Tangerine Panties

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Amy Anderssen

This is a work of fiction and does not depict anyone past or present. I love feedback and will respond to all personally, don’t forget to vote!

She was wearing tangerine colored panties. Her legs were slightly separated giving me the opportunity of a tantalizing glimpse of her satiny inner thighs all the way up to her tangerine panties. As she waited for the subway train to get to her stop, her legs fluctuated with the jerky movements of the train, knees meeting then parting. All at once, a full crotch view held there breathlessly for long seconds.

My cock ached. I missed my stop on 34th and Ross. She was obviously young and new to the big city. She still had that open, innocent look that all the new ones had. I longed to slip my cock between those satiny thighs. Slip off her tangerine panties and taste the sweet nectar packaged inside. Instruct her innocence and lick away her naiveté. Besides, her tangerine panties were driving me wild.

Another quick glimpse of crotch gave me a fuller view of pouty lips outlined by soft cotton. I swallowed with difficulty, staring unabashedly, my hard cock a rigid outline beneath my jeans. I wanted her sweet mouth sucking my hard dick. I wanted her to lick it and nibble it up and down. I could feel the increased rate of my breathing, the throbbing of my cock.

I briefly took in the rest of her when her knees met, hiding her sweet pussy from me. Attractive without being hard, she had medium length honey, brown hair. High cheekbones set off wide set eyes and her mouth was full and sensual in its slight pout. I couldn’t make out the color of her eyes, yet I thought they must be brown or amber. She was completely oblivious to her surroundings, something that would be sure to get her in trouble eventually in this city.

The train stopped and Miss Tangerine Panties got up and went for the door. I waited a few moments and followed. She lightly hopped off the train and headed for the stairs, not once looking around her. I noticed we were at 58th and Ross, a neglected part of town but still passable for the neophytes that entered the city with big hopes and bigger dreams. I followed her easily to a small brick apartment building.

I watched her hips twitch back and forth, showing off her rounded ass in a flouncy skirt that caught the breeze and almost, but not quite, teased the unwary onlooker with a glimpse of tangerine panties. Besides the skirt, she had on a tight fitting T-shirt, bare legs and sandals. I waited until she went inside then followed, getting buzzed inside easily. This wasn’t the type of place that was careful that way. Patiently, I followed her up the stairs, far enough behind not to alarm her. Finding her apartment number and watching her slip inside, I turned around and left. I knew where she lived. Now I had to find out a few more things before I made my plans.

Over the next few days, I watched Miss Tangerine Panties. I determined that she lived alone, didn’t have visitors, left in the morning at 6:45 a.m. and returned home at 6:30 p.m. She worked downtown at fashion merchandising factory and on her lunch hour she hit the modeling agencies. I could have told her she didn’t have a prayer as a model. She wasn’t tall enough, thin enough or striking enough to have what those coat hanger manufacturers wanted. However, she did have what I wanted and it was time to get it.

One morning, I watched her leave for work. I entered the building easily and then her apartment. It wasn’t hard; she didn’t lock all the deadbolts and safety locks, only her door handle lock. It was easy to jimmy that open. Inside her apartment, it was mostly bare with a cardboard table, a few folding chairs, and a used looking couch. The TV was small and after turning it on I realized she didn’t have cable.

I looked through her portfolio of head shots. She was pretty and her eyes were an unusual shade of amber, lit from within. Snooping some more, I found out her name was Alisandra Mendi and she was 23.

I concocted my plan of action while going through her drawers and closets. Leaving the apartment around 3:00 p.m. I was ready to put my plan in action. I headed for home and my camera and my hunting outfit. My hunting outfit was black dungarees, black T-shirt, boots and wire rim glasses. I discovered the wire rim glasses made me approachable for some reason.

Camera in hand, I strolled along until I spied her train coming. Then I began to snap shots of people as I walked along, angling down low to capture an awkward angle. I was part of the scenery, snapping and smiling and talking as people hopped off the train. It was the city; they were accustom to photographers shooting like fools, hoping for the next big find. I took a few shots of some girls that were hamming it up for me and then there she was, Alisandra. My cock sprang to attention at the appearance of her hidden bounty.

