Smoking with Mom

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( this is a work of fiction, based on my own fantasies…)

It was a cold, blizzardy day in rural southern Alberta. It had already dropped to minus forty, and the wind was howling. I had already fed our 300 hundred cows, and was hiding from the cold in my parents house where I lived.

Dad was gone for the weekend ski-dooing. Mom was upstairs watching TV., or so I thought… Mom, is a good looking 49 year old woman. She is about 5’5″ and weighs about 165 pounds. She has short auburn hair, now dyed red. her breasts are about 36-C, although I have never really checked. She has a few extra pounds, but they are spread all over her body. Her breasts sag slightly, and she has large nipples and areola… I know because I have accidentally caught her changing many times throughout my life…

I am 5’11 and about 160 pounds, I am blonde with hazel eyes… I smoke pot.. and I’m not supposed to smoke it in the house. My parents know I smoke. Anyways, I was standing on my bed, next to my open bedroom window. (I live in the basement). I was standing there, wearing work jeans and a t-shirt. the cool air in my face as I exhaled the smoke outside. the bowl still burning. I hear my bedroom door open..

“Douglas, I was doing some Laundry….” she says opening my door.

“Mom, what…Shit.” I say blowing a big cloud of smoke in her face accidentally.

“I stand there panting for a second, looking at my mom. She is wearing a pair of blue jeans and a button up blouse. Looking at me sternly, she says. ” Your dad and I told you not to smoke that stuff in the house.”

“I know mom, and I’m sorry, I usually smoke it outside… but its so Cold..” I say, stretching the truth.

“well, don’t do it to much.” she says, leaving. I watch her as she leaves, and look down, seeing the smoking bowl in my hand, and further down the unmistakable out line of a semi-hard cock…

“Did mom see my hard-on?” I ask myself. I shake my head. “no, she didn’t”. I tell myself. I finish my bowl, feeling nice and stoned. I sit on my bed, turning to my computer. I keep it in my room for privacy, it sits on a table beside my bed, for convenience. I grab the mouse, stopping the screensaver. I connect to the internet, its dial-up, but that’s really the only option.

I instantly connect to my Instant massager, and open a web-browser, going to one of my favourite sites. I sign into a role-play room, and check out some profiles. Thinking of my mom, and feeling my throbbing hard-on, I message an older woman with an incest scenario.

She agreed quiet readily, and we quickly got started. When we got to the part where the mother had undressed, she turned her webcam on. She was gorgeous, large firm breasts, a nice smooth stomach, and a nearly hairless pussy. I turned my webcam on as I started to undress.

We told each other how hot the others body was, and continued our story, both typing with one hand, webcams pointed at crotches mostly. We were both masturbating, typing slowly as we lived out our fantasies. She asked how big my cock was, and I told her 6″ inches, 7 on a good day like today and over an inch thick..

We were going at it hard, our characters and ourselves getting close to cumming. We stopped typing, watching each other masturbate.

“Douglas, Supper is ready!” mom called down.

“I’m cumming mom!” I yelled back. I started to cum, spraying my cum over my naked body. I rested for a second or two. Then told her how great it had been,. She replied in the same manner, asking to be a friend. I agreed quickly, then told her I had to go eat. I disconnected and got dressed, walking upstairs. I sat in my usual spot at the kitchen table.

Mom sat on my right, and we chatted only a little as we ate. ” You know your father and I don’t like you smoking Pot in the house,” she reminded me as I stood up.

Back in my room, I grabbed some dirty clothes, and put them in the laundry room. I went back to my room, and closed the door. I rolled myself a smoke, and began to cut up a large bud to smoke. Just then my mom came in. ” Can I borrow a smoke?” she asked, sitting down.

“Sure mom, anytime.” I replied, rolling another smoke.

“So your going to smoke some more pot?” mom asked, eyeing the pot.

“Well, yes…” I replied, looking down at her, handing her a smoke.

My mom lights her smoke, taking a big drag. ” You know, I’m not so square… some of my friends smoked pot … and I was with them in the room while they smoked it…”

“Wow, that’s cool… do you mind if I smoke now?” I asked her, packing a big bowl full.

“Sure, why not…” mom replies, feeling the slight effects of the face full earlier.

I light up the bowl, taking a few big breaths, as I open the window, exhaling a large plume of smoke.

“So what is new with you?” mom asks, smoking her cigarette as I smoke my pot. I am standing on the bed now, my hips at her head level. She is looking up at me.

