Rising Temperature

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I entered the third store of the afternoon in search of what seemed to be such a simple thing, a thermometer. My nephew needed one for a science project he was working on and it had to be the classic mercury filled kind. But all the stores seemed to carry anymore were the digital readout kind, with a range from only 90 to 110, or outdoor ones made for measuring air temperatures.

I wandered the aisles of the Wal-Mart, intending to search the Lawn & Garden department, auto section and pharmacy. Rounding the corner of the aisle leading to the automotive section, I was greeted by a very pleasant sight. There, even with my face, was a beautiful, curvaceous ass, encased in snug khakis. A shapely brunette was standing tip toed on the bottom shelf, straining to reach something on the very top shelf. With her arms stretched to their limit, her leather jacket rode up revealing her oh-so-cute buns. As she reached upward, she emitted cute little grunts of effort. As I approached, mesmerized by her ass, I noticed that her straining fingers only succeeded in pushing the product she wanted further out of her reach.

Immediately, my gentlemanly nature kicked in and I said, “Here, let me help you.” She turned to smile at me as I moved up beside her and held out my hand to help her safely back to the floor. She placed her soft hand in mine and I helped her down. Then I reached up and easily retrieved the bottle of power steering fluid she needed.

“Thank you so much,” she beamed, and I noticed how her eyes sparkled.

“You’re very welcome,” I smiled back.

“This stuff is hard to find,” she began. “This is the third store I’ve been to. I drive a Honda and you have to use a special brand of power steering fluid.”

“Really?” I asked. “I drive a Honda, too, but never knew it took special fluid. I’ve never had to add any. Funny thing, this is the third store I’ve been to also.”

“What are you looking for?” she asked.

“A thermometer of all things.” I proceeded to explain why I needed a mercury filled one, and how neither a digital readout nor one made for measuring air would work. “this is the third store I’ve tried, too!” We continued chatting in the isle, exchanging small talk. It was very enjoyable because for once, two people were engaged in pleasant conversation, not in a big hurry, and willing to take a little time to get to know the other person. As our conversation progressed, my body began to respond involuntarily. As I listened to her musical voice, I could feel a general loosening of my genitals. My cock became half-plump and my balls seemed to lower in my sack. My body was telling me before my mind that I needed this woman and something in the glint of her eye told me she needed a man.

Our talk returned to her car. I gestured to the bottle of power steering fluid she held and asked, “Do you need some help putting it in?”

Her eyes snapped to mine in surprise and we both realized the double meaning of my question. I blushed and she looked up at me through half-lidded eyes. She quietly said, “I could really use some help putting it in, if you’ve got the time.”

I closed the distance between us and moved my face close to hers. She was rather petite, so I kind of loomed over her. I lowered my face and breathed in the fragrance of her cascading brunette hair. “You smell wonderful. So clean and fresh,” I breathed into her hair. She turned her head toward me, lifted her face and our lips brushed each other. We gazed into each other’s eyes watching for any signs of fear or objection from the other, but none was forthcoming.

Slowly, our arms encircled each other and our lips pressed together more firmly. Right there in the middle of the aisle, her warm tongue pushed my lips apart and glided over my teeth. My tongue joined hers and we explored each other’s mouth. She let out little whimpers that caused my cock to swell against her hip. She pulled away slightly and looked up at me.

“My place is right nearby,” she whispered. I nodded slowly and slipped my hand around her small waist to guide her down the aisle. We walked arm in arm through the aisles of Wal-Mart, having just met, but feeling very comfortable with each other. Her hands tentatively explored beneath my waist and gently caressed my ass as we watched. She broke the silence by saying, “Do you have protection?”

“Not on me,” I replied.

She steered us toward the healthcare section and soon we stood before the large display of condoms. As her right arm encircled my waste, her left moved to my crotch to lightly run over the length of my straining cock. My loose boxers and dress pants did little to conceal my erection. She rubbed her hand up and down letting out a soft, “Mmmmm.” She looked up at me and smiled, “I think we’ll need the extra large size.”

Our sexual banter became playful as I asked, “And what type of ribbing would you prefer?”

She assumed a thoughtful pose and put one finger to her soft lips. “Let me think,” she mused to herself. “I don’t think I’ll need the lubricated escort sincan type. I’ve got plenty of lubrication of my own. But this looks like fun!” she reached out and chose a brand featuring extra ribbing for increased stimulation.

