The Arrangement

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“So, Jen, just how long has it been since you’ve been seeing someone? Nicole is concerned about you. She’s started ‘interviewing’ all of my friends for the position of Jen’s New Boyfriend. Watch yourself or you’re going to get yourself setup on a blind date with one of the Neanderthals I drink beer with.”

“So I’ve been in a bit of a dry spell lately. Tell your wife that it doesn’t exactly make me a spinster cat lady!”

Her laughter seemed to overflow from the cozy booth in the hotel bar. It had an infectious quality about it — just hearing it brought a smile to my face. I refilled our wine glasses during the brief pause in the conversation.

“Although… If I don’t find someone soon I may end up with a bit of carpal tunnel syndrome!”

Why is it that every conversation between a man and a woman inevitably finds its way around to sex? Talking about sex with a beautiful woman in an intimate booth in a crowded bar is a dangerous thing when that woman is your wife’s best friend.

“Is that so?”

“Hey! A girl can have needs, too! Don’t go all prudish on me here. I don’t usually talk about stuff like this with guys. Hell, I don’t usually talk about stuff like this with girls either!”

“Oh, I’m not going to turn prude on you. I thought the raised eyebrow would convey less ‘shocked’ and more ‘curious.’ Go on…”

She held her hand up delicately covering the hint of cleavage peeking out of her white blouse, pretending to be far more demure than I knew she was. “Go on?”

“Oh yes… I have a policy never to discourage a woman that wants to tell me about her sex life. I usually have an exception for coworkers, but since you’re also a close family friend I’ll waive it.”

The wine had been flowing freely all evening, first at the work reception and now together in the bar. When Jen and I were both asked to cover the sales event I thought it would be a fun week for the three of us, but my wife Nicole wasn’t able to get the time off from work. Instead, it had been a bit of a bonding experience — Jen and I had put in two long days together and had probably spent more time together in the last few days than in the whole 5 years since she and Nicole became friends.

She took a long pull from her wine glass for courage and leaned across the table looking furtively around the bar to make sure no one was listening. Her blouse fell open a bit more and I could see the generous swell of her breasts. Despite the flirtatious atmosphere I looked away. This was supposed to be just fun — nothing more.

“Well… Gary and I broke up almost 6 months ago now and before that we were trying to do the long distance thing for almost a year. We had the occasional conjugal visits every other month or so, but it just wasn’t enough. My poor fingers are almost worn to the bone. Everywhere I go – the gym, the grocery store, work, I’ve started studying each man I see and considering whether I’d sleep with him. I may not need a man in my life, but I need somebody and soon! I just don’t get the same charge when I’m by myself.”

I couldn’t help myself now. Hearing her talk about her supercharged libido was really getting me going and the alcohol was going to my head, too. I was studying her more than I’d ever allowed myself — her hair flowing onto her shoulders, the light from the table candle flickering in her eyes, and her lips — god they must be so soft.

“Truth be told, when I first heard about the sales event I didn’t know we’d be here together. I had kinda psyched myself up to find someone here and take the edge off. I’m glad you’re here, though. I think I would have regretted having a one-night-stand with some complete stranger.”

I made the raised eyebrow face again, “As opposed to what? A one-night-stand with a close family friend?”

Luckily, she laughed it off as a joke. “Don’t think the idea hasn’t crossed my mind! Nicole better watch her back.”

She sipped her wine. I drained mine and refilled both of our glasses. My hand was shaking and to steady it I took another long drink of my wine. My mind was racing; I think I was starting to sweat. We’d crossed a line somewhere here but it was so far gone now that I couldn’t even pinpoint the moment we gleefully jumped over it. Silence hung in the booth despite the noisy clatter of other patrons in the bar. This was a romantic moment. Everything about it was perfect — the light, the conversation, the music, the beautiful woman sitting across from me.

Oh, well.. technically that part of it wasn’t right. I was after all, happily married to her best friend.

“Jen? Do you like oral sex?”

I’d said it without really meaning to, at least that is what I was telling myself as she stared at me with an expression I couldn’t quite read.

No response. Just silence — the mood was gone, the moment had changed. We never broke eye contact, just stared into each other’s eyes. I was trying to read her and I didn’t know what she was trying to say to me.