“Not much mom, you know, just working on the farm here….” I say, looking down at her, seeing her lips brazzers porno wrapped around the smoke, sucking. My cock twinges inside my pants, hardening.. I see her eyes bulge, and she lifts her eyes higher.

“School is going fine?” she asks.

“Yes, its fine.” I reply, looking down, thinking I see a hard nipple.

“So what about these online friends of yours?” my mom asks, pointing to the computer.

“Well, they are fun to hang out with.. But they usually live so far away.” I reply, feeling my cock grow harder. I keep smoking my bowl, talking with my mom. ” Can I try some?” my mom asks, sliding closer to me. ” I always wanted to try.” she admits.

“Sure mom, stand up here,” I say, helping her up. I hold the pipe against her lips, and light the bowl for her. She takes a puff like she is smoking a cigarette, then starts hacking and coughing. She drops the pipe as she hacks away. I hold her as she has her coughing fit, my arms around her standing beside her.

I can feel her breasts laying over top of my arms, and my hard cock presses against her. Finally, her coughing slows and stops. I let go of her, and she slowly steps off the bed, picking up her smoke. ” Wow, that’s… wow… thanks… I’ll be back…..” she says, leaving in a hurry.

I stare off into space, smoking the rest of the bowl, my cock hard and throbbing. I shut the window, and sat in front of the computer again. I connect to the net, and start surfing. I find a new site that has a great organized galleries.

I find a collection of incest images, and start downloading some of the comics, and some Simpson’s. My cock feels like it is going to explode, so I Pull it out. I hear the frantic slamming of cupboards upstairs… ” Mom has the munchies.” I say aloud.

When I have downloaded some 200 images, I set up my screensaver as a slide show, the images placed in order to tell their stories. My cock is rock hard and demanding attention. I start to unzip my pants, and I hear my mother calling me.

“Douglas, You should go check the Heifers, and the pump house.”

“Okay mom…” I yelled back, ” crap.” I did my pants back up and walked upstairs. As I walked through the kitchen, I saw my mom cooking a pie.. ” okay,” I thought to myself. I put on all the winter weather gear I owned, and trudged outside with flashlight in hand. I slowly walked through the heifers, seeing that thankfully none of the cows looked like they were going to calve in this weather.

On the way back I was thinking about smoking pot with mom, and her looking at my hard cock.. I walked back into the house, greeted ny the smell of warm apple pie. I quickly took my winter gear off, walking into the kitchen. I saw a cup of hot chocolate, and grabbed it. Holding the cup in my cold hands, I walked over to the stove, seeing the apple pie cooking inside.

“Hmmmm, I wonder where mom went?” I wonder aloud. I decide to look for her so I walk down the hallway, walking up to her and dads bedroom door. I realise that it is partially open, so I peek inside hoping to catch my mother changing. What I saw shocked me. Through the slightly ajar bedroom door I could see my mother laying on her bed. Her jeans were pushed down to her ankles, her panties to her knees. Her blouse was open, and her bra was gone. My cock jumped to attention realising that my mother was masturbating. I could see her hands rubbing her breasts, her body arching in desire.

I started to watch her intently, watching as she fucked herself, rubbing my cock through my pants. I could see her hard nipples, and hear the wet sounds her fingers made sliding in and out of her pussy.

“Oh Douglas, oh yes, fuck your mommies pussy!” I heard mom moan, sliding two fingers deep in her pussy. My cock throbs harder as I watch her fuck herself. Rubbing my hard cock through my pants. ” Shit did mom just say she wants to fuck me?” I ask myself.

“Fuck, fuck, oh fuck yes, fuck me harder son, fuck me with your hard cock.” mom moans. I slowly start to back away, then quietly walked to my room. I shut the door, and quickly walked over to my computer, and sat down.

“Fuck, that was so hot,” I say to myself, pulling off my pants, and connecting to the internet. I opened my messenger, and my new lady friend was there. ” Hi!.” I said, typing quickly.

“Hi you hunk,” she replied, ” what is up?” she asked me. I explained what had happened to me today after we had talked. Her webcam cam on, showing her pulling her skirt up, then pulling her panties down. She stabbed her fingers into her cunt, fucking her pussy hard and fast. ” was your mom masturbating like this?” she asked.

“YES!” I replied, turning my webcam on, and pulling my hard cock out. It felt harder and longer than ever. I began jerking my cock off for her, and she had slid three fingers into her pussy. My hips started to writhe as I fucked my fist, jerking my cock hard.

“oh mommy, oh yes, fuck mommy that feels so good,” I moaned softly, feeling my orgasm rise. ” oh yes, jerk my cock mommy, jerk me clip4sale porno off!” I moaned loudly. I started to cum, large ropes of semen shooting from my cock. I watched as my friend started to cum, four fingers deep in her twat.

