Sweet Teen Ballbuster Ch. 03

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That all decided, I made Kim promise to do any homework she might have for the evening and got on with fixing us a bite to eat.

I pottered around the kitchen and rustled up some burgers with fries, wondering all the while if I was losing my mind.

Why hadn’t I been firmer with Kim and just plain refused to let her stay overnight? Why hadn’t I just turned her away at the door? Did this make me a bad man for not putting my foot down?

All these questions ran through my head, until I took our cooked supper through to the living room.

I almost dropped the plates at the sight of Kim lying belly-down on the floor, her school bag and books scattered around her and her tartan miniskirt halfway up her ass.

Those pink see-through panties were on display again, this time she was kicking her legs up & down in her knee-high socks and playing with the pen in her mouth.

“Dinner’s ready!” I told her.

“Oh great, it looks scrummy!” she exclaimed, abandoning her books and rising up slowly to her knees.

Her skirt flipped right over her back and she held that pose for what seemed like an eternity.

Her sweet ass in the air, only thinly covered by those loose pink panties, with absolutely everything on display. Her body language just screamed ‘Fuck me hard doggy-style, right now!’

I put the plates down after a while and she joined me at the table. We didn’t speak much while we ate, but she kept looking at me with a mischievous glint in her eye.

After a while she started rubbing her foot up and down my shin, playing footsy under the table. She giggled slightly as I coughed, then withdrew her foot.

“Well Uncle Will, what have you got planned for this evening?” she asked me, as we finished the meal off.

I chose my words carefully…

“As it’s a school night Kim, so to speak, then you have to go to bed at a decent hour!”

“Awwww!” she moaned.

“But, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun before then,” I added.

She cheered up somewhat, at the sound of that.

“Oh yeah? What kind of fun did you have in mind Uncle Will?” she pressed.

“Well, I’m a member of the local snooker hall, so maybe you’d like to go there with me for a while?”

“Sure, it sounds great!” she replied, a wicked little grin spreading across her face.


I grabbed a couple of cues at the snooker hall, which happened to be empty, some blue chalk and a plastic triangle.

Leading her to the table, I showed Kim how to set up the balls in the triangle, the black and pink at the top and the red ones below. Then the rest of the colours in the right order and we were good to start…

“Why don’t you break?” I suggested.

“Oh, errrr… ok, Uncle Will… but I have no idea what you mean!” she giggled.

Soon we were down the other end of the table, with me showing her what to do from behind her.

This meant close body contact, as I showed her how to hold the cue, how to line up the shot on the white ball and how to aim at the red triangle.

“Red triangle, Uncle Will? I bet you just love those!” she taunted, as she pushed her ass hard against my belly and wiggled it all the while.

She then tried to take the first shot, but completely missed the white ball and the cue skidded down her wrist, going nowhere.

“This isn’t as easy as it looks!” she exclaimed.

“Come on Kim, focus! You can do ataşehir escort bayan it if you try,” I encouraged her.

Her second shot was a more determined effort and this time she hit the white dead centre. We watched as it spun down the table and split the triangle, the red balls exploding outwards and spreading wide on the table.

“Not bad Kim!” I told her, as she jumped up and down with joy at her first snooker break.

“I think I like this game Uncle Will!” she replied, urging me to tell her all about it as we played on through the night.

She managed to tease the hell out of me throughout, of course.

Comments such as ‘I love the feel of these balls, they’re so hard and smooth’ and ‘I bet you love getting one down the hole, don’t you Uncle Will?’ abounded, mixed in with all the leaning over the table she could muster to make her skirt ride up.

She had loosened a few buttons of her school blouse too, her perky little bosom that seemed only confined by the thinnest of lacy bras, spilling forward with each shot.

It was her ass that did the most damage though. At one point she even had a leg up on the table for support, her panties on full display once again. My balls ached for her at the sight of that, her pigtails bobbing up and down with every move of her body.

She made a big deal of chalking up the cue as well, running her fingers up and down the hard shaft while winking at me like a cat on heat.

So the night progressed until it was time to go. I checked the clock at the end of our last game and it read ten-thirty.

“Let’s go home now Kim,” I told her, to which she nodded in agreement. This was probably due to the fact that she’d pulled every move she could think of already, in the teasing Uncle Will department.

She rubbed her hand on my thigh as we drove home, while she told me what a great time she’d had.

“Glad you enjoyed it!” I said, as we pulled into my driveway.

Once inside, I lay down a few basic ground rules: No smoking, except in the kitchen. No drinking, as this was a school night. Early to bed for a good night’s sleep, etc…

She seemed to agree with all of it, as in there were no audible protests. She grabbed her schoolbag and was soon off to change into her night attire.

I was sitting watching TV with a can of beer for company, when she returned to kiss me goodnight.

My jaw clanked open at the sight of her, in an almost see-through white nightie which barely reached the top of her thighs, matching white see-through panties and her honey-blond hair brushed down, minus the pigtails.

She’d clearly thought of everything when planning this overnight stay.

She got cosy with me on the couch, placing one leg over mine. Her snow white skin glistened in the lamplight and her scent was heavenly.

The racing stripe of her soft honey-blond pussy hair was clearly visible through her panties and I could have sworn they were dampening right in front of my eyes. The air smelled richly sweet, that was for sure.

“Thanks for letting me stay,” she whispered softly to me, her voice so husky and sexy it made my nerves jangle.

“No problem Kim, you were always my f-f-f-favourite niece!” I assured her.

“And you’re my most favourite, bestest, most amazing Uncle!” she replied, a look of hunger and wanting deep in her innocent blue eyes.

