Secret Admirers Ch. 05

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The next morning Jimmy got under the covers and woke me up with his rapidly moving tongue. We made love for quite a while and he made me cum over and over again. He had become quite the seasoned lover, putting my pleasure before his every time. We then took a shower together and washed the sex off our bodies. We dried off our wet skin and the both of us said at the same time, “I’m hungry!” We both laughed and I agreed that I would make us some breakfast. Little did we know what would occur down there.

We went down to the kitchen for breakfast. I was wearing a short white lacy robe that barely went down far enough to cover up my ass. I was wearing nothing underneath of course. Jimmy was wearing nothing but a towel, showing off his muscular chest. I made some pancakes then we sat down and ate. We talked for quite a while. The talk once again became flirtatious. I decided we had better cool it, so I took the dishes to the sink so they could be washed.

While I was standing there washing the dishes, all of a sudden I felt Jimmy’s lips started touching my other lips, if you know what I mean. It felt so good, that my knees started buckling.

However, while all of this was occurring something that would forever change our lives was about to happen. Emily, who just had the best sex of her life the prior night, had made plans unbeknownst to us. She had thought she would go see Jimmy and wake him up. She did not realize that he was going to get up early with me. Her plan was that she wanted to sneak into his room and make love to him, hoping not to wake me up in the room next door. She knew the code to get into the house and came in through the back door by the kitchen. She came around the corner, only to see me on the kitchen counter with my legs spread eagle and Jimmy burying his face in my pussy.

She was in complete shock and screamed, “Jimmy what are you doing?”

Jimmy jumped up, and turned around as my pussy juices were dripping off of his chin. I also set up at attention. Jimmy still had a towel wrapped around his waist but his erection was protruding through the towel. I still had the robe on, but it was pulled high above my waist. Emily was wearing a short red miniskirt with a revealing black top and spiked heels.

A shocked Jimmy answered back, “What are you doing here Emily?”

Emily said,”Well, I wanted to make love to you if you must know, but I guess you’d rather sleep grup porno with your mom!”

Jimmy and I both started to approach her. Emily started backing away but very slowly. Jimmy responded, “She is my stepmom, not my mom.”

I added, “Emily I’m so sorry, we didn’t want this to happen it just did.” “You don’t have anything to worry about we just have sex, it’s nothing more than that.”

Emily responded, “Oh that makes me feel a lot better (as she made a sarcastic laughing sound)!”

“Emily please don’t leave, let’s sit down and talk this out”, Jimmy pleaded.

We both tried to coax her into going to the living room so we could talk this out. She was being fairly receptive I guess, in the sense that she wasn’t running out the door. Who knows, maybe she thought something was going on anyway. Maybe that’s the real reason she came over so early. Either way, she obviously was willing to listen since she didn’t leave immediately. After 10 minutes or so, of attempting to get her into the living room, it finally worked.

Jimmy went to his room to put on some sweat bottoms while I sat on the couch with Emily. I started telling her the full story. Jimmy got back right about the time when I was telling Emily about him videotaping me. Emily looked at him in disbelief.

Jimmy looked embarrassed, and replied, “Can you blame me?” “Look at her, she’s the hottest mom in the city!” Jimmy laughed nervously after saying that. Emily cracked a small smile but you could tell she still wasn’t quite over the shock.

I went through the whole story with her and you could tell as the story went on she became overly interested. I sensed that she was ironically getting turned on. As I was telling her the story Jimmy inched ever closer to her massaging her neck and her shoulders trying to get her to relax. Jimmy sensed what I did that she was getting aroused from the story.

Jimmy said, “Why don’t we just do what you came over here to do anyway Emily?”

Emily responded, “I just don’t know Jimmy.”

Jimmy started kissing the nape of her neck and massaging her thighs up and down with his hand going just under the edge of her red skirt.

Emily once again said, “I don’t know Jimmy. “I just don’t know what to do or what to think about this.”

Jimmy’s hand went even further underneath her skirt pulling it up to where I could see her black lace panties. His fingers hd porno kept massaging up and down her crotch, and you could see the moisture seeping through the panties on to his hands. Emily started panting ever so lightly.

