Sailing with Mixed Emotions

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This is my first story submitted to Literotica and I welcome any feedback. It’s a fictional story of that forbidden act between family members, however in this writing, you fantasize it could happened to you.


“Come on pokey,” Karen laughed as I fumbled for the stern line, fixed tightly to the mooring post.

I couldn’t help myself, paying way too much attention to her mother, Kate and her sister Kathy, taking my focus from my task at hand. It was hard not to notice how three women could look so much alike and wonder how they could be so different. However, with a quick glance to the right, I caught Karen smiling at me, knowing full well where my mind was and she was right.

Standing on the dock, I had a good view so I could compare the girls and take in their beauty. Karen and her mom Kate each stood five foot six, each having long strawberry blonde hair that fell to their shoulder lines, coupled with green eyes that captivated you when you looked into them. Kathy was an inch taller with much longer fiery red hair and deep blue eyes. Freckles were definitely in abundance on their bodies, a gift or curse from their family’s ancestors depending on how you viewed them. I always teased Karen that she was a giant walking freckle with a skin problem. Needless to say, I’ve received a few sore ribs from those teasing comments.

Kathy and Karen are only a year apart in their ages with my wife Karen being the youngest at twenty-three. Kate their mother at forty-three who made those two perfect clones of herself was just as stunning. Her firm 34B-28-32 body, evidence of her love of swimming and running was just like her girls, however, Kathy took on just a bit more of her father’s facial features and Irish red hair color, including his temperament. Karen was more like her mother even in the way they talked, dressed, and acted.

My mind’s recorder went into instant rewind, taking me back to last month when this two week family sailing vacation was planned. We were all sitting on Kate’s patio after a dip in their pool, laughing and enjoying the biggest and juiciest burgers ever made by Kathy who missed her calling in life to be a gourmet chef somewhere in a five star restaurant instead of the prim and proper school secretary at Hope Elementary School.

Everyone bursa escort was laughing with one exception, Kate’s husband Brent. It was evident that he wanted no part of this vacation trip. Something changed in the past two years with his relationships with his wife and daughters and it now included me, his son-in-law of a year and a half.

Karen confided in me a few weeks ago about her parents emotional roller coaster ride over the past four years and at the same time I found out, that mother–daughter duo shared every secret known to mankind, even about my sexual performance in bed, my thick six and half inch cock, how I love to eat pussy and even some of our most secret fantasies. Kate would comment to her daughter about her husband’s performance in bed or even more information as to the lack of performance and his distaste for oral sex. How embarrassing, if you know what I mean, knowing that your mother-in-law knows how you make love or how big you are and how much you enjoy eating out of the honey jar. That’s when the bomb was dropped.

Brent interrupted our planning session and told everyone there that he was not going with us and furthermore, he was taking a new job in New York which required him to travel to the middle-east. Then he lit the fuse. He shared that he was leaving Friday and that his marriage with Kate was over, however in the same breath, told his daughters that he still loved them but he had to live his own life. The mood went from laughter to the excitement of the City Morgue. Kate knew it was coming, however, not this soon. “Well, I hope you enjoy your new job. Now leave us alone to plan our vacation,” Kate told him in a cold voice.

“Mom! You really want to go after this?” Karen asked.

“Even more so baby girl. Even more so,” Kate answered with a forced smile as her eyes showed a hint of a tear forming.

We all knew money wasn’t going to be a problem. Kate created and nurtured five successful home accent stores, one of which my wife manages while Brent was content to work as a computer tech for MKT Systems.

His timing left much be desired, ruining a perfectly great day with his news. Kathy excused herself, making her best effort to hide her tears while Karen grabbed my arm tight, her tears spilling bursa escort bayan onto my shoulder. Kate was very adult and controlled, considering the moment at hand and the new family situation of change.

“Karen, we’re going shopping tomorrow, just the three of us girls and get our swim suits for our vacation,” she smiled. “Not even a divorce will ruin this trip,” she added.

I looked at Kate and just smiled as she stood to take our plates, turning to bend over a little to set them on the lower shelf of the wrought iron sever. I couldn’t help but notice, even in her somewhat unflattering two piece swim suit, Kate’s ass looked just like Karen’s. Her legs firm like her girls and going all the way up. Just then Kate turned and caught me looking at her ass and I saw a very faint and naughty smile on her lips but her eyes told me it was ok to look.

Kate’s love of water went way back to when she was a little girl and sailed with her folks on their thirty-two foot catamaran called the “Mixed Emotions” that her father built, which she now owns after his passing. During those fun filled sailing adventures with her folks she became a very seasoned sailor herself and taught those same nautical skills to her daughters.

Just as my mind jumped back to those moments in time, my busy mind fast-forwarded to the present.

“Well? You gonna play with that rope all day sailor?” My wife teased.

I just smiled knowing I was fighting a loosing battle as I released the line and tossed it to Kathy, grabbing the line to secure it. I jumped aboard as Kate started the auxiliary motor to power us out of the harbor.

The Mixed Emotions slipped effortlessly away from the dock while Kate turned the wheel to center the magnificent craft in the channel, heading for open water. I couldn’t help but notice while I was securing the lines, there was something different about the girls today. Not able to put my finger on it, but there was an overall orneriness with all three of them. Karen, my cute yet naughty little wife was being the worst of the three.

Hitting the open waters the girls and I quickly set the sails and the low hum of the auxiliary motor was turned off. The wind caught the sails and sound of the water rushing by the hull melted all the escort bursa tensions of the world away. Just as I started to relax, my eyes caught Karen’s big sister Kathy’ slipping her white shorts down to her knees, revealing the smallest neon blue thong I had ever seen. She saw me stare as she untied her Bright red halter and exposed the matching top that almost covered her areolas.

The material was so thin it formed like an additional layer of skin revealing every curve and outline of her body. Only five feet from her and I could see every detail of her sex, how the blue cloth outlined the folds of her pussy lips and as it traveled to her ass, seemly, disappearing in her butt cheeks. As I said all the tensions were gone except one now. The growing one in my swim trunks.

Trying not to stare, I looked at Karen who was already out of her street clothes and had the same kind of neon blue thong bikini on, showing all her womanhood outlines in like fashion. My tension was now more evident by the growing tent in my trunks. Then I turned my head just in time to see Kate shed her streets and present to me the same view of her daughters. If it wasn’t for the seat cushion I just picked up, everyone would have seen my raging hard on by now.

The only difference I could see between Karen and Kate was her mom’s breast’s sagged a little lower. It took me a few minutes to get accustomed to my new scenery and let my woody subside before I could move about.

I had never seen Karen’s mom dress or even act like she was acting, she was not the semi-modest woman I knew last month, she was becoming like her daughters; free and carefree.

Karen sat beside me and we held each other as she kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear, “I noticed you liked our new thong bikinis.”

All I could do was smile, knowing she caught me. “How could I not?” I answered.

Just as I looked up the sun was blocked from my view when Kate stood before us. She reached her hand out and handed us some sun block. “Better use this. We girls can’t afford anymore freckles and I think your tan is just right,” she smiled.

Suddenly, I felt cream being spread on my thighs. “Looks like something else.” Karen giggled.

I saw the knowing reaction in Kate’s face as I began to turn red with embarrassment.

“Don’t worry about it Dan,” she grinned, “I think we’re all adults here.”

After Kate turned and went aft, the next thing I felt was Karen’s hand under the leg opening of my trunks, close to my balls.

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