Sarah’s Seduction

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She looked so fucking HOT! Just the kind of girl that made Trevor melt.

An inch or two over five feet, thin – not starving, but very slender. Her all black outfit was cut just a little low, drawing attention to her pert breasts – A cups? – sitting high and proud on her chest. It fit snugly along her curves, showing a wonderful contrast between her tiny waist and her curvy hips. A flat stomach and a round, tight ass sat atop thin but shapely legs, which did not look very short for her small stature. Her long blond hair was fixed in a pony tail, high on the back of her head, which bounced from side to side when she moved. When she walked it kept time with her hips, undulating, driving Trevor totally crazy.

Basically, she looked more like a 14 year old who had developed quickly. But no, don’t think Trevor was into young girls. Not illegally young. That didn’t interest him at all. But he loved very feminine women. Dainty ones. This girl was 18. No, 19 according to her records, he noticed. Very feminine and dainty. And she was so attractive, so damn cute, and her body such an extreme example of what turned him on the most, that he was barely able to get through the routine conference that he had with all of his students.

Finally the basic conversation was over. Trevor relaxed some now, and turned the conversation more personal.

“Has your adjustment to this college been going well?” he asked her.

“Oh, yes, it’s been great. I love the campus, the professors, and most of all the other students,” she answered.

“So, it sounds like there is a special guy – or guys – in your life.” That would be disappointing.

“No,” she mumbled, looking down at the floor. “That’s one area that hasn’t developed at all.”

He looked longingly at her, at her body, thinking that this might be an opening for him “No dates for someone as pretty as you?”

She looked up at him, her sad face smiling at the compliment. “There have been dates, but nothing that has worked out. The guys seem so immature. Goofing around all the time. Drinking.”

“So you don’t drink?”

“Well, I am only 19,” she laughed.

“Oh, of course then.” He joined in her laughter.

She continued. “I don’t mind the drinking. But most guys seem to treat it like a competitive sport.”

Now was his chance. Trevor moved in. “Perhaps a lovely young lady like yourself isn’t happy with boys. Perhaps you would be happier if you found yourself a more mature man.”

“You’re probably right.” She seemed to be thinking about his suggestion. “Boys my own age always have seemed immature, here and in high school.”

Trevor needed to find out if this was a possibility. Barely 30 years of age, he kept himself in good shape and did not feel old at all. But he realized what 30 might seem like to a 19 year old. “But, Sarah, what if you had a chance to date a grown up man? Although someone, say, as old as I am would seem pretty old to you, wouldn’t it?”

“Oh, no, not if he looked like you.” Sarah blushed as she heard the words she had just said.

Trevor laughed, to difuse the situation. “Don’t be embarrased, Sarah, I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“Oh, I meant it as one.” She gathered herself. “I mean, you don’t seem old at all. Your classes are fun, interesting. And you must be athletic. You look like you could fit in as a student if you dressed as badly as they do.”

They both smiled at that comment, but Trevor was smiling for another reason. Maybe this little hottie was available.

“I’ll tell you what. If you’re not busy tonight, why don’t we have a little dinner together. You can tell me more about yourself, and maybe you can see if you might be interested in an older man.”

Sarah’s look was one of surprise. He didn’t know what else she was thinking.

“Oh, I don’t know. Dating a professor…”

“Don’t think of it as a date. It’s just dinner. Just an experiment. You’re not dating me, you’re just seeing what an older man might be like bostancı escort compared to what you’re used to.”

“Oh, I see. Well, I guess that would be all right.”

Was that a hint of disappointment he saw in her face when he said it wasn’t a date? He hoped so.

“But still, it would be best not to tell your friends that we are going out.”

“I understand,” she said, not sure if she really understood. Was he asking her out on a date, or was it just as he said?

The date – or non-date – was fabulous. Trevor took her to an elegant restaurant. They knew him well, and didn’t question her age when he ordered for them both, including wine. And he made sure that she enjoyed as much wine as he could reasonably get her to drink.

After two hours of intelligent conversation, great food, and a lot of wine, they were ready to leave. He drove them straight back to his place, which confused her.

“Why are we here?” she asked.

“The evening is not over,” Trevor answered. “I have enjoyed our conversation too much to end it now. You are a very interesting woman.”

Sarah’s buzz made her feel especially excited at the compliment, as well as when this sophisticated man called her a woman. “Is this your apartment?”

“Yes, it is. I thought it would be the best place to continue our conversation. We have so much more to talk about. And you can see if this compares to where the boys live.”

