Sister – Sister Ch. 07

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Although she was aware society frowned on it, she truly loved this young man, her half brother who, had saved her from a life of incarceration and boredom, then propelled her into a new life filled with love, lust and adventure. As his penis slid into her and his balls bumped into her sphincter, she knew that her life would no longer be dull.

Robert knew fully well what his sister needed, so as his cock was moving deep within her, he slid his hands under her butt cheeks and shoved his penis harder and harder, allowing it to come in contact with every centimeter of her mucus covered vagina.

After just a few strokes of his massive member she came, holding him tight against her letting him know he was needed more than ever, and she was begging him to continue.

Comparing this type of sex, to what he had with Jennifer was not easy, as they were two completely different women, with different needs and wants, desiring a similar gratification. All he could say was he loved fucking both of them, however his sister was more important to him now and in her own way offered him a lot more.

As his hard penis shoved relentlessly into his sister’s pussy, he leaned his head down and sucked her titties, bringing her to the height of her sexuality. Then while still pounding his thick cock into her tender body, he kissed her lightly on the mouth, sucking on her lips and tongue.

She made a muffled groan as she again began to leak her thick fluids around Robert’s penis. Although he was doing it to her, he had no desire to cum yet. His energy level was high, so he was going to continue fucking her until she begged him to stop. She came twice more in the next ten minutes then said,

“Robert … do my breasts, like we saw them do in the movie. Stick your penis between my titties and squirt in my face. That looked like fun. I have never done it before.”

“Neither have I, and I’m afraid my weight might hurt you.”

“If it’s uncomfortable, I’ll tell you. Get on top of me and stick your penis between my titties, and fuck them a little. When you squirt, try to get some of it in my mouth. It will be fun … you’ll see.”

Robert gradually got on top of Katie, and gently laid his penis between her breasts. She squeezed them together tightly so he could fuck them. As he did, his body was rubbing against her nipples and she was getting hotter. The faster he moved, the further his cock went and several times it touched her mouth. When it did she kissed it and tried to suck on the end.

He was now very excited and he felt his cum, start to squirt. As it shot out the end of his penis, she opened her mouth wide and caught some of it, smiling. She then told him to push his penis in her mouth so she could finish sucking it.

“Mmmmmmmm Robert, I think that I’m really beginning to like your stuff. It tastes so good.”

Robert slid down her body, stopping to suck on her cute little breasts, knowing they soon would be increasing in size due to all of their activities. He then moved down kissing her tummy and then slowly down to her pussy. He was going to go for broke and give her so many orgasms that she would cry “uncle”, actually cry “brother”.

He kissed the top of her tight little slit, until her clitoris poked out to see what was going on. Licking it for a while Katie moaned and caressed his head with both hands, acknowledging the pleasure her was providing. She didn’t pull his hair like Jennifer had; she just stroked his head, running her hands through his hair. It felt wonderful.

As Robert continued to kiss and suck, her pussy opened magically like a beautiful pink flower greeting the morning. ankara escort Her flower was damp and had droplets of dew that he began to lick off. As he lifted her legs with both hands, she reached down and caught herself under her knees and pulled her legs back as far as they would go, presenting herself open wide to him.

The both held her legs as his mouth toured her vulnerable labia and vagina, sucking and licking every part of her beautiful cunt. As her vagina was wide open and begged to be lovingly assaulted, Robert slid his tongue into it as deep as he could pumping it in and out, causing her to cry out,

“Bob-bee, bob-bee, bob-bee, bob-bee, bob-bee, bob-bee, bob-bee, Oh … Bobby.”

As she sprayed his face with her orgasm, she dropped her legs unable to evoke the strength to hold them up any longer. He continued to suck her and tongue fuck her until it seemed to deplete her store of multiple orgasms and she lay back quietly.

This was a special event however, and although she lay back with her eyes closed and her mouth hanging open, her arms flopped to her sides, Robert was going to try and push her over the edge. He was going to make her dream, of being violated to within an inch of her life, come true.

