Sophie Becomes Daddy’s Favorite Toy Ch. 02

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I had forgotten about the first time Daddy and I had fucked he had mentioned me fucking him and his brother. It wasn’t until my uncle Josh showed up for a weekend visit that I remember.

Daddy and I had been having sex for several months now and were in fact living as man and wife. I kept the house clean and cooked for him and we had sex anytime we wanted. Sometimes we made love and sometimes we fucked. Either way we loved being together.

Daddy had proven to be a wonderful lover. He was always open to new experiences and he loved the butt plug. In fact we had burned up the first one I bought and I had just gone to the adult book store and bought another one, along with a strap on dildo. It was time we tried something new and I thought he would love it.

But it didn’t look like I was going to get to find out tonight. Hearing a knock on the door I opened it to my Uncle smiling back at me.

“Hi Uncle Josh, I didn’t know you were coming.”

“Hi sweetie, I was in the area on business and thought I should stop in.”

“Well, Dad will be happy to see you. Come on in. I was just fixing supper.”

He followed me into the kitchen and we made small talk as I finished preparing dinner. We heard the door open and dad yell out.

“Honey, I’m home. What do you have for Daddy to eat tonight?”

He said in a lascivious tone. I turned to look at my uncle who looked at me surprised.

Dad started to say something else and stopped short when he saw Josh sitting there.

“Hey Josh, what are you doing here?”

The two men hugged and sat down to start catching up. After dinner I excused myself and went upstairs to allow them time to talk. I knew that my Dad wasn’t going to tell Josh about our sex life, I was sure of it. But after about ten minutes I couldn’t take it anymore and tiptoed down the hall to listen.

“Dave, I heard the tone you used when you ask Sophie what she had for you. Are you fucking your own daughter?”

There was a moments silence and then I heard my fathers answer.

“Yes I am we’ve been lovers for several months now. I couldn’t help myself. She offered and I had been so long without a woman I could stop myself.”

“David it’s wrong. But I understand. I haven’t been with anyone in a long time and she is one hot little number.”

“You know Josh, I ask her once if she would let you fuck her and she said yes.”

I swallowed hard, wondering what Josh would say. It was sexy as hell and if his cock was as big as Daddy’s it would be hot.

“Do you think Sophie would let me fuck her really? I would like that.”

I had made up my mind I was going to get double fucked tonight. With any luck before the weekend was over I would have a few more of my fantasies met.

“Hey honey we were just talking about you.”

“You were what were you saying.”

Neither man spoke for a long time. I turned to look at them over my shoulder. Both of them were a little red in the face.

“Daddy did you tell Uncle Josh, that I’m your little whore?”

He didn’t answer he just smiled knowing I was putting on a show for my uncle and enjoying it.

“What do you say we all move into the living room? We can get more comfortable there.”

Neither man argued and instead stood and moved into the living room. I turned on the TV and sat down between them on the sofa. Leaning over I whispered in Daddy’s ear that I wanted to jack him off. He didn’t hesitate and opened his fly and pulled his semi erect cock free. With my hand wrapped around his cock, I leaned over and told my uncle the same thing. There was a moment’s hesitation and then he pulled his cock free to. It was almost as big as Daddy’s but it was much thicker.

They each moaned as I stroked their cocks. I could see Daddy watching my hand slide up and down Uncle Josh’s cock and it seemed to make his cock get harder.

“What do you want Daddy?”

“I want to see your slutty little mouth wrapped around that fat cock.”

I didn’t say a word as I got down on my knees and started to slowly suck my uncle’s fat cock. My father was rubbing his cock and watching me. This was a new game and it was exciting.

“That’s it suck his cock, show Daddy what a good cock sucker you are.”

My uncle sat still, but he was enjoying it. I was so wrapped up in what I was doing I didn’t hear the words that my Daddy spoke.

“Come on Josh, fuck her mouth. She loves sucking cock.”

Then I heard my uncle moan and his hands on my head.

“Oh that’s it you little slut, suck your uncles fuck pole. You’re a good little cocksucking whore aren’t you.”

I felt his balls tighten and knew he was going to shoot his load and I sucked it all out of him.

“Oh my God Sophie, I have never had a blowjob like that before it was so hot. I want to see you suck you fathers cock now.”

