Teacher’s Sexy Pet

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I’m living my dream. I’m a teacher. I had started working for a small paper in my hometown when I graduated college, but after working various jobs at the paper for about ten years I was finding no love for the work. I’d always secretly wanted to be an English teacher, but I didn’t have the balls to make the jump. I’d have to go back to school and take a pay cut, but it was what I always wanted. Since I was now in my early thirties, it seemed to be a dream that I would never realize. Then one of my college buddies who taught at a private high school a couple of towns over came to me with an amazing proposition. It seems there was a shortage of teachers. The school board had just passed a resolution opening the possibility of hiring non-education certified people as teachers if their experience fit. Shortly thereafter one of their English teachers retired. He was an older gentleman who apparently had been teaching at the school for a very long time and was known for being rather “crusty”. Well anyway, one thing led to another and suddenly here I was teaching high school English. I soon came to realize that not only had I landed my dream job, but I had landed it in one of the most affluent schools in the state. This school put some college facilities to shame. I taught in a small lecture hall that was larger than any regular classroom I’d ever seen. I even had my own private office that adjoined the room. The students seemed to like me, too. I guess they liked having a teacher that was a bit younger. Some of the students had commented that I “pick stories that don’t suck”. My friend, Kevin, had given me some warning about how to handle a classroom. Never let them see you sweat and that sort of thing, and I had been managing pretty well. The one thing I wasn’t prepared for was how attractive some of the students were. I swear the girls didn’t look like this when I was in school. Some of them seemed so mature, and well…built. I made mention, very delicately, to Kevin and he told me, “You just have to put it out of your head, man, or it’ll drive you crazy.” Something about the way he said it sounded like speaking from experience, but I didn’t question him any further. The subject was very uncomfortable for me.

The weeks at school pressed on. I was still doing very well and I had started to become sort of the talk of the school. The other faculty members had started calling me “rookie of the year”. What they didn’t know was that my discomfort with the sexuality of my students was slowly becoming torture. The torture was being inflicted by one student in particular. Her name was Chrissy. She was a petite little blonde with perfect curves. Her hair was long and soft, and she would sit in class and stare at me with those big beautiful crystal blue eyes while she twisted her finger around in it. My discomfort turned to torture one day when I realized that she had reached under her skirt and was slowly rubbing her crotch. She was sitting near the back in the lecture hall, which means that her legs are nearly eye level with me. It had been bad enough that I’d been fighting off staring at her shapely nubile legs below that damned school uniform skirt for weeks. When I realized what she was doing, I was so shocked I froze mid sentence, but looked away. She must not have realized she’d been caught because she didn’t stop. I managed to recover and get clumsily through the rest of the class, watching her as much as possible in my peripheral vision. When the bell rang, the students began to file out of the hall and as I sat at my desk getting my papers together I looked up at her as she walked by. She looked at me quickly, but then looked away. I didn’t look away. I couldn’t help it. She was absolutely stunning. Her hair, her face, and what a body. Her breasts were big, almost too big for her petite frame. I couldn’t help but notice the way they bounced lightly in her white uniform blouse as she walked. If she looked up, she surely would have seen me staring. Now my mind was on fire. I’d been watching her in class, and there were times when she seemed like she was watching me, but it almost seemed like she was daydreaming at the same time. I figured she was thinking about other teenage girl “stuff”, and just zoning out in my class. Whatever she was zoning out on that day must have been pretty damn hot.

I could hardly sleep that night. My mind was locked on the fantasy of her. I imagined what it would be like to unbutton that blouse and… oh God, I had to jerk off twice before I managed to fall asleep.

The next day she did the same thing. I was a little bolder this time though, looking her in the eyes more while I spoke to the class, and stealing looks between her creamy thighs. At one point her eyes closed and I noticed her toes kind of turned inward a little, but she made no sound. I wondered if anyone else in the class had picked up on it and looked around. No one else seemed to notice, except Lisa. Lisa was sitting a few seats away, and she had that same dazed expression on her face, except she was watching Chrissy! She watched her, and as she ataşehir escort bayan did she sat with her pen in her mouth, absentmindedly tonguing the end of it. Her other arm was inconspicuously crossed in front of her and she was slowly running her thumb up and down her sweater over her right nipple. I knew they were friends. Maybe Lisa liked her a little more than just friends. I’d seen them talking in the hall and eating lunch together, but they didn’t sit together in my class because I had used alphabetical assigned seating. What the hell? Lisa was a hot one too. She was the sultry brunette variety, a little taller than Chrissy and more of an athletic build. Her breasts weren’t as big, but she had an amazing ass. I’d noticed on gym days when they were allowed to wear sweats to school, which showed off their asses more than the skirts.

