Sixth Period Trig Pt. 08

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That night, Sunday, Vickie looked at the pile of clothes that Pam had given her but she was in no mood to sample them. She was pacing her living room liked a caged animal. Vickie had never felt this way before and she scampered into her bedroom and donned a skimpy pair of workout shorts and a sports bra. She decided that she needed to work out. To get on the treadmill and run and run and maybe find relief. She didn’t know what she needed relief from but she knew that she needed something.

She got on the treadmill and started at a pace that was quicker than normal. She increased the speed until she was at a dead run. Sweat seeped through her sports bra and drops slithered down her face only to splash on the moving rubber belt. Vickie’s mind was a whirr of thoughts. She relived recent days. She compared herself to that demure, introverted, teacher that started this school year and the woman that she was now. She wouldn’t dare wear a skirt for fear of showing too much leg and now she was ready to parade her naked body in a public mall, in front of a waiting audience of high school boys. She knew she would have done it if Mary Ellen hadn’t stopped her. She wondered what would have happened if she accomplished her intentions. Would she have stopped them from touching her? She didn’t know and then she remembered the way James in her trig class had let his fingers slide across Veronica’s panties. Veronica didn’t stop him, why she seemed to enjoy the way he felt her, even though James had a girlfriend and Veronica a boyfriend. Then she knew. She didn’t think she would have stopped these boys in the mall from touching her.

She could feel the tingle between her legs as she remembered pumping Doug’s cock, and Dave Barry’s (AKA SIX) cock. The way Doug wanted her to put his cock in her mouth as he came, but she was not ready to do that. The way Pam willingly did. The way SIX seemed to have some sort of control over her. Telling her what to wear, how to act in class, even telling her to take off her panties in class and how she obeyed. The thoughts of Mary Ellen doing the same thing not even knowing about SIX and how she handed Mary Ellen her panties during class. She shuddered as she thought about the legal ramifications of her actions. At least they were all over 18 but she would be disgraced. Realizing that did nothing to contain her excitement as she remembered being naked in school with Mary Ellen. How dangerous it felt to have no clothes, thanks to her beautiful, sexy student tossing them out the window, and how excited she was that she did it.

She wondered what it would be like to teach without clothes. That would surely lead to an arrest. Then her mind imagined that she would hold some secret, evening classes. Classes where she could have her trusted students in school after it was closed and she could be naked. But then she thought, how would they see me. It would be dark, very dark and we couldn’t turn on the lights because of the evening activities at the school and night custodians and other dangers, so how would they see her. She’d have to think about this some more.

Then she remembered the camera. SIX had installed the camera under her desk so as to look up her skirt. She smiled when she thought about it. It was the camera that led to Mary Ellen discovering the identity of SIX. Vickie thought about the plan Mary Ellen had devised. She slowed on the treadmill and thought about what her student had in mind. It was exciting and dangerous and piqued Vickie’s sexuality. She decided that she would do it and would let Mary Ellen begin the setup.

It took a week for the plan to come together. The fact that the midterm semester was closing and the winter break was quickly arriving gave them the perfect opportunity. The trig class had a project to do and it was to be graded in the next few days before the break. The project was a joint effort between Miss Roach and a computer teacher, Ms. Michelle, as the students called her. She was an ambitious, young, computer instructor who the students admired for her exotic Malaysian looks, her boundless energy and her fun assignments. The joint assignment was for students to create a web page that would have links or buttons to tutorials about the various concepts that were being taught in the trig class. It was a rather simple task but the emphasis was more on design and the look of the web page rather than the research. The students should have completed their assignments and Miss Roach was to give half the grade while Ms. Michelle was to give her grade and then the student would receive the average.

Mary Ellen knew how Ms. Roach would grade the students. She would have each student come up to her desk during class and be critiqued by the math teacher. The process would be quick for some students and longer for others depending on the sophistication of the web page. Mary Ellen worked on her part. After school, she and Vickie would pretend that Dave Barry was up at her desk, ready to be graded. But instead of his bahis firmaları math web page, Vickie would bring up his camera site. Mary Ellen would remotely control the mouse from her lap top. The two were giddy with the plan and Vickie made sure that Dave’s project was the last to be graded that day and conveniently on a Friday afternoon.