I didn’t hesitate, I love sucking my Daddy’s cock and moved over in front of him. Pulling his so that his ass was just on the edge of the sofa. I covered his cock with my mouth. Trying hard to take it all in my mouth. teen porno Knowing my uncle was watching intently, I licked my way down my Daddy’s shaft and sucked one of his balls into my mouth. I knew he loved this little trick. First sucking one and then the other, he knew where I was headed and I thought he would stop me but he must have been too caught up in what was going on. Slowly I began rimming his puckered hole and listened for the moan I knew was about to come. Hearing it, I sucked on my fingers getting them wet and pushed one inside his tight ass and watched his cock lurch. Hearing my Uncles gasp I looked over to see him watching me closely.

“You like seeing me finger fuck your brother, Uncle Josh?”

“Oh yeah, it’s so hot. Why didn’t you do that to me? Judging by his reaction I think I would like it.”

“Maybe next time Uncle.”

Moving back I took my Daddy’s cock in my mouth and started sucking. His moans were getting louder.

“OH yes baby suck your Daddy’s cock. Fuck my ass with your finger. You’re such a good little whore.”

I couldn’t take anymore and I knew that I needed to have a cock inside of me and soon. My pussy was aching. Standing I took hold of both men’s tools and led them down the hall to the bed my father and I shared. It was time we got busy. Telling both men to get on the bed, I went to the drawer to get some toys. I was going to make this a night neither of them would forget. Grabbing the lube and the butt plugs, I moved to where my uncle Josh lay looking a little shell shocked.

“Lift your legs for me Uncle Josh and spread you ass cheeks for me.” Knowing what he wanted I started rimming his ass and listened to his moans getting louder and louder. Still I didn’t want him to cum until he was inside of me. Lubing the plug, I slowly slid it into his ass. I was surprised at how low he moaned.

“It feels good doesn’t it Josh. Tell her what you think.”

There was a moment of silence and between moans he said what he thought.

“You’re such a little slut Soph, I never knew. I can’t wait to pound your cunt with my big fat cock.”

“Me either Uncle Josh. Just a little longer. I need to take care of my Daddy.”

Moving over between my Daddy’s legs he didn’t have to be told. He loved it when I put the butt plug in he said that it made his cock get harder for me. He was right it always did. Pushing my plug into his ass I watch his cock twitch and jump. Snaking my way up his body I kissed him long and deep.

“Daddy, I want you to fill your baby girls ass with your big cock, and I want Uncle Josh to put his big fat cock in my cunt. Would you like that Daddy? To see me get fucked by both of you.”

“You’re such a good little girl and Daddy loves you so much. I want to fuck your ass so bad.”

“I know Daddy and tonight you’re little girl is offering it up to you. Fuck my ass Daddy please.”

My uncle lay beside us watching, not able to hear the words but knowing it was too hot.

Reaching for the lube, I greased up Daddy’s cock and positioned my self above his cock.

I lowered myself slowly looking over my shoulder at my uncle’s stunned expression. I felt the pressure of Daddy’s cock at my opening and I shuddered.

“Relax little girl, you know you want my big cock in your ass. Say it.”

“Yes, Daddy, I want your cock in my ass. I want it so bad.”

I heard instead of saw my uncle stroking his cock. Slowly inch by blissful inch I lowered myself on Daddy’s cock. When he was buried deep inside of me I sighed.

“Relax baby girl, rub your clit a little it will help to relax you.”

I went right to work on my clit and it did relax me, and before long I was riding my Daddy’s’ big fuck pole.

“That’s it Sophie, take your Daddy’s big cock in your ass. You’re Dad was right you’re a fucking whore aren’t you.”

“Oh yes, I am it feels so good having his cock in my ass Uncle Josh. You want to stick your fat cock in my pussy.”

“Do it Josh, ram your cock in my little girls cunt, he wants it. She wants us to fuck her like the whore she is.”

I watched as Uncle Josh started to remove the butt plug. But that would take away from the effect.

“No Uncle Josh, leave it in. I want to know that your hole is filled while you fill mine. He looked a little uncertain, but was on his knees between my legs in an instant.

“I want to fuck your cunt, so hard.”

“Do it, fuck your sweet little niece. Fuck your big brothers whore daughter she wants it.” I told him.

With that he lined his fat cock up with my dripping pussy and pushed it deep and hard inside of me. I came instantly. Before long they had found a rhythm and worked together pumping their cocks in and out of me. It was so fucking hot to have my fathers cock in my ass and my Uncles in my pussy. The only thing that would finish off this fantasy was to have my cousin cock in my mouth. Then I would have all my holes filled. But there was time enough for that. For now I wanted to concentrate on fucking these two.