When I thought I couldn’t stand her gaze any more she slowly leaned back into pendik escort her seat and with lightning speed her hand flew across the table. She slapped me with such force that tears formed in my eyes. The crack of her palm lighting up my cheek was audible to everyone around us. The whole bar seemed to pause for a moment to see what was going to happen. When nothing did, they slowly went back to their own conversations. Some looked concerned, others disappointed.

A minute that felt like an hour passed between us in total silence. And then the tears started… I could see them flowing down her cheeks but her gaze was still just an icy stare.

“What? You think that I loosen up and share a few stories with you and suddenly I’m going to drop and give you a blowjob?” Almost under her breath, she hissed, “You pig…”

“That isn’t what I meant at all. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything. I’m truly sorry.”

“Then what the hell did you mean? Explain that to me!” She was almost yelling at me, but using her ‘inside voice.’

“No… I think that we should both just call it a night. We’ve both had long days, lots to drink, and I took things too far.”

“No. I want an explanation. What the hell was that supposed to mean?”

I took a deep breath. I’d created this mess by not knowing when to keep my mouth shut.

“What I was really asking was ‘do you like guys to go down on you?'” The tears were still slowly flowing down her cheeks but her expression had gone from icy to completely shocked. I reached across with a clean napkin and gently blotted the tears on each side. She moved her hand up quickly, I think at first to stop me but she ended up just loosely holding my hand. The contact sent lightning down my spine. I pressed the napkin into her hand and pulled back slowly.

“Nicole and I have an awesome marriage and a great sex life. We always seem to have fun and even after 8 years it still seems fresh. But there is one thing that Nicole absolutely hates — she refuses to let me go down on her. She doesn’t think it is ‘clean’ — she read somewhere that it increases your risk for something or other and doesn’t want me anywhere near there with my tongue.

Here’s the problem, though… I love licking pussy. It is one of my favorite things. I love the taste of it. I love the smell of a wet pussy. I love the feel of those soft folds on my tongue. I love the sounds a woman makes when you’re doing it just right. I love to lick and lick and lick until my face is slick and shiny with her cum.

Nicole just isn’t interested or turned on by that. It is the one thing that I’m missing in our marriage. I guess I was thinking that we could help each other out. It was a stupid thought — I’m really sorry that I’ve spoiled the evening.”

She had stopped crying and, instead, was staring at me like I had a third arm growing out of my head. Her eyes were a little red and her makeup had started to streak down her cheek but I thought I detected a hint of amusement in there somewhere. A few minutes passed as she seemed to be considering all that I had said.

“I need to freshen up. I’m sure I look like hell after crying like that.” She stood to leave for the ladies room but turned before going. “Don’t go. I’m not ditching you. I’ll be right back, ok?”

I nodded and watched her go. Her blouse was just sheer enough that as she walked under the light I could see her lacy white bra. Her hips filled out the grey skirt from her business suit. The curves of her ass were seductively swaying to and fro as she walked, drawing the subtle gaze of several men along her path. The click clack of her shiny black heels on the wood floor drawing their attention like bells for Pavlov’s dogs. The weather was warm and she wore no hose — she didn’t need to really. I’d seen her in jogging shorts many times when she went out running with Nicole. Her legs were practically flawless except for a tiny faded scar on the inside of one knee. From the first time I’d seen it I wanted to know the story of how it ended up there — it was just so cute. With less alcohol coursing through my veins I hadn’t let my curiosity get the better of me and I never acknowledged it.

Thinking it best to wind down the intensity of the conversation a bit I flagged down our waitress and asked for our check and a couple glasses of water. I was just handing the leather folder back to the waitress when Jen arrived back at the table. I hadn’t really registered it, but she had been gone a long time. She seemed to have composed herself and looked happy again.

“Giving up on me and heading back upstairs?” She tried to feign offense as if I were deserting her.

“No, no… Nothing like that. I figured that we both might be better off without another round and a couple of these instead.” I motioned to the two water glasses on the table. The playful tone was a welcome return from the brink we’d been on a few minutes ago. I valiantly maintained eye contact instead of gawking at her body as she slid back into the booth across from me.

