The Blue Life Ch. 17: Sondra’s Place

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Female Ejaculation

The story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission and bisexuality. If any of that offends you, just move on to the next story. This chapter of the story doesn’t involve much direct incestuous action, but it remains a prominent theme. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are appreciated. Thanks again to John for his help in editing and proofreading. Much appreciated.


I followed Sondra into her apartment, and kicked off my shoes as I entered the door. To say that it was an apartment is an overstatement. It was converted storage space above her Lingerie Shop. It’s a fifteen by thirty foot room with a twelve foot ceiling. There was a king-sized bed on one side of the room, with a trunk at its base. There was a Wardrobe and dresser against the wall. The “bedroom” also had a large, maroon area rug, defining the space. An open shelving unit was in the middle of the room, dividing the “bedroom space” from the “dining/kitchen space.” The shelf has sixteen square cubbies, some displaying pottery or glass art pieces, most of them shelving lots and lots of books that emphasized a varied and eclectic taste. The “kitchen” had a three-quarter sized fridge freezer with a microwave oven on top. A hot plate stayed on one end of a blue-green laminate and chrome kitchen table that looked like it came from a second hand shop. The table would have been in fashion around 1955. There were just three, matching, blue-green, padded, vinyl and chrome kitchen chairs. Splits in the vinyl on some of them had been fixed with black electrical tape. The ceiling was uncovered and a mass of black girders, pipes, wiring and milky-tan spray-foam insulation was visible.

Sondra was wearing just her demi-bra, which exposed her perky nipples and much of her taught, A cup sized breasts. She also had on a garter and stockings and navy blue, open-toe pumps, with a shiny silver, three-inch heel. She set her purse and her blouse and skirt (which we had just taken of on the stairway leading up to her place) on her kitchen table. I put her panties that I had in my hand on the table too.

Sondra reached and took my hand and led me into her “bedroom.” I was surprised at how soft the rug was. It obviously had a very thick carpet pad underneath. She put a finger to her lips and said, “We’ll have to talk quietly, Robbie. The vents lead straight down into my shop. That’s why I don’t have a TV or Stereo up here.”

I pulled Sondra against me. “We don’t need words, Kitten. I’ve said enough for three dates already today.” I kissed her. She opened her mouth and welcomed my passion. I grabbed her hair and held her head in place and I slathered her face with sloppy kisses and licks. There was nothing subtle about my desire. “God, you’re so fucking beautiful. I can’t believe you’re my girlfriend.”

“All yours, Daddy. All yours,” Sondra passionately whispered. I’m not her “Daddy,” but my submissives have taken to affectionately using that word for me. She began to pull at the blue tie she had put around my neck.When the knot didn’t come undone quickly enough, she gave up, and with shaking hands began fumbling with my belt buckle instead. “Can I do this, Daddy? Can I have you naked? I want you so much.”

“Yes, Sunny. You can do whatever you want with me. You don’t have to ask permission today. Just go with your passions. You don’t even have to ask to cum.”

“Is that the rule, Daddy? I didn’t know. I came on the stairs without asking you. I had Sophie join us without asking too!”

“Yes, that’s a rule, Kitten. But, I will wait until after the Shop closes and until after Sophie leaves to paddle your ass, so you can scream as loud as you need to.” I undid the tie at my neck and began unbuttoning my shirt.

“Oh, fuck! Yes, please, Daddy. It’s been too long. Do you want me naked too?” She began to reach between her breasts for the clasp of her bra.

“No, Kitten. You look perfect. You are my beautiful Lingerie Girl. You look stunning, and nothing you are wearing is getting in the way for now. Leave on your bra, garter and stockings. And especially, leave on your shoes.” I pulled off my shirt, as Sondra pulled my belt all the way out of my pants.

“I love your hairy chest, Robbie. And your pecs. And your nipples. And your abs.” Sondra’s hands were taking a tour of my body as she spoke about it. She knelt on the floor in front of me, and looked up at me with an expression of awe and wonder. “Tell me what to do, Daddy.”

“Tell me why you want to take off my pants, Kitten.”

“I need to see your cock, Daddy.”

“That’s not a good enough reason, Kitten.”

“I’m your Slut now, Daddy. Aren’t I?” She was giving me permission to call her that.

“Yes, you’re such a horny Fuck-Slut for your Daddy, Sunny. But just letting you see your Daddy’s cock isn’t a good enough reason for me to get naked.”

“I need to suck your cock, Robbie. My mouth is aching for your cock.”

I undid the button of my jeans. “That’s better. But that’s not the reason I want to hear.”

“I need to jack your mother-fucking cock with my hands. I need to feel the weight of your balls in my palms.”

