The Puppet Master

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She lost all control when he was a round. She couldn’t bloody help it. It was hard not to.

The sexual tension was always bubbling under the surface. Glances that seemed to linger. With an undertone of horn. Their eyes connected for a fraction too long. Was it just her that felt it?


She’d recently cut her hair into a long bob. It was perfect for hiding her flustered face and wild eyes when she got a tad hot and bothered.

She felt she had to hide her blushes now. Now things were different, now things were over.

Try and switch off the way he could make her body feel.

Sever the strings and the feelings that made her pounce.

Pretend the master had no effect on this puppet. When all her body wanted was to touch, feel, fondle, grope and suck!

It was hard.

One glance and the puppet was game. One word and the puppet was hot! One smirk and the puppet was wet!

Now… no words and the puppet is lost.

The office was hot and muggy. Ness had braved a vest and felt pretty toned in the arm department.

Since starting training with weights she could definitely see a definition in her abs, arms and shoulders.

She wondered if he’d notice.

Wether güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri it was enough to get his balls to tighten like old times, as he watched her work the machinery.

She noticed his broad shoulders all the time. His toned back. Thick sturdy, tanned neck.

God she just wanted to wrap her arms around his waist and fondle the shit out of his manhood.

Slip her hand down his waistband and into his boxers.

Hear him let out a slight breath and smile as she takes hold of his flacid cock.

Then feeling him grow and harden beneath her fingers.

Just the thought of it and her pussy throbs.

How she wants to run her hands down his hairy chest, tweaking and pulling on his now erect nipples.

To pull him back into her and slam him from behind in a pegging motion.

Fuck she would love to peg the hell out of him, whilst tugging on his outstandingly erect cock!

Swirl her thumb over his tip, massaging his precum all over. Then making him suck her sweet covered thumb. Almost like he’s fucking it. He enjoyed sucking things.

Push him forward onto the workbench and roughly take hold of his hips.

Slip güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her hand down the back of his boxers, grabbing and stroking his cheeks.

Slowly exposing him in his full glory and slapping his cheeks hard.

Hearing his groans as she slapped again. His cock so aroused it’s almost bursting from its skin.

Teasing him with her touch. Watching him push back into her. Wanting, waiting for her fingers to be inside him.

To gently ease her finger into his fuck hole. Slowly, gently then with a little more force.

To hear his gasp of enjoyment as she moves her finger inside him as he thrusts forwards and backwards.

Enjoying the feeling of fullness, the sensation of her fingers from behind and the feeling of her tugging on his thick cock with the other hand!

His cock now thick, veiny and so fucking hard.

Precum spurting from his tip. Warm, clear and delicious.

How he catches it with his thumb and sucks his goodness.

Seeing him enjoy his taste makes her wet beyond belief! That wild look in his eye like he wants to fuck her brains out. (God she wished that could happen sometimes.)

Her nipples so prominent güvenilir bahis şirketleri beneath her vest top he could feel them on his back as she slams her hips into him again.

Even the thought makes her clit grow, remembering. That feeling of power, being the Mistress, in control, seeing how his body wanted more of her touch.

Gagging for more of her touch.

How she longs to rub her swollen clit up and down his rock hard shaft. Slowly then quicker. All the way up, gyrating on his tip. Feeling their juices mix to create the perfect lube.

Then sliding up and down, his groans filling her ear.

To have her nipples sucked with such lust and enjoyment. A mixture of pleasure and pain. Her huge nipple now so erect as he sucks half of her pert boob inside his mouth.

Her pussy so wide now, throbbing and pulsing.

How could the puppet master control her with a look?! How can them eyes make her flustered and wet?

She often catches him looking at her. Their eyes lock with a knowing look, an it was nice while it lasted but its over look.

He never utters a sexul reference anymore. Its strange. Maybe he’s scared he’ll wake the horny puppet, give her permission to pounce?

The puppet feels lost without her master. Like her strings have been cut and she’s not quite sure what to do or how to be.

She’s been opened up to exciting sexual. Feelings and needs to find a new way to explore them further. This puppet needs a new master or maybe needs to become the master?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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