Systems Engineer Ch. 04

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Chapter 04

Speed boats and Champagne

“You like what you see?” she asked.

My cock was proving that I liked it by starting to thicken and rise. It was her turn to look at me.

“You’re as big as a black man,” she said, her smile growing with my cock.

I looked down to see my cock standing proud.

“Do I get a turn?” she asked, throwing the towel over the back of a chair and advancing on me.

“Are you all sex starved here?”

“I am,” she said, taking my cock in hand. “It’s been months.”

She guided me to her bed. “Let’s have a quickie before I go back to work.”

She put an arm around my back and pulled me down with her, leaving me kneeling between her legs. She used my cock to heighten her excitement, rubbing it over her fanny till her juices flowed.

Her legs felt soft as my hands rested on them, her thick thatch of black curly hair contrasting with her olive skin and the pink pouty lips with their dark tips spread wide. She gave my cock an extra squeeze as she guided the head into her waiting hole, letting me push the final fraction to penetrate her.

The soft, silky feel of it sliding in with her tight walls sending ripples of pleasure down to my tingling root made me groan. When I was all the way in I leaned forward, hands planted by her sides, and began to rock my hips, her face contorting with pleasure.

Her breasts were rolling back and fore with my thrusts, the perspiration making us both slippery. She gripped my arms as her hips bucked, letting out an ‘Ooo’ and convulsing with the peak of her orgasm.

I pushed tight as she subsided, laying on her soft breasts as I let her recover, her tunnel still tight and twitchy. She clung to me as her breathing slowed.

“Oh, God, could we do that again?” she said, hugging me to her.

She released me and stretched out. “I feel wonderful.”

I pushed up off my elbows, rearing back to finish me off.

“Oh, God, is that the time!” She turned to look up at me as I started to thrust.

The expression on her face turned from alarm to satisfaction and she arched her hips up to meet me. This time it was my turn to groan and shudder as within the minute I was cumming my load into her, my legs quivering and refusing to hold.

I sagged back down, her arms enveloping me as she hugged my back, letting the seconds tick as I recovered and my cock shrank back to plop out.

“I’ve got to love you and leave you. I’ll be a minute in the shower then I’m gone,” she said as she wiggled out from under me.

“Pull the door and it’ll lock after you’ve found your music,” she added with a knowing smile.

I lay on the bed and listened to the faint sounds of the shower, wondering how I’d perform with Jo later. Thankfully I had an afternoon to recover. She came out and smiled at me on her way to the door then with a wave she was gone.

I rolled off the bed, hoping the wet patch would dry. My first stop was the shower, using one of the wet towels to dry me then it was a careful search of the bed and surrounds. I didn’t find it anywhere, obvious or not.

I was tempted, but ruled out the drawers. I hadn’t been near and I doubted she would. Puzzled, I half questioned if I had it and then gave up. I’d lock up behind me and ask Jane about it when I saw her.

I walked slowly back to my place, regretting leaving my iPad behind. Having customs go through my laptop was worrying enough; my iPad with all my emails was a no-no. I let myself in and flopped down on the bed, my stomach full and my cock happy.

It was night back home and I drifted into the wonderful land of dreams, escaping a reality more bizarre than any I could dream up. Jane woke me, sitting next to me and shaking my shoulder.

“Umm,” I grumbled. “Okay, I’m awake.”

I was lying face down, pillow scrunched escort kartal up in my arms. I half rolled to look at her.

“What time is it?”

“Nearly tea time. Come on, I only had sandwiches for dinner and I’m starving.”

I shook my head free of the cobwebs and turned my legs to the edge of the bed, rolling to sit up as she stood. We walked out together, me remembering about my iPod as we stepped through the door.

“Jane?” I said, pausing. “You haven’t seen my music player, have you?

“Yes, it’s here in my bag. I must have put it there when I was creaming you,” she said, fishing for it.

“No, leave it there. I just wondered where it was,” I said, turning to walk on.

She told me about having to change a card and rebooting one of the servers as we walked to dinner, and of the system nearly crashing while she did it. The IT director was panicked to the edge of a nervous breakdown.

Jo came in just behind us and joined us in the queue, standing facing me in her high heels, emphasizing her slim figure and perfect breasts, the little pink nipples almost glowing. When the queue started moving, she turned, letting her auburn hair flick around as she faced forwards.

The queue pushed forward, pressing us closer together and putting Jo between us. We took our trays and walked over to the table, me putting mine down with them on either side of me.