Her pussy was oozing her delicious liquid, and although he wanted to get down and lick up her flowing nectar, he moved up and slid his thick cock into her quivering and trembling cunt. She could no longer think, however her legs as though powered by some unknown force, hooked themselves around her brother’s thighs and pulled him deep into her vagina.

He began to pump hard and knew he was reaching some invisible goal when she began to sob. He knew that he was not hurting her, as he had fucked her much harder before. He was aware she was just releasing her pent-up emotions, and getting her body ready to have another orgasm.

Robert was surprised when her groin muscles began squeezing his cock. He couldn’t understand where she learned this little known sexual trick. She had it perfected however, as her vagina was sucking him hard. It was now becoming a contest to see who would make the other cum first.

Robert doubled his efforts and jammed his swollen penis inside of his sister’s vagina moving very fast, the wetness almost overwhelming. Although he could feel his release, building in his back, thighs and balls, he was aware that she was ready also, buy the way her nails buried themselves in his butt.

A loud groan followed by a saturating gush of fluids, discharged from his sister’s cunt. At the same exact time Robert began to cum also. This was a memorable occasion as it was the first time they had cum simultaneously. He laid on top of her, his cock remaining in her vagina, which was still pumping him and sucking his cock involuntarily. He felt she was quite satisfied, although her nails were still embedded in his ass cheeks.

Robert slowly lifted himself off of Katie, and then lay down beside her. The room was cool so he pulled the bed cover over her almost naked body. As he stroked her short cut dirty blonde hair, she opened her eyes and smiled at him, her deep dimples indenting her bright pink cheeks.

“Thank … you … Bobby … you are all that I need.”

Katie then turned over and went to sleep. Robert suddenly felt a loss as his little sex partner had finally quit on him, but she hadn’t done it without a fight. This situation was so far removed from Jennifer, and her family that it seemed like the whole Jennifer thing was just a distant memory.

He wondered what would have happened if Jennifer had agreed to go to California with him. What escort ankara would have happened to his sister? Apparently someone wanted him to see Katie and rescue her. It had to have been fate, as there was no other answer. At least there was no other answer that he could think of.

Robert slipped back into his underpants, and put on a t-shirt. He took one of the DVDs out of its sleeve and placed it on the machine. The movie was called, “Serendipity” which meant a happy coincidence. He had seen the movie before, however had enjoyed it so much that he rented it, especially for Katie. The movie stars; John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. He is Johnathan and she is Sara. Jonathan and Sara meet when they reach for the same pair of black cashmere gloves in a crowded Manhattan department store five days before Christmas. After pleading their respective cases of who should rightfully get the gloves, Jonathan concedes and allows her to purchase them. Sara buys him a coffee at a bakery called “Serendipity” to thank him, and the two hit it off, but as both are seeing other people they don’t become involved. Sara, who is a firm believer in fate, jots her name and telephone number down in a book and says she will sell it to a used bookstore the following day. If she and Jonathan are destined to be together, she rationalizes, the book will find its way him. Sara and Jonathan spend the following years thinking of each other, the memory of that magical night etched in to their brains forever. Although he is about to be married, not to Sara however, he locates the book and a whirlwind search is launched for the love of his life. Through a bunch of “Serendipitous” mistakes they finally find each other. Robert sat down and started the movie. For an hour and a half he was lost in the abilities of the actors to, almost project him into another place. He enjoyed the movie as much as the first time he saw it. Katie was beginning to stir and looked around to see if Robert was there. When she saw him, he waived and smiled. She smiled back contentedly. “Are you hungry sweetie?” he asked. She said nothing, however smiled again and nodded her head. “Ok … why don’t we get dressed and go out to get something to eat? If you go out dressed like that, your cute little rear end, would probably freeze off.” Katie’s smile turned into a giggle then she got out some new panties, a bra, a pair of long pants and a sweater. After they both were fully dressed, she walked up to Robert and stood in front of him. “Robert, do you know how much I love you?” “No!” “You never will because it is more than the world and God himself.” “Little girl, I think that I may love you even more.” They left the motel and went looking for a nice restaurant. Robert saw a Chinese restaurant and asked her if she liked Chinese food. She shrugged her shoulders and said, “I don’t know. I have never had any.” “Would you like to try some?” “Do you like it?” “Oh yes. It can be wonderful.” They went into the restaurant and sat in a booth. Robert pointed out all of the dishes he liked and she told him to order for the two of them. Robert ordered two Mandarin dinners and two Pepsis. She was a little hesitant at first, but after tasting the food she ate it like he had never seen before. After dinner they went for a walk around the downtown area. She told him about her life and her twenty-five years in the convent and all of the girls she had met. He told her all about Santa Barbara and his apartment, his job and the things in which she had to look forward. The got in the car and returned to the motel. She decided that she wanted to see the other triple x-rated movie. The second movie was similar to the first, except ankara escort bayan it was supposedly in Las Vegas. The actors were doing all the same stuff only in a slightly different order. After watching for fifteen minutes Katie began to get undressed, and when she was down to her birthday suite, she began to take off Roberts cloths. When they were both completely naked she pulled the covers back, and they crawled in under the covers. “Bobby get behind me and push your penis between my legs like you did the other night … when you helped me the first time … remember?” He moved in behind her and she quickly lifted her leg over him then reached between her legs, took hold of his cock and laid it against her pussy lips. She then closed her leg, trapping him. As he began to move his hips she moaned and shoved her hips back. As his cock slid into her vagina, she pushed back helping him fuck her. Ten minutes later, she had him on his back and was sitting with her legs wide apart, astride him, his cock just where she wanted it, all the way into her pussy. She then began to move like a cat on steroids, undulating her hips and butt, as if she were sitting on a mechanical bull.