This was too much. I stopped talking and looked down at my notes as I felt a rush of heat to my face. The room suddenly seemed to jump 10 degrees and I realized I was sporting a partial erection. I was standing in front of the podium, so I turned and hurriedly walked behind it. When I looked up, I looked directly into Chrissy’s eyes. She had a wide eyed, not in that daze any more look. Had she seen? I looked over at Lisa and she was looking at me now. She must have picked up on Chrissy’s change of expression. Everyone else seemed relatively normal, even Foster, who was sleeping at his seat.

“FOSTER!” I blurted.

The class laughed as he jumped to attention, the side of his face all red and covered in drool from his slumber. I was glad for it. It broke the sexual tension and allowed me a moment to clear my head. Just then the bell sounded and everyone jumped up out of their seats. I watched Chrissy as she fixed her skirt and gathered her books. Lisa gathered her books and walked over to Chrissy. She whispered something to her and Chrissy looked up at me and then away quickly. I watched them as they followed the rest of the class toward the door.

That’s when I said it,


She looked over at me almost shocked. “Yes Mr. S?”

I don’t know what came over me. I was suddenly possessed. The name had just seemed to leap from my lips on its own.

“Are you o.k.?” I said “You seemed a little preoccupied in class today.”

“Uh, oh, uh…I did? Um, well…”

“Am I boring you?”

“Oh no, Mr. S”, she said abruptly. “I’m o.k.”

Lisa continued out of the room leaving Chrissy. I stood up from my desk and walked around to the side of the podium and leaned casually against it. She looked up at me with those eyes of hers. I could feel the rush of sex in my veins pushing the words from my gut with a suddenly sexy hoarse tone.

“You know, you haven’t really been participating in the class discussions. Maybe you ought to come and see me after school and we can discuss the material without all those eyes watching you. I can tell you’re a little shy.”

She smiled nervously, but it was beautiful. “Wow. You have a beautiful smile”, I said. “I think that’s the first I’ve seen it.” Then she smiled even brighter and turned a slight shade of red.

“I love your class Mr. S.”, she said, and she suddenly had that look in her eye again. The one she had when she was rubbing her little pussy. It was more fuel on my fire.

“So I’ll see you after school, then Chrissy?”

“Uh huh.” she replied with a dazed smile.

I stood up tall and took a step toward her and returning her smile warmly I said, “Well you’d better get to your next class. I’ll se you later.”

She turned and walked out the door into the hallway and looked over her shoulder with a smile before she turned the corner. I just drank in her gorgeous legs before she passed out of view. Then I was standing there, alone in my empty room, drunk with the chemicals rushing through my veins. I don’t know how long I stood there in a daze before I suddenly said out loud in a breathless whisper, “Holy shit. What the fuck are you doing!” I ran palms over my face and hair as I turned and retreated to my office. I closed the door and flopped down into my chair. I could feel my heart pounding in my throat and I knew. She was a drug, the best kind. There are very few things in this world that can bring that kind of rush and I knew all at once that I was hooked and the drug was in control. I ran over the events of the last 20 minutes with astonished amazement. I couldn’t believe what she was doing in class. I couldn’t believe what her friend was doing. And I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I suddenly realized I was rubbing a huge erection through my pants. It had been way too long since I’d had sex. Since I had broken up with my girlfriend of 6 years, I had retreated from dating. I was never the most confident guy, even though I’m decent looking. I have some good features like broad shoulders and my height. I’m pretty well endowed too, with about eight thick inches, but I was never much of a ladies man. I do however have a very active sexual imagination and appetite. Over the last year since escort kadıöy I’d broken up I kind of shut down for a while, but then I started to read sex stories and participate in some sexy chat on the internet. It had all fed something in me and now I was feeling the power of it consuming me. My mind was racing with all of the dirty, nasty, erotic, naughty, delicious things I would unleash on … on…and there were those eyes burning into my mind.

