Sex Lab Surprise Pt. 02

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Part 1

Kate, a 23 year old accountant busy working for one of the biggest financial firms in New York, had moved to Manhattan from Austin after she graduated. She was shocked at how expensive things were. Rent, food, transportation. How could people afford to live here? She thought she had a great job, but she was living pay check to pay check.

Luckily, she had an awesome fiance, Francis, who she met at the firm. They had their big wedding coming and she needed to make extra money to buy the wedding dress of her dream.

As a former Longhorn Athlete, Kate had made some money in New York posing as an art model for a school. That gig led her to Sexy Life Forms in New York where she ended up demoing new dildo designs for extra money. Now, she came from a conservative Texan family – her kid brother, Adam, was a boy scout and they had gone to Church youth group when they were kids. So she was always feeling guilty, sitting naked on a chair while a doctor and a nurse took her vitals as she vibrated herself with varying sizes of dildos. The first time she came in front of them, she cringed with embarrassment.

SLF loved her build and loved her reactions. After Kate demoed their new series D dildos, they told her they would contact her for future testing opportunities. However, it was a good month later before Kate got the call that SLF had something new for her to try. This was perfect timing, Kate thought. Francis won’t need to know about this… she needed money for her dream wedding dress.

“Hi, mom. I wanted tell you the good news, I will be able to afford that dress we saw when you were here, we got a performance bonus, just in time.” Kate told her mom over the phone on one of their weekly chats.

“Oh that’s great, do you mind if we talk about it tonight, I’m late for yoga.” Her mom replied.

“OK, mom no problem. Say Hi to Dad and Adam for me, love you bye!” Kate concluded.

“Sure thing, love you too honey”

“Who was that?”Adam asked his mom.

“It was your sister, she says ‘Hi!'” As she was stepping out the door, she added “Bye, see you later dear”.

Part 2

Sexy Life Forms had ambitious product plans beyond making rubbery, gooey masturbation tools. They wanted to enter the virtual world, the gaming world, where they could tap a huge market of horny young people glued to their X-Boxes and Playstations.

One day, Dr. Turner texted Adam that he would be testing the V-COME, a virtual sex toy that would take interactive czech harem porno experiences to the next level – all without any risk of STDs.

Adam was thrilled. He was always in need of money. And this summer, he had to save money to fly to NY to visit his sister, Kate, who was getting married to long time boyfriend, Francis.

Adam arrived at SLF’s office, entered the building and went to the lab where Dr. Turner was waiting for him.

In the lab, Dr. Turner asked Adam to strip. He gave Adam what looked like a yellow jock strap and yellow socks and gloves to put on. Then he handed Adam VR goggles and asked him to step up on a circular platform.

“Adam, this is very exciting. You’re going to take a step into VR sex. What do you see?”

“Wow, doc. I’m on a beach. I can actually feel the sand between my toes as I walk.”

“Yes, your hands, feet and crotch are all in our VR gear which will stimulate you. If these tests go well, we will have a full VR suit for you to try in a couple weeks.”

“Shit. This is awesome.” In VR-land, Adam walked along the beach. In reality, he was on this sophisticated platform that was like a treadmill, giving him plenty of room to walk in place.

“Do you see anyone on the beach?” Turner asked.

“No, no, wait, I see someone far away. I’m going toward them.” Adam headed their way and soon he saw a beautiful woman walking toward him. Turner had set the avatar to be a gorgeous black woman wearing a leopard bikini. Adam didn’t realize his own avatar was that of a Tarzan type until he looked down at his body and saw he was wearing a loincloth.

“Why am I Tarzan?” Adam asked.

“It’s this woman’s fantasy to have sex with Tarzan on the beach.”

“Whoa.” Adam hurried his steps toward the approaching girl.

She smiled at him, “Hi! I’m …” she paused. No names in the lab, Turner always warned her. “I’m your African queen.”

He laughed, “Me, Tarzan.”

“You hot, stud!”

“Not bad yourself, bitch.”

They laughed but then Dr. Turner’s voice cut it. “Could you two begin intercourse?”

They laughed again. Adam pulled off his virtual loin cloth.

“Nice dick, stud.” she said. She removed her bikini to reveal a shaved pussy with a jeweled piercing on her vaginal lip.

“Wow, hot!” Adam said.

She looked down at herself. “I didn’t do that!”

Doctor Turner’s voice cut in, “We designed your avatars’ appearance. Please continue.”

Adam czech mega swingers porno smirked and walked closer to the woman, “Get on your knees, bitch.”