I lowered my zipper and let Sunny ease çankaya escort my pants over the curve of my ass. She caressed my buns as she did, and gave out an appreciative groan. She brought my pants down my hairy legs and I stepped out of them. I was still wearing green boxer-briefs. They were tented by my erection, with a dark pre-cum stain was on the front. “Those are good reasons, Kitten. But it’s not the reason I want to hear,” I repeated.

“Tell me, Daddy. I need to have this cock inside me. I want you to fuck me with this beautiful cock. You can even take my ass today. I don’t care if it hurts or I get a flare up.” She kissed at the pre-cum spot on my underwear, and her tongue licked at it.

“Well, I care, Kitten. We aren’t going to have any anal sex until you have had time to prepare. You might not care, so I will for both of us.” I took a step back, and heard a choked, “No,” from my submissive, like I was taking away her candy.

I put my thumbs in my waistband and slowly brought my circumcised, six and a half inch long, thick cock into view. “I hope this doesn’t disappoint you at all, Sunny. I’m guessing you have seen a lot of cocks.” I couldn’t help it. I was confident. But I still held my breath, waiting for her reaction.

She groaned loudly, “Oh fuuuhck!” Then she grinned with a naughty look on her face and whispered. “Oops. That was a little too loud. I feel like Goldilocks! That cock is not too big and not too small. Not too thick and not too thin.” She reached out and grabbed my cock and drew me forward. “This cock is just right! Perfectly hard. Perfectly shaped. It even fucking smells wonderful. I’m going to spend hours and hours…no, Daddy, I swear…I am going to spend a lifetime just worshiping your cock in every way I can imagine!”

I kicked off my underwear and let Sunny take my cock deeply and reverently into her mouth. “Kitten, thank you. THAT was exactly what I wanted to hear.”

Sondra worked on my cock for a long time, until I felt like I either had to cum in her mouth or fuck her. I wanted to make love with her. So I stood her up and silently sat her on the bed. Then I got my pants and dug into my pocket and got out a condom.

“Daddy, you can’t use that condom,” Sondra said.

“Sweetie, my Mom and Dad and I promised each other that we wouldn’t fuck anyone without a condom, until everyone involved gets tested for STDs, and we are sure of the results.”

“God, I love you, Robbie. That is very smart. I can show you my results. I got tested just three weeks ago.”

“You did? Why?”

“I get tested every three months, regardless. I used to get tested more often. Before big Kink Club social events, where we required everyone be tested. There’s a Plastic Surgeon in town, Dr. Ernest Shapiro. He has something he calls, The Twilight Special. It’s a battery of tests he will run for fifty bucks cash.”

“He can’t be reputable. Doctors visits cost more than that,” I said.

“He used to do lab testing for the Porn Industry in California, before he moved here. The Twilight Special keeps Dr. Shapiro an integral part of the local Kink Social Scene. And he gets to connect with a lot of prospective Plastic Surgery Clients this way. He’s also a horn-dog who likes to flirt with patients. Well, he likes to flirt with me. But I like to flirt back.”

“OK, I believe you. You’re STD free. I trust you. But you can’t trust me. I haven’t been tested. But we will make appointments for me, Sally, Terri, and my Mom and Dad tomorrow.”

“I can probably get you all seen tomorrow. Dr. Shapiro’s receptionist likes me. And Dr. Shapiro will have the results back by Wednesday.”

I nodded. “Great. But we still have to use a condom today.”

“That’s fine, Robbie. But we can’t use that condom.”

“Why not?”

“When I had my cancer scare, I was in the hospital for a while. And I developed an allergy to latex and most lubes. So, I have to use special condoms and silicone or special hypoallergenic lubes.”

“Well, shit,” I said, severely disappointed.

Sondra opened the trunk at the base of her bed. “I didn’t say we couldn’t use a condom, Robbie. I just said we couldn’t use THAT condom.” She got out a package of silicone lubed, hypoallergenic condoms. She did a little more digging, and pulled out a rubber ball-gag with a leather strap as well.

I chuckled, “What’s the ball gag for, Kitten?”

“Daddy, when you start fucking me with that perfect cock, I’m going to start cumming. And when I cum, I can be very verbal and very loud. I’m going to need something to help me be quiet, and to remind me to stay quiet.”

“And I’m going to want you to cum and cum and not hold anything back.”

Sondra whispered, “You can have my everything, Daddy.”

“I love you, Sunny,” I said.