Outside my door, my mom was moaning softly, three fingers deep in her pussy, listening to me jerk off, calling for my mommy. She had wanted to make sure I got back from checking the cows. She had caught me watching her, but only thought I had just seen her and left. She had followed me to talk about what I had seen, and had over heard me, and worked up the courage to peek. Now her mind was filled with confusion, lust and surprise. Pulling her fingers out of her still hungry pussy she crept back upstairs.

“Douglas, I am going to bed soon, see you in the morning!” she yelled down.

“Okay, good night mom!” I yelled back. Feeling very relaxed, I lit myself a smoke, having a few puffs. My friend had left, saying she was tired now, but she wanted to talk to me again soon.

I stayed up for a while, downloading some more incest related porn. I changed into boxers and a robe, and walked upstairs. Having the munchies, I walked into the kitchen to grab a bite of something. On the counter was a slice of pie, cool, but still smelling delicious. I grabbed a fork, and walked back into the hallway.

I then noticed that the computer room light was on. I walked down the hallway, going to walk in and turn it up, when I stopped. My mom sat at the computer, completely oblivious to me, or the rest of the world. She wasn’t wearing anything that I could see. A robe was draped over the chair she sat in. On the screen was an older woman fucking a young man. I could hear her heavy breathing, and the wet sounds her fingers were making as she fucked her pussy.

My cock grew rock hard nearly instantly, it throbbed even harder when I heard her speak. ” Yes, oh god yes, fuck your mother, be the best mother-fucker ever, fuck your moms pussy Douglas.” she moaned. I could see her rubbing her breasts as she fucked her pussy faster, the wet smacking sounds growing louder, the smell of sex filling the room. I could see her hips rising and falling, her fingers slamming in and out of her pussy. ” fuck me son, make me cum, make mommy cum,” she said louder, her breathing deeper. Her hand sped up, and she pulled and squeezed her nipples as she finger fucked herself.

“Oh, god, I am cumming, I am cumming, cum with me son, fill my hole with your cum,” she moaned, rocking and gyrating out of control. Knowing she had cum, I walked quietly downstairs to my room.

Closing the door, I stripped my clothes off and jumped on the bed. I started to stroke my cock, then stopped. I decided to smoke a bowl before I did. Packing the bowl, I looked down at my screen, watching the slideshow as I started to take my hoots. The drugs ran to my brain, as I watched the acts of incest on my screen.. My cock was straining when I finished, higher than a kite. I laid down, jerking my cock off slowly, watching the screen as real and cartoon pictures scrolled by. Watching families fuck, I rubbed my nuts and jerked my cock off faster. I came quickly, and crawled under the covers turning the internet and the monitor off.

I woke up early, around 6 am, and got dressed. I walked upstairs, checking in on my mom. She lay asleep in her bed, the covers, covering her hips, her bare breasts on display. My cock started to harden, so I walked to the front door, and got dressed to go check the cows.

I returned a half hour later. I quickly got out of my winter weather gear, and hung it up. I walked into the kitchen, and served myself some breakfast. I cleaned up the dishes and decided to go take a shower. I took off my clothes, and had slid behind the curtain as the door opened and my mom ran in.

I could faintly see through the curtain that my moms robe was open, and she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I saw her squat down on the toilet, and let out a stream of urine. My cock twitched, as I realised she was looking right at me.

“Douglas!” she screamed.

“Sorry mom, but I was here first.” I replied, it looked like mom was staring at my crotch. I looked down and saw that I had a hard-on and it would be very evident through the curtain.

“I’m sorry son,” mom said, finishing, and standing up. She closed her robe and left slowly. I started the shower, and grabbed the bar of soap. I soaped myself up, and rinsed off. I shampooed my hair, then rinsed that as well. I shut off the water, and got out of the shower. I reached for the towels, and saw that there weren’t any. I decided to duck around the corner and grab one. I opened the bathroom door and walked around the corner; just as my mom walked out of her room. She was just wearing a Bra and panties, and my cock throbbed. She instantly lowered her eyes, and was staring at my hard cock.

“Oh god, I’m sorry mom.. There weren’t any towels.” I replied, looking at her chest. My cock liking the look of her cleavage.

“Its okay, colette porno I’m sorry,” mom said, turning away before walking back to her room. I noticed that she had a real good look at my cock before turning away.

