The Photo Shop Ch. 17

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Although each chapter is a story on its own, you might enjoy it more by starting with chapter 1 as there may be references to characters or events that happened in previous chapters. All characters participating in sexual activity in the stories are 18 or over.

Chapter 17: Grace and the palace

I urgently needed to contact Grace, as I wanted to use her house and pool as background for Astrid’s video show with Linda, modeling Astrid’s lingerie and sleepwear line. I called her Monday morning bright and early.

“Hello Grace, can I disturb you?”

“Oh hi, yes no problem, what’s up?”

“I have a big favor to ask.”

“Wow, now you’re making me curious.”

“You see I need to shoot a video with Linda, a fashion model I’m sponsoring who’s working for Astrid, showing a bunch of lingerie and sleepwear stuff and I’m looking for a setting, and I was thinking that your place would be an absolute dream location for this, especially your pool area, but maybe also some of your inside rooms.”

“Wow again, that is heavy, you’re taking me by surprise.”

“If you don’t like the idea, don’t worry I’ll find somewhere else to do this; I don’t want to inconvenience you in any way.”

“No, no, it’s not that, it’s just the idea that completely surprised me and why you thought of my place.”

“You do have a fantastic place, it oozes richness and also a bit of sex, very suitable to present sexy underwear or lingerie as Astrid prefers to refer to it. But again don’t feel in any way obliged to accept.”

“No, in fact, I’m honored that you thought of my place, but I may have something even better for you. For the moment I have this palatial home for sale in my portfolio and we could kill two birds with one stone. You need a place for your video, I need some good pictures of this place I am trying to sell at a huge price, so let’s make a deal: while you do your video thing you can also take some nice photos, for me…for free?”

“You sly little conniving woman, taking advantage of a poor lonesome man begging for a small favor. OK, I’ll take it! You’ve got a deal, but I need to see the place first before I can agree of course.”

“You won’t be disappointed, it’s absolutely fabulous; it’s also fully furnished, and aside from the outdoor and indoor pool, you will have plenty of rooms to choose from for your sleepwear videos. One thing though it has to be next weekend or the one after because I only have the sales option for one month and I need weekends for viewings with potential buyers. After that, if it’s not sold I might lose the deal to another realtor.”

“When can I see it; is early evening a possibility?”

“Yes, that’s OK, maybe you could take the pictures for me then, please?”

“How can I resist you when you ask so nicely? Text me the address and the time you expect me.”

“Is six OK for you?”

“Six is perfect, I’ll still have enough light to take the outside pictures, I’ll bring some extra lights for indoors, see you then. Cheers for now and thanks!”

“You’re welcome, always like to help a friend.”

So that evening I packed my gear with some extra floodlights I might need for indoor pictures and set out to the address Grace had texted. Arriving there it was impressive and really palatial as Grace had mentioned. There was a big entry gate behind which I saw a path lined with nice oak trees, but no residence in view, it must be somewhere in the back, unable to be seen from the street.

I pushed the button on the pole that was 6 meters (20ft) before the gate and was immediately connected by video, to the house I guessed, Grace was on canlı bahis the screen.

“Ah you’ve arrived, let me buzz you in.”

I heard a buzzing sound and the gates slowly swung open, allowing me to drive through. Once in, they quickly closed again, probably to keep the riffraff out. The driveway meandered through a wooded area, with the occasional view over an immaculate lawn, golf club grade. Finally, I saw the house, Grace had certainly not exaggerated: palace was the more appropriate word to describe this residence. Grace was at the front door waving at me. I parked, stepped out of the car, and walked towards her.

“You didn’t exaggerate when you called this a palatial home, I am duly impressed with what I’ve seen so far. I can imagine you want to sell this place, there must be a big commission attached to it.”

“Yes, there is, if I can sell it! I won’t yet be able to retire yet, but it will definitely make my year very successful.”

“Excellent, I would like to get started immediately with the outdoor photos if you don’t mind, while there is still plenty of daylight.”

“Yes, by all means, it will also give you a good feel of the place and allow you to figure out how you can use it in your videos.

