Queen of Heaven Ch. 09

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Note: This story takes place over several chapters. Some are faster to the action than others. If speed is your thing, this story isn’t really for you. Otherwise, enjoy.


“There are two of them now,” I called out as I rounded the corner into the Master bathroom.

The only reply was the sound of running water and groaning. I guess this is the house I live in now. Thank goodness.

Michelle was seated on the side of my oversized circular tub. She was leaned back against the shower stall, as Mom was hungrily attacking the most sensitive parts of my girlfriend. Okay, maybe her love of puppies and rainbows would be more sensitive, but Anna was putting tongue to clitoris in a way that was clearly going to launch Michelle through the roof. Lucky girl.

The tub was filling, but I suppose Mom couldn’t wait. I’d thought they would shower, but clean is clean.

“Well, I wouldn’t want to interrupt or anything. Just pointing out that our nosy neighbor has a friend. And I think they liked the show,” I said. “That or we’re going to get a visit from the cops in a minute. I’m guessing they are less likely to report us though. They waved back.”

“Fuck. Right there. Yeah. Right fucking there,” Michelle growled. I stepped in close to them. Leaning over, I pushed my girl’s hair back from her forehead and moved into a kiss. She quivered and then sucked my lower lip into her teeth, gently nipping at me. My hand slid down to cup her breast. Her nipple fit neatly between thumb and forefinger.

As Michelle and I kissed, I could hear the rushing water reaching higher. Anna turned the flow off, seemingly without leaving her favorite snack. I tugged gently on Michelle’s nipple and received a satisfying groan. I couldn’t see what Mom was doing to her, but she appreciated it.

I could feel rather than see Anna pick up the pace. If I were guessing I’d say she’d added penetration to her oral assault. Michelle tensed up. No longer slumped against the shower wall, her back was straight and her eyes clenched shut. She stopped kissing me and begged, “Harder, Gil. Harder.”

I took a second to realize she meant her nipple. I glanced back to see that Anna had one hand flat against Michelle’s belly, holding her down. Her mouth was clearly locked onto Mikey’s clit, while her right hand fucked my girl almost violently. It was intense. And it was all too clear how close Michelle was. The shaking was beginning, when I stiffened my hold on her tit. I got a good grip on that nipple and slowly tugged it away from her body.

“Yesssssssss!” she screamed. Her body arched and for a second I worried that she’d given Anna a black eye. Michelle was standing, nearly jumping out of the tub. Then, almost as quickly she collapsed into the water. There was splashing everywhere. Anna had, what we admirers might call, a shit-eating grin. Michelle was still quaking a bit, but the smile was beatific. I shook my head.

“Send you in to get clean and you girls just get all sorts of dirty don’t you,” I asked.

“Wet, honey,” Mom replied. “Not dirty. We got wet. And a little slimy. And a little apopletic. But, all good and not a speck of dirt.”

“Fair. You aren’t drowning are you dearest?”

Michelle started to mumble something and then seemed to just settle on blowing bubbles with the bathwater and giggling. I chuckled and said, “I think you broke my girlfriend.”

Anna said, “Bent a little, but she’ll straighten back out. Now, let’s get everyone clean so that I can get us all dirty again.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said starting the shower. The tub was big enough for two, but not really three. Mom was drizzling bath gel over Michelle and rubbing her limp body into a bubbly orange scented arrangement.

I hopped into the shower. Luckily, the water running in the bathtub had primed the shower as well and I didn’t jump back out frozen and angry. I scrubbed all the relevant parts with special attention to those important to reach places. When I shut the water down and stepped out, the bathroom had built up a nice head of steam. The splashing from the tub gave away the fact that Mikey had rebounded. I did love that girl. Weird that I hadn’t told her yet. I guess that comes of the fear of scaring off the ones you really want to stay. Maybe giving her my mother to play with could be construed as a serious emotional commitment. Or, you know, maybe I should tell her.

Anna was on all fours. Elbows on the edge of the tub, eyes closed, emitting a low rumble of satisfaction. Michelle was seemingly mounting her. Liquid bath gel marked my mother’s back, hips, and ass. Michelle was slowly massaging the soap into Mom. She was grinding her own body into Anna’s and running hands from shoulders to hips to stomach to breasts. I felt my body react immediately. Moving rooms and showering had lowered my readiness level, but this was definitely a moment of attention grabbing cleanliness.

“Damn,” I said eloquently.

“Inanna, Queen of Heaven, said that you plan to worship at pendik escort her nether temple and that I should prepare the way for you,” Michelle said solemnly.

