The New Job Ch. 02 – The Week After

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Honestly, you should probably read Chapter 1 first, but in short, the married receptionist at my new job is super cute, curvy and flirty. She’s also related to my coworkers and yet, we ended up, um, messing around after a work party… Just like Chapter 1, it’s a slow burn until the fun starts.

* * * * * The Monday After * * * * *

Remember growing up, when you’d do something stupid and you basically couldn’t function until you knew that no one was mad at you? Or until the guilt passed? Normally, Erica and I would text throughout the weekend, but there were no texts when I woke up on Sunday morning. As my mind rushed through the previous night’s events, a wave of guilt and remorse flooded me. I watched my phone throughout the morning, but in my panic and guilt forgot that Erica had drank more than me, and that her husband had literally passed out.

And because I was feeling guilty, I moped around all day and never texted her. By Monday on my way into work, I was prepared to be fired on the spot; I guess that I have a guilty conscience! When I walked in, I got a very sheepish and guilty “Hi.” from Erica. I returned an equally embarrassed “Happy Monday” to her.

Once I got to my desk, I sent her a quick in-office Instant Message, “I thought that you were mad at me!” And then there was no reply for at least 45 minutes, and I don’t know about you, but god-damn, that was the longest 45 minutes EVER! Finally: “I thought that you were mad AT ME! You never texted all weekend!” Oh man, now I felt even worse, but somehow relieved.

Just then Deb walked in, “Thank you SO MUCH for taking Erica and Steve home! Ross and I got so hammered that we had to take an Uber home, I think I still have a headache!” and she smiled her infectious yoga smile. (You know, the smiles that the exercise instructor uses to make you feel guilty that you can’t keep up with their level of fitness? Deb was full of them.)

“I basically had to carry Steve into the house, and the door slammed on his foot in the door, but he didn’t even flinch,” and I returned a laugh at Steve’s expense. “Don’t you just love Erica’s living room? Their couches are the most comfortable ever; I could sleep on them all day!” Well, that comment made me feel a bit uncomfortable; I mean, I had spent 45 minutes, um, “sitting” on the couch, but I definitely was NOT paying attention to the couch!

As Deb walked away, another message from Erica, “Are you going to give me back my underwear? Or are you keeping those from your conquest?” I sent her a purple evil smiley face. “I might have made them a bit messier than even you did, sorry.”

Then I decided to change the subject, “Did you rest well on Sunday?” “No, not really, Steve woke up throwing up again, and then he was just weird all day. He’s such an idiot!” Guilty me replied, “Do you think that he suspected anything?”

“Oh, I don’t think so, but even if he does, you intimidate him a ton.”

“Really, why’s that?”

“Well, you’re smarter than him, and your whole discussion over dinner about particle physics and probability? Steve didn’t understand any of it; he’s just a food guy, I don’t think that he’s ever understood science stuff.”

“Yeah, I guess I did drone on and on about molecular clouds and planetary orbits. Yikes, what a great Christmas party topic! LOL”

“I didn’t mind, I like when you’re super smart around Kristin. I like seeing her when she’s not the smartest person around.”

That’s right, Kristin; god, that entire night was coming back.

“Well, I’m glad that you’re not mad at me, and that Steve’s not mad. I’ll return your underwear after I wash them.”

“They’re hand-wash, please just bring them back?”

Now I felt awkward. Somehow her purple lace panties had become a household item that I couldn’t properly care for. Ugh, real life, sucked! “Yes, I’ll bring them back tomorrow. :)”

“I promise that you can see other colors later on, ok?”

I had to go to a meeting, so I said goodbye, and then thought – I should send her a photo. So I texted her the one of me shirtless from Saturday night’s dinner. She almost immediately replied with a kiss lips smiley. At least that was back to normal.

The meeting was actually pretty fantastic, we would be implementing my new operations plan for the sales and quoting processes, and I’d be able to lead the process. I could even hire an intern to assist me! It was quite the big deal for only being 2 months on the job. As the day ended, I was actually kind of discouraged; normally, I’d have gone out and celebrated, but I didn’t know anyone to ask.

I decided to just go out and grab some shrimp carbonara from this little Italian place that I loved. As I was sitting down at my table, Kristin tapped me on the shoulder. “Hey, wanna come sit by us?” I glanced over and there was Deb, her husband, Erica, Steve, Kristin and lastly, a guy that looked like he was made from stone and the size of a mountain. They pulled over a chair, right between Erica and Deb, for me.