“However before we start, I need to ask you if you have the permission of the owners for these photos?”

“Yes, I have, and before you ask, I know you are a stickler for the legal stuff, I have it in writing.”

“God, why haven’t I met you before, or have I in a previous life maybe?”

“If that were true I would definitely remember, believe me.”

I grabbed my cameras and started walking back to get some good pictures of the gardens and the front view of the place. In the back, there was, of course, the swimming pool and a couple of tennis courts, not to forget the stables, for the moment without horses, but nevertheless very impressive. It took me about three-quarters of an hour to get enough images for Grace to choose from for her files and the sales brochure I presumed she wanted to make.

“OK, now we move inside – let me get the floodlights.”

“Can I help in any way?”

“If you don’t mind lending a hand we can be done faster.”

I handed Grace some poles and cable and lights for her to carry inside and followed with a bunch of others. I set up in the grand entrance with the impressive staircase, typical for these kinds of places. In this case, the staircase was a double one starting in the middle and then splitting halfway and turning left and right, ideal if you wanted to make a great entrance when a party was going on in that area. In the middle was a marble table with a big vase of the same marble, unfortunately without flowers, but yeah the place was uninhabited for the moment, so no lady of the manor to take care of these little things.

We walked through the different rooms on the ground floor, comprising a library, a music room, a huge room that could be used as a ballroom, a living room, a TV room, a conservatory including the indoor swimming pool, you name it, it was there. After that Grace took me below to the cellar, well half cellar, part of it was above ground, allowing natural light to enter. There was a huge kitchen, pantry, Billiards room, a small cinema for about fifteen people and of course a well-stocked wine cellar, a pity we couldn’t stay a bit longer to discover what exactly was available and sample some. In the end, I felt like I was walking around a contemporary Downton Abbey from the British television series.

The upstairs was equally impressive, with seven bedrooms, each with its bathroom. We didn’t bother to go to the bahis siteleri servant’s quarters on the second floor we just took a peek at the attic, which was enormous, part of it was equipped as a ballet training area with training bars and mirrors. That last area, although very tricky with the mirrors, could be interesting for the video as well.

Coming down again to what Grace called the primary bedroom, (apparently the term master bedroom has unacceptable connotations of the slave era these days), I felt a bit of tension in Grace.

“It must be wonderful to be able to make love in these kinds of settings, don’t you think Lew? One would really feel like a king and queen.”

“Yes, I can see that, I wouldn’t mind one bit to show a beautiful woman like yourself all the corners of this room so to say.”

“Would you now?”

Grace was coming very close to me, putting a hand on my arm.

Did I read her right? Would she risk playing around in this room? Should I make an advance?

With my motto ‘A no is a given, a yes you may get if you ask’ in mind, I turned towards her, bent down a bit, and very carefully placed a kiss on her lips, while my arm was going around her waist. Grace lifted her face, opening her lips slightly, inviting me to tickle them with my tongue.

She put her hand on the back of my head, really pulling me into her, and started one of her tongue tangos. I quickly joined in, exploring her mouth again after so many weeks and finding myself immediately at home again.

After about a minute of this tangoing, we separated and looked at each other.

“Should we be doing this here?” I asked Grace.

“Maybe better not, we don’t want to mess up this bedroom – I would have a hard time explaining to the owners afterward.”

“Would the indoor swimming pool maybe be a better idea Grace?”

“You devious little devil;” she said, “but yes very clever of you, “let’s get downstairs.”

We scrambled downstairs, as fast as our age allowed, and once in the pool area, began tearing at each other’s clothes. In about ten seconds flat we were both buck naked and resuming our exploration of each other’s mouths and bodies.

“Oh God, I’ve missed you Grace.”

“I missed you too, certainly after you rekindled my fire during our little dinner party.”

“Shall we play a bit around in the water?”

“Yes, let’s.”