Shooting in earnest, I captured her image in as many different ways as I could while keeping up the appearance bahis firmaları of not singling her out. By the time she left the depot, I had over 100 shots of her from every angle. I couldn’t wait to get home to my dark room and develop them.

The images slowly sprang to life as I stood naked in the red light of my single bulb. Her beauty and innocence came through the paper like the scent of clean snow or a fresh ocean breeze. Clear skin and hauntingly clear, liquid amber eyes stared right at the camera. Her lips were parted and slightly wet. I developed all the photos and picked out the ten best. Several head and face shots from different angles, I felt I had captured her far better than the cheap prints in her portfolio. She favored short, flouncy skirts and I had a shot of her going up the stairs, her trim legs looked long and sexy with her skirt flared up and almost, but not quite, showing panties and buttocks. Another photo showed her head and chest with the angle showing small but firm tits and erect nipples through her T-shirt. I gathered them up and put them inside a 10 x 14 portfolio with the completely fictitious name of Photography by Steven in gold embossed letters.

Sticking the other photos up all around me, I leaned back and stroked my cock. Grasping it firmly at the base and bringing my fingers tightly up and over the head and back down again until my cock was painfully hard and my balls were heavy with sperm, I pumped my hips a few times fantasizing about my Alisandra. Before I spurted cum all over the place, I stopped. The agony of stopping fueled my desire for Alisandra. Everything was ready. Tomorrow she would be mine.

The next day, I was hanging out again by the train station and when I saw Alisandra I went up to her boldly.

“Hey there, Miss?” I asked smiling. “Can I show you these pictures? Do you remember the other day there was a guy taking pictures? That was me. I have some really good shots of you here.” I was taking the pictures out while talking and she was standing there like she didn’t know whether to go or stay. I pulled one of the photos out and put it in front of her. “I’m Steven and I own my own shop. I take pictures for the modeling agencies and also take some on my own. I took photos of a lot of people the other day but yours really stand out, here take a look.”

Girls can never resist looking at pictures of themselves and Alisandra glanced down. “Wow, that’s really good!” she said. “Steven? Was that your name?”

I handed her the other handpicked photos; all of them were great, clear, in focus and striking in their unexpected angles and composition. She slowly went through all of them and then looked up and grinned.

“These are totally awesome. You took these yesterday?”

I smiled at her again; “Yeah, and I have lots more. You are very photogenic. I remembered that I got these pictures from the train station and came here today to see if I could find the girl. Guess I found you!” I joked a little, putting her more at ease. My eyes slipped down her hot little body while she wasn’t looking. Her breasts were perfect mounds with erect nipples. I wanted to reach out and pinch one right then and there.

“Well, these are really great but I’m not sure what you want. I would love to have copies for my portfolio, do you want me to pay for them?” She asked.

“Uh, well, that would be ok I guess, but I was hoping you would come to my studio so I could take some more. You see, I get a finders fee if I, quote, discover someone, unquote.” I made little quote wiggles with my fingers.

Alisandra looked a little unsure. “Hey, I understand if you don’t want to and we could do some more photos at the museum, or the park if you would feel safer. I understand, a girl’s gotta be careful.” I watched her closely, knowing that putting her fear into words would make them seem silly.

She blushed and said, “That’s not it at all, I would, I mean it would be fine. You’re for real and all. ” She was flustered. Young and innocent she may be, but even she knew not to go somewhere with a stranger.

“Look, why don’t you think about it and call me. Here’s my number. But I think you really have potential, your photos came out stunning. And I know that tomorrow there is an open model call at Dunfar’s and they are the best in the city. I think with my photos and your face, you have a chance. But it’s your decision, I’m totally cool with that.” I packed up my pictures and started to leave. “Just call if you change your mind,” I said, and waved a little.

“Wait!” She called before I had gone too far. “Wait, Steven. I think I should do this. I heard about the Dunfar’s open call and I was already going to go but I think your photos are way better than the ones I have and I would really like to have your photos but I’m not sure how much it will cost or anything and I would have to maybe pay you off over a few months or something.”

I waited patiently for her to stumble through her own rationalization kaçak iddaa for going with a stranger. Chuckling to myself, it never failed. “Well, that’s great, Al…um, what did you say your name was?” I asked, covering up that I already know it.

