Sabrina and Her Brother Ch. 04

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I walked out from the bathroom into the bedroom, towards Melissa. It took her a moment to realize I was there, watching her. She immediately got embarrassed, and said, “I’m so sorry, Mrs. Woods, honest. Please, please don’t be mad.”

As I walked up and stood in front of her, I smiled and said, “Of course I’m not mad, Melissa. Actually, I think it’s pretty erotic.”

“You… you do?”

I smiled and took her by the hands, and, keeping my eyes locked on hers, I walked backwards to the bed. Once there I let go of her hands, sat down, leaned back, and spread my legs for her. She looked me in the eyes for a moment, and then dropped to her knees and put her hands on my legs. They felt hot against my skin, but I didn’t have too long to focus on them, because soon enough her tongue was lapping up all of the juices that remained from my time with Doug, Jeff, and Denise. Although I was sexually exhausted from the earlier session, I was amazed at how nimble Melissa’s tongue was, and quickly realized that she was rather experienced at pleasing a woman, particularly with how her tongue made sharp, swift darts against my clit, causing me to cry out in surprise and pleasure. She was making moaning noises of her own, and I knew she was extremely aroused. After about five minutes, I told her to stop and to stand up.

She immediately obeyed, and looked into my eyes with worry and apprehension, as if she had done something wrong. I reassured her, saying, “That was wonderful, Melissa… but now it is my turn. Do you want to get undressed?”

I was amazed at how quickly she complied with my request. Her shirt came off first, giving me a quick glance at the white sports bra she had on underneath. She then unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans skirt and pushed it to the floor. I sat up and stopped her from stripping off her bra, and said, “Let me do it.”

I stood up in front of her and moved my hands under the sides of the bra. I could feel her body trembling in anticipation. I pulled up and slipped it off, and her firm breasts literally popped out. I took a moment to caress them, running my hands over and under them, teasing the nipples with my fingers. She closed her eyes and let out several moans, particularly when I gave her nipples a good squeeze. I sat back down on the bed and put my hands on her hips, and turned her around, so that her back was to me. I ran my hands down her hips and legs, and then back up, stopping on her firm little ass. I briefly thought to myself that I had never been that thin, nor had my breasts ever been that perky. I then hooked my thumbs under the thong and slowly pushed down, peeling it off of her body. It was too big for her, and so it slid off easily and fell to the floor. I turned her around to face me and kissed her stomach and her breasts, sucking briefly on her nipples. I stood up and said, “Sit on the edge of the bed.”

She eagerly replied with, “Yes, Mrs. Woods.”

She sat down on the bed, and I leaned over her to kiss and suck on her breasts again, before kissing my way down her stomach. I kneeled on the floor and put my hands on her knees, spreading her legs apart. The whole time she was staring at me in disbelief. Soon her legs were spread wide, and I saw up close what I had seen earlier on Thursday… a glistening wet pussy, accentuated by a small tuft of very soft bush, with thin trails outlining her pussy lips. I leaned in to take her scent, and was once again amazed at how fresh and sweet it smelled. I couldn’t wait and immediately began to probe her pussy with my tongue. She tasted like sugar-water, without any hint of saltiness or muskiness. Her wetness was thick and was steadily dripping out of her. I scooped up as much as I could and savored every drop, going back for more and more. She was very vocal and was moaning over and over again, occasionally saying, “Oh… Mrs. Woods… that feels so good… oh so good…”

For some reason I was getting aroused by her calling me Mrs. Woods, and by her immediate obedience to my requests. I also heard the small voice in the back of my head telling me that this was the last thing I should be doing, considering what I had done earlier in the day. But the guilt-trip didn’t last long, because Melissa began to writhe and moan as an orgasm built within her. I focused once more on her clit, pushing her over the edge as she gasped and moaned in erotic pain and pleasure, her body out of control. She laid there for a few minutes as the orgasm finally spent itself, her breathing heavy and ragged. Laying there with her eyes closed, she said, “Wow… that was amazing, Mrs. Woods… never in a million years did I think that would happen… oh wow…”

I smiled and said, “I’m glad you enjoyed that… I know I did.” And with that I leaned back in and gently began to lick and suck up as much of her sweetness as I could. Her body jumped and squirmed a little, but she let me eat as much as I wanted.

I stood up and lay next to her on the bed, on my side. I said, “You taste so sweet, did you know that?”

“Thanks… and I think you taste wonderful, and so does whoever you were with… how many times did he come in you?”