We moved toward the checkout counter together but separated as we neared the cash registers. She paid for her power steering fluid. I watched her with anticipation as she paid for her purchase. I pictured her naked and wondered what she would look like, how she would taste. As she took her bag and receipt she cast a quick glance at my face, then down to my crotch. She shot me a look as if to say, “Aw, poor baby. Did I do that to you?”

I had my cock pressed against the counter to disguise its present state as the cashier scanned the box of condoms and accepted my payment. I moved to where my sexy stranger waited outside the door and we embraced. The warm spring sunshine warmed us as our tongues explored each other’s mouths once more. My cock burned between our thighs. After a long, leisurely kiss, she pulled away softly biting my lower lip and releasing it. Her face began to assume that wild look of sexual abandon.

“You want to follow me?” she asked.

“I’d follow you anywhere,” I replied.

Our cars were parked near each other and I was giddy with excitement as I followed her a few short blocks to her house. I gently rubbed my firm cock through my trousers as I followed her. I pulled up behind her in the driveway of a cute cottage like home. When we exited our cars, she pulled me by the hand around the back of the house. We climbed the cement stairs and once more embraced and kissed on her back porch.

“What’s your name?” she asked hoarsely between kisses.


“I’m Linda,”

“Mmmmm, Linda,” was all I could say.

“Adam, for some strange reason I want to give you the best fucking of your life.”

“This is all happening pretty fast, but I’m liking it! Let’s go!”

She turned toward her door and began to unlock it. As she did so, I moved up close behind her and pressed my hard cock against her ass cheeks.

“That feels good,” she cooed.

The back door swung open and we stumbled in. Then she slammed it shut behind us. Our tongues delved into each other’s mouths as our hands explored our bodies and we gently but quickly began to undress each other. Our clothes dropped to floor of the kitchen as we shed them.

Dressed only in a lacy bra and panties, she ran her hands over my sides and onto my boxers, the only clothing remaining on me. She reached inside the waste band and slowly slid them down my legs, allowing my hard cock to finally spring free. She continued to move her hands down the outside of my legs and lowered herself to a kneeling position.

Her hands moved back up the inside of my legs. One hand cupped the underside of my loose hanging balls. The other hand grazed the underside of my extended cock. I pumped my cock muscles causing it to move up and down in front of her face. She laughed giddily and closed her hand around it as her mouth moved to the engorged head.

Her warm mouth closed around my swollen cock head and her tongue lolled back and forth under it. She moved her tongue and lips down to the base and lightly licked each ball. Then she kissed the underside of my shaft and made her way back to the head. She moaned seductively as she closed her eyes and seemed to enter a trance-like state. She moved her mouth up and down my shaft, sucking in as much as she could before it reached the back of her throat. I gripped my own ass cheeks and threw my head back as I felt her swallow and draw more of my manhood into her throat. She moaned incessantly, sending sexy vibrations through my thick meat.

Eventually, she was able to get the whole thing into her mouth. With her nose was buried in my pubic hair, she reached around and grabbed my ass cheeks. I moved my hands to her head and entangled them into her soft hair, which was becoming increasingly disarrayed. She drew her mouth back before grabbing my ass cheeks and forcing my full length back down her throat. She began to slowly pick up the pace, slamming my meat down her talented throat. Soon, I began bucking to help and felt the stirrings of an approaching orgasm. Our pace increased and my balls slapped against her chin and throat. Her fingers clenched the soft flesh of my ass harder as she felt me beginning to twitch uncontrollably. She yelled something unintelligible around the cock that filled her mouth. I think it was, “Cum in my mouth!”

I had little choice in the matter. I felt my cock swell even more and it erupted. Hot jism pumped into her deep throat. She moaned in delight as she felt it course into her. She began to lick it up in a frenzy, drinking every drop and cooing while she sucked.

Soon, my cock began to deflate and her pace slowed. For the first time in ten minutes, my shaft slipped from her mouth. She slowly rose to her feet. Leaning against me for support, she murmured, “Oh Adam, I love your ankara escort cock already. It’s just the right size, and mmmm, your cum tastes yummy. Come on!”

