Secret Rendezvous

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They hadn’t seen each other in years, but they’d recently rekindled a strong connection over their many conversations online. They’d dated briefly after high school, but now they were closer than they’d ever been, despite the distance between them.

Jess walked nervously out to her Jeep, the slight breeze tugging at her short skirt. She wore nothing underneath it, so she was instantly self-conscious at the weather’s playful mood. Her sumptuous, round breasts filled her tight button-up shirt almost to bursting.

She had piercing ice-blue eyes and wild, dark curls, tied back away from her stunning face. She had all the right curves, in perfect proportion to her medium height. Taking one last cleansing breath, she put the Jeep into gear and pulled away from her house. Her oblivious husband wasn’t even aware she had walked out the door. It had been that way for far too long, and she finally decided to think of herself this one time.

Sam pulled into the parking lot where they’d agreed to meet, a local all-night diner. He’d been in town for more than a week, having made the 500 mile drive from home to visit friends and family, but this was the first chance Jess had to get away. Tonight was a long time coming for both of them, and the anticipation he felt was killing him.

He shut off the car and stepped out into the mild summer air. It was still warm, as might be expected from a summer night, but the relative coolness of the breeze was a refreshing change from the sickening humidity of his adopted hometown hundreds of miles away.

He smoothed the chest of his dark polo shirt and absentmindedly brushed the bostancı escort bayan legs of his tan cargo pants. It was a bit of a change from his usual t-shirt and jeans, but he wanted to step up his game for the stunning beauty coming to spend time with him.

He thought back to how he came to be in this parking lot, awaiting her arrival. In almost six years since he’d moved out of state, this was his first opportunity to travel back home alone. Usually his son made the trip with him, but this time the boy was away at summer camp for the first time. Sam’s wife stayed home as she always did. They’d stopped traveling together long ago…in fact, they’d stopped doing nearly everything together years earlier. These days, it seemed the only two things they shared were parenting responsibilities and a home address. Sam’s marriage was just as dead as Jess’ was. He looked out and saw headlights approaching. Her headlights. His heart began racing.

She saw him standing by his SUV, and she swallowed nervously. Pulling into the parking space beside him, she shut the car off and stepped out. Walking around, she stepped between their cars where he waited. Their eyes locked, and without a word they were in each other’s arms, kissing deeply.

Sam could feel his cock stiffen as Jess pressed herself against his body. She felt it too, and slid her hands down to release his thick member from its constraints. Her fingers sought out its veiny texture as she gripped it. She stroked it, feeling it throbbing rhythmically in her hand.

Sam pulled Jess closer, his strong hands sliding down her back and across the ümraniye escort soft curve of her ass. Suddenly he spun her around and pulled her close. His hands gently lifted the hem of her skirt as his pulsing cock pressed into the round fold of her soft butt. He kissed and bit her neck, his two-week-old beard scratching her tender skin. A gasp escaped her lips as her hands reached up and stroked his clean-shaven head.

By now she was soaked, and she felt her sweet juices trickle down her leg. The anticipation was unbearable. Without a word, she willed him into her, and somehow he got the message. With one hand on her hip and the other pressing the soft spot between her shoulders, he bent her forward as his stiff rod pressed effortlessly into her dripping cunt. God, he felt huge! Her first orgasm came out of nowhere, and she was shocked at its strength. Her knees buckled and she nearly fell.

As he pistoned in and out of her, he felt her pussy squeeze around him as she came. She almost collapsed, and he struggled to keep her on her feet. Suddenly he withdrew from her and climbed into the back seat of his massive SUV.

Jess didn’t follow him immediately. Instead, she undid the buckle on his belt, opened his pants the rest of the way, and pulled them to the floor of the truck. Climbing in to join him, she straddled his lap and slowly lowered herself onto his stiff cock. As he filled her still-throbbing womanhood, she bit her lip and pressed her forehead to his. As she rode up and down his thick member, she leaned over him to feel the roughness of his beard against her neck once more. She couldn’t get enough escort kartal of the sensation.

His hands lifted her ass and lowered her down to his lap, over and over. Slowly his fingers found their way around to the tight, forbidden hole between her buttocks. He felt her twitch at his gentle touch, heard her gasp. As he carefully pressed a finger into her ass, he felt her slick cunt squeeze his prick once again. His balls tightened as his orgasm started building deep within his groin.

His other hand slowly climbed up her back and cradled her head as he pressed her closer to him for a deep, longing kiss. He gripped a handful of her hair and gently tugged her back, away from him, arching her back. As her breasts pushed toward him, he released her hair and quickly unbuttoned her shirt, freeing her large, round tits. Her lacy black bra was straining, and he deftly undid the clip in front, releasing her breasts. Her nipples called to him, and he answered with his tongue. He bit her lightly, and the sudden, sharp lightning strike of sensation coursed through her tender nipples and made her ride him harder and faster.

Without warning, his cock erupted in orgasm, and he pressed into her as deep as he could go. His cum flowed in pulsing waves, filling her. She felt his warmth pumping into her as her sweet pussy squeezed and released, drawing more of his seed from him.

Spent, they simply held each other, Sam’s warm cum spilling from Jess’ soft cunt. Their labored breath was perfectly synchronized, as their hearts gradually slowed to a normal rhythm. They pressed their foreheads together again, their eyes locking once more.

She smiled at him as they both realized neither of them had said a word since meeting here in the parking lot. They hadn’t even made it to his hotel room yet. It would be a long, exhausting night indeed, and neither of them expected to get any sleep.

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