I introduced myself to Deb’s husband Ray, and then to the body-builder. Everyone else kinda chuckled, bahis firmaları “he’s just Kristin’s ‘flavor of the week’, no need to remember him.” My face must’ve conveyed my confusion, Kristin replied “I met Jason at the gym, and he likes to spot for me.” Over dinner I learned that Jason didn’t really speak English, and that he was literally Kristin’s boy-toy. It was a completely new side to the HR manager. The conversation was pretty unremarkable, except that Erica said almost nothing, and I could tell that she and Steve were having a bit of a tense standoff.

Finally, at the end of the meal, Steve turned to me, “So, you must be the guy who squashed my foot in the door!” He looked pretty pissed about it to. “Well, it was either that or your head, and I figured that your head would already be pounding!” Everyone laughed a little, and he replied “You could’ve been more careful!” to which Deb, his sister, replied “you sack of shit, he gave you a ride home after you threw up at the company dinner, and had to carry you inside. What a pile of trash!” Oh man, there was no way I was commenting after that. Steve cowered backwards, and then Ray said, “Yeah Steve, the new guy offers to drive you home, what a fucked up way to say thank you!”

I could tell that Steve was feeling pretty bad, but I decided to make sure that he kept his mouth shut: “Steve, next time, I’ll send you home in a taxi, and I’ll stay and dance with Erica, ok? That way, I don’t mess up your foot.”

Erica nearly doubled over in laughter. “Come on Steve, time to go before you end up saying something else dumb.”

And with that, everyone dispersed. I went home and sent Erica a text: “Sorry that I was so rude to Steve…”

“It’s ok, his panzy ass deserved it! How did you know that we’d be at that restaurant?”

“I didn’t, I was eating out to celebrate the new job.”

“Oh, yeah, congrats about that! I heard that you get to hire an intern?”

“Yeah, do you want to intern for me? The pay wouldn’t be great, but the benefits package would be excellent! LOL”

“Oh god, I think that I’m still a little sore from Saturday night!”

“I guess that I could be more gentle next time! 😉 “

“Gotta run, can’t keep texting all night when he’s in such a bad mood!”

The next morning, Erica was dressed to impress. She had a simple white blouse on, the kind that showed off her breasts, and as if to prove a point, it was unbuttoned down just a bit to far. I leaned over the edge of her receptionist desk to say Hello. Her perfect smile, combined with those adorable dimples smiled right back at me. I could simply melt.

She giggled, “What? Does the cat have your tongue?… By the way, your favorite color today is yellow.” The phone rang, and she had to answer. I went to my office, hard as a rock at 8:30am. It was going to be a long, fun day.

Well, at least I thought that it would be… I got so busy that day and then that week, that I would work until 9pm and then go home and crash. I would try to send sexy messages to Erica, but I just didn’t have the energy. This project had the potential to really help me advance in the company, but it was going to suck the life-force right out of me.

* * * * * Friday Evening Working Late * * * * *

Friday rolled around and I was getting to a point where I was hoping not to work on the weekend. The temps had been cold enough that week that I was planning on doing some ice climbing at a nearby state park. Deb poked her head into my office at 4pm, “Are you living at the office now?” “No, I’m just trying to get a little ahead on this project!” “Do you want me to stay and help? You can bounce ideas off of me or I can edit the proposal if you’ve got it written.”

I am very used to working alone, but when a smart, cute girl asks if she can help, you say YES. Deb grabbed her laptop and sat down at the table in my office. She was wearing a cute black sweater that went a bit past her waist and then a pair of yoga pants that hugged her toned body. “She might be more of a distraction than a help,” I thought to myself. She would prop her legs up on the chair, then cross her legs, then she would do stretches while she “thought things through”. But honestly, she was great; we had similar trains of thought for the proposal and like I said, she was wicked smart.

We were really making progress on the file when Erica poked her head into my office; “He good looking! Why are you here so late?” As the door finished swinging open, she saw Deb, her sister in law. Erica turned all shades of red, and Deb looked like she might explode. Once more, I could totally see my job disappearing before my eyes. Erica was quick on the recovery, “well, this is awkward that he’s in here when I called you good looking.” It was lame, but Deb seemed to buy it.

Erica came and sat down in the other chair, directly facing me, “What are you guys working? That damn proposal? Did you guys eat yet?”