“So what did you think of my music?” I asked, turning to Jane.

“I didn’t get time to listen to any,” she replied.

“I heard there was a meltdown in IT today. Jackie said that the computers were running slow, it was taking ages to load a web page,” Jo put in.

“You should have seen them,” Jane laughed. “Jock was like a mother hen who’d lost her brood, with them all standing around me while I read the fault log.”

Jackie soon joined us and they nattered about the day’s events, another day of crisis since Jason was caught. I ate quietly while I listened in, wondering how it would affect me. There was nothing for me till they sorted themselves out.

I finished first and went and got the coffees, bringing one for Jay, who I saw joining them. I pulled another chair and put it next to Jo as she made room to share. The chatter continued as Jay was brought up to speed, acknowledging that her computer seemed slow sometimes, too.

I wondered what Jo had in mind with her boating trip. My cock felt rested and lively, taking an interest in the naked display of flesh when I went for the drinks. I’d caught Jo taking a peek that made it more excited when our eyes met and she licked her lips.

When Jay finished, leaving her cold coffee, we walked over to drop our trays and file out. Jo hung behind with me.

“I’ve arranged the boat,” she said directly. “I need to collect a few things. You can wait in the café. I won’t be ten minutes.”

She was fifteen going on twenty, turning up with a handbag over her shoulder that split her breasts and hung heavy at her waist.

“Come on, then,” she said, stopping in front of me.

I stood and followed as she walked out onto the beach, leading the way to the wooden jetty. We took one of the medium boats, with a little cabin below.

“It’s a hundred bucks a throw for one of these for the evening. We’ve got to have it back by seven,” she said casually as she sat in the captain’s chair. “Undo the ropes at the front and back and we’ll head out.”

I went to the back but a man on the dock was already undoing the one on the post there. He threw me the rope and walked forward to the other one. I coiled them up as she started the motor and gunned us out.

I stood by her side as she drove the boat in a series of sweeping curves, spraying water left and right as we zig-zaged out to the centre of the lake.

“Here looks about right,” she said as maltepe escort she pulled the throttles back.

She turned to me as she turned the engine off. “Come, I’ve got a bottle in my bag.”

She went down into the little cabin and opened her bag up. Inside was a box and a screw top bottle of wine. She opened the box to pull out two bubble wrapped glasses.

“I bring my own. There’s a thirty buck house cover on those in the fridge,” she said.

I nodded while she opened the wine and poured, taking the proffered glass and sitting next to her.

“So, how did you end up here?” I asked.

“JJ brought me when he was headhunted,” she said, smiling.

“And you like it here, I take it.”

“The money’s good and there are enough handsome Bi’s around to keep me satisfied,” she replied.

I nodded again. “I can’t imagine what it’d be like to live here full time though.”

She twisted and sat in the corner of the plush seat, shucking her sandal and bringing her foot up to expose her pussy to me, her shaved lips shiny with her landing strip a shade of reddish brown with tight little curls clumped together.

“It’s okay. I’ve had some fun times.” The wicked smile telling me what kind of fun she was thinking of.

“The question is,” she said, looking down at my crotch. “Am I going to have fun tonight?”

She lifted her foot and stretched out, heel on my thigh and toes caressing my semi hard cock.

“Is Mr. Dick up to it?” she said seductively.

My cock hardened up almost visibly, pushing up and making her twist her foot to keep contact. She took a swig of her glass and put it down, turning her leg under her as she leant forward to grasp my thickened shaft.

“There’s a bed through there,” she said, eyes flicking to the forward door.

I took a hasty sip of my wine and set it down as I prepared to stand. Jo flipped her leg around and led the way though. It was a waterbed, covered with a crisp white sheet and undulating with the boat as we moved around.

Jo threw herself onto it and rolled to look at me. As I cautiously climbed on she reached and pulled at me, overbalancing me so I collapsed next to her. As I rolled over she put her hands on my chest and held me down, climbing on top of me.

She sat astride my chest, leaving me looking up into her grinning face.

“Let’s have fun,” she said, flashing her arched eyebrows.

She reached behind to take me and inched backwards on her knees. She guided my head into her moist pussy, stroking it up and down in the folds to wet it before rimming her hole as she pushed against it to let the head just slip in.

She let it slip in and out three times before pushing further and letting go to lean on my ribs. She inched it in, the look on her face telling of her pleasure as it filled her and I felt the grip of her tunnel reach to its root.

