Summer Night

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This is a true story from when I was dating my wife when I was 21. The names have been changed to protect the individuals.

A gentle summer breeze drifted through the window into the dark bedroom. Scott listened to the quiet breathing of his girlfriend, Kara, beside him and on the far side of the bed, her sister, Grace. It had been the sleeping arrangement for the past few nights now, ever since Grace had lost her place. It didn’t bother Scott at first but a few nights without any private time with his lover, he was beginning to feel the strain. It didn’t help that her sister was practically as gorgeous as she was. Grace kept her hair short, in contrast to Kara’s long thick hair. She wasn’t as tan as Kara and was a bit curvier but that only added to her attractiveness. And to top it all off both had an impressive rack, though Grace was slightly smaller. He learned this after ‘accidentally’ seeing her change.

Just thinking about it was making his large cock swell and he shifted slowly to free himself from Kara. He quickly reached into his pajama pants and removed his stiffening member. He began to stroke slowly, thinking about the two girls beside him. Before he knew it his pace quickened, and as a result so did his movements. Kara stirred beside him, rolling over as her eyes began to flutter open.

“Scott?” She whispered. Then her eyes spotted his hard cock.

“I was just-” He stammered out but she just put a hand up to his mouth and stopped him. She rolled in and gave him a deep kiss. They held it for a moment until she pulled away slowly. He felt like he was going to explode, when she reached down and took his cock into her own hand and began to stroke it. She glanced over her shoulder to check on her sister before flashing him a smile and sliding down to his junk.

Scott bit his tongue to keep from calling out as Kara slid his throbbing member into her mouth. She started of slow, working the rest with her hand as he felt her tongue work across him in her mouth. She popped him out of her mouth for only a moment to catch her breath before sliding him back in. She grasped either side of his hips and pulled herself deeper onto his penis. After a few tries, her nose tapped his stomach as she took his entire length.

Scott lost it. Before he could utter a sound he exploded down her throat. She gagged for a second, pulling back slightly but not letting his cock slide out as it spurted an almost entire week’s worth of built up cum inside her. bahis firmaları When he was finally done, she worked his cock a minute longer, draining him of any remaining cum. Finally she pulled her head back and wiped the remains off of her mouth and moved back beside Scott. Grace stirred slightly but didn’t wake.

Kara pulled Scott for a kiss and the two swapped juices as they made out. His hands slipped up her night shirt and he gave her breast a good squeeze before playing with her nipple. She let out a quick gasp before adjusting so he could take her breast in his mouth while his hand toyed with the other. She grabbed the back of his head and moaned quietly as her hips writhed from the pleasure. His free hand wandered down across her smooth belly before sliding into her pajamas and rubbing her wet pussy.

Kara bit her lip as she tried to keep her pleased moans quiet. He began fingering her vigorously as he gently massaged her sensitive nipples with his tongue and fingers. It wasn’t long before he felt her pussy tighten and she buried her face in the pillows to muffle her cries as she orgasmed beside him.

When she was done she was breathing heavily, gazing into his eyes. She pulled his hand out from between her legs and brought his fingers up to her mouth, sucking her cum from them. Grace let out a soft sigh as she rolled over to face them. She had yet to awaken but the two sat quietly for a moment, just in case. After she didn’t stir, Kara turned back to look at Scott.

“You’re still hard.” A coy smile formed on her lips as she looked at him.

“How can I not be, with you right here?” He gave her a quick kiss before she gave one last glance at her sister. She turned back to him returned the kiss.

“Well I guess since it’s my fault I could try to do something about it.” She slowly removed her bottoms and Scott was quick to do the same. She moved to straddle him, guiding his still rock hard member to her entrance. She lowered herself nice and slow, giving her pussy a chance to stretch. If he hadn’t already it would have been enough to make Scott explode.

Once she had taken all of him she placed her hands on his bare chest and began to rock her hips, making his head spin from the pleasure. When Grace remained asleep, she grew more confident. She slipped off her top and guided his hands to her breasts as he began to thrust. He kept a steady rhythm going while she groaned above him. He could feel goosebumps forming over her skin kaçak iddaa and he began to thrust faster until he pushed over the edge. She dropped down and shoved her face in his neck as her pussy clenched.

