The Meeting

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PART 1 – The Story

I had just paid for my fuel at a truck stop near my home. It was a perfect, late spring day, what I used to call, “Good Baseball Weather.” By that I meant, warm about 70 or 72 degrees or so, not hot. Mostly clear sky with just a puffy cloud here and there. I used to coach at the local High School over 13 years ago, but the observation never left me.

As truck stops go, it wasn’t large, having just a single fast food franchise and full service chain restaurant inside the building. A small convenience store and Trucker’s lounge were the only other amenities offered. As I was about to leave, I glanced into the restaurant, mainly to see if there was any local that I knew.

I didn’t spot anyone, as a matter of fact, except for a waitress, clearing a table, I saw no one. Although it was mid-afternoon on a Tuesday, I was a little surprised. There was always some body, I turn to leave when I saw a strikingly beautiful woman come from around the corner in the back, near the restrooms. I studied her, discretely, hidden by the daily specials menu board. I thought for a moment, shook my head with a silent, “Nah, couldn’t be.”

Exiting, I went just a few feet, turned and re-entered, this time going past the check stand, and stood near the Truck Drivers only counter, deep in thought, but then I was positive, I know, or at least I used to know that woman.

She was sitting alone in a booth near the rear of restaurant, drinking a cup of, well I suppose coffee. She seemed distracted, stirring the cup with a spoon, would pause for a brief moment, as if lost in though, then would resume stirring. She would look up every so often as if she was expecting someone to arrive at any moment.

After a few more minutes of watching, unobserved by her, I summoned all of the bravado I hadn’t felt in years, walked slowly to her table, and in my best güvenilir bahis Bogart impression, I asked, “Is that seat taken, Sweetheart?”, pointing to the empty bench seat opposite her.

After a quick look around the room, she gesture, with her hand saying, “Well, long time no see stranger, sit, and take a load off. Then, with a smile flashing brilliant white teeth, she laughed , “Frankly I’m surprised you were able to fight your way through the crowd.”

Well, it had been a lifetime ago, when I last saw this girl. No wait, she was a women now, after all, it had been over Forty years, since I had last seen her. We began by talking over old times, quickly catching up on who had done what, where and for how long. The years soon melted away.

Finally all caught up, the was a lull in our conversation. “So,” I said, reverting to Cary Grant this time, “what brings a gal like you to a place like this?”

When she finally stopped laughing at the poor, but clichéd, impersonation, her face seemed to frown a little as she quietly spoke, “Family matters, to discuss with my brother, But I’m a little concerned, he’s running late, and he hasn’t answered my calls or text messages.” The worried look in her deep blue eyes, seemed to draw me in, like a whirlpool devouring a small rowboat.

Then her phone rings, listening intently, she briefly talks, then sighs, presses her lips tightly together, says a few more words that I didn’t try to eavesdrop, hangs up, and gives me a little grin.

“He forgot the time, too late for him to get here today’ she said in a voice containing a touch of exasperation, “But, he’ll be here tomorrow, so now I’m stuck here over night, because I’ll be damned if I going to drive 175 miles home, just to return again.” “If it wasn’t for the papers I need him to sign in front of a notary at the bank in town, I would just leave and türkçe bahis say screw it. But it’s to finish up our Mom’s estate, and I have to deliver the papers by Friday morning to the lawyer to file for probte.” “Damn, Damn, and Double Damn,” she exclaimed, glaring at her phone like Death with his scythe.

Then, she gave me a little look, as if asking a question in her mind. Then aloud, “Hey, I saw a pool table in the back. I seem to remember you were good, do you still play?”

“Well, I haven’t picked up a cue in twenty years,” I say with the slightest hint of a smile, “But

I’ll bet you a dollar, against a kiss, That I could still beat you by a mile.”

“It’s a bet,” she actually giggled, “But you’d better bring you best game, Buster, if you think you going to beat me.”

PART 2 – The Poem

Well, I shot, she shot,

We must have played for an hour, if not more.

We goofed around, just having fun,

Finally realized we forgot to keep score.


Not caring who won, we left at last,

We walked out, together into the sun.

She turned to me, with the cutest grin,

OK, now what, she said, do ya wanna do for fun?


Ice Cream, sounds good, right down the street,

Best ice cream in the land,

Within a few steps, natural like,

I felt her grab my hand.


I gave it a squeeze and playfully,

We started to swing our arm,

Like one does in Junior High,

Next, were acting plumb silly.


It was a good thing, that summer day

That no one paid us any mind,

Or wondered why those “old people”

We were acting like teenagers that way.


But it felt so right, eating our cones,

Sitting there, holding hands, not saying very much,

then her cone dripped some on her chin,

Then I wiped playfully, felt the shiver of my güvenilir bahis siteleri touch.


She looked into my eyes,

I saw a questioning look,

I kissed her forehead, her nose, her chin,

Then the lips, oh those lips, that’s all that it took.


We seemed to fly, back to her motel,

That she had reserved before.

It seemed just a few fleeting seconds,

Our clothing strewn across the floor

Standing nude, embracing each other

Our hands began to explore,

Falling, still entwined, onto the bed.

Then pause, took a breath, began anew.


Over each body, touch craving more touch,

A lull in passion ensued,

Were we moving too fast?

Was this doing too much?


But, it felt so natural, her and I,

We had always missed our chance,

It could be a new beginning,

The start to a whole new dance.


But there were complications,

Uncaring spouses we both had,

A friendship could be ruined,

Geez, it could drive one mad.


We lay there, talking, then a kiss, a caress,

A touch, some moments, nothing at all,

Looking deeply at the other,

Breathing in their essence.


As time wore on, their passion grew,

Knowing friendship from the past

Emboldened by their maturity,

They consummated their love at last.


As day turned to night, night into the morning.

Events repeating, but ending too soon

For lives had to go their separate for now,

A perfect night together, could there be another way?


Promises were made,

and astonishingly, were kept.

One final embrace and a most tender kiss,

Saying good bye for now,

both turned from each other and wept.


But this was just a fantasy,

Make believe, a story, OK?

Only made up, you might say,

So what is the big deal?


Well, my love, I promise you this,

When we meet, at last you’ll know

That all I have written here,

You can expect it to be real.

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