A light knock on the door ripped me from my reverie. I had worked myself into a frenzy. I looked up at the wooden door with my dry mouth hanging open. I could hear my heart beating in the back of my throat. I jumped to my feet and knocked the papers off my desk. I felt my massive erection strain against my pants as I stood. ‘Oh Shit’ I thought.

“Uh, hold on a sec!” I took a deep breath and knelt on the floor to pick up the papers. I was in such a panic I didn’t hear her come through the door, and then there I was, living that cliché moment as her saddle shoes came into sight before me. My eyes climbed those luscious legs and held for a moment at the point where they disappeared under the plaid uniform skirt. Then I noticed goose bumps jump up, texturing the flawless skin of her thighs and my eyes jumped to hers. She stood with her books clutched to her chest.

“Hi Mr. S.”, she said looking down at me sheepishly.

I struggled to my feet, being careful to keep the papers in front of my now leaking hard-on. Then I sat in my chair trying to look calm.

“Hey Chrissy…” my dry throat betrayed me and it only made it half way out before crackling. I cleared my throat. “Hi. Why are you here now? I mean, last period isn’t over yet.”

“I have a study hall last period so I got a pass to come here. I thought I could study with you.” With that she held out her pass in front of me. “Could you sign it for me?”

“Uh, yeah, sure, great”, I said and as I let go of my dick shield to take the pass from her I dropped the papers again.

“Oh sorry, I’ll get them.” she said as she quickly set her books down on my desk and bent down in front of me to get them.

My erection was making a very noticeable tent in my khakis and it was now completely exposed. I realized this just as she grabbed the last sheet and looked up right at my aching bulge. She froze there on her hands and knees looking at it, then up at me with her mouth hanging open nervously. Then the lust drug took control of me again.

“What do you want, Chrissy.” The words oozed out of my mouth in a hoarse whisper.

“I…I…” Her eyes returned to the burning bulge outlined by the fabric of my right pant leg. “Oh”, she gasped as her tongue found its way behind her teeth and she bit her lower lip. “Oh my god.”

‘She is mine’, I thought. There was not doubt in my mind, now. I could see the desire in her eyes, a confused hunger that still had her frozen on her hands and knees in front of me. I stood up and her eyes stayed locked on my trousers. I walked over to the door, slowly pushed it shut and locked it. Then I walked back over to her, stood directly in front of her and held out my hand to help her up. “Come here”

She took my hand, looked me in the eyes, still with that open mouthed stare as she rose. I bent and kissed her full on the mouth as I placed her hand on my aching member and circled my arms around her, engulfing her with the kiss. She sighed her surrender into my mouth and I felt her hand tighten on my lurching cock. This kiss was hot. She smelled of flowery perfume and her soft lips tasted of sweet lip gloss. It started slow but quickly built up steam as our tongues began to tease. I kept my embrace on her and ran my hands up and down her curvaceous frame, down the tight skin of her thighs then up under her skirt to her soft round ass as my mouth left hers and inched down her chin and neck.

“Oh my god”, she gasped, like a she was blowing off pressure as my mouth left hers.

I reached down to where her cheeks met her legs and slid a couple fingers up under her panties, then gripped her ass and picked her up off the ground, pulling her tight to me. She wrapped her legs around me and gasped as I buried my face in the cleavage presented to me by the top buttons that were undone on her blouse. Now she was running her fingers though my hair and twisting her hips, grinding into my cock. I set her down on the desk and proceeded to undo her top. She looked up at me and her eyes showed excitement and fear at the same time.

“You are so beautiful…so hot”, I said and kissed her again. “Are you alright? Do you want to stop?”

She just looked at me and started undoing my shirt. “I…I’ve never…ahhh!” As she said it I had finished undoing her buttons, hooked her bra straps and pulled them down over her shoulders, exposing two incredible pink puffy nippled breasts. I bent down and pulled one into my mouth cutting her off. I began kneading them gently admiring their firm heft as I licked around one nipple then across the valley between and over to the other.

“Oh, Mr. S, I…”

“It’s maltepe escort alright, baby. It’s ok.” I cooed in her ear as I finished the job of getting the shirt and bra off. I sat down in my chair and leaned her back as I ran my hands slowly up the insides of her thighs. My excitement was intensifying and so was hers. I wanted her so bad, it hurt. I wanted to taste every inch of her. I looked up at her devilishly as my hands explored her inner thighs. “Mmm, so soft. Does that feel good?”