The week before that Friday grading session was rather tame compared to the previous weeks. Miss Roach dressed more conservatively and so did Mary Ellen. She didn’t want to draw attention to herself while she planned for the special day. Of course, the other students who were not a part of the plan acted as usual. James was always very attentive to Veronica. It was on the Wednesday of that week, when Miss Roach had a student sitting beside her at her desk going over a project. It started very innocently but James had scooted his chair closer to Veronica. Pretty Veronica seemed to enjoy his attention and the two of them stared at their teacher. Vickie got a little unnerved when James put his hand on Veronica’s bare thigh. As usual Veronica was very careless about how her skirt failed to cover herself. James would whisper in her ear and Veronica would bring her hand to her mouth as if to stifle a giggle. Vickie couldn’t help but keep glancing at the two seniors and they seemed unaffected that their teacher could see their actions. His hand was between Veronica’s wide spread thighs and Veronica arched her back and slid down an inch or two as James got a finger under her panties.

Vickie was able to finish her assessment of her student’s web site and the bell rang. She asked Veronica to stay a minute and the girl stayed at her desk waiting. Miss Vickie Roach tidied up her desk a bit and was shocked when she glanced at Veronica. The girl’s skirt was bunched around her waist but she also had a hand between her own legs and it was obvious that she was fingering herself as she waited.

The teacher waited until the last student left and went to James’ now empty chair.

“What is going on, Veronica?”

“What do you mean?”, an apparently confused student answered as she continued to touch herself knowing that her teacher could see her.

Vickie took a deep breath and said, “You let James touch you and you didn’t stop him and now look what you’re doing in front of me. What is going on, young lady?”

“You’re going on, Miss Roach. It’s all your fault.” Veronica stared at her teacher defiantly but continued to let her hand work under her panties.

Vickie was puzzled and Veronica continued, “Everyone has noticed the way you dress, the way you act and you’re driving the poor boys crazy. Do you know what James was whispering to me as he was touching me?”


“Do you want to know?”




Veronica’s voice was a little husky and she seemed out of breath due to the fact that she was close to an orgasm. “He kept saying that he wished it was you that he was touching.”


“Umm,” answered Veronica. The poor boy does nothing but think about you. You wouldn’t believe what he says, you just wouldn’t.” Veronica was squirming in her chair as she spoke.

“Tell me, please.”

“I could never tell a teacher.”

“Please, Veronica, I want to know.”

What Veronica did next shocked Vickie. She grabbed her teacher’s hand with one of hers and moved it under her now damp panties as she held them out with the other hand. Vickie did not pull her hand away but let her middle finger dip into the students wet pussy and then in a soft voice she said, “Tell me, Veronica, please.”

Veronica told the teacher about the fantasies that James had concerning his teacher and Vickie was mesmerized. She didn’t want Veronica to stop because she not only was getting excited about the naughty things that James wanted to do to her but also she was enjoying Veronica’s pussy.

Veronica’s teacher brought her an orgasm that afternoon and they pledged not to say anything to James. Veronica gave her teacher a quick, sweet kiss as she was leaving and said, “You’re the best Miss Roach.”

“Thanks.” she said as she got her materials together.

Vickie’s hand went between her own legs and she wondered how many student’s would be able to control her by the end of the school year.

Thursday was somewhat uneventful compared to the other days. Vickie graded a few more projects and Mary Ellen worked on perfecting their scheme.

Vickie went home that night and Mary Ellen met her with the final plans for Friday.


Vickie was never more excited to go to school. She prepared herself and the tiniest splash of her favorite perfume. She put on the dress that they thought would work best. It was a rather dull blue, cloth dress. It opened completely in the front with buttons. Three buttons were below the cloth belt and three above. Vickie left the top button undone. It didn’t show much cleavage but allowed Vickie to pull the collared top apart to show kaçak iddaa more skin. She tried leaving another button undone but realized it left a lot of her exposed, especially since SIX might email her and tell her to open more. But she would refuse, at least she hoped she could refuse. Under the dress she wore her sheer powder blue bra and matching panties.

