The Office

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Let me tell you a little about myself first.. I’m 5’6, with short soft brown hair and bright brown eyes. I’m a full woman, not anything skinny like those models you see on TV and I love life.. and men. I also love sex, especially sex with men who are broad shouldered and meaty. I’ve never been one for those skinny guys, no matter how many muscles they had. I have large, soft, pillowy breasts and nice round hips that curve into a full bottom. I love stockings, and find that my legs are one of my better features (along with my lips and mouth, but that’s for later).

In my fantasy, you’re at your desk as I approach. Your office is secluded, in the back, down a hallway, away from everyone else. I walk softly, my long dress swishing as I pass others cubicles and areas. Being a manager has its perks I guess. I knock quietly and you tell me to come in, buzzing the door open. I slide in and let it shut. I notice you’re on the phone. Perfect.

I slide over to your desk; you ignore me, trying to concentrate on your phone call. As you’re leaning back talking, I sit on your planner on the desk right in front of you. You just watch me. I blow you a kiss with my lips and start to fan myself, pretending I’m hot. I cross my legs and slide my skirt up a little, past my calves so you can see the stockings I’m wearing. They are black, with a pattern, and my legs slowly move back and forth as I rock my foot in front of you. Your eyes catch mine as you babble about work stuff into the phone. I smile sweetly. This is fun.

Fanning a little faster, I mouthed something about it being so warm in here. You just nod, speechless as you listen to the bahis firmaları conversation. I let my shoes slide off and place my foot in your crotch. You lean your head back on the chair. I rub my foot all over your crotch, using my toes like little fingers, feeling you start to throb. Your face flushes, as does mine and I notice my breathing catches. I unbutton the top three buttons of my dress and flap them slowly, in time to my foot’s ministrations. You are breathing a little harder I notice.

As you watch, I unbutton the next two, and my top falls open, gapping across my bright orange bra. My breasts are swollen against it, pushing up and slightly overflowing. I smile. Your eyes widen at the color. I know you love that color on my tan skin. I lean forward a bit so you can see how hard my nipples are and I pinch them, moaning lowly. You’re not talking anymore, you’re just listening and you smile as I slide off the desk between your knees.

I reach up and undo your pants. I hear you talking to your boss? A client? Someone on the phone as I slide the zipper down. As the metal parts, I see your cock, throbbing and erect through your briefs. I reach in and slide him gently out, stroking and cupping softly. “Mmmm.. what a naughty boy” I whisper. You just nod, still speechless. I open my mouth and lick my lips before sticking my tongue out to lick softly at the underside of your cock. Your hand grips the chair arm as I slide my tongue up and down, feeling your skin and tasting you as I move you all over. Slowly I wrap my lips around the very head and suck hard. Your hips buck as the energy from the tip settles back into your body. kaçak iddaa I suck slowly, but strong, back and forth, milking you with my hand as my mouth slides you up and down. You’re hard as a rock, the head bright and flush with desire, as I suck and lightly scrape you with my mouth. I cup your balls, teasing them also and your hand moves into my hair. I feel you knead the back of my head as I suck harder, stronger, moving a little faster. I can feel you throbbing more and more. I slow down, teasing you and you growl softly. I laugh around your cock as I hear you try to explain your growling to the other person on the phone.

Your hand pushes me back as I pull away and stroke you. You look at me with those heavy lidded eyes as I lick up and down, swirling my tongue around you. I shake your hands off and stand up. Your eyes follow, questioningly. I lift up my skirt, pulling it up past my stockings, to the very tops where you can see them held by the garters. Your hand slides up my leg, stopping at the lace and continuing on to that milky softness above. You caress my bottom, squeezing it as I take your other hand and place it against my bra. You pinch and pull my nipple through the material as I slowly move around to face the desk. I bend over the desk and your hands move over my ass, squeezing, kneading, touching. I know how white I am against the black garters.

I hear your chair come forward. It gets quiet. I hear you say goodbye to whoever is on the phone and hang it up. I’m trembling from excitement and desire. I can feel how wet my pussy is from thinking about having you inside me. Your hands are on my knees, then up my kaçak bahis thighs, finally on the small of my back and the back of my neck. You cup my breasts and release them from the confines of the bra. I moan and lean back against you. I feel your hard cock against my butt and I wiggle. Pushing me forward, you cup my tits and tease my nipples. I feel you bite at my neck. My hands are not still. I’m reaching behind me, pulling you with me as I lean forward.

You push my down, holding me by the back of my neck. I feel you nudge my legs and I part them, opening myself to you. You reach down and guide your cock up against the wetness, sliding it up and down me, drenching you in my juices. I moan quietly, but I feel your hand reach up to cup my face. “Shhhh..” you whisper. I nod. You push hard, pushing inside, deep, completely, the whole way in my stroke. I grunt as I feel your hips up against mine, knowing you’re all the way in. I grab the desk as you start to pump me, the feelings washing over me slowly.

My nipples feel like electric charges, hard, hot, and live. My breath is labored, I’m slightly sweating, and your hands are on my hips, helping to guide you in and out of me. You’re pushing up against the desk, the drawer, my hips grinding in to it as you go faster. I’m panting now, pushing against you, reaching. I’m there, I’m over the edge, panting and orgasming as you thrust again and again. I feel you start to tremble as you lean over me, grabbing me by the shoulders and finally pushing hard into me. You throb once before I feel you fill me with your hot cum, thick and warm, pulsing out of you. I feel it again, and again as you thrust a few more times. I grunt as you lay down on me, spent and tired.

You pull me up, kissing all over me and smile. I wrap my arms around you as you clean us off. You lean over and whisper, “Thank you baby”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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