Sex in the Sahara Ch. 09

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Chapter 9: Sex with the Virgins

Curtis’s narrative

As the two Range Rovers sped across the desert highway I found myself sat in the rear seat between two hefty, hard looking Bedouin tribesmen who stared silently ahead of them refusing to answer any of the many questions I threw at them. I have to admit I was terrified of the situation; not so much for myself but more for the safety of my wife Linda and our lover Adele; both of them being rushed across the Algerian Sahara to God only knows what fate. They must be in such a state if, like mine, their captors were ignoring any pleas or questions.

Eventually both vehicles entered a large tented camp site and pulled up outside two very large tents. The Arab next to me climbed out and held the door open and indicated for me to get out. I had assumed, by then, that they were unfamiliar with the English language. I had tried a little French on them earlier but to no avail. I climbed from the vehicle and was about to rush over to where Linda and Adele were being escorted into the other large tent but my path was blocked by a burly Bedouin who indicated that I should go into the tent in front of me. It was not so much a directive but more of an invitation that I could not refuse. My worries eased a little as I realised I was being treated better than when we had first been kidnapped back at the oasis; also this was not the expected prison that I had feared awaited us.

On entering the tent I was surprised to behold the plush and luxurious interior with its coloured drapes and fine woven carpets and rugs. Large cushions were scattered around the floor along with small gold coloured tables. I was shown to a group of cushions, which had a table adorned with bowls of fruit and white wine beside them, and invited to sit down. Lowering myself onto the soft cushions I sat, cross legged, and waited.

I did not have long to wait before an elderly tribesman entered in such a manner that I was positive that he was the leader of this band of desert nomads. He smiled at me and sat down a few feet away and indicated that I partake of the fruit and wine beside me. My throat was parched and I eagerly took up a wine carafe and poured myself a glass; which I downed in one swallow. I also took a few olives and nibbled at them as I thanked my host. Host? or captor? I knew not which; but my mind was soon put a little more at ease when the Bedouin spoke to me in a polite, soft, voice in almost perfect English.

He first explained that the two girls who had been with me were safe and would remain so. They were his guests, for now, and we would be taken back to our campsite at the oasis in a day or two. However there was a task that he wished me to perform before that happened. I picked up a piece of fruit that resembled a plum and took a bite of the juicy flesh. I listened eagerly to what he had to say and the more he explained what was expected of me the more my jaw must have dropped open. My cock also started to harden inside my shorts.

“We are a tribe of nomads.” He began; stating the obvious.

“We have many traditions that are both common to all desert tribes and some that are particular to our own tribe.” He continued as I sat, attentively, listening to his every word.

“One of the traditions that is unique to us is the de-flowering of our women. It is against our beliefs for a woman to take a man unless she is to be wed. However no tribesman must ever marry a virgin as the drawing of any female blood is abhorrent to us. Therefore our women must be de-flowered just prior to her wedding day by a non tribal member.”

I felt my eyes visibly open wider as the meaning of what he was saying began to filter into my brain. His next words confirmed my thoughts and my cock pressed against the material of my boxers as his words sank in.

“You, sir, are the man chosen for this task.”

The tribal leader paused to allow his words to sink in, as well as for effect, before continuing.

“I have 9 tribal daughters who are ready to wed and have found a husband within the tribe. They must be deflowered, by you, before the ceremony can take place.”

My mind was racing at his words and I totally forgot the two girls in the other tent, for a moment, as sexy visions flowed into my head and my cock reached its zenith; held back by the tightness of my shorts.

My first words were;

“I understand what you are saying sir.” I said in a trembling voice that did not hide my obvious excitement. “But what of the girls that were with me? My wife and her friend. What is happening to them? Are they safe?”

The Bedouin in front of me held up his hand to politely silence me.

“So many questions in one sentence. Yes your wife and her friend are quite safe and will be well cared for while you are here. After your task is completed you will all be driven back to the oasis to continue your journey.”

I breathed a sigh of relief at these words that I felt sure were genuine. I poured another glass of wine as the Arab reached into his robe and pulled out a small vial of liquid. He handed it to me as he smiled.