It didn’t take very long until she stopped moving, moaned and squirted her juices. A mild orgasm didn’t stop her however, and she continued to fuck her brother for all she was worth. This was now her vocation, keeping both herself and Robert satisfied. She loved fucking him, more than anything else. Robert thought maybe she would slow down in the future, and if not, what the hell he didn’t want to live forever anyway.

When she came the second time, he moved down between her legs and put his mouth to work, licking and sucking. She quickly came again and told him in a whisper that he was extraordinary. As his face was very wet from her discharge, he began to move up her tummy, kissing and sucking all the way. When he came to her titties, she groaned as his mouth took in one of her nipples.

Robert sucked for a very long time and was a little surprised when she came just from his sucking. He then stuck an index finger into her butt hole and his thumb into her vagina. She came unglued and squirted again, knowing there was nothing short of death that would ever part them.

Pulling his fingers from her holes, he had her lay on her stomach, and shoved a pillow under her tummy. He then pushed her legs together as tight as he could then got on top of her, and worked his cock into her pussy. She quickly grabbed another pillow and hung on for dear life. It was exquisite, and felt like he was fucking her with an animal penis. He kept it up for almost an hour then came, filling her vagina with his cum and her discharge.

When she finally fell asleep, she didn’t even bother to remove the pillow. The next morning they both woke up around seven. She was exhausted and very happy. As they weren’t hungry, they laid in bed watching movies. She however just couldn’t keep her hands off of him and began to jack him off, as she had seen in the naughty movies. She stroked him for more than an hour until she became aware that he was about to cum. She slowly lowered her open mouth onto his penis and sucked hard, lightly squeezing his balls.

Then just like “Old Faithful” his stomach began to rumble and his cum filled her mouth. The flavor was exceptionally good, maybe because of the Chinese food the night before. It was noon before they dragged out of bed and went out to eat.

They both had a salad and a coke then returned to the motel. She thought that maybe this was what a real honeymoon might be like, but most honeymoons end. She made a promise to herself that this one never would. They made love in everyway possible all afternoon, and then he called the office and left a call for nine o’clock, so they could get up and head for Salt Lake to catch the train.

To Be Continued …

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