She took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. I moved along behind her in a daze of euphoria, still delirious at having just blasted a huge load down the throat of this sexy stranger. My mind cleared a little as we entered her room. The slanting sun filled the room with golden light that made her skin glow. She turned to face me at the edge of her bed and stared deep into my eyes as she reached behind her and unclasped her bra. It fell to the floor exposing perfectly shaped, firm tits. Next, she slipped her lace panties down her long legs seductively, never breaking eye contact. A sensual, gorgeous goddess stood completely naked before me wanting to fuck my brains out.

Now it was my turn to murmur in delight. Her erect nipples pressed against my chest as I drew her toward me. We stood there kissing and I thought, I had never tasted my own cum before, but it was pleasant mingled with her saliva. I had never had sex literally minutes after meeting someone either. My thoughts and the sensations I felt caused my cock to begin arising from its slumber. I moved from kissing her mouth to her cheek, then onto her soft warm throat. I kissed and nibbled ever lower while my hands explored the silky skin of her back and her fabulous ass.

I gently pushed her onto the bed and onto her back as my mouth moved to her luscious tits. She arched her back in delight and pressed her breast into my face as my lips covered an erect nipple and began slowly alternating between licking and sucking the firm tips of her soft mounds. I moved back and forth between her perky tits, squeezing and massaging one while nibbling and sucking the other. My cock continued to grow as I breathed in her scent and listened to her moans and squeals of joy. I thought again about how lucky I was to meet her today, and how unusual it was for me to have no immediate demands on my time for the next several hours. I decided to torture her with the slowest pussy eating she had ever experienced. I silently vowed that I would not fuck this hot little babe until she literally begged me.

After a little while, I moved away from her tits and kissed my way down her stomach. As soon as I left her tits, she replaced my mouth with her own hands and continued massaging herself while I moved directly over her love mound and gently spread her legs. I softly blew on the sensitive skin there while my eyes took in the beautiful sight before me. Her pussy was shaved smooth, allowing a clear view of its pouting, puffy lips. Warmth rose from it filling my nostrils with her sweet, musky woman scent.

I touched my tongue to her slit ever so slightly and she jumped. I moved to the side of her pussy and sucked on the soft skin where her upper thighs met her mound. She moaned and squirmed to try to position her pussy in front of my face again. I dragged my tongue back across her slit, but moved to the other area of sensitive skin to the side of her cunt. She thrashed beneath me and began to moan, “Oh Adam, lick me baby.”

I wanted so bad to dive in like a starving man attacks a feast table, but I restrained myself. I gave in enough to her needs, though, to move my concentration directly onto her steaming cunt. She drew her legs up onto the bed and opened them as wide as possible. Her thighs were on the bed at right angles to her torso. I drew my tongue slowly up and down her slit, penetrating ever deeper on each slow stroke, while gently parting her pussy lips with my fingers. She tried bucking her ass up to me and grinding her snatch into my face. I alternated between light grazing with my tongue and lips to burying my nose and mouth into her slit and reaching into her as far as my tongue could go. This caused her to scream in pleasure as she continued to massage her own tits and smile with closed eyes.

“You want me suck on your clit, Linda?” I asked in a muffled voice from inside her cunt.

“Oh God, Yes, Adam! Suck on my hot little clit and you’ll make me cum all over your face!”

I moved to her clit to her great relief and began circling it slowly with my tongue before closing my mouth over it and sucking on it. Then I would nibble and softly bite it before starting all over. Her cunt was wafting the most delicious aroma and so much heat, I felt like I was in a fragrant sauna bath.

“Mmmmm, Adam,” she purred. “You suck pussy soooo good.”

I continued devouring her engorged clit as my fingers explored her folds and ass cheeks. I pressed slightly against her pussy folds and felt the warm wetness of her flowing juices. I pushed first one, then a second finger into her hot pussy. My fingers easily glided in and out in a slow manner bringing her to new heights of pleasure. She raised her ass off the bed allowing my other hand to find her rosebud. Both of my hands were slick with her juices from alternating fingers and angles of penetration. I pressed lightly against etimesgut escort bayan her puckered hole and pushed the tip of my finger into her ass. She jerked spasmodically and cried out, “Oh God, Adam! That feels good.”

She continued murmuring her appreciation of my efforts and encouraged me further, “Yes lick it! Suck on it. Mmmm, My little clit is hard for you isn’t it. Oh baby, your fingers feel so good in me. Mmmm I’m so wet for you, aren’t I?”