“Uh huh”, she said, and with that I leaned in and made one long sweep up her pantied slit with my tongue. “Ooohhh”

“Yeah?”, and I did it again squeezing the soft flesh between her legs.

“Oh God”, she choked as she opened her thighs wide and leaned back. I pulled the crotch of panties to the side and blew on her pussy. “Ahhh!”

“What a pretty pussy you have.”, I said as I drank in her sex. She was shaved clean and her outer lips were puffy and tight with only a trace of the pink flesh glistening wet between them. I leaned in again and pushed my tongue in at the bottom and slid it up to the top with a little wiggle at the end for good measure. She shot up off the desk.

“Oh fuck!”, she exclaimed

“Mmm, you bad girl, you’re so wet”, I said before I repeated the lick.

“Ohhh Shit!”

“Mmm, such a nasty girl. You better be quiet. You don’t want anyone to catch us do you?”, and I buried my face in her sex and began slowly working my tongue in her hole and up to her clit. She was moaning low now, trying to be quiet and her breath jumped every time my tongue ran over her clit. I spread her lips wide and pushed my tongue out and did little circles around her cit. I was enjoying the reaction. She was so sensitive.

“Has anyone ever licked this pretty pussy before?”, I cooed in a teasing tone.

“No”, she squealed as I want back to sucking her pussy.

I reached up and stuck my finger in her mouth. “I think you like it, don’t you.” It wasn’t really a question.

“Mmhmm” she responded with a mouth full of finger.

“That’s a good girl. Make it nice and wet so I can stick it in your pussy.” I was playing with her tongue with my finger, making it wet and running my thumb up and down her swollen clit with my free hand while I spoke. Her eyes went a little wider when I told her I was going to put my finger in her pussy. I pulled it out of her mouth and slid the tip up and down her pussy lips, then started making circles slowly working it in. She groaned as it slipped into her and she clutched her breasts, pushing them together and pinching her nipples.

“Yeah, that’s a good girl. I see you watching me in class. Is this what you wanted?” I continued rubbing her clit as I talked. Then I turned my finger upward and hooked it to massage the upper wall of her pussy.

“Ahhhh…ahhhh…yesssss. Oh my god. Ohhhhh”

I was enjoying the show. Taking it all in, her hair splayed on the desk, her facial expressions, her tits as she squeezed and kneaded them, skirt bunched up at her waist, white panties pulled tightly to the side, white thighs curled up and shoes with baby doll socks. I slipped a second finger in and then a third and realized there was no sign of her hymen.

“Have you been playing with toys?”, I asked scoldingly.

She looked me in the eyes. “Yes”

“Oh, you naughty girl. Do you think of me when you play with your pussy at night?”

“Yes”, she whined and she bucked her hips.

“Do you want to touch my cock now?”, I asked.

“Yesss”, she moaned.

I gave her pussy a few more licks and drew my fingers out. She moaned in protest and pulled her legs shut involuntarily. I stood and looked down at her. Her eyes were locked on mine as I slid her panties down her legs. Then I undid the buttons on her skirt and laid it open leaving her with nothing but her shoes and frilly socks. I stood her up and pulled my shirt off. Then I pulled her to her feet and kissed her running my hands up and down her curves. She reached down and started undoing my belt. I helped her with it and undid my pants. She gasped as I put her hand on my cock and began to slide my pants down.

“Oh my god, its so big.”

“Have you ever had a cock in your mouth, Chrissy?”

She began stroking it and she looked up at me with a little smile.

“Oh you have, huh? I turned her around and sat her down in the chair. I stepped out of my pants and leaned back against the desk. She never let go of my raging cock and continued stroking it as she looked it up and down.

“You like it, huh.”, I said, and with that I shuddered as she stuck her tongue out and ran it from the base to the tip, lapping up the pre-cum dripping from the tip. “That’s a good girl.”, I grunted. She made a little ‘mmm’ sound as she drew the dew into her mouth and rolled it around on her tongue. Then she tightened her grip on the base of it and started licking it up and down like an ice cream cone. She was looking me in the eyes and giving me little smiles as she hungrily licked it to a glistening sheen. Then, just as I couldn’t take it any longer she let go, stuck her tongue into the base and pressed my cock against it. She slid her tongue up to the tip milking the pre-cum up out of it and then closed her mouth around the head. She began sucking the head and working her head around in circles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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