I grabbed a towel out of the closet, and threw it over my shoulder, no need to be careful now. I walked down to my room, and dried off. My cock managed to soften as I got dressed, and I sat down and rolled a joint to smoke. I had just lit my joint when m mom knocked on the door. ” Douglas?” she asked lightly.

“Yes mom?” I replied. ” come in.” She is wearing a robe now.

“Honey, umm, I think I need to smoke some of that pot…. Its been quite a day..” she blushed.

“Sure mom,” I replied, baptising the joint and lighting it. I took a few drags, and handed it to mom. I exhaled my smoke, looking at mom, as she took two or three big puffs, bigger than was needed. She started to cough again, so I held her up, my hands wrapped around her. As she shook my hands slid over her, one sliding over her breast, feeling a hard nipple, and no bra. I held her until she stopped, feeling her hard nipple. She looked over at my computer monitor, seeing the incest images on it as the slideshow worked.

“Nice, you like it to?” she asked softly.

“What mom?” I asked.

“DO you like this pot?” she asked, her face turning red. Her body filling with lust.

“Yeah, its good.” I replied looking at her, seeing her hardening nipples.

“Do you like smoking it with me?” she asked.

“Of course I do mom, I love smoking with you.” I replied.

“And you love me don’t you?” mom asked.

“Yes mom, I do” I replied, taking the joint and smoking it.

“Do you love me like he loves his mother?” she asks, pointing at the screen. The pot is really effecting her, she can feel how wet her panties are.

“Yes, yes I do mom.” I reply, blushing. My cock is getting hard, throbbing in my jeans. My mom is staring at my cock, her eyes glowing with lust.

“Do you want to fuck me Douglas?” she asks, crawling closer, her face close to mine, her breasts pressing against my chest.

“Yes mommy, I want to make love to you so badly,” I reply, moving my face closer to hers, kissing her softly on the lips. She kisses me back, pressing her lips harder against mine. Her hands push back on my shoulders, her tongue sliding into my mouth. I kiss her harder, my tongue playing with hers. My hands slide down her chest, sliding over her breasts softly, untying the belt of her robe. The robe falls open, greeting me to the view of my mothers naked breasts. My hands slide up to cup her slightly sagging breasts. I rolled her nipples between my thumb and forefingers, kissing her harder.

She broke the kiss, sliding her leg over my chest to straddle me. ” Do you like mommies tits?” she asked, cupping them, squeezing them. I nodded vigorously, ” yes mommy, I do.” She leaned forward, hanging her breasts in my face, her nipples begged for the attention of my lips. I leaned up, sucking softly on first her right nipple, then her left, sucking softly, then harder.

“Oh, yes, suck mommies nipples baby, suckle mommies breast.” she moaned, grinding her bare crotch against my throbbing cock. I sucked her nipples harder, lightly biting them, squeezing and caressing them with my hands. Mom’s hands slid up and down my chest, sliding over my nipples. I moaned softly. Mom slide back a little, my hard cock pressing against her wet hot pussy. ” Ohhhh, what have we hear?” she asked, turning sideways to look at my cock.” Oh what a gorgeous cock you have son, about the same size as your fathers.” mom said, leaning closer for a better look. Her left hand slide between my legs, rubbing my balls. ” Oh, yes, that feels real good mom.” I groaned. ” Really? How about this?” she asked, smiling, as her free hand grabbed the bottom of my shaft firmly, then lowered her lips to the head of my cock.

“MMMM, that feels better mommy,” I grinned, watching as my mom did something I never thought she would do. Mom kissed the head of my cock, then licked around the tip slowly, sliding her tongue around and around the head, covering the head with saliva before sucking it into her mouth. ” Oh fuck, yes, god damn, your mouth feels so good on my cock mommy. Suck me good mommy.” my right hand slide up to pull her hair out of her face, as my left slid over her chest, rubbing her breasts as she began to suck my cock.

My left hand slide between my moms nipples, pulling on them softly. She sucked my cock harder, sucking over half my length into her mouth. I started to moan deeply, sliding closer to her, sliding my hands over her ass, massaging her softly. Mom was rubbing my nuts softly, sucking more of my cock into her mouth. Her throat muscles were caressing my shaft as she deep throated me, sucking me harder. I felt my orgasm start to build, my shaft throbbing.

“I’m going to cum mommy, god it feels so good.” I warned her. She slid her mouth up and down my cock faster, sucking less of me, but caressing the shaft of my cock with her tongue as she slid her lips up and down my hard cock. I started to cum, and she slide my cock out of her mouth until only the head remained. She sucked even harder, and I lifted my hips off the bed, cumming hard. I groaned and shuddered as I shot several large ropes of cum deep into her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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