Shopping Trip

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Samantha watched Katie come down the stairs for breakfast and found it hard to believe that it was almost 20 years ago that her beloved daughter came into her life. Her little girl wasn’t so little anymore. She was a woman.

“Hey Mom, we still on for shopping today?”

“Yes we are. I’ve cleared the day just for us.” Samantha replied “I’ve been looking forward to it. My little girl all grown up and ready to start college.”

“Ugh Mom, mushy much? I’m not going away. I’ll be right here. It’s no different than last year. High school / college it’s all the same, just more stupid class and stupid homework.”

Samantha smiled to herself. That’s her Katie; always as positive as they come.

“It will be different, all new people and all new settings and all new friends. Did you finalize your schedule yet?”

“OMG Mom, yes a week ago and before you ask I made sure I took Robert’s class.”

“I sure wish you’d call him Dad.” Samantha knew this was an old fight, but it’s not one she was willing to give up on.

“He’s not my dad.”

“He’s been in your life for over half of it, he cares for you, he takes care of us, he loves you. He’s your Dad more than Thomas ever was.”

“Gross. He’s Robert. ‘Dad’ feels wrong.” Katie replied as she always did making a face with a wrinkled nose.

“In due time.” And this is how this particular conversation always ended.

After having drunk her morning coffee Samantha was ready to enjoy her day with her little girl. She had been both looking forward to this and dreading it. It felt like they were on a pivot point. Katie was going to college in just 2 short weeks. Once there she would be exposed to all new things and become a woman of her own.

Banning the sadness from her heart Samantha gathered her keys and pocketbook and called up to Katie that it was time to go. Katie came down the stairs in her normal garb of jeans, baggy t-shirt and boots.

“Let’s go shopping” They said together and laughed.

The mall wasn’t too crowded and so quickly Samantha and Katie found themselves at a hip little shop that sold goth to punk to girlie clothes. Of course, Katie went straight towards the punk area and Samantha lingered in the section full of bright colors. This was also a common fight.

“Hey Mom, what do you think of these?” Katie asked.

To Samantha they looked just like the jeans Katie was currently wearing. “They look fine Dear. How about this?” Samantha countered with a red dress that had little tiny roses in the pattern.

“Really, Mom?”

“Really. I think it would look lovely on you. Trade? I’ll buy those jeans if you try on this dress?”

“Just try it on?”

“Sure. Just try it on and let me see how lovely you look in it.”

“Fine, but we’re not getting it.”

“Fine. Deal.”

Samantha walked to the back of the store with Katie and waited. She knew her daughter, she would try the jeans on first… which she did. A few moments later Katie emerged from the fitting room looking like she had when she went in, except these pants had a tag on them.

“They look fine, Dear. Now the dress?”

With an exasperated huff Katie stomped back czech streets porno to the booth.

“Hey Mom, I can’t zip this stupid thing up.”

Samantha went to the small booth and knocked on the door to be let in. When Katie opened the door Samantha was amazed. She hadn’t seen her little one in something that actually fit her in a very long time.

Zipping up the sleeveless dress caused it to mold to her. Her Katie wasn’t becoming a woman… She already was a woman. Her breasts had filled out over the summer and there was swell of hips that hadn’t been there during last year’s school shopping.

“Oh. Wow.” was Katie’s response when she finally looked into the mirror.

“You’re absolutely lovely, Katie.” Samantha encouraged and stepped back as much as she could, in this small space, to allow Katie to turn and see herself from the side angle.

“Wow. I’ve got boobs in this dress.”

“You’ve always got boobs M’Dear, you just insist on hiding them.” Samantha was trying to encourage without pushing too hard. “So can I sweeten the deal and buy the jeans and the dress?”

Samantha watched and enjoyed the fascination she saw in Katie looking at herself in clothes that actually fit her. After a moment Katie reached up and tried to push her sports bra down into the cut of the dress.

“Don’t worry about that, we’ll find a good bra that fits. It’s about time you did away with those sports bras.”

“I mean the dress is cool enough, but underwire too? Ugh”.

“They make comfortable bras that offer support without wire. We’ll look.” Samantha placated, knew that the dress would be bought and felt if she had won a small victory.

Looking at her daughter in the mirror she was enthralled on just how beautiful she had become right under her nose. Reaching out Samantha ran her hand down the curve of her daughter’s side, feeling the curves she remembered having in her youth and then adjusted the hemline to tug the whole thing a little smoother. “Yes this dress looks wonderful on you. Would you like me to help you out of it?”

“I think I can do it, but thanks, Mom. I think I like the dress. Can we add it to the list?”

“Sure thing.” Samantha replied and gave her daughter a kiss on the soft, round cheek and then left her to get dressed again.

Once out of the booth Samantha tried to take stock of what just happened. She wasn’t quite sure why she had reached out and touched her like she had nor could she understand why she couldn’t take her eyes off of her daughter’s reflection. It was almost as Samantha were dying of thirst and Katie was fresh and clean water.

Samantha checked herself for a fever and when she found none she wondered if this was simply a sign of “the change”, even though Samantha was only 42 years old? Shaking it off Samantha busied herself with browsing until Katie returned with both the jeans and dress draped over her arm. Again Katie was back to looking like Samantha’s sweet little girl. Whatever had just happened Samantha was sure it was, thankfully, over.

After a few more deals Katie and Samantha settled on one more pair of pants and three shirts for one week of doing the dishes czech taxi porno and a promise to be nice to Robert for a whole month.