She smiled at me and held out her delicate hand, “Alisandra, Alisandra Mendi.”

I took it and brought it to my lips, European style, and kissed her soft warm flesh. “Pleased to meet you Alisandra, beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” My studio is only a few blocks from here. Let’s walk.

At my studio, I unlocked the door and let her go in first. My cock was hard before the door shut. I watched her short skirt flounce, revealing trim, toned thigh. Her hair was loose and hanging down her back. She looked delicious and I couldn’t wait to get at her. I quietly shut the door and keyed the lock.

“Right this way, Alisandra. I have my studio in here. There is a bathroom if you want to freshen up first.” She looked a little uncertain so I took the lead. “Listen, go wash up a bit, scrub off any makeup and there is a bathrobe to change into. I have a wardrobe of photoshoot clothes that I use in basic black. Most agencies don’t want to see anything but your own skin not competing with clothes.” I gently pushed her toward the bathroom door. I wanted her out of the studio so I could set it up a bit. I caught the scent of a faint spicy perfume, out of character for this farm fresh girl. I figured she would be into florals.

Surprisingly, she went right into the bathroom without asking any questions. Sometimes they wonder about changing into the bathrobe. Well, good. I went to a closet and pulled out a few basic black outfits. Tees and mini’s, thong bikini, short basic black a-line dress. My cock was growing again, thinking about her in these revealing clothes. All the outfits were made to show almost everything. I also pulled out the black backdrop and a king sized black sheet. Looking around, I shoved the black stool over. Ah, there, ready to go. I heard the bathroom door open.

Turning around and seeing her, my cock jerked involuntarily. The bathrobe was very short, her long legs were completely bare and if she raised her arms at all, I would be seeing bare cunt. There were no buttons; just a separate belt to tie it together and the v of the neckline plunged past her belly button. She looked nervous and ravishing.

“Ok, first we will take a few shots just like you are. I need to check lighting and other photographer type things.” I led her to the stool and stepped back. “Ok now, hop up on the stool and sit there while I adjust the lighting.” I chattered on about lighting and skin tone, color and saturation fiddling with things as she tried to climb up on the stool without exposing herself. It didn’t work. I got a nice flash of her pussy, pleasantly surprised to see that she had taken off all her clothes including her panties.

I began to take photos, very serious and professional until she began to relax. “Great, I think I have the lighting adjusted just right. Now, could you slip on this outfit and we will begin to take some fluid shots. You know, shots of you moving, posing, just relax and make love to the camera.” I tossed her the tiny mini skirt and the midriff tee. “I’ll just turn around unless you want to waste time with changing in the bathroom”? I asked her, hurried and professional.

“Uh, well, if you are going to turn around I guess it will be ok,” she answered. My serious and professional actions so far had her convinced I was harmless. I chuckled to myself again. Not only would I be having some nice pussy soon, I was also seriously getting some great shots of this little sex kitten.

I turned around and watched her undress in some well placed mirrors. She slipped out of the robe and her nipples were very hard on her firm, small breasts. Her flat tummy rounded gently to a completely hairless pube. I was in heaven, I loved a shaved pussy and hers were naked as the day she was born. My cock sprang into action again, straining at my jeans. This little girl liked truth, and I decided to try something with her.

“Um, all ready I guess?” She said it like a question. “I don’t think these things fit me very well?” She was trying to smooth the mini skirt down while also tugging the midriff tee down too. She was so cute trying to cover herself. The mini was shorter than the bathrobe. She could hardly move without revealing her sexy clit that was poking through her shaved, pouting labia. I could tell this babe was getting hot.

My eyes took her all in from the short peek-a-boo skirt to the midriff tee that left the delicate bottoms of her breasts bare. She looked very young, more like 15 or 16 than her 23 years. “Actually, the outfit is perfect. You want the agency reps to see YOU not your clothes. This is a case of less is better and nothing is best.” I joked with her, putting her at ease.

My cock was an obvious bulge in my jeans and I saw her notice and blush. “Hey, kaçak bahis Alisandra,” I said, while beginning to snap photos. “Look, I’ll be up front with you. Taking pictures of beautiful chicks, I can’t deny getting aroused. I know you noticed my cock is hard and quite frankly, if you don’t mind, I would like to change into something else because I’m damned uncomfortable. But, if that bothers you I won’t and please begin to move around a bit, you’re stiff.”