I tricky masseur porno was in a constant state of orgasm having the cocks move in and out of me that at first I didn’t hear what they were saying.”

“Josh, I can feel your cock moving in and out of my baby girls cunt, it’s so fucking hot.”

“I know I can feel your cock in her ass too. I want to fill her with my cum and then fuck her in her ass.”

“Do it, cum deep inside of her and then I’ll fill her pussy with my cum. I want cum running out of her. I want to know she’s been fucked well.”

“Do it Uncle Josh, fill me with your hot cum. Empty yourself deep inside your sweet cum sucking nieces pussy. I want it I want you to fill me up.”

After a few more thrust he filled me with his cum. He came and came and I could feel it dripping out of me. I knew it was dripping down on Daddy’s balls because I heard him moan.

“Daddy, I want you to fill my ass with your cum. I want it dripping out of both my holes. Please Daddy.”

“Oh baby I love you so much. I want to fill you.”

With one fast motion I had been rolled over to my stomach and Daddy was pulling me to my knees.

“You want it hard? Beg for it?”

“Yes Daddy I want it hard, I want you to fuck my ass hard. Please Daddy fuck my ass.”

He didn’t wait for more and began pushing in and out of me. Long hard strokes. It was wonderful. Then I felt a finger on my clit and looked to see my uncle was teasing my pussy. My moans were getting louder.

“Yes Daddy fuck me harder. Fuck my ass. It feels so good.”

His moans were getting louder and I knew it was about to cum. Having forgot about the plug inside his ass until now. I reached around me until I found the controller and turned it one high. I felt his cock twitch and before long, he had his big cock shoved deep inside of me was trying to push more in as he exploded.

“Oh Sophie, I love you so much. Thank you for that.”

“I love you too Daddy. I loved having your cock in my ass. It felt so good. Later I want to feel Uncle Josh’s fat cock in there. I’m far from done playing with you two.”

We lay back on the bed, exhausted from our play. I dozed off only to wake up alone. Going into the bathroom I showered and made my way down the hall to the kitchen. I hadn’t bothered getting dressed it didn’t seem like there was much point to it. I stopped and listened to the two of them talking.

“You know what be really hot, is seeing Sophie with another girl.” My uncle Josh said.

“Yeah, I’d like to see that two. Knowing how good she sucks cock, I wonder if she can eat pussy that good too.”

“Have you ever asked her about her fantasies? I mean other than fucking you and finger fucking your ass. We should ask her. Who knows maybe that’s one of hers too? I mean what could it hurt to talk about this stuff with her. I mean it could prove interesting.”

I had lots of fantasies and if they wanted to know them I would let them ask. I wanted to control both of them, and I knew I could. Letting both of them have a taste of me would prove to be their undoing. They would do whatever I wanted, they knew it and so did I.

Yawning loudly I walked into the kitchen and went right to the fridge. Bending over so they could get a good look I pulled out a can of beer and popping the top leaned back on the counter.

“So what are you two doing?”

“We were just talking about fantasies.” Uncle Josh smiled up at me.

“Really, who’s?”

“All of ours little girl.”

“Do you have any Daddy? What are they?” I ask him sound as young as I could.

“Well, yes I do. Your uncle and I were just saying how hot it would be to watch you eat pussy. Would you do that for your Daddy?”

“Daddy, you know I would do anything for you. Whose pussy do you want me to eat, or is it just any?”

I knew I had them, I thought for sure they had someone in mind. Now it was time to find out who. Once I did I would be able to tell them what I wanted. Then see if they were still so keen on the idea.

“Well yes we did have someone in mind.”

“Who, tell me Daddy?”

“Your cousin Corrine. From what I hear she’s quite a little slut and she swings both ways. You think she would go for something like that?”

“I know she would Daddy, Corrine and I have played around with each other before on family vacations. I bet she would even let you watch. I don’t know if she would let you fuck her though.”

The men were silent and just stared at me.

“Really Sophie, you’ve already had sex with Corrine?”

“Well, we didn’t do much Uncle Josh we just played with each others pussys. She stuck her fingers in mine pussy and licked them and I did the same thing. It was different and fun.”

Both men shifted in their seats the topic of conversation obviously getting to them.

“How about I call her ask her. Would you like that?”

Neither men spoke, the just nodded.

“Let’s go into Daddy’s office where I can put it on speaker phone.”

Standing türkçe alt yazı porno the followed me into the office. Dialing the phone, I put it on speaker once it started ringing.