Anna grunted, “I said, ‘Come here and wash my ass because I want that boyfriend of yours to fuck the hell out of it’ darling.”

“Same thing,” Mikey grinned and ran a hand down Anna’s spine to twirl a circle around her rosebud. “Besides, I’m sharing your cute little ass so I get to describe it however I want.”

“Yes, baby, especially if you keep doing that,” Anna purred.

Michelle picked up a cloth from the water and used it to rinse Anna. I suppose she could have just had her move, but I think Mikey was enjoying the view a bit too much to allow that. With the soap gone, she dropped the cloth leaned in to lay a gentle, almost shy kiss on Anna’s upturned ass.

“Do you think he really deserves this precious gift, AnnaBanana?”

“I think I do, don’t you?” Mom replied.

“I’m not sure. You’re such a naughty girl. And he’s got that big handsome cock all ready to go somewhere. Maybe, I’d like to take it out for a ride. I’ve got all sorts of interesting places to put it.”

“That you do, Mike-baby. That you do. And you can have it next, but I want my baby boy’s cock stretching me wide. Doesn’t that seem like a good choice?”

Michelle looked me up and down appraisingly, “Well, I suppose so. But let’s get you dried off so that we can get you wet again, shall we?”

Anna and I both said in unison, “Yes, let’s!”

We stood up and began toweling each other off. Michelle drained the tub, which gave me a fine opportunity to dry her back – a thin ruse for stepping in close behind her to slide my cock between her thighs.

“Subtle, Gilbert. Subtle… and inviting,” Michelle hummed.

“I’m a man of stealthy affection.”

Anna replied, “A pervert of distinction. That said, come with me children.”

“Yes, Mommy,” we harmonized.

We moved into the bedroom hands wandering across shoulders, backs, butts, and thighs. I wrapped my arms around the waists of the women in my life. As we reached the bed, Anna bent forward saying, “Mikey-babe give me a little attention at the… what did you call it? Nether temple.”

“Yes, my queen.”

Michelle moved behind and embraced Mom tightly. They were a sinuous dual body as Michelle kissed her way across Anna’s shoulders and down her spine. She had reached the cleft of that lovely butt when Mom said, “Gil, lay down on the bed. I need to taste that cock of yours. Well, I guess it’s really our collective cock. You get a vote, but I get to taste it.”

I crawled into position, horizontally across the bed. I could see that Michelle was clearly working at her task with enthusiasm. The wet sounds of tongue on body and the humming moans said pretty clearly that she was right where she wanted to be. The grin on Anna’s face made it obvious that we were all delighted by where our lives had landed us.

“Oh, how sweet. My baby is already anxious to report for duty,” Anna reached forward and traced a nail from the tip of my erection across my balls and back to my ass. I shivered and she chuckled.

“We’ll save that for later, boyfriend. But for now, I want to feel Mikey tasting me as I taste you.”

Anna leaned forward and licked me stem to stern, as it were. I felt my whole body flush. Her tongue swirled around the head and back down the length of me. As her body moved (and when I could open my eyes) I saw that she had dropped down onto her knees. Michelle was still behind her, but had reached for that bottle of lube that Mom had supplied.

I propped myself up on my elbows and watched as Mom lovingly brought mouth to sex, as Michelle applied generous dollops of a clear liquid to that beautiful maternal backside. Anna pushed back toward the attentive fingers and away from me, dragging her palms along my thighs.

“Ummmm, yes baby. That’s what I was looking forward to. I think Gil is ready to slide that into me, but I hate to give up your sweet sexy hands.”

“Oh, Anna. I’m not going anywhere. You’re getting all of our attention tonight,” Michelle growled as she used her free hand to grab Mom’s hair. I felt the hands on my legs clench as Michelle worked her fingers firmly into Anna’s ass while kissing her neck and tugging on her hair. I hated to interrupt, but I wanted desperately to be a part of the action.

“Michelle, bring that woman’s ass up here and help me do as I was told.”

“Okay, Gil-baby. But, I’m going to have to get a little something out of this too, you know?”

I grinned at that impish smirk of hers. “Oh yes, dearest. No doubt about that. Now bring her to me.”

Anna stood up and edged forward with Michelle still very much attached to her. When her knees hit the edge of the bed, Mikey bent her forward and released her hair. That hand slid down Mom’s back as she climbed astride me.

Anna said, “Give him a bit of attention, Mike, and then show him where to put that thing.”

