Satisfying Sex In Paradise

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Next day we, the boys got up pretty late not because of the wonderful experience of the previous night but to make up for the long hours spent in preparing for our examination. It was a day for outing. The temperature was comfortable even in summer because of the rural farm environment. We had a leisurely bath and got into light clothing as Satish mentioned that we would spend the day at the pond side. In the dining room the two beautiful girls with long kisses greeted us. They were both wearing hot pants with tank tops looking extremely sexy. We had sumptuous breakfast and left for the pond with tea in thermos and packed lunch which they had prepared in the morning.

It was a small but beautiful pond with small bushes around. Being within Satish’s farm there was no fear of anyone coming and surprising us. During the walk to the pond and going around the pond itself I was not able to keep my hands still. I am very much attracted to well rounded buttocks next only to beautiful medium size breasts. So the first assault was on those undulating buttocks of Mohini over the hot pants and even under them. She on her part put her hands inside my pocket to caress my already beginning to swell cock. Kisses were part of the walk. Obviously Satish was not quiet either, but since he new Kamini for longer time they were talking amongst kisses about bostancı escort their family. Near the pond we chose two bushes to spread the blankets. The bushes were not very dense but provided some amount of privacy. We both were not exhibitionists and liked some privacy while enjoying sex. At the same time we were close enough not to hide from each other.

The next one-hour was spent in leisurely sex with all the ingredients of love. I believe that the foreplay and after play are more important in having a satisfactory sexual experience. The act itself is essential but lasts for too short a time (except for some people who claim to hour long erection and capability to satisfy a number of women). The so-called insatiable women and huge cocks and fucking marathons, in my opinion, are more an output of fantasy or the result of drug abuse. I had fucked Mohini in the night without even seeing her properly in the night, so I spent a lot of time unclothing her already small coverings and seeing her beautiful young body and the love areas. Her breasts were smooth, firm, round with already erect nipples.

A caressed them and then kissed around and in between them before taking the nipples one by one in my mouth. Oh it was such a satisfying and wonderful feeling more so because of her visible and vocal response. Thereafter ümraniye escort bayan I kissed her naval and moved down to the mould. She was getting excited every moment, which made my response more enjoyable. I love to play with the soft hair above the cunt, so my hands were not free at the moment. As I reached the clitoris and first touched it then played with it with my two fingers I could here her loud cries of almost reaching her climax. I shifted my lips to her clitoris and the fingers to her cunt. Her hand had already got hold of my hard cock and was playing with it and my balls.

My own excitement had risen to unbearable level. She whispered to not torment her but enter her already wet cunt without any more delay. I got up, had a long loving look at her beautiful body with hard and risen nipples, cunt heaved up inviting my cock and the legs folded to give a fully opened look to the entrance to her vagina, drooped my pant which was already around my ankles and set down in between her legs on my knees. I entered her slowly jointly enjoying every moment of the action.

In my opinion this is the most electrifying period of having sex. As I reached the hilt, I became still to extend the pleasure and then resumed the slow in and out movement increasing its speed as well as its thrust. My hands were alternating between kartal escort the breasts and her buttocks. Her hands were initially on my face had now moved above her as she thrust her pelvis above to get the thrust. We soon reached the point of no return and as I exploded inside her cunt she cried out with her own climax.

I continued to lie on her with my cock inside her cunt fully satisfied along with her. We both felt a sort of love bound even though we knew that this would be only a short pleasure encounter for both of us. I rolled over and held her in my arms, kissed on her face a number of times to indicate my total satisfaction. She did the same to let me know that she was always with me till end. I caressed her all over particularly her breasts, the area around the cunt and of course the buttocks. She rolled over me and continued to kiss my face and my chest. She moved downwards and sucked on my cock to lick the cum as if to clean it. At this time we heard Kamini calling us for our tea break. We decided to walk as it is to their bush.

As we were having tea, Kamini remarked about observing a glow on her face. To my great surprise as well as happiness she said that she just had the most satisfying sex in her life. I looked at her with love and admiration and kissed her deeply to show my gratitude. We had few games and a repeat sexual encounter in the afternoon after a short siesta. We explored each other’s body to learn the various satisfying variations between us. The evening was spent watching the TV and then in bed finally sleeping in each other’s arms. Thus was spent my second day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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