“I would like you kartal escort bayan to drink this potion. Please do not worry. It is quite safe but will serve to give you the sexual energy you will need to de-flower the 9 lovely daughters that you will spend the night with.”

I murmured something about desert Viagra as I removed the glass cork and swallowed the potion. It tasted sweet as it slid down my throat but I was dubious that it would have much affect. However, although I had cum 3, sometimes 4 times in one night, the thought of satisfying 9 girls was beginning to worry me. His next words eased my mind on that score; however.

“You can do whatever you like to the daughters of the tribe but you must not cause them harm and you must not, under any circumstance, empty your seed into their womanhood.”

I smiled at his words and realised that I did not have to cum 9 times after all. Just hold myself back long enough to fuck them out of their virginity; and I had the whole night ahead of me in which to do it.

“Will I see them one at a time or all together?” I asked eagerly.

“That is your choice sir.” Came the reply I had been hoping for.

“The daughters have been carefully schooled in the art of lovemaking and will, I am sure, surprise you with their knowledge in sexual matters.”

He kept referring to the virgins as ‘daughters’ and I gathered he meant that they were daughters of the tribe rather than his own flesh and blood daughters.

The Bedouin nomad suddenly rose to his feet.

“I will leave you now. Shortly you will be aided to freshen up before you commence the task ahead of you. I bid you good night and will visit you again in the morning.”

At that he turned and left the tent.

My mind was racing and my cock was still straining to free itself from the confines of my shorts as I sipped again at the refreshing wine beside me. Suddenly a rug hanging on the rear of the tent opened and two slender girls entered wearing black robes and with their faces covered by the traditional Arab veils. I could barely make out their features but they looked to be about 18 and very pretty. They approached where I was sitting and indicated that I should stand. I rose from the cushions and my cock almost split my pants as the two girls slowly began to undress me. One of them slid my T shirt over my head whilst the other undone the buttons to my shorts.

The moment my shorts and boxers left my hips my cock jumped out like a panther and both girls giggled as they took in the site of my throbbing cock. One of them took my hand and led me, naked, over to a thick piled rug at the side of the tent. The other girl had brought in a small bowl of scented water and a small, handle-less cup. She commenced to pour small drops of the water over my shoulders while the other girl began to slowly rub it into my skin. A small amount of lather appeared where she rubbed and the water obviously contained oils of some type as her soft hands glided easily over my skin. Slowly they worked their way down my body as I stood their taking in every delightful feel from their small hands. My cock was jumping up and down uncontrollably and the girls continued to giggle softly as they worked closer and closer to it.

Eventually, after what seemed an eternity, I felt the cool water spill onto my hardened cock and I almost jumped off the carpet. A soft, gentle, hand lightly touched the shaft and slowly worked the lather into my throbbing cock. My balls were next and I almost exploded there and then. The hand washing my member slid from the shaft and down onto my legs, while the other girl attended to my rear end, until four sensuous hands were rubbing down my legs to my feet. My whole body had been cleaned and oiled.

I was almost at the breaking point of self control when one of the girls again slid her hand over my rigid cock after pouring a small amount of oil, from a tiny bottle, into the palm of her hand. I almost screamed in pleasure as my cock grew harder than it had ever done in its entire life. Whether it was the potion I had drunk earlier, the sexy situation I had found myself in, or the effect of the oil she was using I will never know. But the feelings that were ripping through my entire body were feelings I had never experienced before. I had had a champagne blow job in the past; where Linda had filled her mouth with champagne before taking my cock into her sweet mouth, and that had been incredible enough. But this was sheer heaven as the girl’s hand slowly began to massage my foreskin up and over my knob end before taking it back almost to my balls. This was the slowest, most sensual wank I had ever experienced.

With the lubricating oil and the gentleness of her hand massaging the whole length of my cock; from the red, bulbous, head down to where my balls were now aching at its base, my dick was being treated to sensations that it had never felt before. Slowly, sensuously, the girls small hand slid my skin up and down in a manner that had my whole body quivering. I had been wanked off by girls before but this was so incredible that my mind was escort maltepe blowing like never before. I made up my mind, there and then, to teach Linda and Adele how to do this.

