The Countess Ch. 22

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We were in New York City, scheduled to be here two days for shopping. It was early around 5:30, I slipped off the bed and found the pair of pants that I wore last night. I found the shirt I had on and felt the room keycard in the front pocket. Sara contacted Paula and had several sets of clothes sent to the hotel by Fedex, so I wasn’t using the same clothes that l left in last week. I left the room and took the elevator to the lobby. Why I didn’t know I just wanted to walk around. There was a stack of NY Times piled on the check-in desk. A story below the fold caught my attention. I got my room key out to charge the paper to the room as I didn’t have my wallet.

“Sir it is complimentary, we usually deliver them to the room,” said the man behind the desk.

I took the paper and began to read about an FBI raid in LA. The article said that agents raided the offices of Sun Tech and carted off a truck load of documents and in a separate raid in Colorado agents arrested Ann Winter, and several associates. Winters was the subject of Sara’s investigation that caused me a bad case of heartburn. Ms. Winter claimed later that this was government harassment because they can’t pin anything on her family.

I got on the elevator and inserted my keycard in the reader in the car. The elevator stopped at our floor and I walked to the room. I inserted the card and the lock clicked open. Sara was still asleep. I put the security bar on the door, placed the paper on the table, and dropped my pants and underwear. I slipped in bed beside her and hugged her close.

“Do you want to fuck me darling?” asked Sara, who was trying to reposition.

“No, I just want to hold you, then make love to you,” I replied.

“Paul, I don’t like your tone what is wrong?”

“Long story short Ann Winter was arrested by the FBI two days ago; I read about it in this morning’s Times. I am wondering if we need to get back on the yacht?”

Sara moved on top of me and looked me in the eye. She kissed me before she said anything. Her hand checked out my equipment and was satisfied that I could perform.

“We are not running anywhere, Paul. We have plenty of security at home. Now do you want to fuck your wife?”

Sara used her fingers to guide me into her pussy and then moved driving my cock in and out of her. Why did she have all the confidence in the world? Why did things bother me so much?

“Concentrate on making love, darling,” said Sara.

I concentrated on giving my wife pleasure my thrusts were faster and harder. We kissed and I was allowed to play with her tits. One forceful thrust and my cock released. I relaxed but continued to kiss Sara. My arms encircled her, and I would not let her go. My mind went back to the Yacht. There all I had to do was make love to Sara, not worry about the house, when my next job was nothing but make sure that my wife got the pleasure that she deserved from our sex.

“Paul let me up for a moment,” asked Sara.

I released her and she rose off the bed and moved to the bathroom. She moved back to the bed and we locked in a kiss. My hands moved up and down her back from the top of her butt to her shoulders. I gradually moved down until I was face to muff. My tongue traced her vulva and then moved into her vagina. Sara opened her legs allowing me better access to her pussy.

“Your tongue is the best Paul. But I would like to suck on your cock, darling?”

I stood and repositioned allowing Sara access to my penis. I felt her hand playing with it and her tongue flicked the tip. She drew my length into her mouth, at about the same time I plunged my tongue into her vagina. I was about to cum in Sara’s mouth; but she moved and put her butt in the air, and I took the invitation and inserted my cock in her pussy. I leaned down and kissed the back of her neck. I started to fuck my wife moving my cock in and out of her warm wet pussy. My hands found her tits and I massaged her globes and tweaked her nipples, while I moved my cock in and out of her twat. With one thrust in, I felt my cock shoot a wad of cum in my wife.

Sara settled back down on the bed and pulled the covers over her. I used the bathroom. My phone gave me the time and I asked if she wanted me to order breakfast.

“No, I want to go to the place across from the hotel. But I need another fuck, darling. I want to give the chamber maid a good reason to change the bed.”

I slipped next to my wife and her hands found my cock. She busied herself working on it. I kissed her and kissed her breasts. I was doing anything I could to get my cock hard. I knew that this was the last of the morning as I was out of gas.

“I love you Sara Jane Solsbery.”

“Yes, darling I know, I love you too. But you need to make love to me.”

Sara slipped on top of me and using her hand guided my cock into her pussy. Sara took the lead and moved her hips driving my cock into her. After just a few minutes I felt her orgasm. I held her until the crisis’s past. We fucked until I felt my release, I then kissed her, and she slipped canlı bahis off of me and held my head to hers and we kissed again.