“I’m maltepe escort sorry I freaked out on you a bit. It isn’t every day that…”

I interrupted immediately, “No reason for you to apologize. I’m the one that owes you an apology for crossing the line.”

“How about we just call it a truce, shall we?”

“Deal.” We clinked our water glasses in a toast and smiled at one another.

With a nervous laugh she stumbled, “Um… well… what did you have in mind?”


My brain exploded. A minute ago I was thanking my lucky stars that this hadn’t turned into all out war. Now, she was actually considering my proposal. My cock strained uncomfortably against my pants and I shifted in my seat. The room was suddenly too warm; my face flushed hot with a rush.

“Are you serious?” The logical part of my brain was screaming that this was some sort of trap. The other part of my brain had already left the Do Not Disturb sign on the door of Jen’s hotel room.

“Completely.” She reached into her purse and pulled out something white, setting it on the table between us. My brain, only operating with the pittance of blood left to it by my now rock hard cock, slowly emerged from the fog and matched the lacy fabric on the table in front of me to the bra I’d been sneaking peeks at all night. While I stared dumbfounded at her panties on the table in front of me I felt a pointy-toed shoe snake its way up my pant leg and rub against my calf. She leaned closer to me across the table and I noticed that another button on her blouse seemed to have mysteriously come undone. As she leaned forward her breasts swung lower and her entire lace covered left breast was visible through the gap in her blouse. “Go ahead. Touch them.”

For a brief moment I thought she meant her breasts but I realized she was looking down at the panties in front of her. I picked them up slowly, unfolding them, and turning them over in my hands. The pattern of the lace would have revealed as much of her pussy as it would have concealed. The frilly fabric along the sides sloped down into what must have been a deep V across the top of her ass. The thong back was narrow, not quite a string, but still the same lace pattern. It would have slipped deliciously into the crack of her ass, highlighting the nakedness of the round globes of her ass on either side.

As I continued running my fingers across the lace studying them I detected the unmistakable scent of her pussy. I immediately ran my finger along the crotch of the thong and it was soaked completely through with her wetness. I started to raise them to my face to drink in her scent but I was suddenly conscious of the fact that we were sitting in the middle of a crowded bar. My cock pulsed in my boxer briefs — I didn’t think I could get any harder. I stopped and set them down on the table and scanned the bar around us. Here we were, sitting surrounded by strangers, Jen was wearing a short skirt with no panties. No panties because they were laying on the table in between us soaked in her juices.

The waitress took that moment to return to our table with a pitcher of water. As she leaned over to refill our water glasses there was no way not to notice Jen’s frilly white thong sitting on the nearly empty table. She made an audible gasp when she saw it, finished pouring our water, and rushed away.

I expected Jen to be embarrassed and either stuff the panties back into her purse or run from the bar in a shade of crimson. Instead, she seemed to be flushed with the excitement of the exhibition. “So, what did you have in mind?” she repeated.

I hadn’t really thought this whole thing out very well, but I figured I would make it up as I went along. “Well, I guess the deal would be that I’m willing to help you out with your little problem and, doing so, you would be helping me out as well. I want to lick your pussy — nothing more, no sex, no kissing, nothing. I’ll keep my clothes on and you’ll guide me with what you like. I’ll keep going as long as you want and then I’ll go back to my room. That’s it.

I’m obviously on shaky moral ground here justifying that this is ok when you are my wife’s best friend. When we were first married I used to try to talk her into letting me go down on her when we were making love. At first she relented but it was obvious she wasn’t into it and it didn’t feel right to me. We talked about how it made me feel and how much I wanted to share that with her. She used to joke that she needed a ‘stunt pussy’ to stand in for her so that I could get what I wanted without spoiling her excitement. I guess in my head, I’m belatedly taking her up on that as if it were a real offer. Are you ok with this?”

