Queen Bee

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She had been waiting for this day, today she became a woman, today she became a Queen. In a few moments she would take her maiden voyage before assuming her rightful place as ruler of the hive. Her ladies led her by the hand to her royal suite. She was nervous, but ready, this would all be over in an hour and then she could bring life to her Kingdom. She would create strong children to grow her kingdom, as her mothers have before her.

Fully naked, she climbed onto the bed, it was not really a bed but a reclined seat that separated her legs and allowed easy access to her sweet opening. Her ladies helped her get comfortable on the bed before tying the princess’s wrists above the headrest, it will be easiest if she remained as still as possible.

Men will have come from near and far, all the men in her palace and from nearby kingdoms have gathered to give their seed to the new queen. This will prepare her to birth every subject while she reigns as Queen Bee. As Queen, your subjects worship you, but this is the only time you get to feel worshipped.

She was ready.

Her ladies lovingly tied her in and tucked her hair back from her face, her favourite lady beamed at her as she gave her a kiss on the forehead and left the room. Everyone was excited for a new Queen to take over, it would mean a better harvest before winter and a warmer hive.

All the workers funneled out of the room; she would be left alone for her suitors to find her. She was in heat and they will be following her pheromones to where she lay, in order to serve their Queen. It was difficult for her workers to leave her unprotected, it was their duty to ensure her safety after all, but this was something she had to face alone, endure on her own merit before she became Queen, it was best if they did not watch.

The first man walked through the front door, pleased surprise crossing his face as he realizes he has at last entered the final room. He walked forward, stark naked and fully erect, proud to serve his kingdom. This was his only purpose after all, once he has serviced erotik film izle his Queen, he will have accomplished everything he was born to do.

While he was in a hurry, he would not be fooled, he would still need to be sure that she was in fact the princess before spending his one and only load on her. He approached the princess on the bed, her smell became stronger, he became more excited, engorging his cock. He started at her head, he smelled her hair, engulfed himself in her essence. He only touched her with his face as he sniffed down her body until he reached the source, where the pull was strongest, he faced her pussy, amazed at the treat before him.

He didn’t look up as other men began entering the room, two or three more, following the same steps, they started from her head, sniffing and tasting her, as the first man took the first lick of her virgin pussy. She had never felt this kind of touch before, she was glad to have the restraints as pleasure rippled through her body. He licked her from her clit to ass, tasting her sweet nectar. She let out a moan which seemed to draw in even more men.

There was now too many to count, all trying to get in close to her, to smell, to touch. She felt their faces against her skin, all trying to make their way to her pussy. She could feel new heads taking place between her legs. There were a few tongues around her holes, everyone trying to get a taste of her. A few fights would break out as men tried to get close to her, everyone was trying to get their turn, everyone wanted to worship the new Queen.

Every piece of her was being kissed or licked, she burned with excitement, praying it would all be this good. Finally, the first man’s head rose above the others, he was lining up his body to make the first insertion.

{{{I wanted to scream, “No, I’m not ready!” I knew there would be pain and I did not want this good part to end. But I would not stop it. This was my duty. I felt the tip of his penis pressing against me, but he waited for my approval, like a good subject. I gave a nod and film izle he plunged into me. My mind exploded with pain and pleasure, my whole body shook when he rocked into me, knocking off my soothing subjects. It was only a moment before they put their lips back onto my body and I felt calm again. Soothing the ache as he tore his way through me, the support of my subjects made it easy to withstand the pain and get lost in the pleasure of the moment.

Mouths took place around my stretched pussy. There was so much skin pushing into me I knew he must be getting licked too, it would be hard to tell where I ended. He continued to thrust into me, I focused on the tongues on my clit and anus, I held on tight to my restraints. I felt his cock swell further, he sped up his pace.

I felt really excited, I wanted him to cum, I needed his seed. One last thrust and I could feel his warm seamen filling my pussy. He backed away into the crowd of men. Mouths swarmed in as he separated from me, everyone trying to get a taste. I watched as my First reached the outer wall and lay down on the floor, spent.}}}

She was not about to get a break, before she could turn her head back another man thrust himself inside of her. He did not wait for permission, none of the others would, they knew she was in it until the end. His cock hammered inside her only a few times before he too blew his load, and without rest, a new cock filled her hole. The cum added lubrication, but it was still painful, while also exceptionally pleasurable. She was sore but it added to the excitement, shots of pain and pleasure shot through her, starting strong in her pussy and radiating in waves through her body. She needed her restraints to keep her grounded, she felt ready to explode. This man sped up, thrusting harder into her. She moaned again, having her first orgasm, her body shaking and pulsing with excitement, he came with her.

The excitement in the room continued to ramp up, men were pushing to get close to her. Everyone had their cocks out, they were all trying to get into her pussy, seks filmi izle some couldn’t contain themselves, they were losing their load before being able to enter her body, she was constantly being hit with cum, but new men would come to suck it away, anything for their Queen.

{{{A new man had entered the crowd. He’s large, he pushes through the crowd to get at me. I make eye contact, he’s almost two feet taller than the men around him, I look down, his cock is significantly larger. It’s the size of my forearm.

“It won’t fit.” I gasp out, he just looks at me and nods, I’m scared but his seed will make for powerful offspring. My body shuttered as his tip breaches my lips, I brace myself for the rest, I feel myself being stretched as he pushes in slow. I feel so tight against him, like there is no room for anything else. He pushes in further, he’s trying to push his whole member to the back but he’s already taken up all the space I have, he keeps pushing, thrusting into me.

The whole chair shakes, he will not stop until he’s been satisfied, I scream with pleasure as he pushes his whole self into me. He cums, I can feel it seeping out the sides, he too backs away lays against the outer wall.}}}

The noise had added to the excitement of the crowd, men push their way through to get inside her. She holds tight on her restraints as the men push their sweaty bodies against her. They are fast, but there are many to get through, they don’t take more then a few minutes each and then leave for the next to take his turn.

Slowly the numbers start to dwindle, men sleep around the room, only a few are left to have their way with the Queen. The last few can barely contain themselves. One man had started thrusting in her when another climbed on top to fit his cock along side it. Her body was exhausted, but she took it with a long moan she loved the feeling of the two cocks moving within her, that excited the men enough to hurry their ejaculation. The last squeezed his way in and finished quickly.

Sensing it was time, the ladies came back in the room to untie the princess. She was covered in cum, the ladies took their time cleaning her with their mouths, soothing any aches she had. She felt life growing inside her, her future kingdom, she would rule proudly.

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