I noticed she’d kept her escort kadıköy make-up on. The smoky mascara covered eyes and cherry red lipstick made her look like some backstreet jailbait Lolita. You know, the kind of girl we all dream of nailing, if only just once.

Yet here she was, sitting right next to me in my own house. Dressed scantily and determined to get as close to me as she could. I silently asked God to wake me up, in case I really was dreaming.

I put my arm around her and we snuggled in close to watch TV. My heart was pounding fast in my chest, with her being this close to me and making herself this available…

She rubbed her leg up and down mine’s and my cock twinged and sprang to life, hardening up fast while my balls begged for release from her endless taunting and teasing.

Soon I had a raging hard-on and she knew it. Her eyes lit up and that mischievous little girl grin returned to her face, as she realised she’d given her favourite Uncle the type of hard-on that most men only get while on full strength Viagra.

She sat up and threw her leg right over me, until she had her arms around my shoulders and her legs straddled around me.

The lacy pattern of silk that barely covered her sweet succulent breasts was almost touching my face, as I breathed in her womanly scent fully.

Her nipples pushed against the thin material, as she lowered herself down on me, until her pantie covered pussy was rubbing against my cock.

“Don’t say anything Uncle Will,” she whispered softly, while placing one of her dainty fingers on my lips.

She started making slow up and down movements with her pussy, dry humping me through my jeans, while my cock, like a prisoner, stood like a baseball bat beneath them.

She buried her head in my neck area, as I ran my fingers through her soft blond hair and cupped her pantie covered ass at the same time. Her silk nightie rubbed up and down against my hand along with her movements, which were now getting faster…

Soon she was fucking me like some dream-come-true schoolgirl lap-dancer, her pussy bouncing hard against my raging cock. Even through the confines of my boxers and jeans, I could feel all of her, as if we were doing it for real.

It was then that she placed her lips on mine.

Helpless to resist, I felt her hot little tongue enter my mouth and she soon frenched me out like an expert.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her face tight against mine, ’til our tongues were lashing around in each other’s mouths, doing a dance in perfect time with our wild screwing.

During the course of all this, her lipstick was getting smeared all across my face and I was loving every minute of it.

She started groaning, not just a whimsical groan, but a feral wanton moan that came from somewhere deep inside her, as she frantically rode my cock faster and faster.

Soon she was out of control and her waist, hips and pussy switched to auto-pilot as her whole body shuddered, then shook, as she came like a rag-doll on top of me.

“Yes, oh yes!” she exclaimed, as a powerful orgasm ripped right through her for what seemed like a whole two minutes.

She threw her head back as she gripped my knees behind her, thrusting her teen kitty against me like a piston on overdrive. It was so dripping wet that her pantie gusset was soaked right through, right in front of my eyes.

The scent bostancı escort of her girl cum was glorious. She gave a final hard thrust and then stopped in suspended animation, as if time itself stood still…

Drained, she then collapsed in my arms, purring like the cat that pinched the cream. Her eyes were closed and she had a satisfied grin on her face.

We remained like that for a countless age, neither of us wanting to spoil the moment by breaking it off.

My balls still ached for release, but I realised I’d just been gifted an incredible, sensual moment with my beautiful teenage niece. Not many guys got this lucky.

I counted my blessings as I carried her off to the spare bedroom. One arm around her back and the other under her ass, her legs dangled in mid-air while she snuggled into my chest.

I lay her down gently on the bed and covered her with a duvet.

“Goodnight sweet Kimmie!” I whispered, as I kissed her cheek and turned out the light.

Back in my own bedroom, I got changed into my nightshirt and hit the hay. The day’s events played out in my mind and soon my cock, which had subsided just a little, was raging hard once again.

There’d be little chance of sleeping unless I did something about it. This was the kind of hard-on that couldn’t be ignored!

I wondered if that was an okay thing to do with Kim sleeping under my roof that night, then figured that she’d had her release, now I needed mine.

I reached down and stroked my throbbing cock, as I savoured every second of what had just happened between Kim and me.

She seemed to be something akin to a sex goddess, whore, angel, hooker and virgin. All rolled up into one.

It seemed my teenage niece was taking over my life and to be honest, I didn’t mind one bit.

Thinking of her dry-humping me again, I could easily recall every touch, move, sight and sound of it.

It was her scent that sent me over the edge though, it was still lingering all over me. I jerked faster and faster, almost like a man possessed.

As her fragrance fully hit my nostrils, I imagined her cumming on me again and my balls screamed out loud for release.

I hit the point of no return and that feeling of free-falling in no man’s land before orgasm lasted an eternity…

Then it was all over, as my cock almost exploded and stream after stream of my thick white man cum spewed forth, all over every part of Kim and me.

I saw her drenched in my cream, splashing it all over her face, titties, pussy and ass, as I milked every lost drop of it for her.

“I love you, you fucking teasing little bitch!” I said to myself, as the last few waves of sensation swept over me.

Exhausted and spent, I rolled over and fell into a deep sleep within minutes.

The next thing I remember was my alarm clock ringing. It was the usual time, 8 a.m.

Yawning, I made my way to the bathroom and cleaned up.

Memories of the night before seeped through my haziness, as I looked in the mirror and smiled. Maybe this lived-in face wasn’t too bad looking after all?

After I dried off, I went to the spare room to check on Kim.

My heart sank at the sight of an empty bed. She was already gone!

I pulled back the duvet to double-check, like a drowning man clutching at straws.

There, to my pleasant surprise, lay the sheer white nightie she’d worn the night before, along with her see-through cum soaked panties and a little note, written with her lipstick.

It read: ‘Dear Uncle Will, thanks for a lovely time with you. I’m off to school now. See you again next week! Love, Kim xxx’

****** **

( To Be Continued ) …

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