We both laughed, and I said, “Oh, quite a few… it was very erotic, I must admit.”

“It must bursa escort have been, because it was everywhere.”

I smiled at her and thought to myself, if only you knew what I had just done…

I said, “Melissa, I hope what we just did together doesn’t bother you, or affect our relationship.”

“Oh, Mrs. Woods, of course not! Are you kidding me? To get to be with you was something I dreamed about but never thought possible.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well, I mean, most of the women I’ve been with are the same age as me, or maybe a little older. But to be with a more mature woman, especially someone like you, was a total fantasy come true for me.”

“I take it you’ve had some experience with other women, then?”

“Oh yeah. My roommate at college and I got started having fun together back in January. Since then we’ve sort of branched out. It’s been a nice break from dating all the jerks at college.”

“I assume you mean men, when you say jerks?”

We laughed a little, and she said, “Yeah… it’s not that I don’t enjoy sex with a guy, but I’ve just been burned emotionally too many times, and so I told myself I wasn’t going to date any more, at least for a little while. It was the same with my roommate, Ashley. She had a really bad breakup, and one night we were commiserating over a bottle of red wine, and we both agreed that we were done with men. She said, ‘I guess that means we’ll have to be lesbians!’ We both laughed, but it also got us both thinking about it… and a couple of days later we were sitting around, in our undies, painting each others toenails, and I noticed that she had a wet spot in her panties, and I noticed that she seemed sort of nervous and aroused. One thing led to another, and the next thing we knew we were in bed together, kissing and touching each other. It was kind of weird at first, but now… it’s wonderful.”

“Sounds like it definitely was wonderful for you! And I’m glad you’re ok with us doing this. If I wasn’t so tired from my escapades earlier in the day, I’d be up for more… but I need to get cleaned up and you need to get back so you can meet your ride.”

“No kidding… wow, look at the time, I’ve got like 5 minutes! Do you still want me to wait around until you’re out of the shower?”

“No, no, please go, honest. Can I pay you tomorrow?”

“Sure, of course! I’ll come by after church.”

“Ok, see you tomorrow! And Melissa… thank you. That was delicious.”

She smiled back mischievously and said, “And thank you, Mrs. Woods… see you tomorrow.”

I laid there for a few minutes after she was gone, amazed that I had actually done that, had just seduced and gone down on a woman, a girl, really, that was 11 years younger than me. What was I doing? This craziness had to stop. It just had to stop.

I got cleaned up and had a quiet evening with Brayden, but couldn’t get the images out of my head of all that I had seen and done earlier in the day. Seeing Melissa’s legs spread wide. Being filled from both ends by Jeff and Doug. Denise throwing her head back in ecstasy. Making erotic love to Doug out on the patio. The one that hit me the hardest was of watching Jeff fuck Denise up the ass in the bathroom, and how much she appeared to enjoy it. It disgusted me, yet I was also fascinated by it and couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Denise called right around 4pm and wanted to make sure I was doing ok. I assured her I was, and thanked her for the very enjoyable morning in bed with her, Doug, and Jeff. She laughed and said it was one of the most erotic sessions she had ever had, and she had enjoyed watching me get fucked by my brothers. We both laughed at that, although a little pang of guilt did creep into my head. She asked if she could take care of Mom and Dad’s house chores the next day, and also asked if I could come over to dinner Sunday night. I thanked her for taking care of the chores and said I’d be over about 5pm.

Then Greg called just as I was going to sleep. The conversation started out good, but then he got focused on the training and went on and on. He spent 15 minutes telling me about the big project he was working on with his partner as part of his training course. I couldn’t help but get a little jealous when he kept referring to Stacy, his partner. Finally I asked him about her, and he proceeded to tell me she was married and was from California, and had been a cheerleader at Stanford, and had been out of college for only a couple of years. Half-jokingly, I said, “I bet she’s blonde and blue-eyed and looks like a Barbie doll, right?” He confirmed that she did, and that she might get assigned to the office he worked in, after the training course was over. Even as waves of jealousy built up within me, the little voice in my head reminded me of what I had done earlier in the day, and when I hung up the phone with him I realized that even more residual come from both Jeff and Doug had soaked through my panties. I went to bed confused and depressed, and once again had bizarre, fragmented, erotic dreams.

It felt great to sleep in and not have to go anywhere. I took a long bath while Brayden had his morning nap, and got caught up on laundry and other chores around the house. I alternated bursa escort bayan between being aroused and feeling guilty as I sorted the dirty laundry and saw a rather large pile of dirty panties, thongs, and lingerie from my activities earlier in the week.