Erica was wearing jeans and a cute pink top. She kicked off her heals, pulled out her phone and ordered sandwiches for all of us. “All right, what can I help kaçak iddaa you nerds with?” I pulled up a chair to the table once the sandwiches arrived. Deb stepped out to use the restroom, and Erica looked at me and said, “You should know, I shoved my panties from today into your coat pocket.” Then she deftly pulled her shirt up, and slipped off her pink lace bra, and dropped her shirt back down. “Do you want to keep this for a while?” Then she reached over, and felt my hard cock in my jeans, “well, I’ll take that as a yes!” and placed it in my laptop bag. As she walked around the room, her boobs swayed and danced under her pink top, and I was certain that her nipples were getting harder and harder.

Just as she sat down, Deb walked back in from the restroom. Erica left to go to the restroom now, and Deb smiled at me “you know she has a huge crush on you, right?”

I feigned ignorance: “Really, you think? I thought that she was just nice to everyone!”

“Yeah, she’s nice to everyone, but ever since you showed up, she’s been so much more interested in operations. And the couple of times that you haven’t been in the office, she’s asked about you. She never used to dress like that, and she definitely NEVER delivered our mail to our offices before!”

“I’d totally ask her on a date, except that she’s married.”

She giggled, “Just be her work husband. You know, get her flowers and make sure that she knows paying attention to her. I’d bet that she’d make cookies for you, and I know that you like how she dresses for you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve watched you watch her walk away.”

I pretended to be embarrassed, and Erica walked back in. Her breasts were swaying all over the place and my cock literally was straining at my pants. I was going to need an excuse to distract them when I got up and went back to my desk. Just then Erica stretched her back, and I swear her breasts nearly ripped her shirt. Deb rolled her eyes, “Jesus, Erica, did you even wear a bra today?!?”

We all 3 laughed, but there was an obvious tension, and Erica’s breasts weren’t making it any easier to concentrate. Erica turned back to Deb and said, “Just because I don’t wear sweaters, you’re jealous.”

“All right ladies, you both are gorgeous, and I definitely appreciate Erica’s, uh, casual Friday loo; but I really, really want to finish this section tonight!”

They both groaned, and I took the chance to sneak back to my desk. I had to pee, but there was no way I was going to go walking around with this hard on. I sat down, and got a text message. Of course it was Erica. “Do you like the show? I mean, I know that you do, but would you like more of a show?”

I texted back, “Of course I loved it, you’re stunning, and I wish that I could kneel in front of you, and then bend you over my desk!”

I got a photo in reply. She was in the work bathroom, her shirt wrapped tightly around her breasts, and her nipples ready to tear her shirt. “Would you like a few more? Can you handle it?”

I hadn’t had the forethought to take any photos recently, so I couldn’t distract her. “Yes, I would love to see more.”

The next photo was over her waist; her pants were undone, and the top of her pubic hair was just barely showing. Her perfect nails were nearly touching the top of her mound. Holy fuck, I might just explode at my desk. “Would you like another photo, or do you need to finish the project?”

I looked over at her. I could now see that her pants were unbuttoned – fuck, this girl wasn’t going to let me concentrate. It was time for some payback. “What would you say if I bent you over my desk right now? With Deb in the room? I could pull your pants down and give your ass a good hard smack.”

“Is that a promise?”

“I would pull down my pants, and run my cock up and down your lips watching you tremble with pleasure. Then when you least expect it, give you another good hard smack on the ass as I slowly slip my cock inside of your sloppy hole.”

I sent the message and watched her tremble at the idea. She wrote back, “Well, I was just going to tease you with a blow job, but damn, what you’re offering sounds so much better!”

Deb seemed completely into her own world, so I decided that now was the time to go pee and take a few tempting photos for Erica. As I walked past her, I made sure that my cock was creating a nice bulge in my pants. When I got to the restroom, I texted her, “Maybe I should jerk off so that I can fuck you for longer before I cum inside of your tight pussy?”

She wrote back almost immediately, “Oh my god, don’t tease me anymore, I’m certain that it smells like sex in your office.”

I sent her a photo of my cock, rock hard, dripping precum. Then I willed it back down a bit so that I could zip my jeans and head back to my office. As I got close, I heard them giggling. So I waited a bit, then a whisper “What will you text him next?”

WHAT THE FUCK? Deb was in on this? How? Erica was married to her brother! And just an assumption here, but Deb had probably seen my cock in one of those photos by now! Oh man, this was NOT kaçak bahis good! Not only were they sisters-in-law, but Deb was cousins with Kristin the HR manager! And I’d had a very weird awkward exchange with Kristin at the Christmas party, literally just 1 week ago. How far down the rabbit hole does this go?

