The Day At The Zoo Continues

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As Mike drove off into the night, her heart dropped into the pit of her stomach she already felt so alone, Kim proceeded back into the house she knew she had something to do, she didn’t care how long it took, she wouldn’t go to bed until it was done, she was determined to figure out the number that he had written on her ass, she wanted so badly to see him again, there was something about him that just totally enticed her (the question is what was it? Was it the way he was so sweet with her yet so stern? Was it the tone of his voice? Was it the look in his gorgeous hazel eyes? Was it the way he made her feel when he touched her? Or was it possible that she was truly falling for him in a way that she had never fallen for any one else?).

She needed to know, and to know more about him, and she was determined that was exactly what she would do, she would do anything she had to just to get the answers (but just how far would she go?) she knew the first thing she must do was figure out his number, and connect with him again, after an hour she finally figured it out or at least she thought she did, she wrote it down and proceeded to call it (what’s the worse that could happen? if she wrote it down wrong and she would just have to keep trying.)

After getting her wits about her she picked up the phone and proceeded to dial the number, waiting in anticipation for him to answer the phone, The whole time she waited which wasn’t actually very long she had things running through her head (what will I say to him? Will it come out right? Will he even be interested in seeing me again?)

“Well I see you figured out my number didn’t you little one.” He stated in a soft yet very stern voice.

“Yes Sir, I guess I did.” She replies in a soft shaky voice.

“Shape up your voice, you have a beautiful voice and if you wish to talk to me again I’d best not hear you talking in an unsure manner again, no girl of mine will ever be unsure of herself, do you understand me?”

For a moment she didn’t say a word, she wasn’t sure that she had just heard what she had she sat there trying to process it all.

“Well do you understand me or don’t you? Speak now or not at all.”

“Yes Sir, I understand perfectly, I won’t let it happen again.” She replied in now a much more positive manner.

They talked for a while actually he talked more than she did, she just sat there taking in all that he had to say, she just loved the sound of his voice she was actually very mesmerized by it, about an hour had passed and in that hour she had begun to realize what it was about him that enticed her, it was him himself, she would have loved nothing better than to have him come back to the house at that very moment, to take her and totally make her his, pulling out the dark side in her, the submissive side that she had locked inside her the one that had been screaming for so long to come out, the one that she knew was there, yet never had the true chance to be explored, some how she knew in her soul that he was the man who could bring it out of her.

“Tomorrow night 8pm little one, be ready for a night that you won’t soon forget.”

“Yes Sir, I will be ready.” was all she could manage to say as she was still in a state of shock.

As they hung up the phone she had what felt like 10 thousand different emotions running through her, she still couldn’t believe that he truly wanted to see her again, but she knew she wanted to see him, and was determined that she would be dressed to kill come 8pm tomorrow night.

The next morning she arose to the thought of being with him again tonight, the more she thought about him, the more the thoughts drove her crazy, she wanted so badly to feel every inch of him inside her again just as she had the night before, the more she thought about him the more she could feel.

She proceeded with her day, the nerves of anticipation began to build, as the afternoon turned into evening she got into the shower, got herself ready putting on her knee length white leather skirt, baby blue sweater, baby blue thong and matching bra, her white fishnet stockings and her white patent leather heels, she brushed out her hair so that it flows freely over her shoulders, she knew he liked her long hair, yet she wasn’t quite sure why.

8pm sharp her doorbell rang, being all kinds of nervous at this point she proceeded to walk ever so slowly to the door, opening the door to see the most gorgeous man standing before her, not saying a word he enters into the house carrying a bag with him, taking her into his arms he kisses her softly, her body began to melt as it was over come with emotions, from the feel and the taste of his kiss, illegal bahis their kiss deepens lasting for a few moments, when suddenly to her surprise he runs his hands up her back, up into the back of her hair, taking her hair into his hands he pulls her head back forcefully.

“Don’t say a word little one.” He commanded almost in a growl.

She did as she was told and said not a word all she could do was look at him.

“By the end of tonight you will be mine, you want that don’t you little one?”

She nodded her head in response yet didn’t say a word.

“What’s the matter with you little one don’t you know how to speak, use that beautiful voice that you have and speak to me, and do it now!!!”

She stood there for a moment, her body trembling, her eyes filling with tears, trying to hide her urge to cry, she tries to turn her head so he wouldn’t see, she didn’t want to disappoint him, what she didn’t realize was that he already had.

Placing his finger on the bottom of her chin, turning her head toward him, he looked deep into her eyes, deep enough so he could look into her soul, the sternness, yet all the possibilities of love she could see in his eyes completely stopped time for her, she knew at that moment, he would never hurt her she felt total safety with him (someone she had met at the zoo, someone she had gone out with last night, someone whom she had shared a few harsh yet very memorable, very exciting physical moments with yet still a stranger) their eyes were locked onto each other, standing in that very position for a moment, when slowly his fingers slid into the sides of her hair, leaning down to her he kisses her softly, she wasn’t sure just how to move, the emotions in side her were beginning to escalate, taking her arms into his hands he places them around his neck, allowing his hands to slide ever so slowly down her arms, down her sides and onto her hips.