This made Sarah smile. Didn’t he know that the boys lived in dorm rooms, or in frat houses? Oh, what horrible places she had seen. Messy, stinky places with pictures of nude girls and various illegal drugs. Trying to show their rebelliousness, she thought.

“Oh, wow!’ she said, as they entered the apartment. It was more than she had imagined. It looked professionally decorated, and even put her parents’ furnishings to shame. “This is no dorm room!”

He was getting wine for them as he asked her to sit on the couch. “Get comfortable.” he said. “Take your shoes off.”

She did as he said, and tucked her feet under her legs. She was feeling overwhelmed. The wine, the adult conversation, the royal treatment she had been getting all evening – it all made her head spin.

He sat beside her, handed her a glass of wine, and made a toast. He sat his glass down, but insisted she take another sip of hers. She held it while they talked, the conversation starting to turn towards boys and dating. Sarah did not think to object when his hand gently laid on her tucked leg.

Trevor had gradually been getting closer, more intimate, as they talked. Now he looked deeply and softly into Sarah’s eyes. “I’d like to know how they treat you. For example, when they kiss you, do they kiss like this?”

He placed his hands softly along her jaw line, stroking just a little, and brought her head towards his. Their lips touched lightly, his head changed angles slightly, and then another kiss. This one was a bit longer before he broke it off. Then another one, his lips parted, his tongue coming out to brush against her lips.

Sarah’s lips parted as well, and she moaned a little before she could stop herself. As his tongue eased into her mouth, her own tongue rushed forward hard and battled with it. She pushed her mouth harder into his, and was lost for a moment in the emotion. Trevor finally pulled slowly away.

“Oh, my God!” Sarah blurted. “Oh, gosh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean… I didn’t mean to…” She couldn’t form her thoughts.

Trevor pulled her in closer. “It’s okay. I enjoyed it. You are fantastic. I find that I am enchanted by you.”

She looked at him questioningly, not even certain of what he had said. “What? I… I… That was really good,” she finally managed.

He started kissing light pecks on the side of her neck and on her ear lobe. “You kiss very well,” he told her.

“Oh, you… you.” She sighed in surrender. “You do, too. That was amazing.”

He raised her head in his hands, kissing her eyes ümraniye escort bayan and nose, and said, “There is so much more. You are too much woman to be going out with boys.”

“Me?” she said.

“Boys can’t understand you. You are sensuous, romantic. You have so much to offer a man.”

She felt her body slump as she listened to his compliments. No, boys didn’t talk like this. Or act like this. She was overwhelmed. The alcohol, the compliments, the kissing – oh, the kissing! – the feeling that this sophisticated man wanted to be with her. He seemed to actually like talking to her. Touching her. Kissing her. Yes, kiss me more, she thought to herself.

As if on cue, Trevor’s fingers traced their way up across her cheek, brushed her hair back, and held her face as his lips came towards hers. They met, and she was ready this time. Her lips were parted widely, waiting for his tongue. She was not disappointed. Mouths wide open, tongues thrashing about, they met in a hard, deep, passionate kiss that seemed to have no end. On and on it went until neither of them could breathe. When they parted they held each other tight, gasping for air.

Trevor’s right hand stroked Sarah’s arm, caressed her back, and finally slid lower to cup her perfectly formed ass. Sarah was turning to jelly as their lips began another heated, sensuous kiss. She felt his hand slide down her leg enough to get under the skirt she had worn for this evening, and urged it to hurry as it came back up to reclaim her ass. Only her panties were separating them. His hand slid over her panties, up and down, back and forth, and finally under the elastic band to firmly hold her bare cheek in his hand.

Sarah could tell she getting wet. She was, quite literally, hot all over, and especially between her legs. Their kissing continued, as well as her moaning, only getting worse as Trevor’s lips moved down over her neck. Then over her collarbone. Then onto her upper chest. It kept going lower, slowly, and she finally realized that his left hand was unbuttoning her blouse to make was for his lips. Yes! She wanted him to hurry! She needed to feel his touch all over her body.

Finally his mouth brushed against her breast, just above the bra cup. Trevor pulled the cup away. It wasn’t much. A light, sheer thing. Support wasn’t needed for her small breasts. Small, yes, but very sensitive. “Never more sensitive than tonight!” she thought to herself as he exposed them briefly before his lips found her nipple.

“Ohhhhh,” she moaned as she felt his hot lips on her bud. The electric shocks shot all through her body, especially to her pussy, and she had to part her legs to allow air down there. It was so hot and wet, she was sure.