Melissa came over just after I had put Brayden down for his afternoon nap. She had on a long, conservative dress and had her hair pulled back in a pony tail. I said, “You look really cute today.”

“Please don’t say that, Mrs. Woods… I hate the clothes that my mother picks out for me. She is such a prude.”

“True, but nevertheless you do look great, even in that dress.”

She smiled and said, “Thanks… you look good too.”

“Oh, you mean me, in my pajamas, socks, and sweatshirt?”

We laughed a little at that, and then with a shy smile on her face, she said, “Well, yeah, but… I can’t help but think about what’s underneath.”

I gave her a surprised smile, and said, “Now, Melissa… are you feeling naughty?”

She smiled, and I took that as a yes. I moved over and kneeled on the floor in front of where she was sitting on the couch, and ran my hands up her legs, under her dress. She willingly spread her legs open for me, and I slowly moved my hands up her inner thighs, pushing up her dress, until I reached her panties. They were white cotton briefs, and I could feel the heat and dampness around her pussy as I caressed them. I reached up to her hips and slid them off, tossing them to the side. She moved her hips to the edge of the couch and then leaned back, legs spread, a look of eager anticipation on her face. I moved in and began to kiss her thighs, very gently. This caused her body to shiver and she let out a moan. I continued to kiss all around her pussy, until she finally whispered in a low moan, “Please, Mrs. Woods… please…”

With that, I began to narrow my circle until I was at least licking and sucking on her very wet pussy. When I flicked my tongue on her clit she jumped and let out a loud cry of pleasure. I ate her pussy slowly, enjoying the smooth, fresh, sweetness, and the soft, thin bush. I had her flip over, putting her knees on the edge of the couch, with her hands gripping the back. She arched her back and turned to watch me as I got behind her and lifted up her dress, exposing her ass and wide-open pussy. I took hold of her legs and moved in, licking her thighs first, and then her lips, before once again focusing on her clit. Her body shook and her hips squirmed gently, causing her dress to fall back down, over my head. The idea that I was up under her dress, giving her pleasure, was very erotic to me, and so I left the dress in place over my head and focused on bringing her to an orgasm. Within minutes she was shaking and shuddering while letting out cries and moans. Eventually I felt her body go limp and she sank down onto the couch. I pulled my head out from under the dress and sat back.

Her eyes were closed, her head to the side, as she gripped onto the back of the couch as if she were holding onto the edge of a cliff. Eventually her eyes flittered open, and she saw that I was staring at her, a smile on my face. “Mrs. Woods… that was amazing… totally mind-blowing…”

“Good!” From the growing wet spot in my panties, I knew I had enjoyed it just as much as she did.

She slowly turned around and sat back down on the couch. She got a nervous look on her face again, and asked, “Is it ok if… is it ok if I do that… to you?”

“Of course! But only if you really want to.”

“Oh, I do, so badly, Mrs. Woods. I really like the way you taste. It’s so different from every other woman I’ve been with.”

I smiled and stood up, and slipped off my sweatshirt, bra, pajama bottoms, and panties, and sat down on the edge of the couch. As she got on her knees and moved towards me, I spread my legs for her and lay back on the couch, watching her face intently. Her face was full of eagerness and desire, and she didn’t waste any time making her way to my pussy. She seemed intent on sucking every last drop of my wetness out of me, while at the same time, driving me wild by what she was doing with her tongue on my pussy. I was already very aroused, but her eating me was incredibly erotic, and I could tell that an orgasm was coming. I did my best to delay it, so that I could enjoy the attention I was getting for as long as possible. I had my eyes closed, focused on the intense pleasure, when I heard her say, “Mrs. Woods? Would you mind… flipping over, for me?”

I was reluctant to change positions, as the pleasure so far had been extremely enjoyable and intense. Still, I knew she wanted to eat me the same way I had eaten her, so I stood up, turned around, and got on my knees, on the edge of the couch, and leaned forward, head bent, eyes closed, awaiting the return of her tongue and lips. It seemed like forever, and I took a quick peek to see what she was doing. She was leaning back and was staring at my ass and pussy, while she worked her right hand up under her dress. She got herself situated, and then leaned in. Once again electricity coursed through my body as her tongue found my clit and danced over my pussy, lapping up my wetness. But now there was a new sensation — she was escort bursa sliding her fingers inside me. I let out an involuntary gasp as I felt them slide in, and arched my back and turned to see what she was doing. She had taken her right hand out from under her dress and had put her fingers inside of me. After a few minutes she put them back under her dress, and I saw her eyes close and her face twist in pleasure as she slid her fingers inside her own pussy. She kept moving her fingers from her pussy to my pussy and back again, while at the same time dancing her tongue on my clit, bringing me nearer and nearer to orgasm. Finally it broke within me and emerged as both a cry of erotic pain and as a small gush of juices. Over and over again my body was wracked with contortions of pleasure, until I fell, exhausted and limp, into the couch.