“Are you ready now?” he asks whispers in her ear softly yet sternly in his sexy voice.

“Yes I am ready, I have been ready since we went out last night, I thought about you constantly after you left.”

Saying not another word, he picks her up carrying her to her room, laying her down gently on the bed, kissing her softly and passionately for a moment, getting off the bed for a minute looking at her.

“You stay right there until I tell you to move.”

“I won’t go anywhere sir, I promise.” She replies softly.

Moving over toward the fire place that she has in her bedroom he proceeds to start a fire, the room was just a little too chilly for him to do what he wanted to and have her comfortable, not only that but he wanted to set the mood, as the fire began to heat and light the room in a very dim glow he sat there just looking at her beautiful body laying on the bed, the more he looked at her the more the thoughts ran through his head (Is this really happening? Am I really here in this house, in this room? Do I truly have the most beautiful woman on the face of this planet lying on that bed before me, or am I in a dream?)

In a very slow movement she moved one leg, rolling onto her side slightly propping herself up on one elbow, her hair flowed now over one shoulder as her head leaned ever so slightly toward that shoulder, the glow from the fire was cascading over her body in a light flicker, her beautiful soft brown bedroom eyes so wonderfully lit by the glow of the fire came in contact with his as a soft, warm, very sexy, sweet smile came across her face, in an instant the feelings and emotions inside his being grew stronger, powers of her eyes and her smile were calling to him although she was silent, for he now knew he wasn’t dreaming as he found himself slowly arising off the floor.

He had so many mixed emotions and feelings running through him as he walked over toward the bed where she lay, he wanted to take her into his arms and make love to her all night long, yet he wanted to have her for himself to control, to take her in one swift motion, making her his but in no way did he ever want to hurt her, slowly making his way down onto his knees at the side of the bed, his breathing quickened, yet not enough for her to notice right away, but he knew if he stood up it would be all over.

Taking one foot into his hand, slowly running his tongue up and down the side of her leather pump as he removes it from her gently, taking that same foot he runs his tongue up and down the bottom of her foot, taking her toes into his mouth, nibbling licking and sucking on them all at one time, the look in his eyes changed as he watched her head go back and listened to her moaning ever so softly.

Slowly his tongue began to run illegal bahis siteleri back down the bottom of her foot, up over her heel, and ever so slowly up the inside of her leg, raising it higher, placing it over his shoulder as he leaned in toward her, kissing softly up over the side of her knee, the inside of her thigh, flicking his tongue lightly over her pussy lips through her thong, as he slowly kissed his way down over her other thigh and slowly down her leg, removing her other shoe, her moans now growing louder as the desires began to flare.

Taking both legs now into his hands placing them both over his broad muscular shoulders, he stops for a moment, just staring at her looking deep into the depths of her soul, she didn’t know what was going through his mind at that point, when suddenly she noticed a devilish little grin come over his face, but he didn’t say a word, the fact of unknown anticipation was driving at the pit of her stomach, slowly his hands slid up her legs, up over her hips taking the waistband of her skirt into his fingers, her back arching from the sensation of his fingers on her skin.

“Look at me little one.” He commanded in a very sexy tone.

Placing her back down on the bed, she did just as she was told, yet again she didn’t dare to say a word, for she hadn’t had his permission to speak, as their eyes locked onto one another there was an instantaneous bond that could never be broken.

“This is where it begins my little one, are you ready to be mine? Speak to me.”

“Yes sir I am ready, please I beg of you, please take me and make me yours!”

In one swift yet gentle motion he removes her skirt, as a determined yet love filled look comes into his eyes, extending his hands to her he helps her to sit up as he slowly removes her sweater, unhooking the hooks on her bra removing it from her, he was wanting so badly to feel her touch him yet he knew if he let it happen he wouldn’t be able to stay in control.

As her hands reached out to touch his chest, he grabbed onto her wrists stopping her as he glared into her eyes.

“Not yet little one, it’s not time for you to touch me, I will tell you when you can!” he commands.

Laying her back on the bed, using his teeth he grabs onto the waist band of her thong, lowering each side of it slowly, their eyes locked onto each other the whole time, once it was completely off he stands at the side of the bed, where he knew she could see all of him.

“Look at you, look at how beautiful you are.” He whispers as he watched the glow from the fire lightening her body in a soft warm tone.

Standing before her he reaches up behind his head, grabbing onto his shirt pulling it up over his ever so shapely shoulders, pulling it over his head, looking deep into her eyes with a sexy snickering sort of look on his face, as he ran his tongue over the bottom of his top teeth.

She gasped softly as she watched him drop that shirt away from his body, wanting so badly to touch him, to feel every inch of his chest, to run her fingers through his chest hair, little by little he opened his pants, pictures of the night before came into her head almost in an instant, as she knew what he had in there and she craved so badly to feel every inch of his manhood inside her again, she could feel her own juices beginning to flow as she watched him.