Sondra kissed me passionately. “I love you too, Robbie,” she said. The she opened her mouth wide, and accepted the ball-gag into her mouth. As I buckled it behind her head, Sondra took out a condom and rolled it onto my erection. I picked up the blue tie that been around my neck and made a slipknot out of one end. Then I put the loop around her left wrist, escort çankaya and pulled her onto the bed. Sondra’s headboard is custom built. It’s a large, rectangular, black stained slab of wood. Then, in a random pattern, there are twenty to twenty five, nickel plated O-Rings screwed into the board, creating a constellation of hardware. The design is Modern, Industrial, lovely, and functional. Sondra was on her hands and knees. I tied the other end of the fabric to one of the rings near the center, down by the mattress. The restraint was entirely symbolic. Sondra could easily loosen the slip-knot on her left wrist with her right hand, if she wanted. The fact is, she didn’t want. She wanted to be my captive, my submissive.

I pulled her hair, like I had in the parking lot of her church. “You are such a fucking gorgeous Slut! Are you just aching for your Daddy’s fuck-meat?”

Sondra’s eyes widened. And she hummed a “Ungh-hang,” into the ball-gag. Without letting go of Sunny’s hair in my left hand, I plunged two fingers into her soaking pussy with my right. Then, I withdrew them and I spanked her bare ass cheek. And she groaned into the ball-gag.

“That’s right, Slut. I’m going to spank your ass! Get your head down on the bed, now. Down on the bed! And put your ass in the air! Spread your legs. Wider! Arch your back, Kitten, like the fucking cat in heat you are!”

Sondra’s pussy lips opened and shut winking her hole at me. I couldn’t tell if that was a voluntary or involuntary movement on her part. Either way, it was damn nasty and sexy. I stood on the bed behind her and spanked her pussy! I tried to get around and underneath, so I might be spanking her clit too. Sunny screamed into her ball-gag. It was muffled. I plunged my fingers back into her pussy. She was even wetter now. I spanked her pussy three more times in quick succession. Then, I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to take her and claim her. I knelt behind her and plunged my cock into her depths, doggy-style. I didn’t know a cunt could feel so hot, tight and wet. The “slap, slap, slap” of my pelvis connecting with Sunny”s ass mimicked the spanking I had just given her. “Reach up, Fuck-Kitten, touch your clit! Frig it! Force a climax on yourself. Don’t wait. No holding back. No holding back. Do it! Do it! Do it! Cum for me, Kitten! Cum on your Daddy’s fucking cock! Give that to me…NOW!”

I said the last word too loudly. I didn’t care much. I grabbed Sondra’s hair and pulled it. I seemed fixated on focusing my connection and Dominance through pulling her hair. She screamed a muffled string of obscenities into the ball-gag. I held my shaft deeply inside her and felt waves of pressure grip my cock, from the base up to the head and back as Sondra came. It was either an amazing display of muscular control, or just an amazing reaction. It felt incredible on my cock and put me right on the edge of cumming. But I didn’t. I didn’t have to will it back down, I just didn’t let it go.

I felt Sunny work through her climax. Then I unbuckled her ball-gag, and let it drop on the bed. “You bastard! You mother-fucker!” Sunny swore at me. “Look what you made me do? Oh fuck, I love you, Daddy! You don’t know how much that scares me. You didn’t even cum!” She reached between us and grabbed my heavy balls.

I eased my cock out, and Sunny whimpered. “Roll over. On your back, Sunny.” I moved up and began to undo the restraint at Sunny’s left wrist. She protested briefly, thinking that meant we were finished. I kissed her forehead, “No. I’m not done. I just need you like this,” I said, although I didn’t exactly know what I meant by that.

I reached between Sunny’s breasts and undid the front clasp of her bra. I cupped her tiny breasts in my hands. Sondra has a small mole or beauty mark on the right side of her right breast. Somehow that small imperfection makes her tits even more perfect. Her skin is darker than mine, a Latina and maybe Native American beauty.

“Please, be gentle with my nipples, Robbie. They become ultra-sensitive right after I cum.” I bent down and kissed each nipple, as gently, soothingly and lovingly as possible. No teeth. No hard flicks of my tongue. “You didn’t cum, Daddy?” I could tell Sunny was trying not to sound disappointed.

I worked my way back down, and spread Sunny’s legs. I knelt between them, and said, “That last fuck was for Daddy and his Kitten. I needed to spank you, and pull your hair. I needed to claim you and Dominate you. And force an orgasm on you. That last fuck was for your Master and his sub.”

“You were perfect, Daddy. You own me now.”

I placed the tip of my cock at her gateway. “This time, your vanilla boyfriend, Robbie, just needs to look in his girlfriend’s eyes as they gently make love.” I entered Sunny slowly. We fit perfectly together. She’s the perfect height for kissing while making love. “This is the best date I’ve ever been on. I love you, Sunny. Oh shit.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I was going to build you up slowly to another orgasm. But that’s not going to happen. Looking in your eyes and telling you I love you. I’m gonna cum right now. I can’t hold it back. I’m sorry. I wanted çankaya escort bayan to last longer. I’m such a putz.”