I lay up against the couch for a few minutes, lost in the fading pleasure of my orgasm, until I opened my eyes and turned to sit on the couch. Melissa was smiling and sat down next to me. With uncertainty, she asked, “Was that an ok orgasm for you, Mrs. Woods?”

Still trying to collect my breath, I said, “Are you kidding me? That was fantastic, Melissa.”

She smiled, and began to lean in to kiss me, before she stopped herself and looked down. I lifted up her chin with my fingers, and leaned in and kissed her gently, and softly, my mouth and tongue moving in unison with hers, tasting myself on her tongue just as she was tasting herself on mine. We kissed for a few more minutes, and then she said, “I probably should go… oh! I meant to tell you, sorry… we are driving down to Portland this afternoon, and won’t be back until Tuesday night… so I won’t be able to watch Brayden for you, I’m so sorry!”

“That’s ok, you’ve watched him so much, and I appreciate all that you’ve done. I can find someone else, or just take him with me.”

We stood up and I got dressed, as she slipped her panties back on under her dress. I paid her for the day before, and then we kissed slowly and deeply several more times before she left.

I took a shower and got dressed for the barbecue over at Jeff and Denise’s house, and we arrived right about 5 pm. I didn’t think anything would happen, and wasn’t sure I wanted anything to happen. Since there would be kids all over the place, I wore a plain white bra, some satin brief panties with a floral pattern on them, and long summer dress. Jeff and Denise greeted me like they normally did, with no hint of what we had done together the day before. It was a warm afternoon and we had a very enjoyable time out on their deck, sipping white wine and watching Jeff burn the hamburgers until they looked like hockey pucks. Thankfully Denise had fixed an Asian chicken salad, and I had brought over a tray of roasted vegetables, so at least some of the food we ate didn’t taste like burned meat. Brayden was a champ, and promptly fell asleep after I fed him his dinner. I took him to their bedroom and laid him on some blankets put on the floor. The room was dark, warm, and quiet, and I knew he would sleep soundly.

I went back to the kitchen and helped Denise with the dishes. Jeff had put in a video for their kids in the family room, and finished cleaning up outside before he came into the kitchen. He came up behind me, as I was washing dishes in the sink, and put his hands around me, pushing his hips up against me as he buried his nose in my hair. I could feel his semi-hard cock through his shorts. He said, “Damn, Sabrina, you smell good… and I’m dying to know what you have on under your dress.” His hands roved up and down my body, moving first to my breasts, then stopping once they reached my ass.

I turned and looked at Denise, and said, “Can you believe this guy?”

She smiled and laughed, and said, “What can I say… he’s insatiable.”

“That’s right… I am insatiable… and I just love the curve of your ass in this dress… can’t get enough of it… mmmm…” He squatted down and ran his hands down my ass, and then down the back of my legs, all the way to my ankles. Then he ran his hands up my legs again, only with his hands under my dress. “Mmm… nice panties, Sis… very sexy indeed…”

I tried like hell not to get aroused, and tried to convince him I wasn’t enjoying the feel of his hands on me, saying, “Oh… give it a rest, you pervert…” but somehow he sensed something in my body language and in my voice, and began to stroke my ass through the panties. He moved his hands down to my pussy and pushed my thighs to get me to spread my legs for him. I resisted, and so he stood up behind me, pulling my dress up as he stood. He pressed his hard cock up against my ass and put his foot on the inside of my foot, sliding my legs apart. I stopped washing the dishes and put my elbows on the counter, closing my eyes and bending my head down over the sink. My submission only encouraged him to continue, even as Denise finished putting the food away and started to clean the counters and put things away, just a few feet away from us. One hand unbuttoned the top of my dress, and then reached in to caress my breast and my nipple through my bra, while the other hand reached around the front and began to stroke my clit through my panties. His hard cock was grinding up against my ass through my panties, and I couldn’t help but get aroused and began to get very wet. Jeff felt it too, and reached down into my panties and found my clit, causing me to shudder in erotic pleasure.

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