After she recovered, she came out and gave Scott a big kiss. Her hair drifted across his face so he didn’t notice Grace shift beside them. She had been awoken by the shaking bed and watched her sister cum all over Scott’s large cock. As the two broke the kiss Kara noticed before he did. Grace tried to feign sleep, but Kara had already seen her. Without saying a word to Scott, she slid off of him, moaning softly as his still hard rod slid out of her. She moved between Scott and Grace, turning her back to Scott. She smiled at him over her shoulder as she pulled at her ass, exposing her asshole.

They had done anal sex in the past, but Scott knew Kara wasn’t a huge fan. She only did it when there was a very special occasion. Without waiting for her to get second thoughts, he positioned himself behind her and ever so slowly began to slide his cock inside her ass. Her hands clenched until he had buried his entire manhood inside her, and began a slow pace. Once she had been stretched out her muscles relaxed and she twisted to kiss him before turning back to face Grace.

Without warning, Kara leaned over and kissed her sister on the lips, holding the embrace as Scott fucked her ass. He could see Grace start, but suddenly to his surprise her hand reached up and held Kara in as the two began to kiss more passionately. Kara grimaced as Scott’s cock somehow got even harder inside her and he began to pump a little faster. The two broke the kiss and Grace sat up sharply, looking distraught. Scott slid out of Kara, earning a gasp, and quickly covered up.

“I can’t- I shouldn’t have- I don’t know-” Grace began to stammer quickly. Kara cut her off with a soft brush across the cheek.

“Shh…I know you’ve been…attracted to me. I didn’t really know how to handle it until now. I love you, and I will do anything to make you happy.” Grace just sat there stunned as Kara leaned in and began to kiss her as she unbuttoned Grace’s night shirt. Grace tried to stop her, glancing at Scott. Kara just smiled and kept going, until her shirt fell back onto the bed. Kara slid in more, her breasts rubbing against her sister’s as the two made out in front of Scott.

He wasn’t sure what to do when Kara turned back and layed him down flat on the bed. She layed back on top of kaçak bahis him, her stomach up and guided his cock back to her ass. He slid inside her and she pulled Grace over to the two of them. They began to kiss on top of him as he slowly worked back up to his pace inside Kara’s ass. Grace, taken over with the lust inside her, pulled off her bottoms and began sucking and nibbling on Kara’s breasts. After a brief moment of hesitation, Grace slid her hand down and began to finger her sister’s slit.

Kara, overwhelmed by all the senses began to cum over and over again. As her hips bucked from all the orgasms, Scott’s cock slipped out of her ass and into Grace’s hand. Inhibitions gone, she began to stroke it unlike it had ever been stroked. It was evident she had more handjob experience than her sister which was saying something.

Kara rolled off of Scott and positioned herself beside him as Grace moved down. With her hand still jerking him off, she buried her face in her sister’s snatch. Kara ran her fingers through Grace’s hair as she went to town on her. She abandoned Scott’s cock and focused on her sister. Scott, knowing he might not get another opportunity, rose to fetch a condom while the girls were busy.

He returned, condom on, and moved behind Grace. She slid up to lay over her sister and the two began to kiss while her ass bobbed in the air before him. Without missing a beat, he slid inside her soaked pussy and jumped straight to fucking her. She cried out as he quickly stretched out her walls that had gone unloved for about a year. Kara caressed her sister as her boyfriend fucked her on top of her. She couldn’t help but be turned on, feeling Grace’s bare skin sliding against her own.

Grace screamed as a powerful orgasm took over her body, strengthened by her sister’s attention to her breasts. She got so tight, Scott felt himself ready to burst. He pulled out of her and tore off the condom. Grace began stroking his hard cock with her round ass until he burst. His first load shot across her back, some landing over her shoulder onto Kara’s cheek. More followed than he had ever cum before, soaking Grace’s back in his seed. Exhausted, Scott fell to the bed and watched the two sisters make out.

After a few minutes the girls left the room to clean off, only getting side tracked a few times. Finally they returned and climbed back into bed with Scott. The three snuggled up together, Kara taking the middle as her two lovers caressed her. They all drifted off to sleep, uninterested in any repercussions that may come.

The three have had sex since, but only on special occasions. Grace has started a relationship but she is unaware of what has transpired.

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