Race to Eleven Ch. 08

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The night was hard for Pooja as Raghav took her rough on the sofa and then on their marital bed. Pooja came thrice at night and took her hubby’s cum in her pussy. Pooja fell to sleep immediately after the banging she got. Somehow Raghav couldn’t sleep and later at midnight, he decided to work to beat the sleepless night.

Raghav started his laptop and he suddenly remembered the DVD he got from Dolly’s drawer. He thought to check the same and played it in his laptop. It was another porn movie where a husband is cuckolded by his wife’s boss. Raghav’s cock stood in erection again.

He knew there was something odd about Dolly, and maybe even his boyfriend Smith. Raghav started stroking his cock above his trouser. The click at the guest bedroom alerted him and he looked at the door. The lights of the bedroom were turned on and the door opened.

Reena came out of the room in her short t-shirt. She was wearing nothing beneath it.

“Hey Jiju, you are still awake? Lucky, no panties this time.” Reena asked, moving towards him.

“Oh, couldn’t sleep. So, thought to work.” Raghav said, adjusting his cock.

“Oh, my poor Jiju. Doesn’t Pooja made you work hard enough tonight?” Reena said laughing.

She directly sat in Raghav’s lap and gave a hard kiss on his lips. She found his hard cock beneath her and poking in her ass.

“My Jiju is horny and his wife and half wife are not aware about it. Really sad.” Reena said, kissing him again.

This time it is more passionate. She started rubbing her ass on his cock. Raghav, too, started kissing her passionately. Her pussy was oozing juices. As both finally broke, they were breathing hard.

“How come you are awake? You were too tired, that’s what you said me.” Raghav said patting her ass.

“It’s your and your slut wife’s fault at first. Your noises made me all horny again. Then my stupid would be husband called me and made me hornier.” Reena said giggling. She continued to rub her ass on his cock.

“Have you fucked Rahul, your fiancée?” Raghav asked her, mauling her boobs.

“Hmmm. It feels nice. No Jiju. I am good girl. Nothing before marriage. Though, I have fucked his best friend.” Reena said, smirking with lust.

“What? Does he know? You are impossible.” Raghav said in surprise.

“Off course no Jiju. His best friend was my ex at the college. I was shocked when Rahul introduced him to me. But he is super cute. So, no worries. If Rahul doesn’t satisfy me, I would have something in spare.” Reena said, laughing loudly.

“You are a bad girl. And bad girls deserves pounding cock in their pussies.” Raghav said lifting her up and taking her to her guest bedroom.

“Yes Jiju, teach this bad girl a proper lesson.” Reena said and started kissing him hard.

Raghav dropped Reena hard on the bed and pounced upon him. He was kissing her roughly and mauling her boobs. He removed her t-shirt to make her completely naked. Raghav’s shorts were down within a second.

“Slut, your cunt will not remain same after tonight.” Raghav said in a lust.

“Yessss. Tear it apart Jiju. Fuck me like a cheap whore.” Reena said.

“You are a cheap whore.” Raghav said and bite her nipple hard.

“Ohhh fucckkkkkkk. It hurtssss.” Reena screamed in pain.

Raghav didn’t pay a heed to her cry and started sucking her boobs, biting her nipples hard. He inserted two fingers in her wet cunt and fucked it ferociously with it. Reena started screaming with the assault. She was moving violently in the bed with pain and pleasure.

“Nooooooo. Not so rough jijuuuuu. Fucckkkkkkk. Yesssssssss.” Reena was wailing in pain and pleasure.

“Shut up slut. You will make entire building awake.” Raghav said, continuing his assault.

Reena’s screams subsided but she was moving violently in bed and finally her orgasm erupted and she clinched her teeth hard to not make it loud. As her orgasm subsided, Raghav made her sleep on her stomach and pinned her down. He spread her legs and placed his throbbing cock at her entrance.