Now it was my turn to mumble unintelligibly in response since my face was buried in her hot, steaming love box. “Yes, baby, you are dripping for me,” I mumbled but I don’t think she understood. She started bucking uncontrollably as I applied more pressure, sucking harder, licking deeper, and pushing in and out of her faster.

“God, Adam! You are sooo good to me. I’m gonna cum all over you baby!” I responded by increasing my pressure and speed. “Ohhh, Ohhh, Ahhh!” she screamed in ecstasy as she arched her back and held her ass high off the bed. I followed her movements and kept my face buried in her sweet pussy. I felt her shudder as hot juices cascaded over my waiting mouth. I lapped furiously and drank like a man dying of thirst. She squeezed her ass and pussy around my fingers one last time and slumped onto the bed. I didn’t let up. I continued to lick her slit and suck on her clit, but more slowly and gently, causing her to twitch and spasm uncontrollably from the aftershocks she was feeling. I gave her no chance to rest or catch her breath. I was doing everything in my power to make beg me to fuck her. My cock was back at full hardness and patiently waiting its turn. Having just come, it seemed to say to me, “Good plan, buddy. I can wait. Keep licking her pussy ’til she begs for me.” I could feel it throbbing with hot blood. I smiled in anticipation of filling her soaking wet pussy.

Linda placed her hands on each side of my head as I gently lapped her. She exerted a little pressure to pull my head toward her, but she had little strength to dislodge me.

“Oh Adam, that was wonderful. I haven’t come like that in ages. And the beauty is, we’re just getting started. Get up here and fuck me baby!”

I ignored her and just kept licking and drinking her pussy juices. She pulled a little harder on my head but it was locked to her cunt. She squirmed her legs around beneath me and felt my hard cock with her feet.

“C’mon baby. I know you’re hard as a rock again, and I’m wetter than ever. C’mon up here and fuck me with that big rod!”

I just kept licking.

“God Adam, I need you so bad! Pleeease! Fuck me like I need to be fucked. C’mon! Fuck me Adam, pleeease! Do it! Now!”

Her pleas were making me harder and harder and I decided to give in. I kissed my way back up her belly, pausing at her navel and again at her tits. I kept one hand slowly massaging and fingering her dripping cunt.

With my mouth on her hard nipples, the tip of my cock brushed her slit and pressed lightly against her love hole. I held my cock in hand and moved the plump head up and down the length of her slit. It glided so easily along her wetness.

“Put that big hard cock into my hot, wet pussy, NOW! It is so hard, I can’t wait to feel how it fills me up!”

“But baby,” I cautioned. “What about protection?”

“Fuck it,” she cried. “I don’t want anything separating you from me. Now c’mon, Adam, fill me with that big cock. I need it so bad.”

“You are really wet for me, aren’t you baby?”

“I’m dripping for you, honey.”

“You know you taste wonderful.”

“Thanks, but please fuck me now!”

“Are you sure?” I teased.

“God, Yes! Fuck me!” she cried. Then, “Ahhhhhhhh!” as I slipped it in a few inches.

“Oh, Adam, it’s so thick and so hard. C’mon, give me more.”

I pulled out a little causing her to whimper and thrust her cunt forward. Another several inches melted into her. I slowly pulled back and reentered a little deeper with each thrust. I wanted to make her want it so bad and at the same time wanted to make sure I didn’t hurt her with my size.

“Oh baby,” she moaned. “Give me all of it. I think I can handle it.” Her hot pussy was very tight, but after a lengthy process of guiding my cock in slowly and carefully, I was finally buried to the hilt. I drew almost all the way out then slammed in deep making a loud slapping noise. “Oh yes!” Linda cried. “I need a good hard fucking like only you can give. Mmmm, you feel so good in me, Adam!”

“And your pussy is so tight and hot and wet, baby. If you hadn’t sucked me off earlier, I would have already come! But now I’ve got staying power. I’m gonna give you the fucking of your life!”

“Yeah, baby! That’s what I need sooo bad. Fuck me baby, fuck me hard!”

Buried to the hilt, we ground our pubic bones together for while. I pushed against her while she squirmed beneath me. Then I would draw out and slam it home, sometimes hard and sometimes at a slow steady pace. I grabbed her by the arms and gently lifted her toward me as I lay down on my back. She was sitting directly over me while my cock reached even deeper into her dark folds. She leaned back and moved her thighs alongside my hips. She raised up slightly and then came down grinding our mounds together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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