Temptation in Tahoe

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Big Naturals

Some girls have all the luck! that’s what I’ve always believed. My big sister Patty was born beautiful. Beautiful, smart and savvy. She had the blond hair, the perfect nose, the winning attitude. Everything.

Me? No such luck. I was stuck with curly red hair that I couldn’t do a thing with, virtually nonexistent breasts, big pink nipples that always got erect at inappropriate times and a “losing” attitude for lack of a better word. I struggled through school. Rarely dated. Hung out with my Mom most of the time for God’s sake, and simply accepted that I was destined for the back seat in life.

When she was about 22, Patty met Jeff who was a dreamboat! I remember hearing about him from my sister and, one day, he came by to pick her up at our house. She wasn’t home from work yet and my Mom came in to get me, intending to introduce us. I was sniffling about something, can’t really remember what, and didn’t want to go out there and face him.

“Your sister is serious about this man “Caroline,” She told me. “You can’t just avoid him.” I had no choice but to go out and meet Jeff with my eyes red and face still flushed. He was everything my sister had told me about him and more. Tall, with wavy blond hair. He looked like a matinee idol! I was still fighting back tears when he gently shook my hand and I couldn’t think of a thing to say. I felt love for him and I’m still not sure why.

Patty and Jeff had already moved in together and were living in a cool old house in the Chatsworth hills. It was kind of remote but that’s what they liked about the place. My sister invited me over one afternoon to borrow a typewriter they weren’t using but my old station wagon conked out on the way over and I never made it. I really needed the typewriter as I was applying to a local Junior college and wanted to type the application.

I decided to just stop by the following day figuring they would be home and, after all, I didn’t need to visit or anything. I just wanted the typewriter. I made my way up the winding canyon road and pulled off onto the dirt road that led to their little house. You had to park a little ways from the cabin since there were a bunch of big boulders blocking the driveway.

I started to knock on the front door but just then I heard noises coming from around the back. I quietly walked around the house thinking maybe they were in the hot tub that they’d recently acquired.

Well, it looked like they had been in the hot tub but now the action had moved nearby under the pepper tree. It took a minute for me to comprehend what I was seeing but, no, my eyes weren’t deceiving me: My big sister was kneeling before Jeff and he had his penis in her mouth!

I was shocked! Oh, I know…everyone does that now but as a freshly scrubbed eighteen year old I’d seriously never even heard of such a thing! Patty was completely naked and the warm water from the hot tub was still dripping from her skin as she pleasured her boyfriend, just a few feet away from where I now hid. She had her hands all over his balls and Jeff had his eyes closed as he enjoyed the lewd blow job he was receiving. I’d never seen an erect cock before either so I was really getting an education in sex play.

Jeff jabbed his big swollen penis repeatedly into Patty’s mouth and, from my vantage point, I could see his butt cheeks contracting as he flexed his muscles with each stroke.

“Oh that’s real good Patty!” He grunted, “Tighten your lips and suck harder!”

My sister didn’t verbally respond but she moved her mouth quickly and took all of him that she could. I had very little knowledge of sexual matters but I did know that men “Finished up” at the end. I wondered if he would…would do it right in my sister’s mouth? Would he do such an unspeakably dirty thing?

I think he would have but Patty wanted something too so after a few more minutes of sucking Jeff’s cock with ever increasing ferocity, she let his cock slip out of her mouth and, after moving a towel into place on the ground near by, she knelt before him with her ass in the air. It wasn’t hard to figure out what was going to happen next!

Jeff took a minute to stroke himself and I got an even better look at his sizable manhood. Wow! Just look at that thing! Why, I couldn’t imagine what It would be like to try and take that monster into my pussy! I was still a virgin at that point but my sister obviously wasn’t. She lowered her firm young breasts to the towel and looked over her shoulder at Jeff.

He tuzla escort placed his plum shaped cockhead at the tight little pink entrance to my sister’s pussy and began to shove it in. I thought she would cry out from the pain of having to take that large penis in her vagina but instead I heard a loud moan of appreciation! She obviously loved every second of it! Jeff slowly moved forward until he’d managed to slide every inch of himself into Patty’s eager little pussy. Then they began to fuck. I guess I should say “Make Love” but, well, to me, that was fucking! He just put it to her like a piledriver, making her take all he had with every stroke. And Patty? She was gasping and moaning and calling out his name over and over and then she starts saying “Fuck me Jeff! Fuck my little cunthole with your big beautiful cock!” My own sister! Talking like some kind of porn star!

I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t start to respond to what I was seeing. My pussy started to get wet and I found myself imagining that it was me getting fucked by Jeff’s big prick! I started to think that, after getting used to his immense size, I would probably like it too. And like it a lot!

I reached down into my shorts and began to touch my white panties as I watched them under the pepper tree. I was sure they couldn’t see me here behind the jade plants and so I knelt on the ground and fingered myself as I looked on.