“C’mon little one come to me.” He commanded softly yet sternly.

Rising off the bed she now stood before him, taking her wrists into his hands he places both her hands on his chest, her body shivered as she gasped once again softly.

“It’s alright little one you may now touch me.”

Gently her fingers begin to move over his chest, enjoying the feeling of his hair in her fingers, the feel of his muscles in his shoulders, suddenly taking her hair into his hands he pulls her head back, leaning into her nibbling licking and sucking on the side of her neck, their moans growing now a little louder.

“Who’s your daddy little one?” he whispers in his sexy accented voice.

“ Who’s baby girl are you?” he asks softly.

“Yours Sir I am your baby girl.” She replies in a soft sexy little whine.

Taking her hand he moves it further down making her encase his now rigid bulging mass in her hand, her body now shutters as she feels everything she felt the night before, keeping her hand wrapped around it with his, she begins to stroke him gently, he growls deeply stirring the emotions inside her.

“ Well you see this is a good thing, your learning aren’t you? You see your daddy is going to be all up inside you tonight, every inch of my manhood will come to rest inside my baby girls little canlı bahis siteleri wet pussy, and you will forever be mine.”

Turning her around placing his hand at the top of her back he bends her over placing her hands on the bed, looking back at him, she smiles softly as she watches her daddy stroking himself slowly.

“You want this nice fat cock that your daddy has don’t you baby girl, you want it buried deep inside your hot wet pussy don’t you, you want to feel every inch of me don’t you? You want to feel me shoot my hot love juices as deep inside you as I possibly can and completely make you mine don’t you baby girl? He asks gruffly as he places one hand on her hip teasing her pussy with the tip of his cock, running it slowly up and down over her pussy lips.

“ Oh god yes I do, I want to feel my daddy as deep inside me he possibly can get, I need him, I want him to take me and make me his.”

FUCK ME DADDY OH GOD PLEASE FUCK ME DADDY!” she screams as all in one motion he enters her pussy as fast and as deep as he possibly could.

His breathing deepening and quickening as he proceeds to fuck her harder and faster, she grabs a hold of the bed sheets as she pushes back against him, wanting more of him inside her, she wanted him deeper, the more she more she moaned and the louder she got he proceeded to fuck her harder and deeper, as he slapped each side of her ass until it was a nice shade of red.



Suddenly he stops, removing his cock from her pussy, she turns her head to look at him, not knowing what she did wrong, or why he took it away from her, he looks deep into her eyes.

“ Daddy wants his baby girls ass, you want to give it to me don’t you baby girl?”

“ Take all of me daddy please take all of me, fuck my ass daddy, let me be daddies little slut, I want so badly to make my daddy happy.”


Taking her arms he lowers her down onto her lower arms, her ass now nicely exposed for his access, slowly he begins to work her ass, sliding one finger up inside her rose bud, her back arches as she pushes her ass back toward him, wanting his finger deeper inside her, her moans turning to screams as he was beginning to push her to the edge.

“ Daddies going to give you something that’s going to feel so much better inside you then his finger.”

Taking his cock back into his hand, as he places one hand flat on the small of her back he slowly begins to enter his cock inside her rose bud, inch by inch until he was completely inside her.

She let out with a sudden scream as her forehead came to rest on the bed, tucked in between her arms her back arching as she pushed back yet against him, his pace began to pick up as he moved his cock in and out of her a little faster, her screams got even louder, her body beginning to move almost uncontrollably she didn’t want it to ever end, she wanted to be exactly where she was, in his total control, he knew through the reactions of her body as he felt all her muscles clamping down around the girth of his cock, he knew just what was about to happen.


That’s all it took was those little words from him, she knew she had his approval, and with that she let go of all the emotions and pent up feelings inside her as he pushed her totally over the edge, her body crashing through wave after wave of dynamic orgasms, in doing such the pressure of her muscles being clamped around him drew him to that edge as well, feeling his cock hardening more as his balls tightened, his body now covered in sweat, as his head threw back, with one last deep thrust he exploded inside her as he let out one hell of a sexy scream.

As her body began to settle he could feel her beginning to shake removing himself from inside her, he lays her on the bed laying in behind her he wraps his arms around her, holding her close to him.

She turns toward him, looking into his eyes, leaning down to her he kisses her softly as her hand slid gently up his cheek into the side of his hair.

“Please daddy, don’t leave me tonight I don’t want to be alone, please stay with me.”

“I’m not going anywhere baby girl, you go to sleep now and I will be right here when you awaken in the morning.”

As she drifted off to sleep he turns just a bit enough so he could look at her, enjoying the look of the moonlight shining in through the window glistening in the sweat that covered her body, holding her close to him he lay there gently running his fingers through her hair, listening to the sound of her breathing, feeling body against his, her head on his chest.

“I promise you one thing, I will never let anyone ever hurt my baby girl, I love you.” He whispered softly into her ear, kissing her one last time gently on the forehead as he slowly drifted off to sleep.

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