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“Take Lunch”

Two years of Community College Musical Theatre and an introduction through her uncle’s neighbor had landed Suzy where she was. And she guessed that there were worse places to be.

With that thought, she smiled from ear to ear and ‘brightened’ her eyes as she began kicking her white sneakers joyfully to the rhythm of the same piece of music that she had heard millions of times. She raised her hands in an inquisitive gesture next to Geoff, the controversial lead male in the Kid’s Daily Channel Cast.

Geoff was controversial not by any fault of his own but because unlike the other cast members in the high-school-age music and dance show, he was twenty-two and not technically a teenager, like Suzy and the other 18-year-old, barely-legal-to-sign-a-contract cast members.

“G-O!” Suzy sang enthusiastically along with her own voice on the floor monitors.

“G-O-R!” Geoff sang back, with his own arms raised.

“G-O-R-I-‘Double’ L-A. Yeah, Gorilla!” sang Suzy.

“Gorilla?” sang Geoff.

“Gorilla!” sang Suzy.

“G-O-R-I-‘Double L’-A. Gorilla!”

“G-O! G-O-R! G-O-R-I-‘Double L’-A! Gorilla!” sang Suzy. “He – likes – Bananas! Yeah, bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Bananas!”

“Bananas!” Answered Geoff. “Mister – Gorilla – he likes – bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-N-A-S!”

Somewhere in the back of Suzy’s head she had heard Geoff misspell ‘bananas’, but she was thinking too hard about her choreography to notice it.

“That’s right!” sang Suzy.

“No, it – freaking – isn’t!” came a raspy voice over Megaphone as the music died.

Regina, the director, was getting so obnoxiously mean since the third take of this part of the song.

“Cut! Geoff, are we going to do this all day?”

Geoff raised his hand again in frustrated apology. “Sorry, Regina!”

The other two cast members patted him on the back but Suzy placed her hand on his arm softly to reassure him.

“It’s okay, Geoff. Don’t let her shake ya.”

Geoff half-smiled to her.

Geoff half-smiled to her. As her soft fingers left his arm to itself, again, a piece of him seemed to pull away.

He had to admit that when he had first met Suzy, he knew that she had lied about her age on her résumé. But she was the cutest jail-bait he had ever seen. It shouldn’t really matter now that her real – and secret – 18th birthday had passed. But for some reason, it did matter. Something had changed in her. He had never thought that turning 18 changed somebody overnight. But with her it did.

Maybe it was his perspective that was making the difference. But a difference there definitely was. Her hair was long and curly and bounced with vivacious energy that was no longer child-ish but – well, sensual.

Her smile exuberated sweet, pearl-white innocence and the hopeful eyes that looked at him seemed to hide something behind them. Something – grown-up.

The music cranked up as they slipped back into their “one” positions.

“Let’s do it, this time, Geoff!”

He smiled and nodded to the bitch director again in an insincere apology. How he had become stuck in this stage of his career was beyond him. How had he screwed up that Star Trek audition? He kicked himself silently one more time.

“G-O!” sang Suzy.

“G-O-R!” answered Geoff with pseudo-enthusiasm and an arguably ‘gay’ hand-clap.

“G-O-R-I-‘Double L’-A, Gorilla!” Suzy sang flawlessly.



“G-O-R-I-d-double bahis firmaları L – shit!” Geoff blurted.

A gasp arose on the set as the music died and a buzzer sounded that signified that the cameraman had turned off the “roll”.

Kid’s Daily had developed a “Rep Sheet” or “Reputation Rules” and one of the biggies was a definite no-no on profanity on the set or in the public eye.

Don’t lose this job, too, idiot! Geoff scolded himself.

“Sorry!” Geoff apologized, again. “Regina, I need-“

“Why don’t you go cool off for forty-five minutes?” Regina barked condescendingly. “Everyone, that’s lunch!”

The Production Assistants began buzzing around finishing preparations for an early lunch call.

Geoff knew that Suzy was following him as he skulked away. He didn’t really feel like talking, so he sped up his brisk walk toward the dressing rooms.

“Geoff!” Suzy called after him.

Shit, he thought. He kept walking.

“Wait up!” Suzy cried out.

