Reading The Paper

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I see you walking down the hall Zaria wearing only your panties. I am pretending not to look, glancing from behind my paper. I know you are up to no good, you have that mischievous look on your face. As you walk past me I turn away and catch your pouting lips but I know you are not hurt, your eyes are smiling because you know Zver’ is teasing you.

You walk around me and take the paper from my hands, squeezing between the chair and the table. I feign shock and take in your sexy body, my eyes move up you and lock on to your eyes. Zver’ tenderly strokes your check and you grab my hand cupping it and pressing it to your cheek.

I see you standing there, squeezing your thighs together what a plokhaya devochka you are. As you take Zver’s hand and move it down your body I see your eyes looking at me, you lick your lips when you see that our cock is starting to get hard. You stop Zver’s hand when it is over your breast, but your hand keeps traveling down your body until it is inside your panties.

Your gorgeous breast feels so good in Zver’s hand, I want to kiss your breasts and suck on your yummy nipples so I pull you into my lap. First I taste your sweet lips, and trail tender kisses down your neck, ankara escort bayan you moan and tilt your head back when I linger. Right before I get to your pretty breasts you smile and wiggle your bottom against Zver’s cock, you know you have me right where you want me.

When my lips kiss your nipple you inhale sharply and tilt your head back, maybe it is Zver’ that has you where he wants you. Your hand speeds up in your panties, I can feel how hot and moist you are getting. You slide your pussy up and down against Zver’s leg while your fingers tease your pretty little clit. I know you are close because you are breathing rapidly and your pretty breasts are swelling.

What a Ochen you are, you have made your panties wet along with your Zver’s crotch. I lift you off my lap right before you finish, spin you around so you are facing the table, pull down your panties and swat your lovely booty. You bite your lip and pull at you breasts, I swat you again and you butt cheek flushes pink, one more and you whimper.

Zver’ knows you didn’t mean it so I rub your plump bum and kiss your back. As I get near your head you spin under me so we are facing each other and our lips meet. Zver’ explores your body elvankent escort while we kiss, I slip my tongue inside your mouth and you giggle, telling me I am ochen and wink. I keep exploring you with my hands and discover just how wet your pizsju is and you moan at my touch.

You are so wet since I kept you from finishing, you beg me to let your finish. I tenderly tease your puffy pussy lips and run my thumb against your clit. Zver’s lips leave yours and you pout but I assure you that you will soon forget about my kiss. Zver’ kisses your body, pausing at each sensitive part until he reaches the top of your mound. Your clit is hard and exposed, one lick, two licks and then on to kiss all around your swollen pussy lips. You are such a plokhaya devochka wiggling your hips hoping to position yourself so that my tongue or lips come in contact with your slit or clit but I avoid touching you there until you beg Zver’ to eat your pussy. How can I deny my beautiful Zaria.

Oh your pussy is leaking, what a yummy, creamy little pussy you have beautiful. Zver’ loves devouring your pussy. As Zver’ sucks on your clit, your head tilts back and you squeeze both of your breasts in your hands etlik escort bayan and let out a moan. You are such a naughty girl, your hips are bucking off the table grinding your pussy against your Zver’s chin while I suck on your clit. Your pussy juice is leaking down my chin so I suck faster and harder, flicking your clit with my tongue; you are rocking your head back and forth you are so close.

Zver’s Zaria is so beautiful when she comes, so sexy. I know you are close and you glance down to see if I am watching you and I see your gorgeous BluEyes just over your mound. Your eyes roll back in your head as I suck your clit hard into my mouth and your head tilts back again. You are moaning “Zver’ don’t stop” and I don’t. Your cries soften with each passing moment until your body begins to shiver. Your breathing is rapid, your moans come deep from your body, and your body becomes stiff as your orgasm flows from your clit, to your breasts, to your lips, and your brain.

Zver’ is tenderly kissing and licking your pizsju as your tasty grool leaks from inside. My face is covered with your tasty pussy juice after your squirt, I can not get enough of your sweet pussy. As your breathing returns to normal and the blood flows back to your brain you ask for Zver’ and I gently lift you into my arms and hug you as you rest your head on my shoulder.

You softly sigh and melt into me pressing every bit of your naked flesh against my bare chest.

You are my krasivaya Zaria.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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