Sara rose from the bed and moved to the bathroom. I heard the shower run, and I contemplated joining her, but I left her to herself. She emerged wrapped like a burrito in a white towel.

“Your turn, Paul”

I took the hint and moved into the bathroom and took my shower. I came out and started dressing. Sara was still wrapped in the towel but was sitting at the table reading the paper.

“That sounds like Ann Winter, the one thing I discovered was that everything was someone else’s fault,” said Sara.

“Do you want to order room service or walk across the street?” I asked.

Sara stood and dropped the towel “I guess I will dress.”

I moved to her and began to kiss. She finally batted me away, claiming that she would need to shower again. Her hand brushed my cock.

“I see that you still have some in the tank, darling?”

“I will go downstairs and wait for you there,” I said.

“I will be down in twenty minutes,” said Sara.

I was sitting in the lobby reading the paper when Sara exited from the elevator. I did a double take when I saw what she was wearing. A navy-blue skirt that stopped at the knee, white blouse and navy jacket. There were a pair of red high heal boots on her legs. Dangling from her ears were the diamond earrings, covering her head was a navy-blue beret.

“Take me to breakfast, Darling and then we hit the stores,” said Sara.

I was not sure that I was good enough to accompany Sara Jane Solsbery, she looked like she just walked out of a fashion magazine. We walked across the street to a deli that served breakfast. It was already busy, but we found a table. A woman walked up and dropped flatware and took our order.

“Paul, what is wrong you seem uneasy.”

“I am feeling that I am not worthy sitting in your presences Countess.”

“Paul you are my husband, and you are a fabulous TV director, who else would I be sitting with?” said Sara.

Our meals arrived and we suspended our conversation. In the middle of the meal, Sara laid out the itinerary for the day it involved stores for her and for me. It was at this time that I wished that William had not gone to LA. Grabbing cabs did not sound like fun. I paid and left a tip and we went outside to find transport. A black Limo pulled up and the driver jumped out to hold the door for us. It seemed that Sara arranged a car and driver for us.

The car stopped at a boutique and Sara got out.

“The driver knows where to take you. You need to buy a suit, better yet get two suits.”

The door closed and the car moved away. At least I knew what hotel we were staying at, because I had no idea where I was. The car stopped and the door was opened. I was standing at a very high-end custom clothier that was headquartered in London. There was a man standing beside me.

“Her Grace the Countess called ahead, and we are ready for you sir.”

I followed the man into the store and was handed a glass of single malt scotch. A little early but it tasted good. A tailor was assigned, and I tried on several suits to check the fit. There was a large book of suit designs and also books of fabric samples. I was told that I needed a blue suit and a dark gray suit. I selected the design I liked and tried on some samples. The tailor measured me writing the measurements on a form. I stood for a photograph from three angles. I sat at a desk and went through the fabric samples and selected the fabrics that I wanted including the linings. The system was the measurements and fabric selections would be sent to London where the suit would be constructed the suits would then go to the LA office for final fitting and finishing. The next thing on my list was to get a pair of black shoes, after trying on several styles I settled on a set of black loafers. The shoes were in a bag and I tried to use my credit card but was told that payment had been arranged.

I was outside waiting for the car. It pulled up and the driver got out and held the door. Sara was already in the car. We leaned into each other and kissed.

“Do I have you to thank for the suits?”

“No father said that he would buy you some new bespoke suits. That is why I sent you to that tailor, he owns a piece of the company,” said Sara.

“I will send him a thank you note.”

The car stopped and we got out and walked into the restaurant for lunch. Sara declined the martini but ordered a bottle of Champagne, when we were seated. My phone started playing Bret’s ring tone. “Let it go to voice mail, darling we are on vacation,” said Sara.

There was the pleasant sound of a Champagne bottle being opened and the waiter poured the wine. It was refreshing. Both Sara and I ordered our lunch.

“Paul I am serious you need to relax, you’re on vacation. I was so worried when you came down with the flu. I don’t think you realized just how sick you were. Besides I didn’t get the wifely service that I desire,” said Sara with bahis siteleri a slight laugh.