I was getting massively turned on as I started exploring my pussy lips with my index and middle fingers of my right hand. My pussy was still extremely wet from when Jimmy was eating me out about a half hour ago.

Jimmy untied her top, pulled it off, and then removed her black lace bra. I once again got to view her smallish breasts with puffy nipples that I had just seen at the poolside not that long ago.

I went ahead and removed all my robe as I laid there totally naked, fingering my pussy watching my stepson make love to his girlfriend.

He was kissing all around her milky white breasts and lightly teasing her puffy nipples with the tip end of his tongue. He kissed his way down and licked his way down her belly to get down to her red skirt. He grasped it ever so tightly and tugged at the skirt, pulling it down to her muscular calves. He removed her heels and pulled the skirt completely off. He then kissed her toes and feet and moved ever so slowly up her long luscious legs. He reached her pussy and started making love to it just like he was making love to mine not that long ago.

After several minutes of him eating her pussy, Jimmy positioned himself between her legs. He slowly inserted his swollen cock into her wet pussy. His hips pushed in and out as her hips gyrated. Emily moaned with pleasure as their two bodies became intertwined. I kept exploring my own pussy pushing two fingers in and out, alternating with some attention to my clit. I kept noticing the both of them occasionally looking at me out of the corners of the eyes.

As they were changing positions Jimmy gave me a nod, which caught my attention. They got in to reverse cowgirl position, with Emily facing away from me. Her tight ass looked so good sliding up and down on his engorged shaft.

I decided Jimmy’s nod meant something, so I approached them. As she moved up and down on top of Jimmy, he was grasping her beautiful ass. I decided I would give her a hand literally, as I reached down and started playing with her wet clit. She made an unusual noise, probably because of the shock. But it was also a sound of pleasure as I could tell. With my right hand massaging her clit, latin porno I took my left hand and started massaging her breasts.

Emily struggled to speak but was able to, she said, “Rub my clit harder so I can cum.”

I was happy to oblige, so I use my wet fingers to massage her clit into ecstasy. Shortly thereafter her juices exploded all over Jimmy’s cock. She raised her hips of Jimmy’s hips and told him to sit on the top of the couch. Jimmy was showing quite a bit of stamina as he hadn’t shot his load yet.

Emily wanted to show me how well she could suck his cock. Emily started sucking his long rod, but I did something that she wasn’t prepared for. As she was licking and sucking his cock I positioned my face next to her wet soaking pussy. I buried my tongue extremely deep into her pussy. Her pussy juices tasted so sweet. It wasn’t too long later that she was climaxing again as her trembling body collapsed on to me and my tongue.

Emily got up and said, “Let me watch you suck Jimmy’s cock.

Emily was bolder than I had thought. I started licking and sucking on Jimmy’s cock, and then Emily buried her face into my pussy. Having her virgin lips exploring my pussy made me so hot. It wasn’t too long before I started climaxing as well.

I said, “Now we need to take care of Jimmy.”

We guided Jimmy down onto the floor. Both of our naked bodies were all over the top Jimmy. Our lips were kissing him all over his body, and our tongues were licking all over his body.

Emily once again straddled his cock, this time facing him. I positioned my wet pussy over his mouth, sitting on his face. My hips gyrated swirling around his protruding tongue. Emily was facing me, moving her hips up and down over his cock. I leaned forward as Emily and I kissed while she was fucking Jimmy’s brains out. Jimmy started moaning, I knew he was about to cum. Emily and I both got off of Jimmy and immediately went to his cock. Her fingers and hands moved up and down his shaft as we positioned our faces in front of it, ready to get our reward. Jimmy’s body went into spasms, as his hot load streamed over both of our faces.

We collapsed after this lovemaking session. We must’ve lain there next to each other for a good half hour. We started talking about the situation that we got ourselves into. We knew it could either be very awkward, or very amazing, or possibly both. Either way we knew things would never be the same again.

Emily stated that she was okay with this as long as parameters were set. She also had one more stipulation, one that would make me and Jimmy shake in our boots, if you will. That’s another story for another day.

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