Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 07

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Jerry Malone awoke, disoriented, in a dark, unfamiliar room. Then he remembered, he was in his stepdaughter’s room and this sleeping, voluptuous, nude body he had his arms around was his stepdaughter, Sarah. He began to panic, “What about her mother?” Then he remembered, her mother had participated in the sexual activity and looking over Sarah’s head he saw her mother, also nude, sleeping peacefully on the other side of her daughter. His cock stiffened at the memory of last night’s activities. But he couldn’t get it out of his mind that he had done something incorrect. He wasn’t helped by the constant intruding thought that he’d love to have sex with her again.

He carefully moved his arm from under the sleeping young woman and then slowly got out of the bed. Then he went to the other side of the bed and quietly wakened his wife.

Sarah Wakes

Sarah woke slowly. Her first thoughts, her eyes still closed, were of the previous evening. Had she really had fabulous sex with her step father? Had her mother really eaten her to orgasm? For that matter had she eaten her mother to orgasm? No, it wasn’t a dream, she realized. It had happened. She hugged her naked breasts and moved one hand to her crotch and massaged her clit imagining her stepfather’s cock inside her.

She opened her eyes. Where were they? The three of them had been in bed together when she fell asleep on her mother’s breast. She smelled the faint odor of coffee and sounds of breakfast from the kitchen. Instead of getting up, she continued reminiscing.

She recalled how the evening had started with her asking to go with her parents to their swingers party. A thrill went through her genitals when she remembered that they had agreed to her request. Now that she was 18 and out of high school she felt that she could have sex with men, not boys and the parties offered that. She just needed a partner to come with her. She didn’t think it was likely many of her old high school sex partners would agree to that. Maybe with a week or so to look she could find one. She started thinking about the boys she knew, considering which wouldn’t mind that most of the women were over 30 and that they couldn’t have sex with her (her mother had said it was impolite). What she needed was a man not a boy … a man, not a boy. An idea came to her. The more she thought about it the better it sounded, well, anyway, the more she thought about it the more sexual excitement filled her and the wetter her vagina became.

She jumped out of bed and ran to the kitchen, not bothering to dress. “Mom, Dad!” she exclaimed. “Can I go to the next swingers party?”

Her stepfather kept his face buried in the paper. Her mom answered, “I thought you couldn’t get someone to go with you?”

“I just didn’t have time to find someone and wasn’t sure I could. But now I’ve thought about it and I have time to talk to whoever I pick. So can I?”

“I guess so, what do you think, Jerry?”

Her father put the paper aside and looked with approval at his naked stepdaughter, “Sure why not?”

“Oh, by the way,” her mother addressed her.

“What mom?”

“Your father and I have talked about last night.”

“It was great!” Sarah said to them both. “You both made me feel so special.”

“We enjoyed ourselves too, but …”


“Well, I don’t want you having sex with your father to be a regular thing. In fact, I’d prefer you not do it at all.”

“But mom …?”

“No, Sarah, he’s MY husband and your father,”

“STEPfather” Sarah corrected.

“… your FATHER. It’s really not appropriate.”


Her father responded with disappointment. “Your mother is right. In any case, if it makes her feel bad we shouldn’t do it.” He knew he’d love to do it again. But he also knew he needed to keep peace in the home. “And,” he thought, “I might be able to get the rule changed as long as the sexual activity is infrequent.”

“Mom, didn’t you enjoy yourself?”

“Not as much as if I had been the one having sex with your father.”

“You’re jealous? Even though you go to those swinger parties?”

“Firstly, you’re our daughter, so it’s not totally appropriate.”

“I’m his STEPdaughter.”

“He’s adopted you as his own and treats you as his own daughter. He’s your FATHER. Secondly, the women at the parties aren’t around every day. Thirdly, I know you and your FATHER. I don’t know how we could put any reasonable limits on your sexual activity. You’re both randy as hell.”

Sarah knew her mother’s sexual dalliances had ended her previous two marriages, the first to her natural father. “You should talk!” she retaliated and then shuffled back to her bedroom. At least they had agreed to let her go to the party.