“Yes darling,” was my only response.

“Well at least you know what to say,” said Sara.

“I think that I have made up your wifely service since then.”

“Paul, what was lost is lost, there is no make-up,” said Sara with a laugh paraphrasing Yoda.

“I believe that we need another bottle, darling,” I said.

“I like the way you think, Paul.”

Another bottle materialized as well as our lunch. A friend of Sara’s from London happened to be in the same restaurant and came over. She and Sara chatted for about five minutes before Sara introduced me. The woman was floored when Sara said that we were married. She invited us to see her when we ever get to London. She seemed to be with an older man, I could not tell what the relationship was. I didn’t ask, if it was important Sara would tell me. The woman left, and she and her friend left the restaurant.

“We will not be visiting with her, darling, Sofie has that Italian Count bamboozled, but she is just sucking him dry.”

“Wow Sara when the cat claws come out, they come out,” I said.

“I went to school with her and that was all she talked about was marrying some title.”

My phone started to make some noises like a cash register. My broker was calling,

“Paul, we cleared 200K on the option strategy, I thought you would like to know.”

Sara was looking around and also looked like she was about to blow. I told him to put the funds in a parking place, finished my business and disconnected.

“What was that, Mr. Rogers?”

“That was my broker, one of my investments worked and I can afford to buy your watch, darling.

“What are you talking about?”

“I bought some options on soybeans and they went up and we sold them for 200K

Sara told me that I was going to be taken to the hotel and she had other shopping to do. She also mentioned that if I wanted to go by a jewelry store, she would not object. Sara reached into her bag and pulled her credit card and paid for lunch. The limo was waiting for us and the driver held the door. We were soon at the hotel, and I exited the car and watched it pull away. Sara dropped a gentle hint about jewelry so I knew what my afternoon would be. But first I needed to see what Bret wanted.

“Paul, I am guessing that Sara told you to let this go to voice mail. Please give me a call when you are able to access this, Bret you know the number.”

I returned the call and after a few rings Bret picked up.

“Were you making hot and heavy love, my friend?”

“No, we were at lunch, and you were right Sara ordered me to let it go to voice mail. What’s up?”

“We were extended for six more shows and I would like you to take two of them, we will fit them in your schedule.”

“You know I can’t say no to you,” I said.

“We miss you and Sara both come home soon, Paul” said Bret.

My phone beeped indicating I had another call coming in. I put Bret on hold and took the other call.

“Darling I am in the car outside please join me,” said Sara.

“I am in the lobby so I will be right out.”

I clicked over to Bret and told her that I needed to meet Sara. I told her that we would call when we got back home.

I walked out and found the driver holding the door and got in the back.

“Why do I always wait for you, Paul?”

“Sara, I didn’t know you were coming back, I was on the phone with Bret, she offered me two more episodes and is willing to work around my schedule.”

Sara puffed up and tried to formulate a come-back but couldn’t. The car took off.

“Where are we going Sara?”

“Mother and father decided to come to the US, so we are going meet them. That is the reason that I was short with you a few minutes ago,” said Sara.

Now we had to have an audience with Sara’s parents. I could feel that this upset Sara, she was not in control. The car sped thought the streets and pulled up to a building on Park Ave. We entered and took the elevator up to the Salsbery’s flat. Every time I turn around, I find out that the Salsbery’s own something. The elevator doors opened into a corridor and a carbon copy of William was standing next to a large French door.

The door opened when we approached and, the butler from the Solsbery’s estate in Britain, was standing at the entrance. Sara continued to walk toward another door. It opened and we came face to face to Sara’s mother. The two women embraced, and the older woman extended her right hand to me. I clasp the hand and we shook. She then brought me closer and we embraced.

“I is nice to see you again Paul, I hope you don’t mind the informality, now that you are part of the family.

“Not at all ma’am, it is nice to see you also. I’m sorry that I have not been over to see you sooner.”

“Come in and have a seat, we have tea if you would like some. Mr. Solsbery will be in in a moment.”

Sara and I found a love seat and sat down the butler was standing behind a tea cart waiting for bahis şirketleri instructions. A door on the opposite side of the room opened and Mr. Solsbery entered and sat in one of the large wing chairs. He pointed at the butler, who advanced with a cup and saucer and presented it to him.