Their heated encounter continued and then Jeff brought his hand up and loudly spanked my sister’s upturned ass! Slap! Slap! He swatted her hardworking butt cheeks as he drove his swollen cock into her pussy. I thought Patty would object to being punished but instead she seemed to respond with increased enthusiasm, moving back to meet him every time.

I’d never been so excited before and, unable to control my instincts, I unzipped my shorts and along with my panties, pulled them down so I could touch my bare pussy! I rubbed my two middle fingers along my rapidly moistening lips and Oh! It felt so good! I knew I should just leave and give them some privacy but…but I didn’t! No! I just knelt there with my panties down and rubbed my little red haired pussy while I watched Jeff fuck and spank my sister until he was ready to come.

I rubbed myself harder and quicker as I saw my sister’s boyfriend jerk his cock from her pussy and begin to squirt white stuff onto her back. Patty smiled as she felt his sticky sperm landing on her tanned skin and she said “Ooooh!” Over and over until he was finished.

Now I realized I had to get out of there toot sweet! Could you imagine what kind of scene would take place if my sister caught me spying on them? And I wouldn’t blame her either!

So, as quietly and discreetly as possible, I pulled my panties up and zipped up my shorts and quickly slipped out to my car. Luckily, the parking area was kind of steep and I just rolled that big ’59 Chevy wagon down to the next driveway where I started the engine and drove away.

I was still panting and my head was full of lewd images from what I’d inadvertently observed and I went home and barely said hi to my Mom. I told her I needed a shower and went in the bathroom and locked the door. I turned on the shower but, after undressing, I took my panties and sat down on the bath towel and began to masturbate with them. I relived the events of the previous hour and found myself wishing It was me out there under the pepper tree. I wanted to be getting fucked and spanked by Jeff! Our Daddy used to spank us when we were little girls but it was never like that!

I found places I’d never touched before and then, for the first time, I actually stuck a finger into my virgin pussy! I wanted to experience everything my big sister had felt up in the canyon. It felt so good. I was so close! I was going to get there! I really was!

Then my Mom knocked loudly on the bathroom door. “Caroline leave some hot water for the washing machine!” She called in her sternest voice. The spell was broken and I reluctantly had to hop in the shower and quickly rinse off.

Jeff always had that effect on me from that day on. Whenever I saw him, no matter what I had been thinking or doing, when I saw Jeff I thought of that day and his long hard penis! I would get wet and say silly things. I acted like a love struck schoolgirl. I couldn’t help myself!

My sister…no dumbshit, got married to Jeff a year or so later and I remember watching him walk down the aisle with Patty after the ceremony. It tuzla escort bayan was a sad feeling. Knowing he would never be mine. I was happy for my sister of course but it was a sad day for me.

Still, Jeff became a part of my life, not the way I would have liked but at least I got to see him and be with him from time to time. He like me too I came to understand.

I used to tell my sister about my sexual experiences, knowing she would probably tell Jeff. I tried shaving my pussy once when a boyfriend asked me to. I have very sensitive skin and nicked myself several times. I showed my sister my shaved pussy, hoping she would tell Jeff about it. She couldn’t understand why I would shave when I have such lovely copper colored pubic hair. And not a lot of it in the first place!

I told her when I lost my virginity too. None of her business really but again, I was hoping she would tell Jeff. I’d gone to a wedding with a guy who was a friend but not my boy friend. It was my first time getting drunk and I know I was a wreck when he took me home. My parents were still at the wedding and I invited him in. Well, he just overpowered me and took off my panties and was all ready to fuck me when I meekly complained. I must admit I wasn’t disappointed when he ignored me and went ahead and shoved his cock into me. I just did my best to imagine it was Jeff doing me and not this other fellow.

I had to accept that Jeff was married to my sister and I did the best I could to find someone else but it wasn’t easy. Having such little tits did nothing for my self esteem and sometimes I wouldn’t be aggressive enough when a man seemed interested assuming he wouldn’t want me anyway.

So Patty and Jeff invited me on a camping trip up to Lake Tahoe one summer. I had the time off from school and I went along. By then they had a couple of children and Patty was busy with them most of the time.

I sat by the camp fire one evening while my sister was putting the girls to bed and Jeff and I had a chance to talk. I enjoyed his sense of humor and it was great just listening to him talk about…anything really. My life seemed so small and inconsequential in comparison. But he always would ask me how I was doing and made me feel like he really cared for me. He would describe something while looking out at the stars above or off into the forest and then look directly at me. I would see that handsome face and just completely lose my train of thought!

We finally turned in and I had trouble sleeping that night. Some times the altitude at the Lake makes me dizzy. I couldn’t get comfortable and was awake most of the night. I managed to stumble out of my tent in the morning but I was in no shape for the major hike my sister had planned for the day. Jeff had gone off golfing and so I just went back in the tent hoping to catch up on my rest.

Well I found myself thinking of Jeff and the way he looked in the moonlight the night before. The sound of his voice as he told his tales of his golf round the day before. The soft touch of his hand on my neck when he finally said goodnight. Soon I had pulled off my panties and was actively rubbing my hot little pussy and wishing that Jeff was there to take care of me. It was frustrating. It really was. I was so physically and emotionally attracted to him but he was married to my sister! There was just no way for me to ever have him. Ever!