Since I was being so nonchalant about it, it through her off balance. She began to move a little and I turned on some loud, rhythmic music. Alisandra then loosened up a bit and started to move for me. Dancing to the drum beat. She was a pretty good dancer, fluid, sexual. “Listen, you keep moving to the music, you’re awesome, I’ll be right back, I have to change babe, you’re so hot.” She flashed me a smile.

I returned wearing loose shorts and no underwear. My cock was now raging and my balls were heavy and swinging loose. It made an obvious tent of my shorts but I appeared to ignore it and just picked up my camera and began shooting again. Alisandra looked at me, and at my crotch, and started to say something then stopped. Her dancing faltered then resumed.

My camera caught all of her emotions. When she saw my hard cock straining in my shorts, her skin flushed a beautiful shade of pink; her nipples sprang up begging. The most incredible thing about it was the change that happened in her face. Her face became luminous, her eyes dilated and sultry, her lips looked fuller. My heart raced, watching this little street beauty blossom in front of me. She made love to my camera, came alive for it, teased it, and fucked it. My cock stayed hard the entire photoshoot. She went through all the outfits I gave her and continued to melt the camera. When it was over, she was breathless and flushed. I was breathless and ready to fuck.

She stood still after I turned off the music.

“We need to talk payment now,” I said, walking toward her. The professional veneer was gone and I was all business now. My cock was aching and had been aching since I saw her.

She gulped nervously, leaving that headspace that good models go into to. “I know,” she replied.

My finger came up to her lips and traced them, trailing down her neck and between the valley of her breasts. She was wearing the thong bikini that was little more than two tiny triangles that hid her erect nipples and a small triangle that hid her bald pubic mound. She shuddered as I touched her.

She stood still as a frightened rabbit as my finger traced down her flat belly to the elastic of her bikini bottom. My fingers scooped inside them and held her exquisite bare pussy, feeling the prominent clit and pouty lips. I heard a sob catch in her throat and kissed her neck. “Shhhh, Alisandra, you knew, you knew. Time to pay now.” Tasting a slight saltiness from her sweat, I sucked on her neck and my fingers messaged her clit. She gasped.

Holding her steady with one arm around her, I pushed two fingers inside her wet vagina palming her clit. She was very wet and warm, the juices flowing steady. I walked her backward until we got to a mound of pillows in one corner of the room. I pushed her back gently and surreptitiously pushed a button near our heads. She was crying silently, but not protesting my seduction in any other way. Knowing the video camera was rolling, I proceeded.

Her clit had swollen to a surprising size and I ached to suck it, so I untied the strings on the bikini bottoms and easily pulled the fabric away. She was sobbing openly now, tears streaming down her face from closed eyes. I didn’t care. I quickly untied the string between her breasts and freed her small, perfect breasts. She may have been crying but her nipples were hard and red.

I took a moment to examine her pussy. She had shaved completely, not a hair could be seen. The outer labia were puffy from arousal and her clit stood between them bright pink and begging. My cock strained and jerked and I slipped off my shorts. I leaned over and spread her willing thighs then put my thumbs on either side of her labia and stretched them apart helping her clit pop up even more. My mouth clamped over her jutting clit and sucked hard, no warning, no warm up. She tasted sweet and I rolled her little jewel around in my mouth barely hearing her sobs and moans. I sucked harder and harder, making her clit bright red with engorged blood. Her pussy was so wet and her labia glistened.

I came up for air and began to lightly spank her engorged clit. I watched her moan and writhe on the pillows, the tears gone and pleasure making her body jump and hump. My hand and fingers continued to spank, pinch and pull on her clit as my mouth went to work on her nipples. I used my teeth and pulled on them, tugging and jerking them back and forth like a dog with a bone. She would let out little yelps and screeches mixed with long quivering moans and sighs.

My cock was leaking precum and I couldn’t ignore it any more, I took her clit between my thumb and forefinger and pinched it hard, shaking it back and forth. Her body arched up off the floor and she screamed as an orgasm pounded her body.

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