Slowly, very slowly, my rock hard cock was massaged by the girl’s soft hand as she stood beside me. Suddenly I felt the material of the thin veil around her mouth as her lips began to kiss my chest and neck through the gossamer covering. My body stiffened and shook even more as I felt her tender kisses on my body; her hand suddenly slid from my cock and cupped itself around my aching balls before squeezing them gently a few times and then returning to my throbbing shaft.

I was a little unsure of what to do with my hands; I had the feeling that I was not allowed to touch the girls. I opted to place them behind my head and grip them tightly together. I also closed my eyes and concentrated on the marvellous feelings that were rippling around my body as my cock underwent the thrill of a lifetime.

The girl’s hand gently sliding up and down my rock hard shaft had me almost screaming in pure pleasure. I visibly trembled when her hand pulled the skin over the head that was emitting my pre cum; before sliding slowly, sensuously, back down my cock to my balls. Suddenly her hand gripped my throbbing shaft tightly and slowly increased the speed of her administrations. I was moaning loudly now and I could feel myself on the verge of eruption as the second girl passed the small bowl of water to her friend, who took it in her free hand, and held it a few inches in front of my cock. My whole body suddenly stiffened as I screamed at the girl slowly wanking me to go faster. She must have understood me because her hand immediately tightened around my pulsating shaft and increased the pace. It was at that moment that the other girl rammed a well oiled finger deep into my tight arse.

I came.

I yelled loudly as my spunk suddenly left my balls and shot up the shaft and out of the tiny hole in the head. Globule after thick globule spurted out in a stream that made the girl holding the bowl pull it back at least two feet from my spurting cock in order to catch the hot liquid. I actually heard the splashes as my cum hit the water in the bowl and I was in heaven. The tiny hand around my cock continued to wank me until every last drop of spunk had spurted into the bowl. The slender finger in my arse fucked me slowly as I sent wave after wave of hot, white spunk splashing into the bowl. Not a single drop hit the floor.

My body was trembling as the girls began to wash my semi hard cock before drying it on a soft towel. A scent of some sort was sprayed over my body before a multi coloured silk robe was placed around me and tied with the silk cord at the front. The girls gestured for me to sit down on the pile of cushions and a glass of the white wine was handed to me. I took a few sips and reached for another piece of the plum like fruit before reclining back onto the soft cushions. Without a word the two girls glided gracefully from the room to leave me alone with the wondrous thoughts and feelings that were surging through my body and mind.

Normally after such an earth shattering sexual experience, like I had just undergone, my cock would be lying asleep between my legs with my empty balls sagging beneath it. However it was not. Instead it had remained semi hard as if in readiness to be wanked again or fucked into a tight pussy. My whole body felt so alive, and so sexually ready, that I felt as if I could fuck all night long and still be ready for more cum morning.

I began to wonder how long I would have to wait before the ‘proceedings’ started; but just then the rug was moved aside and the vision of the most beautiful girl I had ever seen glided into the room and moved to stand in front of me. I was taken aback, not so much from her beauty, but by the fact that she was obviously European and not a desert nomad as I had expected. I gazed up into the sexiest eyes that I had ever seen in a girl and my cock began to solidify beneath my silk robe.

The girl’s hair was a dark blonde and hung smoothly down to her slender shoulders that were naked except for the thin straps of her dress. The dress itself was a pale purple, decorated with pink and green flowers, and clung to her sexy, slender body as it highlighted the smoothness of her perfect shape. The dress was short and ended just below the purple panties that I could see through the gossamer thinness of the material. Her breasts were firm, round, and naked beneath the see through covering and her nipples pressed hard against the material confining them. Several gold chains surrounded her slender neck and, for some reason, I especially noticed the tiny gold dolphin that hung in the centre.

Her feet were naked except for the soft, purple, paint that elegantly covered her toe nails and matched with the nail paint on her long, slender fingers. She smiled at me seductively and I noted the smoothness and the radiance of her facial skin as she spoke her first words softly to me.

“You are surprised to find an English girl here sir?”

Surprised? pendik escort I was dumbfounded to say the least. I hesitated before asking the vision of loveliness in front of me if she was one of the tribal daughters? She replied in the affirmative and told me her name was Chantelle, after her French grandmother.