Reena was really afraid as this position would be too much for her tight pussy. She tried to get free but Raghav overpowered her and thrust it hard in her poor cunt. Reena was in a deep pain and before she could shout, Raghav shut her mouth with his hand. Her voice couldn’t get out.

Reena’s eyes went big and she was really scared about her poor cunt. It would really be not same. Raghav started fucking her hard and nibbling her neck and back to leave love bites.

Reena’s cunt was on fire. It was too much for her. After sometime, pleasure took over pain and she started pushing back to take more cock. Raghav understood it and removed his hand from her mouth.

“Fuck you bastard. Fucckkkkk. You are an asshole jiju. Fuccccckkkkkk me harrrrrrrdddddeeerrrr.” Reena said in anger. But her pleasure was taking over her.

“Yes slut. Take it like a whore.” Raghav said and started slamming hard.

Raghav and Reena fucked for half an hour and Reena came twice. Her orgasms were big and needed to be muffled kızılay escort in bed sheet to not make Pooja hear it. Raghav was close and he removed his cock at the last moment and came on her ass and back.

Reena’s cunt was gaping a complete ‘O’ for few seconds even after Raghav’s cock came out of it. Reena was completely spent as was Raghav. Reena didn’t moved at all and muttered curses to her Jiju. Raghav was too tired but got up to leave for his bedroom.

“Sleep sound slut.” Raghav said to Reena in her ears.

“Fuck you. You literally tore my cunt bastard. Poor Rahul.” Reena said, her eyes closed and sleep coming to her.

Raghav smiled and retired to his bedroom and fell asleep immediately beside his beautiful naked wife.

Raghav got up early before his wife and Reena. He was done with his morning rituals and prepared breakfast for the family. He had his breakfast and woke up Pooja.

“Good morning honey. I am getting too lazy.” Pooja said and hugged his husband.

“Good morning honey. You look beautiful. I am so lucky.” Raghav said caressing her naked body.

“If you want, you would make me and your whores naked all the time. Keep your cock in pants for a change sometime.” Pooja said getting up from the bed.

She walked naked to bathroom. Her ass and boobs bounced as she walked. She winked to Raghav, who was staring at her bouncing ass. Raghav’s cock gave a throb, but Raghav immediately cleared his mind.

Raghav placed the breakfast on the table for Pooja and Reena and left the house.

Raghav reached the office and put the DVD on his computer. He started his daily workings. Dolly has kept reports on his table yesterday. He went through it to find numerous mistakes in the same. It was weird as she was really good in her work. After an hour or so, there was a knock on a door and Dolly came in. She was looking gorgeous today in her short skirt and tight shirt. Her shirt buttons were at maximum strain to hold her boobs inside.

“Good morning Sir.” Dolly greeted.

“Good morning Dolly. You look gorgeous today.” Raghav said, looking at her.

Dolly’s eyes glittered at the compliment.

“Thank you sir. Shall we start for the day?” Dolly said taking her seat in front of Raghav.

“Yea, before we start, are you fine? Is there any problem?” Raghav said looking at Dolly.

“Ohh. Nothing sir. What happened?” Dolly replied looking scared at Raghav.

She was scared whether Raghav checked her wet panties and DVD at the drawer.

“Oh. I thought so. How is Smith? Got anything or still no job?” Raghav asked.

“Sir, he is damn intelligent, but just can’t be stable. Still looking for it. Can you help sir?” Dolly asked, looking pleadingly at Raghav.

“Let me see. Will ask Pooja too. She needed an assistant.” Raghav said.

“Thank you sir. He badly needs something.” Dolly said.

“Have you checked the reports you prepared yesterday, before handing it over to me?” Raghav asked.

“Yes sir. I mean actually no sir. I didn’t.” Dolly said, looking down at floor. She felt bad that she has disappointed her boss.

“Come here and check it. Its total rubbish.” Raghav ordered her.

She got up and moved beside Raghav and went through the reports placed in front of her. She stood there, bending down and turning pages of reports to check.

Her big boobs were straight in front of Raghav’s face and his cock took notice of it more than his eyes.