“It is good to see you Paul, we should have come over sooner,” said Mr. Solsbery.

“No sir, I should have cleared my schedule, and visited you both,” I said feeling a little foolish.

“Father, what are you doing here, I thought that a trip was in the future?” asked Sara.

“My doctor asked that I come over here for some tests, he seems to think that they do it better here that at home. So, I will be spending the night in the hospital.”

The color drained from Sara’s face when her father said he was here for medical tests. I reached over and put my hand on her shoulder.

“Sara, I am fine, do not worry about me. It is just precautionary. Which is why I am drinking tea and not a martini, which you and I both favor.”

There was movement in the other wing chair that Mrs. Solsbery occupied. “Arthur, remember what the doctor said, you need to limit your drinking.”

“Yes Dotty, I know. I understand that you have three women controlling your life Paul,” said Mr. Solsbery.

“I wouldn’t say controlling but they heavily influence things. There’s Sara, but we also have a woman butler/house manager that controls us and then there is our friend and my boss who produces the shows that I direct.”

“Don’t say anymore, Paul” said Mr. Solsbery

I figure that I would not hear the end of it from Sara when we got alone. I remembered to thank Mr. Solsbery for my new suits. I told him that the fitting was an experience that everyone should have. The afternoon proceeded, and about an hour and a half later Mr. Solsbery stood excused himself and went to the bedroom. Sara and I left, after she and her mother coordinated the schedule for tomorrow. It looked like I would be on my own, unless Sara wanted me involved.

The car was waiting for us when we exited the building and the driver was holding the door. Before I could say anything, after we entered the car, Sara brought our mouths together and we kissed. The car took off and Sara pressed a button on the seat and announced that we had reservations at Butter for dinner. The driver acknowledged.

Two and a half hours later Sara and I walked into the hotel lobby and made our way to the elevator. I slipped my key card in the elevator’s reader and pressed our floor. The car stopped and the doors opened. A familiar face came out of the room next to ours. William was summoned by Mr. Solsbery and would be watching over us.

“I am glad you are here William. We are going to bed, we will see you tomorrow,” said Sara.

William did not respond but went back in his room, I slipped the keycard in the lock for our room and it clicked open. I held the door for Sara, and we embraced when the door closed.

“I wish father had consulted me before he summoned William, but I am glad that he is here,” said Sara.

Sara leaned into my embrace, we kissed and then kissed again. She moved away and began to take her outfit off. The skirt hit the floor and the jacket was placed on a chair. Her beret followed. She turned to me dressed only in panties, blouse and boots. Sara walked over and kissed me again, her hand swept across my crotch.

“Just checking, darling,” said Sara.

She sat on the bed and pulled the side zippers down and stepped out of the boots. She opened her legs and paused waiting for me to take an action. I took the hint and got between her legs and slipped her panties off. Sara leaned back on the bed and I spread her legs wider giving me a better look at her pussy.

“Don’t just look, darling,” said Sara.

I brought my tongue to her vulva and began to lick. I must have done something right as she closed her legs around my head. My tongue explored the interior and the area near her clit. I got the feeling that Sara was impatient for me to get naked and make love to her. I stood and dropped my pants and underwear. At the same time Sara rotated and put her butt in the air and for the second time I was able to take her from behind.

“I wanted to show you that I am not all controlling, darling,” said Sara

The remark made me stop and I encourage her to face me. “I want to kiss you darling.”

“I like this better,” said Sara as I slipped my cock into her pussy.

I spent time unbuttoning her top and moving her bra out of the way so I could fondle her breasts.

“Paul, we talked about wifely service earlier today and I don’t think that I am getting my due if you understand.”

I understood perfectly and started to move my cock in and out of her pussy, I leaned down and kissed her. I felt her vagina begin to grab my cock. I continued to move my cock in and out of her pussy until I finally released a load of cum. I picked up Sara from the bed and finally got her top and bra off. I kissed her and my finger probed her pussy.

We finally slipped on the bed together and just rested. Sara turned toward me and encouraged us to come together. Our mouths met in long-wet-kiss. Sara’s hand manipulated my cock. My hands fondled her breasts.

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