The Day Daddy Made Me His Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

“Good girl kitten,” Daddy whispers in my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

He finishes unsnapping the corset faster than before and my full breasts are free. I feel Daddy’s cock twitch against my back as he inhales sharply. Slowly he slides his hands back up my stomach, and my breath hitches in my throat. I squirm and lean back against Daddy, making his cock twitch again.

“Be a good girl kitten,” Daddy murmurs in my ear as he runs his hands over my breasts.

I softly gasp and my nipples harden, I’m overcome with pleasure and needing, causing me to squirm some more. Daddy softly growls and pulls me closer against him, I feel his cock press firmly against the small of my back and I softly whimper, pleading for more.

“I said be a good girl,” he mutters breathlessly as he pushes his hips forward.

“Yes sir Daddy. I’m sorry, it just feels so good when you touch me,” I mumble.

A smile spreads across Daddy’s face and he licks the back of my neck.

“I know kitten,” he whispers nibbling my eryaman escort ear.

I can’t take it any more as my cunt begins to throb with the need to be touched and I reach my hand down my thong, sliding my fingertips over my dripping pussy. Suddenly Daddy stops everything he’s doing and growls taking my wrist in his hand and pulling. My fingers just brush my clit and I whimper pleadingly.

“Daddy I need you,” I pant.

“I told you kitten, this is the only time I’ll touch you, once you’ve came I’m leaving. Are you sure you want me to touch you there?” Daddy asks his tone serious.

I bite my lower lip as I think, my mind screams no, that I should enjoy every second he allows me to be touched by him. But while my mind yells, my body screeches for his touch and I know that I need Daddy right now, even more than I need to breathe. I softly sigh and nod my head, telling Daddy I’m sure. Suddenly Daddy’s breathing becomes very fast and he grabs my thighs and pulls me against him with a ferocity I’ve never seen. Daddy places his left hand on my breast and begins to alternate between escort eryaman pulling and massaging my nipple. He takes his right hand and shoves three fingers in my mouth.

“Suck,” he pants and I do so before the word has even left his lips.

Daddy softly moans and pulls his hand away sliding it down my stomach. His fingers near my clit and my breathing becomes ragged, I buck my hips begging him to touch me. He takes his hand and cups my hot mound pulling me as close as possible, I feel Daddy’s balls touch my back and I whimper. Suddenly he slides his middle finger into my aching cunt and I softly cry out in pleasure.

Daddy softly chuckles and once again licks my neck.

“Good girl kitten,” Daddy murmurs nipping up and down my neck and collar bone.

Daddy begins to slowly pull his finger in and out, then slides it as deep as he can. I whimper in pleasure and wiggle in Daddy’s arms, his cock slides along my back and Daddy gasps.

“Stop that kitten” Daddy moans as he starts to quickly swirl his finger inside me.

As I’m filled with pleasure I can’t sit still eryaman escort bayan and I squirm more. Daddy’s breathing becomes as ragged as mine and I hear him softly curse under his breath. He takes his thumb and begins to circle my clit as he traces the other finger on the entrance if my pussy. Daddy slides it in and my body trembles as my pussy tightens. I’m squirming like crazy and I can feel Daddy’s cock twitching even more.

“I’m gonna cum!” I scream gripping the sheets and resting my head on Daddy’s shoulder.

“Fuck kitten cum, cum for Daddy,” he pants in my ear.

Suddenly my cunt tightens and I begin to slowly cum. A deep moan escapes my lips and I feel my back becoming wet. Daddy swirls his fingers faster and my moan turns into a scream as I’m launched into pure ecstasy.

“Ohhh kitten, fuck baby girl,” Daddy moans and I realize he’s started to cum on my back.

Daddy holds me panting while I finish cumming then he slowly takes his fingers away from my still throbbing pussy. He licks his fingers then puts them in my mouth, this time I suck without his instruction. Once his fingers are clean he gets up and walks to the door. I look after him and softly whine. Daddy stops and looks back a sad look in his eye.

“I’m sorry kitten,” He whispers leaving the doorway.

I watch after him and see he’s still hard, and I decide then and there I’ll have Daddy touch me again.

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