With purchases in hand the two made their way to a boutique for that new bra. When Samantha asked a clerk for a fitting Katie paled. “No Mom, I know my size.”

“You know your size of sports bra, not a real bra. It’s time to grow up Katie.”

The clerk kept her face as still as stone and asked that they follow her. Katie demanded that Samantha join her in the fitting room. After the measuring was done and the clerk stepped out Katie sobbed “Oh Mom, I don’t have to get naked in front of her. Do I?”

“If you would rather, I can help you?” Katie replied with an enthusiastic nod which made Samantha laugh out loud.

When the clerk returned with a handful of bras to try Samantha met her at the door and explained they would take it from there. The clerk was nonplussed and went back to the front. Holding out one at random Samantha watched the indecision cross her daughter’s face.

“It doesn’t have to be this color, we’re just trying for fit.” Katie relented and reached out to take the bra as if it were going to bite her.

Of course she wasn’t sure how to the back closed once it was on her shoulders so once again she called out for help. Samantha, who had turned her back to offer some privacy, was happy to help, but as soon as she turned back around and saw Katie standing there wearing only pants and a bra hugged to her ample chest she felt lost again. Looking down the remaining bras in her hand she read one of the tags “38DD”. Her daughter had outgrown her by two cup sizes!

Gathering her wits Samantha showed her how to go by feel to catch the hooks on the clasps. After the strap was on she then showed her how to adjust the shoulder straps so they didn’t dig in or bite. By the time Katie had tried on all four bras she was a pro. As it normally happened two of the styles worked and two did not. Samantha held up the first one and proclaimed it the winner. “Just wait until you see this one with that dress. You’ll be amazed at the difference… ” and then Samantha had to conceal a shudder that threatened to run through her at the mental image that raced into her head. Again, Samantha was confused at what the hell was going on. This wasn’t normal… maybe she should see her doctor?

Not thinking to turn her back again (while recovering from whatever the hell was going on) Samantha watched as Katie reached back and undid the clasp of the fourth bra and pulled it away. Samantha couldn’t stop herself from noticing that Katie’s nipples were replicas of her own. The large areola was just dark enough to show an outline and her nipples small and delicate. When Samantha felt her mouth flood she quickly turned her back to regain composure.

“Mom, are you okay?” Samantha heard from behind her in a worried tone. When Samantha didn’t immediately turn around she felt Katie’s hand on her shoulder and it felt almost burning hot. “Hey Mom, you okay? You look white as a sheet and you’re sweating.”

Forcing herself to snap out of it she forced a smile at Katie and replied “Wow, I think I just had my first digitalplayground porno hot flash.”

Katie looked concerned still, but slightly relieved and then pulled Samantha in for a hug. The hug was meant to comfort Samantha, but as she felt the large bare breasts push into her and felt the expanse of bare back under her hand she started shuddering.

“Oh my god Mom, are you still having the hot flash? You’re shivering.”

Reluctant to break the contact Samantha forced herself to gain control. She broke the embrace and again smiled at Katie and forced herself not look further down than her eyes. “I’m fine, Dear. You get dressed and I’ll be outside.” With more strength than Samantha know she owned she backed out the door of the fitting room and damn near collapsed into a waiting chair.

Feigning illness Samantha called an end to the yearly shopping trip, promising they would do the hair appointments and makeovers the next weekend. Katie, worried for her mother, drove home and was oblivious to the glances her Mother kept giving her breasts and curve of her neck.

By the time the two arrived back home Samantha was in such a state of disarray that she didn’t trust herself to stand. She sent Katie in to fetch Robert stating she was “just a little dizzy”. Within moments a worried Robert was beside her helping her from the car and asking if she was okay. Deciding to stick to her story she described it as a hot flash. Robert replied “But you’re too young.” and felt her for a fever. Deciding it was probably a flu coming on she ushered her to bed to rest.

Once disrobed and in bed Samantha lay there trying to make sense if the afternoon, but she couldn’t and every time she closed her eyes to rest she saw the perfect breasts of her own daughter and felt them pressed against her chest. Just the memory was maddening. Finally, Samantha could take it no longer and allowed her to reach down between her legs. Her fingers found a patch of slickness.

Gasping in shock and delight she slid one finger in between her folds and found her clit so engorged it was painful to the touch. Carefully skirting around it she sent her hand further down until she was right outside the opening and amazed to feel a flood of juice emitting from her. There was surely something wrong with her and at the moment Samantha no longer cared. She had to get off. She forced herself to think of Robert’s cock sliding into her, but the image wouldn’t stick. As soon as she started touching herself again the mental image would change back to Katie.

Trying to help the image of Robert’s cock Samantha shoved two fingers deep into herself, hearing the liquid squeeze out around the intrusion. As she fingered herself she could hold the image of riding Robert’s fat cock and as she fingered and fucked herself she felt her sweet orgasm coming closer. Then without warning the mental image changed to Katie sitting atop of Robert while facing Samantha and those large and near perfect breasts with small hard nipples swayed as Katie bounced up and down on Robert.

Before she could stop herself Samantha exploded into a thousand pieces as her orgasm crashed through her. The image of Katie moaning and grinding into Robert’s lap burned into her brain. Samantha rode wave after wave of ecstasy helpless to the sight of the cock she knew so well sliding into and out of her little girl.

Falling back to earth after one of the most intense orgasms Samantha can remember she was mortified at what had just happened.

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