“Wait up!” Suzy cried out. She tried not to make it too loud as Karen and Alec would hear and she didn’t want them to think that she gave Geoff unfair favoritism. After all, she had never really consoled anyone when they’d had a bad day.

But she felt for Geoff. He was having such a crummy bummer of a day, she couldn’t help but try and cheer him up!

He must not have heard her, because his pace actually seemed to get faster.

“Whoa! You’re really fast!” She said with a playful giggle. People like it when I giggle, she thought. It puts other people at ease to know that I’m having fun!

“I’m okay.” Geoff answered in his gruff voice, and without slowing down.

“I know!” said Suzy. “Are you going to the dressing rooms? Cuz I am!”

Geoff didn’t answer.

She paused again but he still didn’t answer. “Geoff, are you mad at me?”

He seemed to sigh as he rounded the corner and into the make-up area.

“I’m not mad at anyone but myself,” Geoff said as he turned around, seeing that there was no one else in the room.

Suzy feined a frown. “Ah, poor guy. We all have bad days, silly.” She hooked her arm through his and squeezed his bicep.

She hooked her arm through his and squeezed his bicep. Her small frame seemed to wrap around his one arm. Geoff couldn’t be certain, but she might have been flirting with him.

“I guess that yesterday’s Paramount trip didn’t go so super, huh?”

He snapped a look down at her – “How did you know?”

She shrugged. “Everyone’s trying to work on the next thing, sweetie. No one bought it when you called in sick, yesterday after the casting agents announced that emergency Star Trek show audition.” She cuddled his arm tenderly and swayed gently and comforting.

“There’s hope. Maybe they haven’t done callbacks, yet.”

He rolled his eyes. “My roommate got called back. They did them, this morning. Casting closed.”

She smiled, “Their loss, Geoff.”

Yeah. Great.

“Listen, Suzy. I think I need to just be alone for a bit.”

Suzy frowned as she pushed away from him. “I’m sorry.” She said, genuinely.

Now he’d hurt her tender feelings. Geoff genuinely felt bad. “No, I’m sorry. I just need to sort some things out, that’s all. You do get it, don’t you?”

Her face lit up “Of course, silly! Don’t worry about kaçak iddaa little ol’ me! I’m the one worried about you!”

Geoff nodded. “Thanks. You’re a great co-star.”

“Are you sure that there isn’t anything that I can do for you?” She asked. Her eyes were sincere, but the question seemed really provocative.

He paused for a moment, unsure of what she meant. The pause became uncomfortably long.

Suzy seemed to notice it. It made her out-of-ease.

“I’m fine!” Geoff blurted. “Really. I just need a good, hot shower and I’ll be good to go.”

Suzy’s eyes lit up. “That sounds wonderful!”

He nodded slowly. “Yeah.”

“Hey, I know! I’ll take one with you!” Suzy said, excitedly as she grabbed him by his elbows.

His eyebrows shot up like a big dummy. “Oh?”

That was seriously all that he could think of to say as this cute and perky girl practically threw herself at him? Oh?

“Well, in our underwear, silly! No funny ideas, mister!” She giggled loud and adorable.

He laughed, uncomfortably. “Yeah, yeah, okay, we can practice the lyrics in there.”

She threw her arms around him, “Great! I’ve never sang with someone else in the shower before! Hee hee! I’ll go grab some body gel!”

And with that, she was gone.

Jeff stripped down to his boxers and then locked the door to the make-up room. This meant that no one would interrupt them, no matter what happened.

“Good idea!” Suzy startled him. “Last thing that we need is ol’ Regina getting in here and thinking ‘Two cast members are makin’ out in the bathroom!” she laughed at her own impersonation of the bitchy director.

“Yeah,” Geoff laughed as he turned to find her in a white lace bra and panties that showed off the length of her legs and her flat tummy, which actually made her breasts look like their actual size, unlike her costume which was designed to disguise her figure.

“Well, we only have about 30 minutes left.” He said.

Inside the men’s room shower, Suzy basked in the piping hot water. “I warn you, I’m a water-hog!’ She said.

“Really? I thought you’d never done this before?” He asked.

“Only with my cousins when I spent a summer on my Uncle’s ranch. But that was different.”

“Right.” He said.

She closed her eyes and ran through her copper hair with her long, soft fingers. Her body glistened with wet and steamy sexiness.