Dolly looked worriedly at the reports and found that she has completely gone wrong. She was sad with the feeling that she had disappointed her boss.

“Sir, I am really sorry. I just got it all wrong. I am so sorry to disappoint you.” Dolly said, trying to stand straight.

“Keep bending and lean on the table.” Raghav ordered sternly.

Dolly was surprised to hear the tone. She blindly followed the order as if she was compelled to do it. She leaned further to raise her ass up in the air. Her skirt raised further to upper thighs with the action. She disbelieved herself of what she was doing.

“Are you distracted with something? And don’t lie.” Raghav asked placing his hand on her buttocks.

Dolly was shocked with the touch. Her body freeze and she didn’t dared to look back at her boss and to question him about what he was doing.

“Oh nothing sir.” Dolly said in a hoarse voice, frightened with anticipation of what happening next.

Out of nowhere, Raghav smacked hard her ass cheek over the skirt. The noise echoed in the whole cabin. At the early morning of the day, luckily, no one was outside to hear it.

“Ouchhhh.” Dolly’s screams further echoed in the cabin.

She was in a complete shock and her mouth was wide open. But, she didn’t moved a bit. She didn’t knew why she didn’t moved or looked back. Instead, she just whispered “Sorry sir.”

Raghav too was surprised with the level of submission and devotion of Dolly. She didn’t show a single sign of resistance. Raghav gave a smile and his doubt was becoming true.

“I didn’t hear it. What did you etlik escort said?” Raghav said coldly, smacking another hard blow on her buttocks.

“Oucchhhh. I am sorry sir.” Dolly screamed. Tears came from her eyes due to the pain and humiliation. But she still didn’t moved or showed any resistance. However, her pussy was feeling moist.

“Sorry for what?” Raghav asked smacking one more on her ass.

“Fuckkkk. Sir, I am sorry for not preparing the reports correctly.” Dolly shouted, clinching the table tightly.

“And you should be sorry for something else too.” Raghav said smacking again one more.

“Ohhhh. Fuckkkkk. For what sir?” Dolly said, thinking hard on what Raghav means.

“Think slut.” Raghav smacking this one hardest.

“Fuccckkkkk Nooooo. Sirrrrrr. For lying sir.” Dolly said in pain.

“Good. Truth.” Raghav said mauling her ass.

Dolly gave away a relief for not getting another smack. She breathed hard. Raghav’s mauling was making her pussy wetter.

“Speak slut.” Raghav said smacking another blow.

“Fuckkkk. Yesss sir. I lied to you. I got distracted. Ohhhh.” Dolly said, holding the table more tightly.

“What distracted my slut angel? And truth.” Raghav massaged her ass cheeks.

“Hmmm. You sir. Your stares at my body. Fuckkk, Sorry sir.” Dolly said in fear and in anticipation to get more spanking.

“My angel slut likes me staring at her luscious body?” Raghav said, mauling her ass.

“Hmm. Yes sir.” Dolly said, closing her eyes.

“Does it make your pussy wet and panties soaked?” Raghav said, getting up from the chair and standing exactly behind her.

“Yes sir. I get completely soaked.” Dolly said, her eyes still closed.

“Were it soaked yesterday?” Raghav asked pressing her cock through his pants on her ass cheeks.

“Fuccckkkkk. Yes sir.” Dolly said, feeling the hard meat on her ass.

“And what you did with your soaked panties?” Raghav asked.

Dolly’s fears came true. Her boss has seen her soaked panties in her drawers. Her heart was beating faster. She cursed herself for keeping her soiled panties in her drawer.

“Answer me slut.” Raghav said, giving one more blow on her reddened ass cheeks.

“Fuccckkkkk. In the drawer sir. Fuuuuccckkkk.” Dolly said, tears rolling out on her cheeks. Her pussy was oozing juices though.

“Are your panties soaked even now?” Raghav asked mauling her ass cheeks hard.

“Hmm.” Dolly just nodded moaning.

“Louder angel.” Raghav said smacking another blow.

