The Next Time

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A couple days had past from the time I was in bed with my daughter Chloe. I had stole my way into her bedroom and we sex together. Every waking moment now, seemed to be taken up with what had happened. My wife, Beth, had been asleep and she didn’t suspect anything.

A few days later Beth was going to be late from leaving work. I pulled into the driveway knowing Chloe was already there. She hadn’t said much since that night, but she had been giving me a smile and a wink, telling me she was ready for the next step.

I walked in through the door and Chloe was on the couch, naked. She had a vibrator out and was feeding her wet pussy with it. I had to just stand there and watch once more. Chloe had her legs pulled up and she was totally exposed. She had a few inches of the vibrator buried inside.

The thing that was turning me on was her calling out my name.

“Oh God, Dad, put your big cock in me,” was what she was crying out.

She hadn’t seen me come in the house yet. I wanted to continue bahis firmaları to watch but my cock was close to ripping through my pants. I started to pull my shirt off and then dropped my trousers to the floor. Off came my underwear and then I stepped into view of Chloe.

There I stood, with my erection in my hand. Chloe’s eyes grew large and she motioned to me. I walked to the sofa and Chloe took my cock in her mouth. I threw my head back as she went down my rigid shaft. I slowly began to push my hips forward and stuff my cock down her throat.

My daughter really knew how to make a man hard. She sucked on my pole taking me down to the root. Her mouth made slurping noises as my pole went as deep as I could push it in. Chloe then lifted up my cock and slid her tongue down the underside of my pecker.

She continued to suck until I thought I was ready to pop my load, I didn’t want to do that yet. I pulled my cock away and then I positioned my daughter on the couch. I climbed in between her thighs. kaçak iddaa Chloe took hold of my cock and guided it to her love opening.

I push my cock past her folds and slid inside until I was buried. Chloe let out a shriek. I started to pummel her sweet young hole. I held her legs up and my cock glided into her wet chasm. This time I was going to make her all mine. When we finished she wouldn’t need another cock in her tight pussy.

Our pubic bones were hitting as we fucked in a frenzy. I reached down and squeezed her nipples. She told me to pinch them hard. That really pushed her over the edge. I felt her pussy grasping me as she came for the first time.

“Don’t stop Dad, keep fucking me!” Chloe kept urging me.

I drove my fuck piston into her again and again. I knew this was so wrong but I couldn’t stop myself. There was this beautiful woman needing me to take her and all I could think of, was to keep my cock in her until I blew my load.

That wasn’t too far off, as it was. I could feel kaçak bahis my sacs starting to pinch, and my cum was rising up my shaft. I tried to hold back but it was too late. Chloe was using her muscles to milk me. It was then I let loose.

Hot strings of my cock milk flew into Chloe. She screamed as I couldn’t contain myself any further. I was pouring all my baby seed into my little girl’s pussy. It didn’t stop when I flooded her tunnel. I was able to remain hard. Her pussy was so slick that our juices were running out of her.

We kept on fucking until Chloe had her final orgasm. I even managed to shoot some more cum into her tummy. Finally was I spent and my cock came loose from her cum filled hole. Then Chloe said something that I hadn’t given much thought to.

“I hope we made a baby, Dad.”

I hadn’t been very smart or discreet. Chloe was ripe and fertile and I wondered what would happen when my cum found her eggs. Chloe then cleaned me off with her mouth and tongue. She licked our slick cream off my spent cock. I had thoughts of taking her one last time, but I expect my wife would be home soon.

I have a feeling things are going to get stickier in the near future. I will keep you all informed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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