Sondra smiled and wrapped her arms and legs around me. “It’s a gift, baby. Don’t hold it back. We won’t always cum together. Give it to me, Robbie. Let it go. Cum for me. I love you too.” Her legs wrapped around my thighs and hugged me in. She pulled my head down into the crook of her neck.

I shuddered and I came. I started crying. I wasn’t sobbing. Just, suddenly my face was wet with tears and my nose was running. I didn’t feel Masterful at all. I felt weak and helpless, and goofy and awkward. And it didn’t matter. None of that mattered. Because I was being held and loved by my wonderful girlfriend! I laughed at that. I was laughing and crying at the same time. I felt warm, content and suddenly powerfully sleepy. I imagined snoring into Sondra’s shoulder and how lame and awful and perfect that would be too. That made me laugh even more.

Sondra pushed me off and onto my back. “What’s so funny, Mister? Hey! Are you crying?”

I wiped my nose with the back of my hand. I felt so disgusting and unsexy at that moment. I laughed at myself. “Yeah. My emotions are playing demolition derby inside me right now. It’s all good. Just overwhelming, y’know?”

Sondra snuggled in on my left and kissed my face, tasting my tears. “Yeah. I know. That is so sweet. Can I get you anything?”

I snuffled. “I need a couple tissues,” I said.

Sondra got up and started turning circles in her apartment. “Oh crap,” she said, “I’ve got paper towels and baby wipes.”

I laughed. “I’ll just use toilet paper.” I pulled the condom off my dick and tied the end, while I watched my girlfriend try to find tissues.

“The bathroom is downstairs,” she explained, “I’ve got no running water up here.”

“OK. I’ll take one of each then, a paper towel and baby wipe.” I blew my nose with the paper towel, and cleaned my face with the baby wipe. At least it was unscented. Then I wiped my cock with the wipe too. Normally, it’s a submissive’s task to clean her Master’s cock after sex, but the moment was gone. Sondra pointed to a waste basket. I wadded the two papers and condom together and made the eight foot shot. “He shoots! He scores! And the crowd goes wild!” I started goofing, making cheering noises from behind cupped hands.

“Were you on the basketball team in High School?”

“I Lettered…” I bragged, “in MATH! I led my High School Math Team to the State Mathletes Championship my Senior Year! I am one hundred percent, pure nerd!”

“You are not as big a nerd as me,” Sondra claimed. “I read comics. And still have a collection of Dragons and Dreamons Cards!”

“No freakin’ way!”

“Way!” Sondra said it like a California Valley Girl.

“I have a whole collection too! Mom and Dad and I did a CosPlay once as characters from that game.”

“Really? Was that for a Convention?”, Sondra asked.

“That was just for sex!”

“Like sexy Role Play?”


“OK. Let me guess. Your mom was Mademoiselle Mercury.”

“How did you know?”

“She has the same hair color and smoking hot body.”

“I’ll give you a hint, my Dad and I were a pair of cards, a team.”

Sondra thought. “Were you, Block and Tackle?” Those are a pair of brutish character cards from the game. They have a stronger Attack/Defense score of you have both cards and can play them together.

“My Dad’s not that big. Hell, I’m not that big! Gio would make a great Tackle! He would just have to shave his head and wax his beard.”

“You’re right! So who did you play?”

“I was Doctor Foxenstein, the mad scientist.”

“And your Dad was Foxxy Redd? O-M-Gee, I am going to have to see that!”

“Dad will love that. He and my Mom are really into Puppy Play with Foxxy.”

“Cool. But, he still uses the toilet, right?”

“What! Of course!”

“I knew a guy once, so into Puppy Play, he had to pee and poop outside.”

“TMI!” I laughed.

“Sorry,” Sondra said.

Our phones chimed at almost the exact same time. “That will be The Whitehalls checking in. Should we look at our messages?”

Sondra shrugged. “Probably.”

I fished my phone out of my pants pocket. There were three messages from Sally.


The next two messages were photos. One was a close-up of Sally’s face. Terri must have done Sally’s makeup. She was wearing eye-shadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush and lipstick. She was really glammed up, too much for just a casual date. But Terri must have been having fun. Sally still looked gorgeous. The other photo was a full body shot, showing off her outfit. She was wearing a bright red shirt with the collar up, and a black wraparound skirt. She looked really cute. She also had on the garter and stockings we had bought the day before. And black, square toed dress shoes. The shoes weren’t horrible. They just weren’t sexy. No, they were actually horrible. They looked like the kind of shoes a nurse would wear to a funeral. Oh well.

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