So I did the next best thing and just swooned over the memory of him last night by the campfire and the now distant memory of seeing him naked while fucking my sister out by the hot tub. I even knew what his cock looked like. Knew what he liked to do sexually. I got all excited and pictured myself with his cock in my mouth! I would suck him nice and sweet until he shot all of his come into my mouth! I don’t know if my sister did that but I was certainly willing to!

My pussy was all wet and excited now as I imagined kneeling before Jeff, my little tail in the air and his big hard cock all ready to fuck me. But I would have a special little treat for him! Yes. I would let him fuck my naked pussy real good. He could spank my bottom too if he wanted to. But then I would look back at him and reach for his swollen prick and take it out of my little cunt and move it up to my tight pink asshole! Honestly, I’d be willing to do that for Jeff. I’d look right at him and invite him to “Fuck my asshole.” I know it would hurt but I’d be willing to do it for him. I’d talk dirty too. I’d beg him to punish my escort tuzla saucy little tail and give me all of his sperm right in my tight asshole!

Now I was coming as I imagined Jeff jetting his hot come right into my asshole! I could just feel it swelling and jerking as he unloaded his balls in there. I rubbed harder and got right to my secret spot where I need to touch so I can come.

Then…it was quiet and I heard the ever present birds chirping and sanity slowly returned. Sanity followed by sleep.

I slept and dreamed and slept some more. The tossing and turning that had plagued me last night was replaced by blissful sleep.

It was a while later…not really sure how long I’d slept but I know it was quite a bit warmer than it had been when I’d dozed off. I heard a bee buzzing around inside my tent. Just what I needed. With my pale and freckled skin a bee sting would last for a week or more. I instinctively jerked my left leg when I felt it light on me. That’s when I realized I wasn’t alone. I continued to feign sleep while trying to barely open one eye. When I successfully did so I saw Jeff was there just outside the tent.

My mind slowly began to move from sleep to consciousness and I realized I’d left the tent open. Jeff, gentleman that he is was probably there to zip up the tent flap. “He’s such a good guy!” I thought to myself. But he made no move to secure the tent flap and I eventually realized why: I’d neglected to put my panties back on after I’d masturbated earlier. And my movement to avoid the bee a minute earlier had caused my pussy to become visible to my brother-in-law.

So I let him look. And the longer he looked the more that little nasty part of my personality began to make its presence known. That part of me that wanted to suck Jeff’s cock and swallow his come. That part of me that wanted to let him spank and then sodomize me while I begged for more. Yeah. That part.

I found myself begging Mr. Bee to light on my leg just once more. He continued to drone around in circles while Jeff treated him to an unprecedented view of my hot young pussy. “Oh please! Please just land one more time!”

The bee heard my prayers and landed on my leg a second time! Taking advantage of the opportunity, I threw my legs apart and showed Jeff my completely naked pussy! I’d wanted to do this ever since that day I’d seen him fucking my sister and now my chance had come. I wished I could spread my pussy open and let him see even more but still, it was thrilling to expose myself this much. I was getting excited and I hoped my earlier stimulation had left some wetness there for him to see. I laid there with my legs open and let Jeff looked all he wanted.

Then the bee flew out of the tent and it was quiet. And it was just Jeff and I there. Out in the Tahoe wilderness. Me with no panties on and my pussy open for him to see. And Jeff doing the looking! Then I sensed his hand briefly in the tent and I assumed he was going to finally zip the tent up. But no. No, it finally dawned me that my brother-in -law had snatched my panties! And when I heard the rhythmic sounds coming from just outside the tent I knew what he was doing. He was watching me. Looking at my little red haired pussy, completely bare and stroking his penis with my panties!

You just can’t imagine how exciting it was for me! The man of my dreams whom I could never have was right there in front of me with my little white panties in his hand. My pussy was naked and he was about to come from looking at me there. I wanted to rub my pussy right in front of him! I wanted to roll over “Accidentally” and let him see what I have back there too!

It was all over too quickly. I heard Jeff trying desperately to stifle a grunt of release and then I knew he was coming into my panties. I just laid there trying in vain to somehow get my pussy lips to open up by themselves. I wanted to show him everything! But Jeff, probably afraid of someone seeing him there, was quickly zipping up the tent and then he was gone. I opened my eyes and saw him stashing my panties and then a wonderfully wicked sense of fulfillment came over me. I’d done it. I’d managed to coax the sperm from my sister’s husband with my pussy. Not how I really wanted to do it. But it would have to do.

I actually did manage to get a bit more sleep and when my sister and the girls got back from Emerald bay I emerged from the tent. It would have been easy to just ignore the whole incident but I didn’t want to.

So I innocently asked who had zipped up the tent. I got a kick out of Jeff’s face when I said it. Like…uh oh! Then he just said “I did.” I gave him a little smile that I hoped spoke volumes and said “Thanks.”

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