your bottom lip. Your lips part and I slide my tongue inside to play with yours. I begin to kiss you feverishly my hands clawing down your chest. I reach into the ice bucket and get two cubes of ice. I slide them over your right shoulder…following them with my tongue. I take one in each hand and circle your nipples slowly. I rub both cubes over one nipple and hold them there for a second. You pull on the cuffs lightly and I replace the cubes with my mouth…sliding the cubes over to the other nipple.

The mixture of the cold ice and my hot mouth running through your body must makes your cock stand straight up. The ice melts, water dripping down onto your cock head. I kneel once more in front of you.

“Beg me to suck you…beg me to take your cock into my hot little mouth.”

You groan and your cock twitches again, and I know you want it. I slowly lick the head gently, running my tongue along the groove in the head. I massage the insides of your thighs sucking on the your hole…lapping up the pre-cum that is oozing out of it. I reach up for more ice. I circle the ice around the base of your cock while taking the whole head into my mouth. You groan pulling on the handcuffs. I keep the ice moving around and around…your cock wanting to shrink but my tongue not allowing it to. Your groaning and whispers of “Oh fuck that’s good,” are turning me on immensely.

I grab a couple more cubes…and stop sucking you. I run them up and down your thighs…talking nasty and telling you how wet my pussy is. I press the ice firmly into your testicles…swallowing as much of your cock as I can. Your knees buckle and you cry out from the sting of the ice, and the heat of my mouth. The ice is melted and I throw it on the floor…sucking on your freezing testicles.

You feel an incredible vibrating sensation on the sweet spot behind your testicles. I had hidden a bullet vibe in my cleavage and I begin to rotate it around and around…tracing lines from behind your testicles to your asshole and back. I can feel your testicles moving closer to your body and you are beginning to thrust forward attempting to get farther into my mouth. I know that your body is preparing to cum… so I slow down…moving back to your cock…taking long slow licks from the base of your cock towards the head. Then stop completely. Watching you breathe heavily…smiling knowing how much you want me to keep going.

I go back to my chair and sit…catching my breath. I trail my fingers back and forth across my cleavage…my lips parted slightly bahis şirketleri my eyes looking into yours. I uncross my legs giving you a fantastic view of my dripping pussy. Seeing you so helpless and turned on is driving me crazy. I slide my fingers down to my clit groaning as I begin rolling it between my fingers. My hand squeezes my left breast as my fingers dip into my dripping cunt. I begin to finger myself telling you how amazing it feels, how much I want your huge throbbing dick inside me.

I pick up speed, thrusting my fingers faster. My thighs are covered in pussy juice and my moans are getting louder. I stand up and slowly take of the corset, my voluptuous tits spilling out and hang heavily on my chest. I leave the garter belt, fishnets, and heels in place. You are dying to touch yourself and can’t…your cock leaking pre-cum continuously. I walk toward you slowly, kneading my heavy tits with my hands. I cup your neck with my hand and press my body against you…loving the way your skin feels against mine. I turn around and press my naked ass against your cock, both of us groaning as I rub your hard on between my cheeks. I bend over sliding my wet pussy over your cock. I move forward, rubbing the head of your dick on my pussy lips. You thrust forward and I move…sliding my fingers inside my wet snatch. You are almost close enough to wedge your head inside me, but you don’t reach. You helplessly thrust forward, your cock needing my pussy which I am fingering furiously. I begin to orgasm…my body writhing and thighs shaking as I cum.

My pussy is slick and lubricated. I stand up and bring the chair over, and with a little maneuvering get it behind you and sit you down. I kiss you deeply, our tongues lapping at each other feverishly. I straddle your engorged cock, and guide it to my lips… running them back and forth. I cry out a bit as I slowly fit the head inside me. You stretch me so much and it feels so fucking great. Inch by inch, I slowly impale myself on your dick, sucking on your lips and tongue. I arch backwards, pressing my tits against your body as you sink in.

I lean over and bury my face in your neck, you smell so incredible. I begin to ride you slowly at first, feeling every ripple of sensation as your thick veiny piece of meat moves in and out of my body.

I pick up the pace, both of our groans becoming simultaneous. Your hips are meeting mine as we grind down on each other. I begin to use my voice to spur you on, making you pound me faster and harder.

I whisper in your ear, “You like the way my tight little pussy feels wrapped around you baby? Mmm is it tight enough for you? You see how fucking horny you make me? Look at how wet my pussy is.”

We buck together, fucking hard and fast, my tits bouncing wildly. My moans turn into grunting screams as my orgasm approaches. I hear you say “I am gonna cum”, and I pound you faster. Using my knees for leverage I push up…threatening to let your cock slip out of my pussy, and then I sink down totally. Once, twice, three times and I feel your cock tighten. Your cock bursts, and you start cumming deep inside me. Your whole body is wracked with your orgasm, and I begin to cum. My body shakes violently, and pussy contracts around your cock squeezing it like a hand. You cum long and hard, and I milk you of every drop of cum in your cock.

We sit there together; my bodies slumped together and sweat pouring down our torsos. I go to the chest of drawers and find the keys to the handcuffs. I unlock you, and notice your cock is still nice and hard. You rub your wrists for a minute…then lunge forward and grab me, your arms are under my legs and before I know it you have pressed me against the wall.

“Now it’s my turn.”

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