Mom maltepe escort leaned forward and kissed me hard as Michelle turned away from her. Lips, tongue and teeth met in a warm, wet dance. God, I loved kissing Anna. Then I felt a cooler than expected touch on my stiff cock. Michelle slathered me in a lube that shocked a bit with the contrast of cool liquid compared with the heat between the three of us.

Michelle held me stiffly upright and said, “He’s ready for you babe.”

Anna pulled away from our kiss and eased back. I felt the touch of her butt as she rocked a bit back and forth while Michelle lined us up. Then slowly she settled over me. I felt pressure, then a release. A stillness and look of concentration on Anna’s face, then a relaxation and she slid further down. Damn. I would have said I was fucking her ass, but she was clearly fucking me. It was all her. She was in control, and I was the tool by which she was being fucked. It was glorious. Tight, hot, and well lubed.

As Mom settled all the way back I felt her relax and saw her smile, “Oh, baby boy. That is fantastic. My two favorite people filling me up with all that goodness. I’m so glad I started going to the gym. Mmmm, this is really nice, but you need to flip me over. I want a good fucking. But I also want my Mikey to give me some time with her sweet, sweet pussy.”

I sat up, put one arm under her leg and with more dexterity that I usually have I rolled her over onto her back. Inspiration for acrobatics. I slid out and then back into her delightfully tight ass. We were working into a rhythm when I saw that Michelle had climbed onto the bed. She kneewalked over to us. I stepped back a bit and slid Mom towards the edge of the bed. As I was standing I wrapped Anna’s legs over my shoulders and gripped her thighs to me. There might be squirming and there might be some vigorous fucking, but I wasn’t about to let her slip away from me.

As the groans and moans got louder, Michelle leaned forward and kissed me roughly. She let our kiss slip and sat back towards Anna’s ear to ear grin. There we were, a triumvirate of sorts. Our angles might have been acute (though I’d argue they were certainly cute) or obtuse (I’ve been accused of that on occasion), but the sexilicious feedback loop was amazing. I was thrusting all the way to my base and then slowly pulling back until I nearly slipped from Anna’s delicate sphincter. I could feel her body reacting, almost pushing me out, when I would sink back in. It was intense and wonderful.

Michelle was being seen to in a clearly powerful way. Her brow wrinkled and her breath was shortened. She ran her hands down my chest to Anna’s body. She braced herself against the bed and used her other hand to stroke Mom’s pussy. She stroked from my cock across Anna’s vulva to a fingertip caress of her swollen clit. I would like to have had a better view, but real life sex rarely has porn camera angles. We see what we can see and infer what is missing. But, whatever trick Michelle was pulling with my Mom’s cunt was quick acting in this intense situation. I felt Mom begin to quiver and clench. There was a hyperventilating moment in which I didn’t know if Anna was going to catch her breath. I thought we might need to take a break, but when the shaking got more intense I got my marching orders.

From between my girlfriend’s thighs I heard, “Fuuuuuuck, babies. You know just how to get me off. Fuck. Gil if you stop screwing me you’re out of the will. I want to feel hot cum or you’re no son of mine. And Mikey, sit your sexy ass back down. I can’t move but I have to taste you again.”

Michelle settled back onto Mom’s anxious tongue. I grinned and took in the sight as she began to really grind and groove in the moment. What a weird little family we were. Here I was seduced by Anna’s ass and hypnotized by Michelle’s jiggling tits as she sat astride our… I guess, our girlfriend. I reached forward with one hand and circled Michelle’s breast. I avoided the nipple but spiraled down toward it. Just as I reached her areola she began to huff… almost bark. I gripped that nipple firmly and squeezed. Michelle cursed me, Mom, the Gods, who knows? But it was loud and intense. She quaked, her head shot forward and would have brained me if I hadn’t been behind my mother’s upturned thighs as I slid firmly back into her ass. Gosh. The phrases I have to use nowadays.

Michelle’s orgasm sent her back onto the bed with quaking and shaking and a string of profanity that would have made me blush if it hadn’t made me hard. I looked down and saw that Anna was drenched in my girl’s juices and smiling like she’d won the lottery. I said, “Can’t. Last. Much. Longer.”

She looked me in the eye and said, “I should hope not you nasty mother fucker. Now lean down, kiss your girlfriend’s juice from my lips and cum inside me.”