Sarah was breathing hard, every other breathe a soft moan as Trevor played with her breast. He slid his tongue around her nipple, then over it, then rubbing it back and forth. He sucked the nipple into his mouth. He continued sucking, getting the whole breast into his mouth. Not that hard to do, considering the size of her breast, but a sensuous feeling for them both. He bit lightly on the nipple, now as hard as a rock, and sucked just it in and out between his teeth. The rough grating of his teeth on her nipple drove her insane.

Somehow her blouse had been taken off and her bra was hanging loose as Trevor attacked the second breast in much the same way. Sarah was pushing her chest at him, wanting everything he could give her, and she hardly gave it a thought when his hand slid between her legs from the front. Her body, on its own, pushed itself firmly into his hand, her pussy feeling relief and comfort in his grip.

Sarah was moaning almost non-stop now. She wasn’t thinking, she couldn’t think, she could only be grateful as she felt his hand inside her panties, and his finger reach down between the folds of her pussy. His finger at her hole, and rubbing against her clit, was such a thrilling feeling that… “Aaaaaaaaaaa.” Sarah cried kartal escort out as an orgasm suddenly erupted from deep within her. Where had that come from? Her body rocked hard into the palm of his hand as she came, her hands pulling Trevor’s head into her chest.

It took a long moment for her mind to regain its senses. She was hardly done climaxing before Trevor pulled her panties from underneath her and was again attacking her pussy. He pulled her forward a bit so it was easier to reach, and slid a finger into her soaked entrance. Her body reacted as he sunk his finger deep within her. Trevor thought that her vagina was pretty tight, but she was not a virgin. That was a relief.

He wiggled his finger around inside her, feeling the soft walls inside her, and also rubbed the palm of his hand against her clit. Still sucking on her tits and kissing her chest, he was nearly as excited as she was. He pushed a second finger into her channel, this one making a more difficult entrance than the first. He thought he felt a soft, squishy spot inside her, and as he explored that area, Sarah erupted into another orgasm, thrashing about on his fingers and hand. She was really gasping for air as her fingers reached for something to grab onto. She felt like she was floating, falling, while her body was wracked with her first multiple orgasm ever.

Trevor loved what he was able to do to this adorable creature. She was everything he had hoped for in a perfect example of a woman. But he was going crazy as well. He needed more, he needed relief, he needed to have more than his fingers inside her. Although he kept his fingers there, and he kept kissing her breasts and chest, he used one hand on his own pants. Somehow he managed to get them open, then rip them down, along with his underwear, so that his iron hard erection was finally free. Hardly had Sarah recovered from her second orgasm than Trevor pulled his fingers out of her and guided his stiff dick into her.

Sarah’s eyes and mouth opened wide as she felt this new intrusion. She knew this was different. Of, course, it was his penis. “Oh, yes! My God, YES!” were the only words she could coherently think of. That was the biggest thing she had ever felt inside her. It pushed her vaginal walls out, her pussy seemed stretched to its limits, yet she only wanted more. Deeper than she could remember ever being penetrated, yet she rocked her hips harder and harder hoping to get reamed harder, wider, deeper.

He drove his dick repeatedly into her, sweat suddenly running down his body. All of the passion that had built up was now trying to be released. His body was trying to nail her to the couch, but her body was responding just as much. Her hips kept driving up to meet each thrust, so that together they let out a loud groan each time they banged into each other.

Trevor’s dick was now even bigger as it filled, getting ready for his much needed release. He reached a hand down between them to find her clit. Sarah groaned louder than ever as she felt him rubbing it. Both were nearing the end. “Oh, God, please! I have to cum!” was nearly the only thought either of them had.

Sarah screamed out in a long, agonizing wail as her third orgasm burst from deep within. Her legs were wrapped around Trevor, and she drew them tight, wanting to force his dick up inside her, all the way through her if possible. Trevor could hardly move now with her legs holding him so tight, but he pushed hard into her depths and held his throbbing erection deep. Her pussy walls throbbed in orgasm, and he finally released his load into her. He managed to pull out a little as she relaxed, and shoved back into her as his last shots were expelled.

They held like that for a long moment, frozen in time. unable to think. Finally the fog in their minds started to clear and they hugged. And kissed. And stroked each others’ body, until Trevor’s dick was soft enough that he had to pull out and clean up, before all of their cum soaked into the couch. He grabbed his shirt and cupped her pussy with it, wiping his dick with the end of it at the same time. After a little more hugging and kissing, they lay there, half dreaming, half asleep, saying nothing at all. Both were totally drained and totally satisfied.

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