The Garden Party Pt. 02

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In Part 2 amongst the bankers and their stunning but bored wives, Sara still radiant from her thunderous orgasm meets a sporting connection from her past, but this time Sara takes control.

All characters whether referred to in the present or in their past are 18 years of age or over.

Given the circumstances Sara was surprised to find she was enjoying herself. Something about the warmth and friendliness of ‘H’ the best restaurants in Barbados, outrageous London property prices, Russian oligarchs and their dreadful wives (‘pot, kettle, black’ Sara had thought during that one), their husbands failings and above all schools. They seemed obsessed by schools, should little Olli have his name down for Eton or was he more suited to somewhere like Winchester or Shrewsbury. They were obsessed. And of course, it was all so difficult now, just because daddy went there it didn’t mean you would be automatically accepted these days.

‘Lemons’ seemed to be especially offended,

“….and after everything this family has done for that school” she was saying in a silly braying voice that reminded Sara of a horse she hadn’t liked very much back on the farm.

She’d had some experience with this kind of thing though. In Australia there was a strict hierarchy of private schools, especially in her part of Victoria. She’d attended Geelong Grammar, it was the school where most of the country kids ended up if their parents could afford it, and while it had a good reputation, in fact Prince Charles spent a term there, it wasn’t Scotch College or Melbourne Grammar School.

She’d mentioned the Prince Charles thing which stopped a few of the doe eyed women for a moment but very quickly the discussion moved on to which school had the best facilities for the boy’s polo ponies (a toss-up between Millfield and Stowe, should you be interested), at which Sara had rolled her eyes and started looking for a way out of the group.

At that precise moment she was very grateful for the pearls in her panties, giving her something to concentrate on as she adjusted her footing from one leg to the other.

As a result, she used the deep sigh that escaped her pink mouth as she managed to agitate the pearls to exactly the right point on her clit, as an excuse to wander off claiming she needed to get out of the sun and find some water. And despite their polite protestations no one seemed to mind her leaving, apart that is from a quieter woman who’d been introduced earlier to her as Cindy.

“Short for Lucinda,” she’d said, “both that and Cindy, bloody awful names, makes you think of a blow-up doll!”

Cindy was quick to chirp-up at Sara’s sigh.

“Oh sweetie, I can’t leave you on your own, let me help you find some shade. It’s a beautiful garden and I know where all the best spots are.” Taking Sara’s arm in her own she led them across the lawn, towards a small woodland at the rear of the property.

“Thank you, Cindy, that’s very kind of you” Sara hoped Cindy wasn’t as dull as the others, but she was being on her best behaviour.

“That’s quite OK, I’ve been dying to talk to you,” and in a quieter voice into Sara’s ear “these women, they’re like the Stepford bloody wives, but with more money and even less sense!”

Cindy it turned out was of a like mind with Sara. She too was an outsider even though she’d known ‘H’ and Gemma for a long time, she wasn’t a snob, she hadn’t been to a prestigious school and she actually worked for a living. She’d met Gemma years earlier when they’d both been assistants at Coco de Mer the exotic eryaman escort bayan lingerie shop in Covent Garden, back in their early 20’s. Cindy doing it for the money and the fun, Gemma just for the fun.

She was also very glamorous, which she thought was why the other women accepted her, but with very much her own aesthetic. Her white silk dress was printed with illustrations of speedboats, it had a wide skirt and made Sara think it must be inspired by 1950’s Prom dresses. The look was completed by a bow of the same material in her dark auburn hair and bright red lipstick. She reminded Sara of the English singer Paloma Faith.

“Now Sara, do tell” Cindy was saying as they strolled towards the trees “I’m afraid we couldn’t help hearing a little bit of noise coming from upstairs earlier. It sounded, well sweetie, it sounded like the best kind of orgasm?” her voice lifted at the end in a question.

Sara blushed to her roots and didn’t know what to say, looking at the ground deeply embarrassed.

“Now don’t be shy sweetie, Gemma has had fun with most of us at one time or another. Tell me did she use one her toys?”

“I, I’m, well…..” Sara stuttered really not knowing what to say, still blushing.