While she was in the shower, rubbing her clit and thinking of sex, she was reminded of her friend Sally. At her graduation, (was that really only a week ago?) she had hooked up with her old friend and had hoped to spend a lot of time pendik escort with her tracking down men to fuck. But just a couple of days ago Sally had a bad experience with the guys they had hooked up with at the beach. She had not been returning calls or texts. Sarah wondered if Sally might want to go to the party too.

As soon as she had dried off she quickly went into the kitchen and caught her mom and dad before they left for work. “Mom and dad, do you think I could invite Sally to the party too?”

Her mother hesitated and looked at her husband. She was thinking about having another young stud to fuck.

Sarah’s father looked up, “Sally? who’s that?”

“You met her just a couple of days ago. Remember she was trying on swimsuits.”

“Oh yeah,” He remembered the thin girl with almost no figure, breasts or butt. At first he had thought her very plain with her large nose and mouth and her mousy brown hair. But she had been topless and he remembered the large nipples which hardened at his glance. Her suit bottoms showed her fleshy genitals to maximum effect and she had dark penetrating eyes. His cock hardened at the thought those genitals might be available for him to fuck.

He looked at his wife. Her wordless gaze said it would be okay with her to have Sally along but she wanted him to make the final decision. “Of course, invite her,” he told his stepdaughter doing his best not to show how anxious he was. His wife smiled in approval.

Sarah quickly called Sally who answered this time but seemed a bit reluctant. “Mom can you talk to Sally about the party?” she requested and her mom took the phone.

After a long discussion, her mother handed the phone back. “I think Sally’s coming,” she said. “But you need to get her a copy of the club rules.”

Sarah took the phone and told her friend how happy she was she’d be coming and then went back into her room to dress.

Sarah’s Date

Now it was time to find a guy to go to the swinger’s party with her. Her heart pounded at the idea she had. She got up her nerve and called her former high school hoping that she’d be able to find the guy she had in mind. In a deep voice she asked if they could get her in touch with Mr. Horton.

Mr Horton had been her junior year English teacher. All the cheerleaders had noticed the way he looked at them and the other pretty girls in the school. They referred to him as “Mr Horny”. Sarah knew he looked at her a lot in class. He never made any advances toward her or any of the other cheerleaders But there was a rumor that a few years earlier he’d taken up with one or more cheerleaders after they graduated. He was a good looking guy and the cheerleaders sometimes talked about how they wished it was them.

To her surprise they rang his office and he answered. She was so surprised that she was at a loss for words. Mr. Horton asked “Is anyone there?” twice and was about to hang up when she got her voice and courage. “Mr Horton?”


“Mr Horton, I’m a bit surprised you’re at school.”

“I have some things to take care of before I take off for the summer. Who is this?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m Sarah Malone. I don’t know if you remember me. I was in your English class as a junior. I just graduated.”

“Yes, I remember you.” He remembered the voluptuous student. He enjoyed watching her on campus and was pleasantly surprised when she had been assigned to his English class. He wondered why she had called. Usually only his best students called asking for references to colleges or workplaces. Sarah had been an average student at best. “What is it you want?” he asked in his most pleasant voice.

Sarah pulled herself together and gathered more courage. Even then her voice seemed weak and trembled a bit. “I wonder if you might go to a party with me?”

“Excuse me?” Her voice had been so weak he wasn’t sure he heard what she said. It sounded a lot like an invitation. Why would she do that? “Could you please speak up.”

It was a lot easier to say the second time and she spoke loudly, adding some explanation, “I need someone older than the guys I know to take me to a party and I thought you might be willing.”

This was incredible. He was used to students asking for good grades in exchange for sex but a former student? A very attractive former student? She was probably playing a prank with several of her friends listening in. He was aware of the untrue rumors that he dated attractive former students and was subject to occasional suchpranks. He decided to play along but needed to be careful. “Oh, and why me?”

“Well, I know you liked looking at me so I thought maybe …” She wondered if this was a good idea.

“I see. And why do you need someone older than the guys you know?”

“Well …” she decided to provide background. “My parents are swingers. You know what I mean?”

This was a new approach. He wondered if he heard her right. “Swingers?”

“Yes. You know. They go to these swapping parties where they escort pendik have sex with other people.”

“Oh, yes.” This prank was showing much more originality and cleverness than she had ever shown in class. Probably it had been made up by one of the friends listening in and they had chosen Sarah because they knew that would get his attention. If this was actually Sarah at the other end of the line.

