Son Wants Mom Ch. 06

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“Note to Readers this is another chapter of an ongoing story if you haven’t already read the first chapters I suggest you do before continuing with this and the following editions.”

Thank you GrrrreatImagination for editing my story

All characters in this story are over 18.


Brendan and Heather arrived at Tammy’s bedroom to find her lying naked on the bed. Tammy looked at them saying, “After the talk I just had with Rick, I changed my mind.”

“Good, I was about to attack Brendan again,” Heather stated as she removed her pajama top. “I love his cock, but I love your pussy just as much,” she stated as she removed her pajama shorts and panties as she climbed into bed next to her aunt.

Heather kissed Tammy quickly as the smashed their tits together while rolling around on the bed.

Brendan quickly removed his clothes and was stroking his cock while he watched the two of them in action. Tammy wound up on top of Heather as they grinded their pussy’s against each other.

Tammy broke this kiss as she sucked Heather’s neck and nibbled down to her right nipple. Sucking it hard into her mouth and nibbling on it lightly.

Brendan climbed onto the bed and quickly took Heather’s left nipple into his mouth. Heather was thrashing on the bed as they continued sucking her nipples.

Tammy removed her lips from the nipple and then scooted down the bed pushing Heather’s legs apart. Her pussy was glistening with her juices as her aunt’s tongue probed inside of it.

Tammy licked up and around her clit then sucked it hard into her mouth.

Brendan moved to Heather’s right nipple sucking it hard into his mouth as she grabbed his cock and began stroking it.

Tammy buried reality kings porno her face into Heather’s pussy eating her fast and furious. Brendan sucked harder as she jerked him quicker.

Brendan removed his mouth and straddled his cousin’s chest; he realized that her tits were too small to fuck, like he had seen on his computer porn so he moved up offering his cock to Heather’s mouth.

She gladly opened her mouth accepting his cock inside. He began rocking his hips back and forth as he fucked her mouth.

Tammy sucked a lip hard into her mouth and nibbled on it, causing a stifled moan from Heather onto her cousin’s cock. Tammy repeated the action on the other lip making Heather moan even more.

Brendan could feel that he was going to cum soon, pulled his cock out of Heather’s mouth and moved to the side of the bed to watch the women in action.

Heather was laying spread eagle as his mother was on her knees with her face buried inside her pussy. He watched intensely as his mother ate his cousin’s pussy.

“What the fuck,” he thought as he climbed onto the bed sliding his face under his mom’s ass. Tammy felt the weight on the bed but shivered when Brendan’s tongue buried itself inside her pussy.

Tammy sucked Heather’s clit hard into her mouth as both moaned at the same time.

Brendan drove his tongue into his mother’s asshole causing her to eat Heather faster moaning as she did. Tammy was alternating between licking Heather’s clit and burying her face into her pussy when she suddenly moaned, “Ummmmph”

Brendan pushed his cock all the way inside his mother thrusting fast in and out of her. This caused Tammy to eat Heather quicker causing sexmex porno her to scream,

“Aunt Tammy, Yes! Yes! Yes! Heather cried as she came all over her aunt’s face.

Brendan was fucking his mom so hard and fast it caused Tammy to raise her head up and scream in ecstasy from her son’s pounding.

“Brendan, please stop,” Heather begged, “Let me eat her pussy, you can fuck me while I do.” Begrudgingly Brendan removed his cock from his mother’s pussy and said, “I am only doing this because you’re my favorite cousin.”

Heather replied, “Why wouldn’t I be? After all I am the only one that lets you fuck me aren’t I?”

Brendan smiling joked, “That’s exactly why you’re my favorite cousin,” as he mounted her.

Tammy’s head was lying on the pillow with her legs spread wide as Heather began eating her pussy to the thrusts Brendan was making in her pussy. It didn’t take her long to have her aunt on the edge of orgasm.

Brendan pushed his cock all the way in the depths of Heather’s pussy and held it deep inside her.

Oooooh, faster, faster, I am almost there,” Tammy screamed as Heather licked her faster. “Yes, yes, yes,” Tammy screamed in orgasm as Heather’s excellent oral skills brought her to a mind blowing experience.

“You are awesome baby girl, you really know how to eat a pussy,” Tammy moaned.

“I llllllove howwwwwwww you tasstttttttttee,” Heather replied as Brendan fucked her hard and fast. Brendan suddenly stopping and removing his cock from her cunt, said “Heather, climb on top of Mom like you were earlier when you were kissing, I have an idea.”

Heather did as he asked, climbed on top of her

aunt, pressing her tits against Tammy’s, sindrive porno looking at her asking, “What do you think his plan is?” Tammy smiling as she looked Heather in the eyes, said, “You’ll see soon baby girl.”

Brendan positioned Heather’s legs so they were spread apart the same as his Mom’s. He lined his cock up with Tammy’s pussy, and then slammed it forcefully inside her. “Aaaaaah,” she screamed as he buried all the way inside her.

Suddenly he pulled his cock all the way out of her and Heather groaned, “Oooooh,” as his cock thrusted into her.

Brendan alternated between the pussy’s five or six times when he felt the urge to cum. He was deep inside of Heather when he started to explode; he held it inside her a few seconds before withdrawing it shooting cum over her ass and on his mom’s pussy. He thrust quickly inside his mom finishing his orgasm inside her.

The three collapsed on the bed lying motionless for minutes, when Tammy stated, “Ok I mean it this time, I am going to sleep.” “You are the one that called us up here,” Brendan reminded.

“Well it is Rick’s fault for that, he had me so horny I had to do something,” Tammy stated.

“Call him again, Aunt Tammy,” Heather joked.

“No that isn’t going to happen, we’ll have fun tomorrow I am sure, now let’s go to sleep,” Tammy commanded.

Brendan awoke to his usual morning woody to find it trapped between his stomach and his Mother’s ass. “No sense to waste this,” he thought as he slid his cock down the crack of her ass.

Feeling the wetness of his Mom’s pussy he slowly pushed the head of his cock inside her. He pushed his cock all the way inside Tammy’s pussy when she snapped, “Damn it, I told you I am not a morning person, now don’t.”

“Sorry,” Brendan stammered as he withdrew his cock from her.

He rolled over, grabbing Heather’s right foot rolling her over onto her back without waking her. “No sense to wasting this,” he thought as he slid his cock inside his cousin’s pussy.

To be continued…

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