“Nicole and I have been friends for years and I shouldn’t be doing this. I shouldn’t! I can’t get the image out of my head though. I know it is wrong but my body had made up my mind before my mind got a chance to say no. It obviously isn’t the dream relationship I’ve fantasized about, but I have to say that it is just kartal escort twisted enough that I’m getting off on how kinky it is. I’m picturing you selflessly fulfilling my needs and acting on my every demand. That picture, oh, and having my panties on display on the table and knowing that half of the men at the bar are watching me is getting me all revved up.” I glanced over and, sure enough, the waitress must have told the bartender who had subsequently shared it with a group of men seated at the bar. They looked hungry –there was no other way to put it — Jen was exuding pure sex and they were happy to just be witnessing it. I hadn’t noticed but her left hand had slipped below the table while I was talking. I detected that she was gently rocking her hips back and forth as she was watching me and talking about the men at the bar. “I’ll be right back. One more trip to the ladies room for me.”

She stood and gathered up her purse and her suit coat. I assumed she was going to the ladies room to put her panties back on but she turned on her heels and click clacked across the bar confidently. Every male at the bar covertly checked her out as she strode past smiling at them. When she was gone they looked over at me and raised their glasses as if in a toast. I raised my water glass and then returned my attention to the lacy panties on the table. I ran my fingers along the wet crotch feeling it slick with moisture. Every fiber of my being wanted to bury my face in them and smell her pussy. I could smell them just sitting on the table but how much of that was my imagination I can’t say.

I was so engrossed with studying Jen’s underwear that I didn’t even hear her return until she was standing right next to me. “You’re dying to smell them, aren’t you?”

I blushed, caught apparently being too obvious in my fascination with her wet panties. “Here, this should tide you over.”

She leaned closer to me so that she couldn’t be seen by anyone outside the booth and snaked a hand up under her skirt. Her eyelids became heavy and she let out a little ‘oh’ sound as her fingers made contact with her wet sex. She appeared to run her finger along the length of her slit slowly collecting some of her wetness. Satisfied, she brought her hand to my lips and slipped her middle finger into my mouth while running her index finger under my nose. Her taste and scent overpowered my senses. She fucked my mouth with her finger as I sucked gently on it loving the tangy flavor. She rubbed some of her juices on my upper lip and pulled her hand slowly away. The musky scent remained and I resisted the urge to lick my lips.

Leaning back she extended her hand to me. “Let’s go.” There was an urgency in her voice all of a sudden. As I stepped out of the booth, allowing her to take my hand, I noticed the change in her appearance. She was wearing her grey blazer again, completing the smart looking business suit. The skirt looked like it was several inches shorter than it had been earlier and I guessed that she had folded over the waist and hiked it up. What started out as a few inches above the knee was now only a few inches away from showing off her bare ass. Even more shocking, however, was that under the blazer the white blouse was now gone (probably stuffed into her purse) and the deep V of her lapels revealed most of her lace covered breasts.

I stood up, slightly wobbly, and attempted in vain to push my obvious erection down one pant leg. She laughed and gave it a squeeze through my suit pants. I turned to retrieve her panties from the table but she reached out and hooked her arm through mine. “Leave them. It will make me even hotter wondering which one of the men at the bar will have the balls to go take them. I’m sure that someone other than me will come all over them for a change later tonight.”

And with that, she guided me past the row of men at the bar who didn’t even bother to contain their stares as we walked past. Every eye was on her lacy tits and she knew it. When we reached the end of the bar, she turned over one shoulder looking back at the panties on the table and then at her group of admirers.

As she cooed, “Good evening boys…” every last one of them stole a glance at the panties on the table before returning to gaze in awe at her. Pausing for effect one more time, she turned away and we walked out of that bar. arm in arm. We walked past the main entrance to the hotel and onto the escalator to the main lobby. About half way up the escalator I looked over my shoulder to see two of the men from the bar riding up behind us.

“Two of those guys from the bar are behind us and I bet they can see right up your skirt on this escalator.” I whispered into her ear.

“Really?” The huskiness in her voice made it obvious she was loving this attention. Instead of lowering her skirt or turning to the side, she took a step up onto the next step with one foot spreading her legs and causing her skirt to hike up even higher!

I leaned back into her ear and said, “If they could see your naked ass before I bet they can see your dripping pussy lips wide open now.” She just moaned and rushed me to the elevator bay as quickly as possible. Once the doors of an elevator closed behind us and we knew we were no longer being followed she let out another husky sigh.

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