“Well, they said I can come to one of the parties but they’re only for couples so I need a date.”

“I see.” Now it had become ridiculous. “But why me?”

“Everyone there would be like 40 or 50. I don’t think any of the guys I know would want to come to a party like that. especially since they couldn’t have sex with me.”

Now there was a twist. He would expect a prank would involve the possibility of sex with the young girl on the other end of the line. “I don’t understand.”

“My parents say it’s bad form for couples to have sex when the purpose of the party is to swap.”

He decided it was time to wrap it up. It was a clever set up. “I don’t think it would be appropriate.”

“Why not, Mr Horton. You’re not married are you? Do you have a girlfriend? Please consider.”

He was taken aback by the pleading tone. He didn’t recall Sarah being in the drama club or having much acting ability. Of course there was the likelihood that it wasn’t Sarah on the other end. He thought a bit. What if it was Sarah? What if it wasn’t a prank. He was single and this party seemed attractive. How to pursue it without being the butt of a joke, or worse finding himself in a situation where he would lose his teaching position.

“Mr Horton?”

“Sarah.” He said firmly in his best, no nonsense permitted, classroom voice.

“Yes, Mr Horton.” She felt like she was about to get a reprimand. This was a bad idea.

Her voice showed exactly the kind of deference he wanted. So he shifted to his encouraging the weak student to perform better voice. “Sarah, how do I know you’re not playing a prank? How do I even know you’re actually Sarah Malone?”

She understood and wondered how she could prove those things to him. “I can prove who I am by meeting you.” She realized that he could still sense a prank. “We could meet somewhere public where you would know it’s not a prank. Like the mall or maybe the pier. You could pretend we ran into each other by accident.”

He decided he would play this out, carefully, and get out as soon as it was an obvious prank. She sure seemed willing to take this beyond the usual level. In most cases the prank was just a single call as part of a sleepover. This one was either not a prank or much more elaborate than most young girls would be willing or able to pull off. “And how do you prove it’s not a prank?”

“I don’t know. Maybe we can think about it and discuss it when we meet.”

They arranged to meet, “by chance,” at the mall food court. Mr Horton asked to do it in a couple of days, thinking a prank was less likely to be drawn out. If it was a group of girls they’d want to see the staged meeting that very afternoon.

That afternoon Sarah realized what to do. She approached her mother. “Mom, I’ve asked Mr. Horton to come to the party.”

“Who’s Mr. Horton?”

“He’s a teacher at the high school. He was my English teacher one year.”

Marlene Malone was shocked. She hadn’t realized that one of Sarah’s teachers was having relations with her, “WHAT?”

“Relax, mom, what’s the problem?”

“Sarah, you’ve been dating one of your teachers?”

“No, Mom,” Sarah giggled at the thought. “I just thought an older guy than most of those I know might be better for the party.”

Her mother felt both relief and disappointment. Relief that her daughter hadn’t had a relationship with a teacher but disappointment that she wasn’t bringing a young guy. She was so anxious to have one of Sarah’s better looking guys. “Oh. I guess that’s OK.”

“Well, it would be but he thinks I’m trying to play a joke on him.”

“Of course he would,” Marlene expressed her immediate thought aloud.

“I thought that maybe if you came with me to meet him he’d know it wasn’t a joke. You could explain the rules and help him know what to expect.”


Mark Horton sat at a table in the food court aware of all the young women around. He recognized a couple of them but none had shown any recognition of him. He had worried about one of his better students seeing him. They might come right up to him and begin taking but, thankfully, none did. He was beginning to doubt this was a good idea. If he was seen talking to Sarah Malone that might start rumors or at least add a name to the rumors that already circulated about him.

Then he saw her walking along the aisle across from the food court along with an older version of herself. The two of them strolled nonchalantly over to where he sat.

“Hi, Mr. Horton,” Sarah did a reasonable job of acting like she was surprised. The older beauty stood pendik escort bayan quietly.

“Hello, Sarah,” he said quietly.

“Do you know my mom, Mr. Horton?”

“No, I don’t,” he extended his hand. “Hello, Mrs. Malone.”

Sarah sat down across from him, “Tell him, Mom.”