Well, what can I say? I’m a Momma’s boy. I slid her legs around my waist. She gripped me firmly. And I leaned over to kiss her. She was wet kartal escort and wonderful. I could taste not only Michelle, but also this blending of Mom’s taste too. It was everything I wanted right then. And I began to thrust harder and deeper. I was so close. Then, I felt Michelle wrap her arm around my shoulders and lean down to bite the hell out of my nipple. I convulsively thrust hard into Mom and came in what felt like torrents.

“Fuck! That hurt!”

“And was awesome?” she asked.

“And was fucking awesome! God, I love you.”

I collapsed to the side and felt my cock slip out of Mom. She laughed. Michelle was strangely quiet.

“You do?” she asked.

“Do what?” I replied.

“Love me?”

“Seriously? My cock is freshly out of my mother’s ass and your juices are all over her face and that’s the part that seems unlikely to you? Of course, I love you. You’re everything to me. I’ve been trying not to freak you out with premature … well, anything… but certainly not premature adoration.”

Anna giggled, “Yeah, Mikey. It’s been embarrassing. I mean, you haven’t known him as long as I have of course, but c’mon. He’s a wreck about you. Now tell him what we both know.”

“Well, yeah, of course I love you you big goof. You think I’d share my girlfriend with just anybody?” she smiled.

“Good to know. So, not freaked out?” I wheedled.

“No, you shithead. Well, maybe a shitdick at the moment – no offense Anna-baby.”

“None taken.”

“Of course, I’m not freaked out. I’m crazy about you. I didn’t want to freak you out by getting too intense too early, but seems like that ship has sailed, no?”

“Yeah, when you started fucking my mother, I knew you must be the one,” I laughed.

“Damned right. Now come here and kiss me.”

“Dearest, I love you and all, but you’ll have to come here. I can’t move yet.”

“Oh, fine,” she smiled. “Just this once.”

Michelle crawled over Mom and threw her arm over my chest as she leaned in to kiss me. “Love. That’s pretty cool.”

I replied, “Yep. Love is pretty cool. And nice that we can share it all around. I hate to break it to you but I think my Mom has a crush on you too.”

“Well, that’s okay. I think I can convince her to share.”

We giggled and collapsed on the bed.

Anna said, “I think we’re going to need another shower. Or three.”

When we were recovered enough, I pulled on enough clothing to pass the “getting the paper” muster and went to make some dinner. We’d settled into a strange little domestic life around here, and my role was apparently “Renter of the most comfortable home” and, as my grandpa would say, “Chief cook and bottlewasher.” God knows where that comes from, but weird little speech artifacts stick around.

However, if we were going to not starve and not eat pizza for every meal, I had work to do. Anna and Michelle were great about stocking the fridge from the list I kept on the door – which was honestly for me to remember things, but served as a way for them to contribute as well. Still, the work had to get done, and I didn’t mind doing it. Tonight would be a straightforward vegetable curry with basmati. I can do a good homespun curry, but I also have a not-bad store bought sauce as well. Given a late start I went that route. So, I whipped out the rice maker. Seriously invest in a rice maker if you don’t own one. Cheap and a godsend. Much like myself.

I diced some onion, garlic, and bell peppers. Grabbed some carrots and started a pan of water to boil. I peeled a couple of potatoes and diced them before soaking them to prevent browning. While the water was coming up to a boil, I started the basmati in the cooker. Michelle came wandering out of the bedroom with her hair up in a towel and, of course, nothing else.

As she walked past me to the fridge she reached up and kissed my ear, saying “ooooo ooooo ooooo… You lurve a girrrlllllll… I’m tellin’.”

I chuckled and said, “If it was a secret, it was only from you. I think everyone was sick of how sappy I am about you.”

“I like sappy boys. Also sticky boys. And nasty boys. And girls. And women. And… well, I’m a likable person,” she said as she opened the refrigerator to grab a bottle of water.

“That word doesn’t mean what you think it means.”

Mom walked in and said, “The actual quote is ‘the way you use that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means’ but I give you credit for the abbreviated version.”

“Abbreviated. Like your wardrobe?” I laughed.

“Mais oui. But-” Anna slapped her own very beautiful and very bare ass, “of course.”

I was, apparently the only one who felt that I should put on something… anything… while making dinner. Then again, it might be that I’d felt the sting of inappropriate naked cooking. Grease is not always your friend. Besides, why would I care? I loved these ladies and their comfort with nudity was a helluva perk. Sometimes, I guess, I just felt like a little textile barrier gave me the freedom to answer doors, get the mail, not get arrested. You know, the usual.

I started a pan for the veggies and dropped the carrots and potatoes in the water. I know, not everyone goes this route but I knew my audience.

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