“Yessssss. It is fuckkkkkiiingggg sooaaakkkeedd.” Dolly shouted, feeling very aroused. She wanted to be taken.

“Then, you should remove it slut.” Raghav said lifting her skirt to reveal her black thong. It was completely soaked.

“Oh my god. Oh my god.” Dolly moaned. She was shocked and feeling humiliated to be exposed like this to her boss. But she didn’t moved or fought back. Her pussy oozed more juices with the fresh air blowing on her pussy.

“Another soiled one.” Raghav said smiling and lifted her ass to bring it down, making her completely naked down there.

“Fucckkkkk. Noooooo.” Dolly moaned, holding the table tight, not daring to move. She had submitted completely to her boss, her fantasy.

Unconsciously, she lifted her feet to get out of her thong. Raghav inhaled her scent. His cock was throbbing hard in his trousers.

“You smell good angel.” Raghav said smacking her bare ass cheek.

“Fuckkkk. Hmmm.” Dolly moaned on the touch of Raghav on her bare skin.

“Slut, you like me smacking you, mauling you, humiliating you.” Raghav said smacking one after the other blows on her ass cheeks, making it red.

“Fuccckkkkkk. Nooo please sir. Nooo… yessssssss. I loveeeee it.” Dolly said, wriggling under the assault. Her pussy was on fire. It needed to be fucked.

“Good angel. And what do you fantasize? What you imagine I do to you?” Raghav said into her ears, bending on her. His cock was rubbing on her ass cheeks.

“Hmmm. You sir… I mean… You making love to me.” Dolly said, unconvincingly.

Raghav got up from her. Dolly got scared. She knew her lie has been caught. Raghav smacked it really hard to make Dolly scream out of her lungs.

“Fucccckkkkkkkkkkkk. Sirrrrrr. I fantaisze you fuckkkk meeeeee hardddd. Ussseeee meeeee. Controllllll meeeeee.” Dolly shouted.

Raghav started the DVD on the computer. The porn of submissive secretary getting fucked by her boss started. Dolly looked in shock to the screen. Her eyes were wide open and mouth went dry.

“Is it this what you imagine and is it this that distract you?” Raghav said unbuttoning his belt and trousers.

“Hmmmm. Yes sir.” Dolly said, moaning, looking at screen.

“Do you want it? The way that bitch is getting in the video.” Raghav said dropping his pants and placing his hard cock at her entrance.

Dolly shivered with the touch of the cock on her pussy gate. She was sweating with fear, pain and ecstasy.

“Yes sir. Just like that.” Dolly said, holding demetevler escort the table tight and looking down at the table.

“What just like that?” Raghav said, rubbing his hard cock at her soaked pussy opening.

“Fucckkkk. I want my boss to fuck me hard. Make me his bitch and use me like his fuck toy. Sir, please fuckkkkkk meeeeee. Takkkkeeeee meeeeee.” Dolly shouted in frustration and lust.

“As you say bitch.” Raghav said and pushed his hard cock in her wet cunt hard.

Dolly felt as if Raghav’s cock pierced her cunt like a hot rod and settled it deep in her pussy. Dolly moaned like she has died and was in heaven.

“Ohhh myyyyy… Yessss. Yessss…” Dolly moaned.

“Your cunt is sucking my cock bitch.” Raghav said, started fucking her.

“Oh my god, Sir, fuck me. Yes. Fuckk meee. Make me your bitch.” Dolly moaned in pleasure. Her orgasm was building up.

“Yes slut, you are my fuck toy.” Raghav said, pounding her hard.

“Yes sir. I am your fuck toy. Yesss. Yesss. Keep pounding me.” Dolly screamed moaning.

Raghav kept pounding harder and harder. Dolly was holding the table for support. Raghav’s thrust was making things on table to shudder. Dolly kept pushing back now as her orgasm erupted.

“Fucckkkkkkk. Cummmminngggggg. Yessssssss. Yessssssss.” Dolly came hard, shivering on the table.