Cindy stopped them in their tracks in the dappled sunlight under the trees. She turned and held the young Australian by the arms, then lifted her chin with a slender hand to look in her in the eyes.

“Listen Sara. Cumming is God’s gift to us women. I firmly believe we should orgasm as often as possible. You can’t tell me you weren’t in raptures, honestly sweetie you sounded incredible.” She pulled her in for a hug and lightly kissed Sara’s cheek saying softly to her “I was so turned on hearing you, it made me so happy hearing you enjoy yourself.”

She pulled away but continued to hold the blonde woman’s gaze.

“Now come on spill the beans, did she use a toy?”

Sara sighed and thought, you know what I’ve nothing to lose, she’s right an orgasm is my right why am I embarrassed? and proceeded to tell Cindy about the little curvy NOA that had tapped her G-Spot while simultaneously vibrating her clit.

“….and fuck me Cindy” she finished “Gemma was absolutely fucking right I came like a train” she looked at Cindy and grinned, getting a huge smile back, followed by a hug and another whisper in the ear.

“And tell me I’m wrong lovely Sara, but she gave you the pearly panties to put on, didn’t she?”

Sara nodded.

“I bloody knew it! It’s hard to hide when you’re jumping around like a kitten. Aren’t they just the best?”

Sara couldn’t help herself and blushed for the umpteenth time that day but still bust into a toothy grin.

“Oh God,” she groaned “I’ve been just on edge all afternoon, it’s so sensitive like my pussy is on fire. I love it but just between you and me if I don’t get some relief soon I can’t be held responsible for my actions!”

Cindy laughed,

“My poor sweet girl, I know just how you feel,” she paused before deciding to tell her new young friend what she was using herself to make her day more interesting, “you see I’ve got these delightful little eggs inside me. No idea how they work but every time I move they move inside my pussy, frankly darling I’m dripping!”

The two women smiled at each other, each seeming to know in their hot cores what was coming next.

Cindy grabbed Sara by the hand.

“Come on lovely, we’ll use the summerhouse.”

Which is where Robbie found them.

Tall, athletic, handsome Robbie. He was just ankara escort as bored of the male company as the women were of the female and had wandered off to get away from the talk of stocks and takeovers and City rumour. It wasn’t his thing at all, and though he looked the part, floppy fringe, chino’s, button down dress shirt and blazer he felt he looked ridiculous and had only worn the clothes to keep the peace with Cindy, his wife.

So, he recognised the familiar vocal sounds coming from the summerhouse and wasn’t in the least surprised to find his wife spreadeagled on the sofa, her dress hitched around her waist, another woman’s face buried in her pussy.

He stood in the doorway watching the blonde woman in the yellow dress slurp and lick his wife’s clit, two fingers pumping into her dripping love tunnel. He noticed the discreet little Ben Wa balls on the side table and smiled.

“I knew she’d have to get off sometime this afternoon.” He thought as the blood lengthened and filled his penis while he watched.

But who was the blonde, it didn’t look like Lemons or Stash or any of the women he knew, but even though she was wearing a different dress, could it be that girl whose backside and legs he’d admired climbing the stairs earlier? There was certainly something familiar about her.

He was tempted to intervene, to see who it was that was pleasuring his lovely wife, but he loved to watch her come and he knew she was getting close.

“That’s it, that’s it, that’s it, oh yes, oh yes, more a little more, suck my clit” her eyes were closed, hands grasping cushions on either side of her.

The blonde was pumping and licking for all she was worth but did as she was told, she couldn’t see the man in the doorway as she applied a little suction to the redhead’s sensitive clit or hear his little grunt of satisfaction as his wife sucked in air before bellowing repeated gasps as her cunt exploded and her whole body went rigid with the shockwaves of orgasmic pleasure.

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God” she squealed, “that is so fucking good, soooo good, Oh God.”

“Oh God Sara, that is so lovely now get up here and kiss me.” Which is when she opened her eyes. She wasn’t too surprised to see Robbie in the doorway and it didn’t stop her pulling Cindy up and slipping her tongue inside the blonde’s hot mouth, covered in her own juices. If anything, it spurred her on.