She began to fuck me and I reached up to take her bouncing breasts, holding her nipples in the crook of my thumbs as they jiggled against my hands. She set a fast pace, her cheeks slapping against me as she pounded down, her head and neck thrown back and mouth wide.

She pumped me vigorously, surprising me by cumming much quicker than I expected, arching her back with a loud groan as her knees clamped against me. The pulsing of her tunnel sent thrills through me as her body shuddered.

She collapsed into my arms, panting in soft moans.

“Oh, Jesus, that was nice.” She gasped. “That was worth the wait.”

I chuckled. “Mr. Dick’s ready for round two.”

She squeezed me with her thighs. “Finish it doggy style, nice and deep.”

I waited for her to move as she slowly rose up and let it slip out. She raised her leg to let me slide out, getting to my knees behind her. I took my cock and let it plunge straight in, feeling her silky firmness pendik escort bayan as it enveloped me

I took her hips and looked down her bronzed back, her head resting on her arms. I rocked my hips slowly, savouring the feeling of her pussy.

“Harder,” she commanded, raising her head slightly.

I sped up, gripping her hips tighter as my balls slapped against her. The bed joined in, the waves grinding us and bending me inside her, making it even more exotic. I stroked on as the pleasure and pressure built, driving me to the edge.

I slammed against her and pressed tight, my hips jerking with my eruption inside her as she pushed back. As the surge subsided, I released her and lay forward, panting in the afterglow as the tingling subsided.

She lowered us, letting me squeeze out. I rolled off to the side and lay on my back, causing more waves that pushed us together.

She turned to me. “You’re a good fuck. Be nice if you’re around for a while.”

She sat up. “Let’s go finish our wine.”

I sat up with her and we climbed off and went back to the little lounge. Jo wiped herself with a fresh flannel and passed it to me.

“Put it in the laundry basket over in that cupboard when you’ve finished.”

She sat down and took up her glass, resting back in the corner with her foot up again. I sat back down and reached for my glass. I was feeling spent but with that glow of fresh sex. I turned into my corner and sat half facing her.

“I bet you’re good at your job, too,” I said to her.

“Good enough to keep it,” she said with a smile.

We finished the wine with small talk about our cultures. As she drank the last drop she looked at the time on her phone.

“Would Mr. Dick like a quickie?” she asked.

My cock twitched at the thought of sex. “What’s missionary like on that bed?”

“Doggy is best, missionary reminds me of Duran Duran’s orgasmatron with the waves on that thing.”

I swallowed down the last of my wine and stood to show my now jutting cock.

Her eyes lit on it and a grin split her face. “Come on, big boy.”

I walked to the door and climbed back onto the bed, Jo behind me, reaching between my legs to give my cock a squeeze and she climbed on behind me. She knelt on all fours as I maneuvered myself into place, using the dying waves to waggle it around her pussy before pushing to penetrate her and slide it softly in.

I started hard and fast and continued until she started with a shiver and collapsed to her elbows. I held her hips tight and humped on, knowing that I was getting near mine. In a few more strokes, I was there, she franticly reaching up to play with her clit as I leant in and rested on her.

She groaned and sagged, her pulsing tunnel sending another jolt through me as she moaned and shuddered. As I moved with her, it slipped out and she gave a complaining ‘Oh’. I backed off and lay beside her, happy to rest.

Minutes later she stirred. “Come on, let’s change this sheet and get back.”

She wiped herself with the sheet as we walked through, giving it to me to use and consign to the dirty laundry. She got a clean one from another cupboard and we draped it over the bed before she drove us back.

She left me at my path, saying, “I’ll tell Jane you’re back.”

I lay down, hoping that Jane would bring my music player with her, I was feeling a little lost without it. It was probably early morning back home but I couldn’t be bothered to work it out. I awoke with Jane snuggled in next to me, her hand holding my cock as she spooned me from behind.

My cock grew of its own accord as my stirring woke her, her sweet perfume wafting over me.

“Hi,” she said sleepily. “Your door was open.”

“I fell asleep. It must be morning back in the UK.”

She yawned and I caught it.

“It’s time for sleep over here,” she said waggling my cock. “That’s unless you got other ideas.”

“My Mr. Dick seems to; I think it wants to see inside you.”

She chuckled. “Jo’s been training you.”

She got to her knees. “Lie down unless you want to be on top.”

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