Raghav slowed down, allowing Dolly to settle from her orgasm. As Dolly’s breathing became normal, Raghav pulled her hair to raise her up. This allowed his cock to go deeper in her well fucked cunt.

“Ohhh fuckkkkkk. Oh my god.” Dolly shouted as Raghav’s cock reached unchartered territory of her cunt.

“Has Smith not reached upto that angel?” Raghav said in her ears, pulling his cock out almost and pushing it hard till his balls slammed on her ass.

“Fucckkkkk. Nooooo. No one has reached so deep. Ohhhh. Its so deep.” Dolly moaned, pushing still back.

“Unbutton that shirt. Your boobs have given me many sleepless night angel.” Raghav said, pounding her hard from behind.

Dolly was moaning loud. She immediately obeyed and started unbuttoning her tight shirt to release those milk jugs. It was difficult for her to hold on to the table as she was completely unbalanced. Raghav held her tight from hips and kept fucking hard.

“Yes sir. These milk jugs belongs to you sir. Yesss. Harderr. Harderr.” Dolly managed to remover her shirt. Her boobs were bouncing with Raghav’s thrusts in her bra. Her boobs were dying to get out from her bra.

Raghav pushed Dolly back on the table and release her bra hook. The tight bra got off immediately and her boobs were freed from the pressure.

“Fuckkkkk. Yessssss. Take me hard sir.” Dolly moaned, pushing back.

Raghav pulled her back from her hair to raise he head and her voluptuous boobs were dangling on her body with every hard thrust.

“Fuckkkk. Yessss. Its so deeppp.” Dolly moaned.

Raghav let go her hair and held her milky boobs in her both hands and pushed her back towards him. Raghav’s cock throbbed with the touch and it might have grown further in her pussy.

“Oh my god. I felt your cock swelling further. Fuckkkkkk. Sir, my boobies are yours to enjoy.” Dolly moaned.

Raghav started mauling her boobs roughly and his fucking became maddeningly fast.

Raghav and dolly both were closing to the orgasm. That same moment, Raghav’s phone ranged. It was from Pooja. Raghav stopped fucking Dolly, but his cock was deeply embedded in her cunt.

Raghav picked up Dolly’s soaked thong and pushed in her mouth. Dolly gave a shocked look to Raghav. And Raghav picked up the phone, putting the loudspeaker on.

“Hi jiju (brother in law). Reena here.” Reena spoke from other side of the connection.

Raghav didn’t expected Reena. He gave a hard thrust to dolly, whose moans got muffled in her mouth.

“Hi Reena.” Raghav said, fucking Dolly slowly.

Dolly and Raghav were both turned up as they were hearing Reena on phone while fucking.

“Jiju, I am going back as dad has come. So just called. By the way, my cunt is aching bad. You just tore it yesterday.” Reena said giggling.

Dolly looked back at Raghav in shock. Raghav just smiled. Dolly’s eyes were full of lust. Her boss was fucking her on his table while discussing how he fucked his saali (sister in law) yesterday made her orgasm to build quickly.

“Can’t help it honey. It was too tempting.” Raghav said, fucking Dolly. Dolly kept moaning.

“I feel pity for Rahul. Though, it would be easy for him now.” Reena said giggling.

“Yea, I am quite handy to make cunts loosen up for their boyfriends. I mean hubby.” Raghav said thrusting hard into Dolly.

Dolly moaned and wriggled hard on table. She was looking back at Raghav in lust and her cunt was on fire with the conversation.

“You are bad Jiju. By the way, do come early for the wedding ceremony. Pooja might be coming earlier for the preparation. Your saali is not yet completely trained. Especially for the wedding night.” Reena said in lust.

“Yes honey. It’s my duty.” Raghav said fucking Dolly harder. Dolly kept moaning hard.

“Your breathing is hard. Are you working out somewhere?” Reena asked suspiciously.

“Yea. I am working out. Workouts are tempting.” Raghav said pushing harder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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