I motioned for her to sit down next to me and my eyes caught sight of the purple silk panties that hugged her pussy so sexily just below her dress. My cock was now as solid as it had been a short while before and again I marvelled at the potency of the potion that I had been given. I also felt sure that, without the potion, my cock would almost certainly have been just as hard from the sheer loveliness of this divine beauty.

Once seated I introduced myself and asked her how she had found herself about to be married to a Bedouin tribesman. I offered her a glass of wine, which she politely refused, and I boldly placed my arm around her shoulders and pulled her down into the soft cushions with me; a little hesitant at her reactions to my boldness. However she sank neatly into my shoulder and lay beside me as if we were long time lovers. As I began to run my hand up and down her silky legs she told me how she had fallen in love with her Bedouin husband-to-be whilst she had been touring the desert regions of Morocco with a girl friend a year before. They, too, had strayed into Algeria by mistake and had been found in their broken down car by the band of tribesmen that we were now with. She had soon fallen in love with one of them and had opted to remain with them when her friend returned to England. Her marriage was just a week away after she had assured her man that she was a virgin. Now it was up to me to de-flower her in preparation for her marriage.

My hand had, by now, slid beneath the thin dress and had begun to rub sensuously over her silky panties where they only just covered her now wet pussy. As her narrative ended she released a soft moan and arched her hips into the palm of my hand in an invitation to my fingers to begin a probe into the depths of her slit. I willingly obliged and my fingers slid beneath the elastic to touch the wetness that it found there. Chantelle changed position slightly so as to partly face me and, one handed, she deftly opened the cord in front of my silk robe and pulled it open. My cock immediately sprang out and I moaned loudly as her fingers slid gently up and down the thick shaft. I felt as if I would explode my spunk almost immediately and I quickly got to my knees, removed my robe and motioned for her to sit up. With a sexy wiggle of her bum she freed the hem of her dress from beneath herself and allowed me to pull it over her head where I let it drop to the cushions behind us. No sooner were her breast exposed than I dropped my head and sucked a nipple deep between my lips. Another moan of pleasure escaped her soft mouth as her hardened nipple sank between my teeth and I began to gently nibble whilst still sucking like a baby seeking milk.

My hand again reached down and rubbed the front of her silk panties and I thrilled to find that her wetness had already seeped through the thin material. A few more tender bites on her hard nipple and she was like putty in my hands. Again her hips rose to push against my hand and I finally released her breast from my mouth and moved my body down to her thighs. A quick tug at her panties and they were off her ankles and onto the rug at the foot of the cushioned bed. Once free of her panties her legs opened in an invitation that was obvious and I climbed between them and sank my mouth onto her wet and ready pussy. She moaned loudly as my tongue slid into her and began a slow tongue fuck that brought forth even more of her sweet scented juices. A quick nibble on her tiny bud, before again plunging my tongue inside her again, then another nibble and then further invasion into the depths of her womanhood.

Her hips began a rhythmic motion up and down against my probing mouth until I felt her hands go onto the top of my head and push it down hard into her as if she wanted my whole head inside her soaking cunt. My cock was jerking up and down as if pleading to be allowed access to the slit that my tongue was now filling. My mouth was pressed against the shaven pussy; shaven except for a thin line of hair that stretched upwards from the top of her slit as if reaching towards her naval that had a small, gold dolphin piercing nestled just inside. But my mind was not on gold dolphins. It was almost exploding with the thought of how hard I was soon going to fuck this gorgeous creature.

Again Chantelle almost screamed as I rammed my tongue into her wetness. Again her tiny bud felt the gentle bites that my teeth were giving it. Deeper and harder my tongue licked and fucked into her sweet, juicy cunt as I felt her trembling beneath me. I suddenly slid my hand upwards and rammed a solitary finger into her depths but still keeping my tongue probing at her clit. She screamed and began to fuck her hips up and down onto my finger as I held it still and let her determine the pace. As my tongue flicked from side to side over her firm bud she fucked my finger harder and faster until suddenly her whole body shook as it felt the orgasm erupt through her. Tremble after tremble forced her pussy against my mouth and finger until she finally relaxed her spent body beneath me.

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