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After I left you my friend, Michael and I needed to grab some lunch but he wasn’t in the mood to really eat so we ended up staying here at my girlfriend’s house. Joy was over at Michael’s mom’s house helping out giving us a break to spend some time alone.

I was in a good mood having chatted with you as you have that effect on me, calming me down when I get too upset. Thank you by the way.

Anyways, I wanted Michael to calm down abit since we had such a great night last night. I told him to sit in the chair and I’d make him forget about his tension. I knelt down in front of him and pulled down his jeans. Snaking out his cock I put my lips around him and savored him inside my mouth.

Thinking of what you said right before we hung up I wanted to give him a slow relaxing blowjob. All the while I’m bathing his cock with my tongue and lips I’m thinking of you doing the same thing to your man.

I had him deep in the back of my throat as I licked the underside of his shaft. He was talking to me asking if I had a nice chat with you and if I had told you that she was included in our fun time last night. I nodded yes as he kept on talking about you. He spoke about you, your body and then of the fantasy I used on him last night of you and me together while he sat back and watched us in every position. He especially loved the scenario I had of you and me sharing a nice double headed dildo between us.

The way we looked at each other and of the way we pleasured each other. I could tell he was getting very turned on by what he said and the image he had in his mind of that scene. I did too as I started to rub myself while sucking him. Thinking of you with your man’s cock between your sexy lips gave me an image of me and you side by side giving our men a blowjob. Looking over at you and you looked at me.

Waiting to see who would make their man come first and in the manner in which we would have them come. At about ataşehir escort bayan the same time as each guy looked at each of us, both started to come. I had 2 fingers inside myself by now and was bobbing deep onto Michael head. The image in my mind was too much and I began to come. Rubbing my clit faster and harder, I sucked as hard on his cock.

Michael groaned and began to fill my mouth with his hot come as I swallowed as much as I could, he pulled himself out of my mouth and shot the last remaining streams of come onto my chin and boobs. I wrapped my hand around his shaft and pumped him til only droplets coated my boobs.

I took him back into my mouth and sucked what I could pull from his balls. I then moved back abit and finishing rubbing my pussy I used my fingers to scoop what I could of his come and fed myself with it.

He seemed less tense by this time but figured he needed to do some thrusting of his own to really get it out of his system. Since his cock was still as hard as when I began sucking him, I stood up and lowered myself onto his lap. Guiding his cock into my shaved pussy I rode him for a few minutes before he grabbed my ass and stood up. He placed me up against the wall and slammed his hips into me.

His cock was so hard as he slammed my hot pussy, not stopping nor did I want him to stop. He held onto my ass and bounced me on him with a fury that I don’t see often in him. He was grunting with each stroke as I was moaning into his ear telling him to fuck me harder. His thrusts were hard and oh so deep inside my walls. I came sooner than I wanted too.

He then walked over to the sofa with me cradled in his arms, legs wrapped around his waist and his cock still deep inside me. He set me down on the sofa and told me to turn around. He pushed my back and I found myself on all fours, He slipped his cock back into my pussy and pumped me harder than before. I was egging him on escort kadıköy telling him to give it to me harder, to take me like he would you… he reached up and grabbed a fistful of my long hair and pulled my head back. I loved it!

I kept telling him to drive it in deep, his cock felt so huge and thick. I wanted it all but also wanted it hard and deeper inside me. His hips were slamming off my ass as he held onto my hair. It would have been nice to have you to keep my tongue occupied but I had to do what I could to keep him going. I told him between moans that I wanted you on my tongue. This drove him on more.

He let go of my hair and pulled his cock from my pussy and swung me around again. I took him into my mouth and sucked my wetness from his shaft. I bobbed on his shaft knowing what he was doing and what was coming up next. He pushed his cock into my throat as I licked the head. He then pulled out from my mouth and swung me around again.

He lined up behind me as I waited for it. I felt him push the head of his thick cock against my ass and push in hard. He was in me in a flash. His balls pressed against my pussy as it felt so good. I took his almost 9 inch cock with one fatal thrust and he just pumped onward not stopping. I had his cock so deep in my ass that it felt so good to both of us. He pumped me hard, deep and fast. I could only moan out my pleasure as I started to come again.

I reached under me and rubbed my clit or his balls when I could. He grabbed my hair once again and asked if you like id like this too. I said you loved it this way as slammed into me harder. I could feel his full body thrusting into my tiny ass. Oh it felt so good babe, he was groaning and moaning and oh it was so good. He let go of my hair again and grabbed my hips, pulling me onto his shaft he kept pumping away. I told him to fuck me harder, fuck me like a slut. He moaned with each suggestion I gave him.

He bostancı escort pawed at my boobs, pinching my nipples… squeezing them harder and harder. Giving me his all, I told him to fill my hot ass with his come as he slammed me. I felt his cock grow slightly and knew he was going to come. I told him one last time to think it was you getting his cock… telling him to feel your sexy hips, feel your muscles milking his cock. He slammed me one more time and began to fill my ass with is scorching hot come. It felt as if it shot up my spine and but was felt deep in my rectum. I pumped back onto him as he met my thrusts. He pumped me long after he had come and kept on going.

I had my fingers inside myself again only this time I pretty much had no feeling as al I felt was his cock working in and out my backdoor. I thought about you and what you in the privacy of your home and if were pretty much like me, a slut behind closed doors. I could only imagine the things you do beautiful.

Anyways, he pumped away at me. I had my breasts in my hands, pushing them together, licking my nipples, pinching them hard. He was holding strong as he kept thrusting away. I told him I wanted him to come on my face and my breasts. He pumped me a few more thrusts then pulled straight out. He flipped me over onto the sofa and slid his sticky cock between my breasts. I held him in place and licked the head. He slid between my breasts fast and furious. He pulled way back and on the forward push he started to come again.

He coated my face as I felt jets of come land in my hair and my forehead, on my cheeks and on my eyes. I opened my mouth as more went flew in and then he rubbed the head of his cock against my chin. I licked the head before her placed the head on my tongue. I sucked the head as he pulled back off me. He collapsed next to me as I scooped what come I could and fed myself.

I asked him how he felt and he said great, no more tension. I lay next to him, my legs parted on the floor as I sat beside him. I slipped my fingers back into myself then pulled them out and tasted myself. We drifted off next to each other to which I woke about 10 minutes before I started writing this to you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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