“Manners, dude,” she said as she dropped to her knees. She reached out and fondled him. He swelled up in her virtual hands. In real life, she was in a lab in New York, waving her gloved hand in the air. In real life, Adam was standing and feeling something in his jockstrap that felt like a hand encircling his shaft.

“Omigod, that feels so real!” he said.

The woman admired his growing erection. She then carefully tasted him. Hmmm, no taste. Then she swallowed the head of his dick and started licking and sucking. She looked at his organ in her grip, “Is this what he really looks like?”

“No,” Turner said. “It’s a photorealistic rendering of the avatar. But with one click, I can let you see his real organ.”

To her, the erect penis in her hand changed. It was now exactly Adam’s.

“Fuck,” Adam threw his head upward, hands on his hips as his real dick was being massaged in his VR jockstrap. To his senses, he felt a mouth on him. He felt her hands holding his dick. It felt incredibly real.

She mouthed and sucked on his virtual dick, nuzzled his balls. It felt real but it was also odd not to have any scent. After fellating him for a few minutes, she ordered him to lay down on the beach.

Adam was on his back, and he reached to wave his virtual boner in the air. He smiled as his African queen stood over him and then lowered herself onto his throbbing dick. He moaned as she slid inch by inch until she had buried him to the hilt. Then she began to grind in a circular motion.

1700 miles away, Kate’s pussy was sopping wet as the briefs she wore probed and penetrated her in a virtual mirror of Adam’s dick. She put her hands on his chest and kept grinding. It was hot and sexy though she could not feel sweat, she could not smell the man she was mounting like a cat in heat.

1700 miles away, Turner and one of his nurses smiled as they observed Adam lying on his back, his erection pointing up in his yellow jock strap which contracted and compressed around his organ mirroring Kate’s tight pussy grinding.

After a few minutes, Adam moaned. “I want to fuck. Can we change positions?”

The woman slid off him and laid on her back squishing the virtual sand. “Come here, stud.”

Adam happily positioned himself between her legs. czech pool porno He pushed forward and brought her legs up on his shoulder. Then he aimed his virtual dick and started ramming her.

“Omigod!” She moaned. This guy had moves, she thought as she pulled at his hair and scratched at his back.

“I’m going to cum.” Adam was thrusting deeply now. He was amazed how her virtual body responded.

“Let me back on top!” she said. And she squirmed out from beneath him. Adam reluctantly laid back down as she squatted over him.

In NY, Kate was flailing around like a cowgirl on a mechanical bull. “Fuck you, Tarzan! Fuck me!” she cried.

Adam began to spasm. His dick twitched as he shot his load in his jock.

1700 miles away, Kate could feel him spurting virtually. She held his hands and leaned forward. She kept grinding him as long as he was hard. “I’m cumming too!” she cried. She shuddered and fell on his chest.

The two of them laid silently on each other, breathing, panting, even though they were miles apart.

Finally, Turner announced the simulation was ending. He hit a switch and Adam was alone on the platform. He pulled off his goggles and gloves, and then he slowly peeled off his jock which was sticky with his cum.

“Well done, Adam! What did you think?”

“Awesome, professor. It felt so real!”

Turner was thrilled.

Part 3

“Good news, Kate! I’m coming to your wedding!” Adam was on the phone with his sister. “I saved up enough to fly out.”

“That’s great, baby brother. I have good news too. I’m making extra money for this gorgeous wedding dress. The one that I really want!”

“Hey good! I know you wanted that one.”

“So you didn’t beg mom and dad to cover your air fare? What are you doing for money?”

Adam laughed. “You won’t tell mom and dad, right?”

Kate laughed back, “No! It’s not illegal is it? Omigod, you’re not selling weed are you?”

“No,” Adam paused but he and his sister were close. “I’ve been doing sex experiments for a company here.”

She laughed, “Omigod, me too!”


“Yeah, don’t laugh, but I’ve been doing virtual sex experiments.”

The phone was quiet.

“Adam? You still there?”

She heard him take a breath. Then he spoke slowly, “Sexy Life Forms?”

“Why yes, how did you know?” Then it hit her. “Tarzan?”

“Omigod, African queen?”

“Omigod, Adam! We fucked! I think I’m going to be sick!”

“Now wait! Wait! It was virtual! Not real!”

“Omigod, I fucked my kid brother!”

“It wasn’t real! It wasn’t real!”

“Real enough!” Kate’s hand was trembling as she dropped the phone.

1700 miles away, Adam’s hand was also trembling. He hung up and looked out the window, wondering what to do next.

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