Tending the Garden

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It is the first weekend of spring, the sun is shining there’s not a cloud to be found. It is a beautiful day.

I am in the kitchen at the sink washing the breakfast dishes as I watch you tending to the backyard. You take such pride in your yard. The trees are well tended, the grass is green and lush all summer and fall.

After I finish with the dishes I grab a sweater pour myself a cup of hot coco, and walk out onto the deck. You see me and smile. I enjoy watching you work in the yard. As you continue to clean up the debris, I finish my coco and head down to see if you want any help.

“Hi, can I help with anything?”

“Sure, you can pick up the branches and toss them in the pile.”

I walk around the yard picking up what branches I can. When the yard is clear you walk over to the pile and start a fire.

You then walk over to where I am standing, lean in and give me a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks for your help.”

“Not a problem, what’s next?”

“Well, we have those flowers for the planters and window boxes.”

We walk over to the shed and open the door. There are bags of soil and flats of flowers on the work bench and a stack of planters and flower boxes on the floor.

After filling the containers with soil, we plant them with flowers. You carry the larger planters outside and place them around the deck, and then hang the boxes in the windows.

“The flowers make the yard look so alive,” I say

“Yes, they are a nice touch.”

I walk back to the shed and into the bathroom to wash my hands. You follow.

After we wash up, we escort ataşehir walk thru the other door into the main room. This could almost be a guest house.

It has a sitting room with a chaise lounge, a small table with two chairs and a couch that folds out into a queen size bed.

There is a large picture window that allows you to look across the yard and to the mountains beyond. As I stand looking out the window you walk up behind me and wrap your arms around me. You nuzzle and kiss my neck.

“So what’s next on the list?”

“I can think of a one or two things,” I say as I turn around and kiss you.

“You can? What might they be?”

“Umm, Well it seems I have a garden that needs some tending.” I remove my sweater and toss it on one of the chairs.

You pull me tighter and kiss me passionately.
With your hand you reach under my shirt and caress my side and back. You travel up my back and when you reach my bra you undo the back strap. You then take my shirt and bra off, releasing my large full breasts.

As you caress my breast, you lean down and kiss my nipple, than gently suck it into your mouth. As you do I run my fingers thru your brown hair, down your neck and over your broad shoulders.
You release my nipple and return to my lips giving me a very deep kiss. I reach under your shirt and caress your chest, drawing my fingertips over your chest, slightly tugging on your chest hairs.

As I remove your shirt, I inhale deeply your aroma. You smell like the outdoors. Musky and earthy with a lingering scent of burning wood.
I kadıköy escort kiss your neck and chest. My hand finds your hardness and I rub you. Your hand has also made its way down and is caressing me thru my jeans.
We move over to the chaise lounge and you recline back then pull me down to you and kiss me.

Your hands are caressing my breasts and nipples, as I am caressing your chest. You moan as I reach down and again caress your hardness.
I pull back from our kiss and look into your brown eyes. “I want you.” You smile back at me with that boyish grin.

I stand up and start to undo my jeans. You sit up reach over to me and put your hands over mine and undo the button and unzip them. Your reach inside and slide them over my hips and they fall to the floor. You stand up and undo your pants and let them fall to the floor. Your swollen cock is straining to be released from your shorts.

I reach over and again caress you.

You grasp my wrist. “Take it easy.”

You reach over and hook your fingers in the band of my panties and slide them down over my hips and let them fall to the floor. You pull me back into your arms and again kiss me as you reach between my legs and caress my lips. Sliding your fingers over my wet slit you slip a finger inside, feeling my wetness.

“Lay on the lounge.”

Then you kneel in between my thighs. You kiss my lips then lick them. You use your tongue to search out my clit. When you find it you suck it into your mouth. As you continue to suck on my clit you are sliding two fingers in and out. I start to moan and maltepe escort bayan move my hips. You can feel my climax start to build.

You stop and stand up. I sit up and reach for you. I pull down your shorts releasing your cock.

I open my mouth and take the head inside. I waste no time and take you all the way in my mouth. I want to feel you. Your fingers are wrapped in my hair as you move your hips, gliding in and out of my mouth. After a few more strokes you stop, removing yourself from my mouth.

You motion me to stand up and you take my place sitting on the lounge. Then placing my knees on both sides of your hips.I reach between us and position your cock head just inside my wet lips. I sit on you, causing your cock to enter fully into my wet pussy. You toss your head back.

“Yes, Yes take all of it.”

You reach up and grab my breasts and then leaning forward suck on my nipples, switching back and forth as I continue to ride you. I rub my clit and you can feel pussy start to tighten about you.

My climax is starting to build. You place your hands on my hips and push deeper up into me. I ride you harder with each stroke grinding my hips on to you. As I climax, you take one of my breasts into your mouth and bite it. I scream out from the sensation of pleasure and pain.

When I have finished shuddering from my climax, you move so I am laying back on the lounge allowing you to plunge deep into me.

I wrap my legs around you, raising my hips to meet yours. My fingertips dig into your shoulders. It does not take long for your climax to start, and release cum deep in my pussy with each stroke.

When you are finished you lean down and kiss me, your fingers tracing the bite mark on my breast.

“This is definitely an enjoyable garden to tend.”

“You can tend to it any time,” I say and kiss you again.

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