Robbie watched the women kiss; he was totally erect now, their erotic show and especially that kiss after his wife’s thunderous orgasm had his undivided attention. He would have liked some relief himself, but thought it very bad form to slip his cock out and start wanking at least until he’d been properly introduced. However, knowing Cindy, he knew the introduction would come soon. Robbie knew she’d seen him and knew this kiss was partly for his benefit.

As the women continued to kiss, Cindy looked straight at him and winked, her eyes gleaming. She took one of her hands from the sleek back of the blonde woman and beckoned her husband all without breaking the kiss.

Robbie nearly laughed out loud when Cindy winked at him, he knew she had the devil in her and a broad smile broke across his handsome features as he took two strides across the room, admiring Sara’s tanned back and wondering if Cindy had in mind what he had in mind.

The kiss broke and Sara was left panting, as she turned her head to rest it on Cindy’s firm bosom the realisation struck that they weren’t alone.

“What the fuck!”

“What the actual fuck?”

Cindy sincan escort bayan held onto her as the younger woman struggled to stand, but Sara was strong and angry all of a sudden. She burst free a cascade of yellow billowing around her as she lurched for Robbie.

“You, who the fuck are you?” she yelled, her accent thickening into broad country Aussie as she grabbed Robbie by the throat and shoved him forcefully backwards, sending him staggering hard against the wall.

“I should fucking string you up you fucking pervert.” she was shouting in his face.

Robbie wasn’t too alarmed, though surprised by her strength, he was enthralled by her. She looked like a wounded lioness, enraged but magnificent her blonde hair flailing behind, her lipstick smeared, eyes ablaze and the unmistakable aroma of sex exuding from her skin.

“I should fucking stick my hand down your fucking throat and pull your balls out of your fucking mouth” Sara yelled in his face “Who the fuck, just who the fuck…..” she was running out of steam, “for fuck’s sake Cindy fucking help me here.”

She glanced round to see Cindy sitting primly on the sofa, her dress back in place, hands in her lap, clearly no intention of dealing with this intruder.

“Oh, Sara darling, I haven’t introduced you, my apologies I’d like you to meet Robbie.”

Sara looked back at the man she held by the throat, who seemed bemused by the whole thing. She had a flicker of recognition. Did she know this pervert?

“Robbie you see,” Cindy was saying “is my husband.”

“I’m sorry, I’m fucking sorry? Your fucking husband. Jesus Christ!” she’d grown louder again but let go of him, before leaning into his face and looking him straight in the eye.

“Do you make it a habit, you fucking pervert of watching another woman eat your wife’s pussy?” She stared at him.

“Well, I do as a matter of fact” he laconically replied, “it is a pretty magnificent sight after all.” He smiled and held out a hand.

“I’m Robbie, but I don’t think we’ve had the pleasure?” he left it as a question.

Sara was taken aback the last thing she was expecting was charm.

“Sara” she responded taking herself by surprise “I’m Sara” she shook his proffered hand. It was warm and a little rough in hers.

Before she knew what was happening Cindy had joined them, giving each a kiss on the cheek, wrapping an arm around their waists.

“Now we all know each other why don’t we all sit down and have a glass of champagne. Come along, take a seat, there’s always a bottle in the fridge.”

The heat had gone from Cindy’s anger and she did as she was told, sitting on the sofa, Robbie taking to an old garden chair opposite her.

“I’m sorry” he said looking her in the eye “I really didn’t mean to surprise you, and you seemed to be having so much fun” he arched an eyebrow “that, well it would have seemed churlish to interrupt just as Cindy was getting so close.”

He leaned across to her placing a warm hand on her knee.

“You have to admit she is quite something? And you seemed to be enjoying that marvellous pussy of hers?”

She couldn’t argue, Cindy was wonderful, she’d enjoyed exploring every fold and using her wet tongue to flick her stiff clit with the little ring piercing. She enjoyed removing the little love eggs and watching her quiver with delight as they popped from her slick tunnel to be replaced by her own thrusting fingers. And she’d enjoyed the gush of juice and the gasp of pleasure as she made her cum so hard.

So yes, she had enjoyed sucking Cindy’s marvellous pussy. But it was private as far as she was concerned.

“Listen mate” she said removing the hand from her knee and brushing down the folds of her dress “where I come from, we do it in private, we don’t sell tickets!”

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