Geoff adjusted the waist of his trunks, suddenly brutally aware of how turnedo n he was. His penis swelled beneath his boxers as he imagined fingering the clasp on her bra.

“Well, let’s get started, silly!” Suzy said as she wiped the water from his eyes and turned to him. Suddenly, she gasped.

Geoff looked around. “What?”

Suzy spun around toward the wall, her perky ass clenching as she clammed up her body away from him.

“Geoff. Uhm, I think I’d better go.”

Geoff looked down. Sure enough, his boner was plainly visible in spite of his adjustment.

“I’m sorry, Geoff, I’m afraid you got the wrong idea. I don’t know what kind of girl you think I am.”

Geoff reached out and touched her shoulder. “It’s not like that, Suzy. I like you. I always have.”

She turned to him, “you mean you like looking at me.”

“No, I like you.”

Her eyes narrowed. “You’ve never asked me out.”

Geoff shrugged, “I knew you weren’t interested in me.”

She turned kaçak bahis back silently. “Are we going to practice ‘Gorilla’ or not?”

Geoff sighed in frustration, “I know the song. I was hoping you were hear to relieve some pressure from me.”

She looked at him with suspicious eyes. “Geoff, do you really think that’s going to solve it?”

He looked up to meet her gaze. Her gree eyes locked with his. He pulled the waistband of his boxer-shorts until they fell to the tiles.

Her green eyes grew wide and the slight part in her lips betrayed her lust.

“g-o…” Suzy whispered in broken pants into his ear as she squeezed her eyelids closed and with them, her thighs around his waist.

Geoff drove the length of his shaft into her soft pussy, bending his cock upward as they fucked with water cascading down on them.

“g-o-r…” she whispered.

Geoff reached to crank up the hot water as he felt it start to run out. But it was no use, the water was cooling as they got hotter.

“g-o-r-i-‘double l’-a…” Suzy’s nipples nipples rushed. Her scalp tingled with rising body temperature and cooling water.

She couldn’t help but hope that Geoff was feeling more relaxed. It wasn’t the way she had planned it, but…

“Keep going.” He ordered.

She smiled. This boy was kinky.

As the water grew colder, Geoff nonetheless felt warm fluid slowly cascade down his balls and trace the countours of his thighs, racing for the floor. Pulsating down his legs every time that she squeezed on his expanding cock.

“oh, oh,…”Suzy breathed into his ears as her fingers grasped locks of his hair and yanked at them until his scalp ached.

“C’mon, baby, sing for me.” He told her, again.

“gorilla…he likes – oooh – bananas – oooh – yeah – baby – b-a-n-a-n-a-s…I like – bananas…c’mon, b-a-n-a-n-a-s…geoffrey’s…banana….b-a-n-a-n-a-geoff!”

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door out in the make-up room as cast members started to try to get back into their make-up.

Geoff grasped Suzy by the ribcage and pulled her torso away, angling her body for fast-ramming. That’s when he saw that her pale face and chest flushed red from her forehead to the tiny, round peaks of her breasts and down her stomach toward her fiery patch. Her lips rounded into a soft, silky, pink “O” and her eyebrows arched downward like she would cry with ecstasy. Her emerald eyes dance back and forth, gazing into his as her breathing became shorter and shorter and suddenly stopped.

He rammed his throbbing b-a-n-a-n-a into her tight, natural fire-crotch with ferocious speed, feeling her juices flowing faster as her muscle grasped him tighter. Her heartbeat throbbing in the veins in her forehead and her neck.

“….oh, make me cum…” she whispered. “…such a bad girl…a bad, bad girl, baby.”

His own juice erupted against her cervix like a cannon-load of creamy love. She felt the reflex and came hard.

“Jesus!” Suzy cried under her breath. “Oh, Geoff. Geoff….Just like that. Oh God, Banana!…..Ooooooooooh! B-A-N-A-N-A!”

“Banana?” Geoff smiled.

She grasped his face and kissed him passionately.

“…banana…” she repeated. “…b-a-n-a-n-a…”

His cock ached with her tightness as his lovemaking shook his entire body.

“Mmmmmmm.” Suzy said as she dismounted.

Geoff never missed a beat on the Gorilla song, again and sang and danced it with more enthusiasm than ever.

He and Suzy never revisited the shower, but make up for lost time while they are on the road singing on tour.

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