Mary Ellen called her before she left for school and the went over their plans one more time and Mary Ellen wished her luck and expressed a hint of jealousy.

This outfit was nowhere near the sexiness of her recent Friday outfits and Vickie noted more than a few students express disappointment when they her.

Veronica and Elona were both wearing short skirts and Veronica gave her 6th period teacher a huge smile as she entered the classroom. Mary Ellen wore a baggy sweatshirt and blue jeans, that was sure not to draw any attention.

Miss Roach gave an assignment and called a student to her desk. They went over the student’s web page and most, if not all of the students completely ignored what the teacher was saying to her student.

Finally, Miss Roach called Dave Barry up to her desk. She positioned herself so that her crossed legs, right leg over left knee, were under the opening of the desk but moved as far left as possible. She had positioned the student’s chair to her right, so that it didn’t directly face either her or her desk but was diagonal to them.

She greeted her student warmly, “Ready, David?”

He nodded yes and couldn’t help but look down at her legs.

His teacher’s dress rode up slightly and exposed about 3 inches above the knee. The material strained at the bottom button of her dress.

Vickie went though the pretense of opening his web site and said, “This is your web page, correct, David?”

Dave nodded that it was and got comfortable in his chair.

“But I know that you’ve been working on a much better site, David.”

Dave was too puzzled to say anything.

That was Mary Ellen’s cue and she opened the web site that showed the images produced by Dave Barry’s hidden camera under his teacher’s desk.

He saw his teacher’s legs and also his own pant legs on the teacher’s monitor and Dave didn’t know what to do. He was also conscious that his teacher did not open the site, it seemed to materialize on its own or by some mysterious hacker.

“I think this is a wonderful site, David,” said his teacher. “It shows a lot of promise. Something that would hold a high school student’s attention but it needs a little tweaking.”

Dave just gulped and looked at his teacher and then at the screen.

“Maybe if we just move this a bit,” suggested Miss Roach and Dave didn’t understand.

Vickie pointed to the icon on the screen that represented the mouse. It was a small hand, a right hand with the index finger extended, and when the mouse button was pressed it appeared to make a fist. The mouse hand was resting on his teacher’s bare knee of her crossed leg.

Mary Ellen was doing a masterful job of controlling the mouse and when she pressed the mouse it looked as if the mouse hand was grabbing the teacher’s knee and then Mary Ellen would move it so that it appeared to be trying to uncross the sexy teacher’s legs.

“Maybe you should try that, David.”

“Huh?”, was all David could muster as he watched the mouse move.

“Do what the mouse is doing,” urged his teacher but David still didn’t understand.

Vickie took a quick look around the class and observed that no one was paying attention to them. It was then that she decided that there was no turning back, so she grabbed David’s hand and placed it on her knee.

Dave looked at her and then the monitor. He saw his hand on Miss Roach’s knee and the mouse hand looked like it was on top of his hand.

Mary Ellen edged the mouse towards David in the hopes of getting him to grab his teacher’s knee and uncross it.

“Do what the mouse is doing,” Vickie said quietly.

Understanding seemed to dawn on the student and his fingers closed over Vickie’s knee and he brought it towards him, causing her right leg to fall off of her knee and she now had both of her feet flat on the floor.

He looked up quickly at the teacher that he had fantasied about all year and was very nervous.

“Very nice,” said Vickie cheerfully, “She how that opens things up? Maybe just a bit more.”

Mary Ellen moved the mouse. Dave’s hand mimicked the mouse and he brought his teacher’s right leg closer to him. Since Vickie didn’t move her left left, it allowed the camera an indecent view up her skirt.

“Now isn’t that better, Dave?” said a cheerful teacher.

“Un huh,” was all he could say but his teacher was just getting started.

“I think this is what you’ve been looking for, Dave. But I think you wanted to see more, to show more and you can but you’ve got too many links, you know, too many buttons.

Mary Ellen remotely positioned the mouse icon over her teacher’s kaçak bahis lowest dress button.

