Something Old, Something New

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Double Penetration

Three weeks had passed since Lisa and I reached the momentous decision to call time on our eight-year relationship. Yet to sink in fully, particular as we were still sharing the flat, neither of us had the inclination to seek alternative accommodation. That lethargy was, I’m afraid to say, pretty much indicative of our relationship latterly. It was easier for me to move into the spare room than to move on.

It was odd how things changed almost overnight, from intimate couple to virtual strangers. Though, in all fairness, the once rock solid union had been going off the rails for a year or so. Our sex life in the first seven months of 2005 could be summarised as three limp-dicked efforts from me versus a trio of lay-back-and-think-of-England efforts from Lisa. The sad truth was we’d grown apart in more ways than one.

“I take it you’re still planning on going to this wedding,” Lisa said one morning, glancing at the calendar in the kitchen, our first meaningful words for days.

With all that had gone on in the past month, it had totally slipped my mind that cousin Jane was getting married that coming weekend. Obviously Lisa and I were supposed to be going as a couple. “You will still come, won’t you?” I enquired.

Lisa screwed up those pretty and petite features that some day soon another guy would come to appreciate as much as I had over the years. In many ways I stilled loved her, just not in the right way. Though if I met her now for the very first time I’m sure I’d still fall in love her again. In fact, from an external perspective she looked as good now as during our university days, those gorgeous hazel eyes always so expressive and those bouncy brunette locks playfully caressing each shoulder. The trouble was, eight years of living in each other’s pockets had taken its toll and here was nowhere left for the relationship to go. Nonetheless, I wanted our last date to be as memorable as the first.

“Please Lisa,” I implored. “You always got on so well with my family.”

That was indisputable, some of the holidays and Christmas breaks we’d spent together were up there among my fondest memories. Lisa’s family, on the other hand, was all split and distant, the few gatherings they’d thrown on a par with a visit to the dentist. It was as if my family had adopted Lisa as one of their own. She was always guaranteed a warm welcome.

My grandparents were loaded, with a great big estate in the south west that would be playing host to cousin Jane’s forthcoming nuptials. Doubtless with a massive marquee on the lawn, a banquet that could feed half of England and entertainment throughout the night, we could be sure of a major event.

“Hmm, I’ll think about it, okay.”

“It’ll probably be the last time you get to see them,” I fired, immediately biting my tongue.

“Don’t blackmail me, Gary,” she shot back. “I said I’d think about it, okay.”

Trying to inject some much needed humour I added: “At least this time we won’t object when gran makes us sleep in separate rooms.”

Lisa strained to stifle a giggle, recalling as did I the lengths we’d gone to – akin to some POW tunnelling exercise – to enjoy a little stolen passion at gran’s during past visits, before her face returned to the sour expression I’d become accustomed to lately. “I’ll think about it,” she repeated, before heading off to work.

* * *

Thursday arrived as we dodged around each other in some elaborate early morning pantomime, getting ready for work. As she headed for the door, Lisa turned. I hadn’t once mentioned the wedding since Monday and that must have swayed her decision. “Okay Gary, I’ll come to the wedding – for old time’s sake,” she confirmed.

My face lit up like Christmas Day. Don’t get me wrong, I knew things were over between us. Indeed, no amount of effort was going to bring us back together, and frankly I was glad it had come to an end when it did. No, my intentions were perhaps even more selfish. I wanted a good time and I wanted to show Lisa what she was walking away from.

Thursday female agent porno rushed by, the plan being to head straight home and in the car. The Friday could then be spent chilling while the others ran around like headless chickens organising things for Saturday. I was looking forward to getting away from London.

The 300-mile journey passed in silence – I suspected Lisa may have been having second thoughts – and it was dark when finally we arrived. Greeted at the door by a rosy faced, white-haired gran who always had a sloppy kiss for her favourite grandson, a hug for Lisa was followed by the inevitable: “It’ll be you two down the aisle next.”

We both cringed. I hadn’t actually gotten around to telling anyone in the family yet. Before leaving, we’d decided to spend the few days ‘as a couple’, with obvious exceptions. We had no wish to put a dampener on proceedings with our bad news.

There was quite a gathering of relatives out on the patio, all with the same idea as us, having arrived a day or two early to avoid the rush. Mum and dad were there among them, hearty greeting exchanged, plus several aunts and uncles and a clutch of cousins, including Jane, the bride-to-be. I was introduced to her betrothed Paul, shaking hands warmly. Grandad was busily making sure everyone had a drink in his hand, the bottle of lager gratefully received in the wake of a hot sticky journey. After about a dozen hellos, finally I was introduced to Emily, a cousin I’d not set eyes upon in over a decade. “You remember Emily?” someone said.