Just then a text from Erica, “Did you fall in? Or are you actually jerking off?”

“No, I was just wondering if Deb might catch on to us. You know, normal guilty conscience.”

“Oh my god, Deb is dense, she won’t catch on at all.” And she accompanied that text with an eggplant emoji and drops of water.

I walked back into the office. As I was sitting down, Deb proclaimed, “Done! I finished the review, and I think it’s ready for the board.” We all three sat around the table and knit-picked the document. At 9:15, Deb sat up, “Shit, I told Ray that I’d be home by 9! Gotta run!” And she grabbed her laptop, bag, and coat and left.

* * * * * Left to Our Own Devices * * * * *

I turned to Erica and she turned to me, “Uh, that was unexpected!” Erica replied, “Ray loses his cell phone all the time, so that happens pretty often, especially when she’s out drinking – ‘Gotta call an Uber, I’m late and Ray will worry!'” as she did her best Deb impression.

I got up, looked down the hallway and made sure that the cleaning crew had left too. Then I walked over, pulled her hair gently back, and kissed Erica on the lips. And I said, “You know you’re in trouble, right?” I leaned over and kissed her again, a deep kiss, and as our tongues twisted and danced, I reached down and gently stroked her nipple through her pink top. She moaned into my mouth. I moved my hands to the sides of her face and said, “I’ve been waiting all week to have you again.” I kissed her again, but this time, I held her and kissed her like I wanted her in my arms, not like she was a toy.

She, however, definitely wanted a toy. She began unbuckling my belt and unzipping my pants. As they fell, I reached down and pulled her shirt off. Damn, she did have a magnificent chest. As she pulled my boxers down, I pinched her nipple lightly and watched her eyes roll into the back of her head with pleasure. She wrapped her hand around my cock, and we both moaned with pleasure. She looked up at me and said, “I need to return the favor” and swallowed my head in her mouth. I have to admit that I have never had anyone so eager to please me. She licked and sucked my cock with random abandon, and her hands stroked my shaft with expertise.

I don’t think that I lasted more than 3 minutes, and I don’t think that she wanted me to. As I neared climax, she put one hand on my bare ass and took even more of my cock into her mouth. As I crossed the line I moaned, “Oh fuck Erica, you’re a goddess!” As soon as I began cumming, it was obvious that she hadn’t planned for this much cum. It spilled out of her mouth and dripped onto her massive breasts. As I stood there, dick in her mouth, she smiled up at me. I couldn’t believe this, and I wanted more.

As she licked my dick clean, I placed my hand gently on her cheek and said, “That’s how you get a man to fall for you, you know right?” And she just smiled. I pulled off my shirt and pulled my ankles out of my pants and boxers. I got her a tissue and then lifted her for an intimate hug, and then I kissed her, a deep sensuous kiss to tell her that the night was only part way done. We must have kissed for 10 or 15 minutes, and once I felt that I was beginning to rejuvenate, I winked at her and said, “Do you mind if you sit on my face?”

She blushed a little, and I began pulling off her jeans. They fit her ass like a glove and I was looking forward to holding her ass while she came all over my face. As I pulled her jeans down, I knelt in front of her, and then layed on the floor. She lowered her naked pussy onto my face and moaned as my tongue brushed against her outer lips. I reached up and held her hips as I ran my tongue along her slit over and over, with each pass, I paused on her clit and gave it a little kiss. And each time, she would lean forward. I increased the speed of my licks and finally just settled on licking her clit. By this point, she was leaned forward over my head and I could see that she was having trouble breathing. I moved my hands to her ass, and held her on top of my tongue, and circled her clit over and over while moaning lightly.

She began to shake and then nearly collapsed, but I continued my assault on her pussy. As I felt her breathing slow down slightly, I helped her sit up, and then kissed her inner thighs, but I didn’t allow her to sit up quite yet. She leaned back, and I said, I want you to cum on me again. She looked at me with a grin of passion and lust, but then said, “Can’t I feel you inside me really quick?” Who was I to say no to a naked lady? As she scooted backwards to ride my cock, she whispered, “Please go easy on me, you’re huge compared with Steve.” She slowly lowered her sloppy lips onto my head, and rubbed herself over and over on my shaft. Once I was just as sloppy as her and even harder than before, she began taking me inch by inch into her. She would take a deep breath and then lower herself a bit further. I held her hips and said “Are you OK?” And she smiled down and said “Never, ever been better; fuck you’re huge.”

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