“Hey Corrine, its Sophie”

“Hey girl, long time no hear, what’s going on?”

“Well I was just thinking about the last summer vacation we took, and what we did. Do you remember?”

“How could I forget, I’ve still never tasted a pussy as sweet as yours Sophie.”

“Well, I have decided that I want to see if I like it so I was wondering if you would be around next week. You could come over to Dads and we could see what happens.”

“Sounds like a plan my pussy is getting wet just thinking about burying my face between your legs Soph.”

“How about Tuesday night, I fix us some dinner and we’ll go from there.”

“I’ll be there at 5 I want to be able to spend as much time with you as I can. I miss you cousin.”

“Miss you too, she you Tuesday.”

Hanging up the phone I smiled at my Uncle and my Dad. “Well there you go, it’s all set up. When she gets here on Tuesday, I’ll ask if you can watch.”

“Sophie, you are such a good daughter. I want to make all your fantasies come true.”

“Really Daddy, all of them?”

“Yes whatever they are.”

“What about you Uncle Josh, you feel the same way?

“Yes you little slut, anything you want.”

“I just love it when you call me those nasty names. It makes my pussy get all hot.”

I waited for them to ask me what my fantasies were and it didn’t take long before Daddy finally asks.

“What is your fantasies baby girl? Besides, fucking your Daddy and Uncle?”

“I’m glad you ask Daddy, here is want I want. I have several actually. I want to have all my holes filled up. I want to have cock in my ass, my cunt and my mouth. I want all three of my holes to be filled with cum.”

I smiled as their eyes grew wider and their minds started to work as to who they could get to fill this dream for me.

“Anything else?” Uncle Josh asks.

“Yes, I want to fuck you both in the ass with the strap on dildo I bought, while the other sucks cock. Then I want to watch my Daddy fuck his little brother’s ass.”

“Sophie, we’re not gay, guys don’t do stuff like that.” My father protested.

“Well Daddy, here’s the thing. Either you do what I want, or I won’t let Corrine eat my pussy, and I won’t let a third man in. In fact I won’t even fuck Uncle Josh anymore. So you to talk about it while I go and make something to eat.”

They were gone a long time and soon the were both standing in the kitchen looking at me.

“We talked it over and if the only way you’ll do the threesome and get Corrine is to fuck us, we’ll let you.”

I was so excited that moment I couldn’t believe it. I walked to where they stood and pulled down the shorts they were wearing and got to work. I sucked one into my mouth while stroking the other. I moved back and forth from cock to cock. Pushing them both higher and higher until I saw their balls tighten and knew they were both about to cum.

Using my hand I stroked both their cocks until they shot their hot sticky loads all over my chest. Using my hand I smeared it all over my tits and once it was mixed together covered my fingers and sucked them into my mouth.

“Umm you two taste soo good.”

Both men reached down to pull up their shorts and I told them no. That the rest of the weekend we were going to do everything naked. They didn’t give it a second thought.

As we were sitting down to dinner there was a knock at the door and my father rose to go and answer it. He reached for his shorts, but I shook my head. I was in control and they both knew it. Hearing the booming voice come from the foyer I smiled. The night was about to get very interesting. I turned to see my uncle pale, and heard my grandfather as my father why he was answering the door naked. My Dad stammered and didn’t really answer.

“David, you have a young girl living here, what would she think if she walked in and saw you like this.” I heard my grandfather moving through the living room and knew he was about to catch us all naked. I was getting more and more excited. I knew a secret that no one else knew. And that was that my grandfather and Corrine had been fucking since she was 18. Corrine had seduced him after seeing how big his cock was. She had told me that night on vacation. At the time I had thought it was gross, but since I had started fucking my Daddy and now my uncle it didn’t seem so bad anymore.

“Dad, no wait.”

It was to late, Grandpa walked into the kitchen to see me leaning back against the counter smiling. I didn’t hesistate. I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around him. Making sure to kiss him a little longer than I needed to. I smiled when I felt his hands slide down and squeeze my bottom. As I moved away I reached up and gave his cock a little squeeze.

“Sophie, you know don’t you?”

“Oh yeah Grandpa, I know all about it. I know how you have a fourteen inch cock and it as a big around as a fist. I know how you like to pump your cock in and out of hot little mouths.”

“Sophie, what are you saying.?” My father ask me.

“Dad, Grandpa has been fucking Corrine for about 4 years now.”

“What!” My father and uncle exclaimed in unison.

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