I did, but not in this way. My jaw fell open.

“Little Emily?” I enquired, holding a hand at waist height to illustrate how tall she’d been back then.

She’d been a spoiled brat too, if I remembered correctly, used to getting her own way. But now…but now she was an absolute stunner: tits two sizes too big for her slim body, firm tummy exposed, inevitably with a pierced navel, natural blonde wavy hair and a pout to die for. Our eyes made instant appraisals before shying away. Wow-wee was my immediate and my lasting reaction. Occasionally I stole a glance, and often she was looking back. Well, at 28 I was about the most eligible at the gathering.

It wasn’t long before there was a second bottle of beer in my hand, whilst tales of old rang around the circle. Relatives are great for the most embarrassing stories. Mum and dad made sure I suffered good and proper. Though my attention had focussed upon the lovely Emily, it was nice to see Lisa with a little smile on her face.

Tired from the journey, however, after an hour she elected to retire. Breaking away momentarily from the family and Emily, I helped transport the cases from the car, following gran upstairs. “With the amount we’ve got staying this weekend I’m going to break my golden rule,” she beamed. “Well, you two are as good as married.”

Lisa and I exchanged an ironic glance and when gran had gone she said: “Just keep to your side of the bed, okay, and everything will be fine.”

I nodded. “Think I’ll have another hour with the folks. See you later.”

I think Lisa was relieved.

Rejoining the family on the patio, the summer air was warm and still, and with grandad’s hospitality it wasn’t long before I’d polished off half a dozen bottles. As time marched on, the couples left two-by-two until just Paul and Jane, the happy couple, and Emily and I remained. We chatted for a while until the other two decided enough was enough. Emily and I were made of sterner stuff and carried on working our way through the crate. In fact, she’d matched me bottle for bottle. “Not a bad drinker for a girl,” I teased, feeling a newfound boldness in the alcohol and of the comfort of familiarity.

Emily smiled, holding the bottle neck to her lips rather seductively. Whether she was aware of the effect it was having on me was another matter. She might have been a complete innocent or she might have been a total slut. At that moment I couldn’t rightfully say. One thing was for sure: I female fake taxi porno intended to find out.

We spent the next hour catching up on family matters, flirting and laughing, until Emily issued a healthy yawn. “Time I went to bed, I think” she confessed, standing to smooth her crimpled yellow sundress. Her legs were exquisite, angular and smooth. It was hard to believe we had such a babe in the morning. “See you in the morning,” she bid.

Leaning over, she teased my chin with a delicate hand and pecked at my cheek. “Night, Emily,” I whispered, leaning back in the big comfortable lounging chair, my cock prodding hard against my jeans.

Oh this was the life. Only here a matter of hours, already I was dreading returning to London. Five minutes later I finished the bottle and stood, swaying like a palm tree in a storm. Phew, this stuff was strong. Or was I easy prey to its intoxicating delights? Either way I was as content as ever before this summer, much of the angst over Lisa having dissipated. Of course, Emily had a lot to do with that.

As I staggered towards the bedroom door, the next door along opened. There was a blur of movement and I felt myself being pulled inside. It was Emily, a finger held to her lips. Addled from the drink I stood ashen-faced, unsure of her intentions. “Quick, come here,” she gestured.

A chair was pushed up against the door in the far corner. Emily climbed up, her sundress billowing to reveal a mass of creamy thigh. I exhaled deeply, still confused. Holding out a hand, she guided me up next to her on the chair, the two of us pressed together and peering through the panel of glass at the top. From behind bleary eyes, I made out another room. Glancing back at Emily, my eyes followed the line of hers. “Oh!” I exclaimed, before she pressed a palm over my mouth.

In the next door bedroom, our cousin, the bride-to-be Jane, was knelt on the floor, her hands stroking the thighs of fiancé Paul, her hair splayed all over his belly. We watched through the rapidly misting pane, mouths agape, as Jane’s head bobbed up and down Paul’s shaft. Occasionally she would lift to expose a rock hard shaft, running with saliva. With these antics it was no wonder gran imposed her rules under normal circumstances. Paul tossed his head back in appreciation as Jane plunged once more to continue the deep throat action.

Next to me, her tight young body pressed hard into mine as we balanced atop the chair, Emily groaned in a low pitch. Her nipples were fully erect now, standing out against the light fabric of her white half cup bra and the sundress. Not alone in arousal, I too had become excited, almost bursting through my jeans.

Faster and faster Jane’s head bobbed, pumping that hard cock, until finally Paul grunted and buried his hot seed deep in her throat. Jane vacuumed up every drop, swallowing greedily and smacking her lips together. Giggling in muted tones, Emily and I dismounted from the chair, standing face to face.