The older version of Sarah, same blond hair, same blue eyes, same large breasts, an ever so slightly thicker figure, sat in the chair next to his. “I’m sorry, Mr. Horton. This is a bit awkward but Sarah is quite persistent.” She was looking at the young, attractive teacher in his late 20’s. Sarah had told her about the rumors and she could see why they began. Every female student would want to be the student referred to in the rumor. For that matter she was now hoping to get this hunk to the swingers party. Her daughter certainly had good taste.

“I agree, it is,” he responded. “I hope you don’t mind, Mrs. Malone but I need to be sure I’m not being set up. Do you have an ID?” The similarity in appearance made it unlikely that this was not Sarah’s mother but he was still hesitant and uncertain. “A definite MILF,” he found himself thinking as he looked at the driver’s license. The prospect of fucking this woman made it all the more difficult to resist the temptation. As he handed the card back he looked at her and realized she had the same thought.

“My God, he wants me,” Marilyn Malone thought as she took the card back and pushed her chair close to his. “So, what do you want to know, Mr. Horton?”

He didn’t want to lead her answers so he just said, “Tell me about this party.”

“Well, it’s a swingers party. Wife swapping if you will. A group of couples get together and we have sex with each others partners. It’s pretty open but we do have some specific rules to avoid non-consensual or unsafe activities.” She rummaged in her purse leaning over as she did so allowing him to see down her loose fitting neckline. She handed over two sheets of paper.

She continued, “Since it’s a swapping party we insist that only couples come and it’s considered impolite to have sex with your significant other at the party. We assume you do that at home.”

“Wife swapping? But don’t you need to be married?” he asked and then began looking at the rules.

“Oh no, several couples aren’t married. Wife swapping is just the vernacular. We never call it that, we refer to ourselves as swingers.”

“Sarah and I aren’t a couple.”

“No one will check. We just don’t want a bunch of single men crashing the party.”

“You’re okay with Sarah doing this?”

“She’s of age. And I know she’s had plenty of sexual partners. And, just between us, I’m hoping she’ll bring along a good looking guy.” She stroked his thigh under the table.

He was taken aback, “I see.”

“We’d love to have you.” The stroking on his thigh moved to his crotch.

He had to get out his concern, “I’m worried that someone at the party will recognize me and if some parents find out then …”

“We all know there’s a stigma attached to our activity. You don’t need to worry,” She began rubbing her fingers against his testicles.

He couldn’t resist the come-on, “Well, okay, I’ll come.”

“Thanks, Mr Horton,” Sarah said.

“Yes,thank you,” her mother echoed, giving the hardening member she felt in his slacks a quick squeeze. “Come by our home at 7, we’ll drive you to the party.”

The Party

They arrived at the party earlier than most of the guests. Mark Horton undressed to his briefs because he felt uncomfortable undressing further. The others stripped naked and he admired both Sarah and her mother’s body. Marlene took Mark and her daughter and showed them the layout. Sarah got stares from the two guys who had arrived earlier and at the hot tub a forty something guy came out of the tub. Sarah’s mother introduced him as Larry. He immediately asked Sarah if she’d like to relax with him in the tub. Sarah looked over at her mother who gave her a reassuring look of encouragement and Sarah sat next to him in the tub.

Larry was a decent looking guy with brown hair, graying at the temples. His body was kept in good shape but he clearly didn’t spend time at the beach, as he was pale with a farmer’s tan. As soon as they sat, he began very gently stroking Sarah’s back with one hand and her thighs with the other. Then she sat back and he moved his hands to her abdomen, moving slowly to her breasts and nipples. She closed her eyes and relaxed with her head back and spread her legs as the hand at her thigh moved to her crotch and her clit and a couple of fingers penetrated her vagina. She was ready for sex but didn’t want this to end. She moved her hand to Larry’s cock to encourage him to keep it up. She felt a 7 inch long inch in diameter, rock hard cylinder of flesh and stroked it up and down with the same gentle attention he was giving her breasts and genitals.

Her reverie was interrupted by her father arriving, escorting Sally. She realized why he had remained behind when they arrived. He wanted first chance at Sally. She greeted them and chuckled to herself as she leaned back to enjoy Larry’s ministrations.

After a few minutes Sally shouted over, “Your dad wants to fuck me.”

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