Vickie didn’t wait before saying, “Maybe if you get rid of that button, David, it would let you get to where you want to go. Besides, you you have SIX buttons and I bet you’d like to get rid of most of them. Right? “

Dave, finally understanding, moved his hand up to Vickie’s button and his fingers worked to push the large button through the hole. He did it and the dress fell open up to the next button. Vickie’s sexy legs were exposed to her student and the excitement surged through her body. Mary Ellen moved the mouse and Dave followed its movement.

The mouse motioned for him to grab her leg and spread them wider, David did and Vickie allowed her student to do so.

“I bet you never thought you’d get this far?” his teasing teacher asked. The rest of the class was oblivious to their actions even when Vickie asked, “How about getting rid of another button, David?”

This time Dave’s hand was on the the middle button before Mary Ellen could react and move the mouse. He slid the button through the hole and spread Miss Roach’s legs a bit wider apart. Dave’s hand was moving in earnest now. He caressed his teacher’s thigh.

“Good work, Dave, I’m beginning to like your web site. Maybe just one more.”

Dave reached for the last button and quickly had the button through the cloth hole. The teacher’s dress fell away, revealing her powder blue panties to the camera’s view and to her student’s view as well.

Vickie scooted herself to the edge of the chair and spread her legs widely, opening the view to David.

“Well, what do you think, Dave. Do you like it?”

He looked directly at the monitor and the camera’s resolution was sharp enough to be able to distinguish the outline of his teacher’s pussy pushing against the delicate fabric of her dainty panties.

“Very much,” he said and he continued to caress her thigh. When he glanced back at the monitor, Mary Ellen had moved the mouse directly on top of Miss Roach’s panties.

Dave still didn’t understand how this was happening but at that moment he didn’t care. All he wanted was right there and he was not about to waste the opportunity.

Dave’s hand followed the mouse an his fingers touched the fabric covering her pussy. He traced her delicate folds with his middle finger and slipped his index finger under the edge of her panties.

Vickie sat up straight and she savored the her student’s touch and said, “Very good, Dave. Very good touch. I would call your site a smashing success. Would it be possible if we explore it more deeply?”

As his finger slipped inside her, he said, “most definitely.”

They sat that way for a few minutes and Vickie scanned her classroom. Most students had their heads buried in their lap tops. Elona was adjusting her skirt and it looked like she was trying to give Joey a better look at her legs. James was under Veronica’s skirt again and they were both staring at her. James was whispering softly into Veronica’s ear and Vickie got a scare, thinking that they knew what Dave was doing under the desk. Vickie stared back at them and savored her student’s touch. It was better than she expected and she knew why Veronica allowed James to do the same thing to her.

Vickie was so close to a powerful orgasm when the bell rang ending class.The students got up to leave and no one looked at Dave or their teacher. Mary Ellen was one of the first to race out of the classroom.

Dave hesitated and Vickie began redoing the buttons on her dress as the last of her students left. “Are you leaving, David or should I say SIX?”

He stood and pointed to his erection and said, “I need a minute. please.”

Vickie smiled at him, gave him a quick kiss and left him alone in class.

Dave’s fingers went to his face so her could smell the scent left by his teacher and then to his erection as he sat behind her desk. He pulled down his zipper and managed to free his aching cock. He slumped in the chair and his hand curled around his cock as it had done numerous other times when he thought of his teacher. He had pumped himself a few quick strokes when he remembered his camera.

“Stupid,” he whispered to himself and tried to quickly jam himself back inside his pants.

Mary Ellen was watching from a stall in the girl’s room where she went immediately after class. She wanted to see the interaction between Miss Roach and Dave Barry after class. She never expected to see what she was seeing.

When Dave started to compose himself, Mary Ellen couldn’t help sending a text message through a post it note app she had installed on her teacher’s computer.


Dave cursed under his breath as he considered his stupidity and the fact that he had been seen. He shut down the computer. retrieved his camera and raced out of the class.

That afternoon, Vickie and Mary Ellen were celebrating the success of their plan and Mary Ellen asked what her teacher was going to do next.

Vickie logged on to a computer, opened her email account and typed a message to SIX. She showed it to Mary Ellen and the girl smiled.

They both read the message one last time.

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