All a bit too much for a pissed-up, sexually-repressed-of-late young buck like yours truly, reaching over I ran a hand inside Emily’s sundress, gently stroking her inner thigh. I’m sure a flicker of lust lit her eyes before quickly she brushed it away. “I think you’d better go to bed,” she scolded. “Go on.”

And despite the patented little-boy-lost face, Emily ushered me to the door, shooing me away. Disconsolately I shuffled next door, one last lingering look over my shoulder. Emily smiled sweetly and blew a kiss before closing the door, accompanied by the slash of a bolt.

Groping blindly in the pitch black room, I kicked off my jeans and wrestled with my t-shirt before climbing in next to Lisa. The heat from her body radiated beneath the covers, her back to my chest. Painfully aware of a throbbing in my groin, my drunken brain told me to seek satisfaction right here, right now, and to hell with the consequences.

Tentatively I placed a hand on Lisa’s shoulder, prompting a light stirring. The humidity glory hole secrets porno of the night provided a definite bonus for she slept naked despite the threat of me for company. Doubtless she hadn’t bargained on some teenaged nymphette and several bottles of strong lager having turned her ex-boyfriend into the sex pest from hell. But I needed relief, oh how I needed relief. My cock was like a length of lead piping.

Gently I stroked her shoulder, recalling days gone by when foreplay was a virtue, before moving down her upper arm. She groaned in her sleep, causing me to stop momentarily. Regaining my nerve, angling inside I located a breast, palm compressing to cup it lightly. Tiny compared to Lisa’s, nonetheless it felt good to the touch. Raising a thumb, I lightly grazed the surface, smiling as the teat inflated. Lisa seemed to be enjoying it too, moaning in her sleep. Boldly my other hand eased against her upper thighs. Clamped together, one on top of the other, sadly her cunt was completely impregnable.

Never mind, there was still her arse, I decided, a finger coursing the elongated crack of her shapely buttocks. Lisa’s arse was adorable, the first thing that attracted me to her. Moving in closer, hot breath on the back of her neck, I readied myself for a surprise rear entry.

Forgetting how damned tight she was at the best of times, the head of my cock dug at the puckered ring only to be immediately repelled. Rousing, Lisa growled before rolling away. Thankfully groggy from sleep, I seemed to have gotten away with it. On her back now, I congratulated myself on a job well done. Stalking her across the covers, I began to rub the tip of my cock on her thigh. “Oh baby I wanna fuck you so bad,” I babbled.

Losing balance, I collapsed against her, breathing in starts.

“Gary, no!” she cried. “Get away from me.”

Thankfully her fatigue saved me from a severe roasting, though I suspected trouble the following morning. I reached out once more but my hand was brushed aside. Fuck. Rolling back, I stared upwards into the void of black. Being turned down twice in one evening was hard to bear. And there was no way on earth I could sleep with a stonker like this between my legs.

Slinking to the en suite bathroom, I sat on the loo and visualised Lisa, reliving some of the hottest days of our lovemaking. I hated her too and decided that after this she was going to be banished from my mind forever. This wank was for old time’s sake, as she’d said herself. Bitch.

Building a steady rhythm I remembered the first time we set eyes on each other at the UCL disco, how I’d requested that first dance and not been turned down, and how it led to our first kiss. I recalled also how she’d made me wait four whole dates before allowing me to feel her tits, how it was four more before our passions boiled to the point of the first blowjob, and how good that felt. I smiled to myself remembering the slight disappointment at learning she didn’t want to swallow. And then…and then, after six months, I recollected the first wondrous fuck. Jeez, the missionary position never felt so good.

But that was way back when. Glancing down I realised that I was no nearer to cumming than when I’d first started jerking off five minutes back. I could be here all night at this rate. It was then that finally it dawned upon me that Lisa and I were over. Our love had flown.

But then, with a wicked grin I pictured Emily, my flirty little cousin, in her sundress. Oh God yes, I was unwrapping her gorgeous breasts and sucking hard upon each as she gripped my hair. How I wanted that gorgeous little minx. I wanted to do things to her that would shock Lisa. I wanted her to do things to me that would shock me.

Fuck yes. Four tugs and a rope of spunk shot hard up my belly onto the wad of tissue. I was breathless, head spinning and saying Emily’s name over and over. Then it all went starry in my head. Lunging forward, I collapsed on the tiled floor and was immediately out for the count.

Perhaps not the most auspicious start to the weekend, but little did I realise just how, over the next two days, fantasy would become reality, and then some.


Once more your feedback, encouraging (or discouraging, if you like) words and votes are much appreciated. Oh, and of course the follow-up ‘Something Borrowed, Something Blue’ is in the pipeline.

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