Hand in hand we walked towards the built-in stairway leading into the nice warm pool and resumed our kissing. After a while I picked Grace up and put her on the edge of the pool, opening her legs and orally attacking her pussy adorned by her fiery red bush. She tasted delicious, and I immediately went for her clit, tickling with my tongue until it came out from under its hood to play. My hands were in the meantime exploring her C-cups pulling at her nipples, doubling them in size, and enticing loud moans from her rosy red lips. Once her clit was erect and exposed, I extended my licking and sucking to the rest of her snatch, opening up the outer labia to bring out the lovely flower of her inner ones and allowing my tongue to dive into the pink flesh of her sleek tunnel. Grace pulled my head into her folds moaning and whimpering, and I redoubled my efforts to bring the maximum pleasure to her pleasure garden.

“Yes, I missed this, you are so good at this, keep going, make me cum, I need it, I need it bad…”

Licking and sucking I couldn’t very well respond, so I made some grumbling and growling sound deep in my throat, thus sending vibrations into her pussy and resulting in high-pitched whimpers from her side.

“I feel it coming, I feel an bahis şirketleri orgasm coming, keep sucking, it’s almost there…”

Hearing this, I concentrated again on her clit, licking and alternating with little bites and sucking. Grace began shaking and shivering, closing her thighs around my head, making it impossible for me to move. She arched her back, going completely rigid, her pelvis pushing and pushing until I had to hold on with my hands to the side of the pool to stop myself falling backward into the water.

“Yes fuck, fuuuuuck, here it is, I’mmmmmcummmiiiiiiinnnnng!” Grace shouted out loud, spraying my face with her wonderful girl juices, once, twice, three times squirting large amounts of her deliciously tasting girly cum directly into my mouth. Oh, how I’d missed that woman’s taste over the past weeks.

She kept quivering like a leaf for another good fifteen seconds until it finally died down and she fell completely limp, releasing my head from her thighs, and falling backward onto the side of the pool, still panting. I caressed her thighs encouraging her back from her orgasmic convulsions. Finally, she sat up straight again and looked at me with orgasm glazed eyes, and took my head in her hands bending deep forward to kiss me, tasting her own pussy on my lips.

Then she whispered, still slightly out of breath, “thank you.”

“Why don’t you join me in the pool for a gentle swim while you recover darling?”

In answer, Grace let herself glide into the nice, warm water, sliding down my body — then stopped mid-way by my raging hardon.

“What have we here? What obstacle is stopping me from sliding down into this pool? Should I let the intruder in maybe?” She grabbed my cock and, placing it exactly where it needed to be, slid it effortlessly into her folds thanks to all the lubricating fluids she had produced just before. It felt so good to me to slide again into this mature pussy I had had the pleasure of experiencing before. Thanks to the water supporting Grace I could start fucking her standing up with my hands under her buttocks. I moved her up and down, actually like masturbating my dick with her pussy.

Grace had entwined her fingers behind my head helping to support her and making the up and down movement, even easier, bringing me closer to a, so much wanted, release. She provided further encouragement by engaging again in a tongue kissing contest, really sucking my tongue deep into her hot mouth. “Mmmmhhhh!” was all I could manage when I felt her pussy convulsing and contracting down my shaft inching my orgasm closer to boiling point. Sliding her pussy all the way up to the throbbing bulbous head and just moving her hot tunnel over that part, I finally exploded in orgasmic bliss, squirting rope after rope of hot cum into her sleek tunnel. Some of it escaped and floated up to the surface of the pool, making both of us burst out in laughter. As my cock lost its rigid state, it slid out of Grace and she could finally put her feet on the bottom of the pool right next to mine. I grabbed her hand and we slowly walked out, in search of a couple of towels, which we quickly found.

“I’ll wash them and put them back as soon as I can,” Grace whispered.

Always the caring mother and housewife I thought.

Once dried we slipped again into our clothes and went inside the house. Dusk had already set in we had been at all this for a few hours, and it was indeed already past ten. I quickly loaded up my material, and we said our goodbyes, after agreeing I would try to set up the video session for next weekend. I promised I would send her all the photos of the house the next day, bright and early.

We both jumped into our cars and drove back to the gate, where I stopped to take a final picture of the majestic entry gate capturing the sun’s dying rays and giving it an even more alluring look.

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