Plan B: Little Bro Helps Sis in-law

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Tony and Sarah didn’t have any children. Tony was five years older than Sarah, she was 30 and he was almost 36. When they married Sarah was only 22 and they really weren’t thinking seriously about a family. They wanted to wait a few years. Now, Sarah was reaching that age when women who dream about a family someday start to realize how fast time flies and that opportunity doesn’t last forever. Tom had plenty of work as a builder and they finally purchased their first home.

The news was overwhelming. Tony’s medical exam revealed a lump on his left testicle and his sperm count came back extremely low. He was going to have to have a biopsy done to know if it was cancerous. Tony didn’t have any trouble pleasing his wife in bed, but the doctor said the chances of him ever having children were very slim. When he came home that Friday afternoon and shared the news with Sarah she broke down devastated. She spent most of the weekend locked in her bedroom crying and refused to eat.

The next week Sarah gradually became her normal self again and accepted the news. The biopsy came back negative and that was really a cause for a lot of celebration; although, it didn’t change the fact that he wouldn’t be able to have children of his own. They spent the next weeks talking about the future and Sarah brought up the subject of adoption. Tony really wasn’t excited about the idea but he wanted his wife to be happy. One Monday afternoon Tony quit work early and plopped down on the couch. Now Tony wasn’t the kind of guy to watch daytime television but he flipped the channel past Oprah and the subject caught his eye. There was a woman that was not able to have any children of her own. Her sister had donated an egg, it was fertilized with her husband’s sperm in vitro, and then they had paid a young lady to be a surrogate and take the baby to term. Maybe we can have a baby, Tony thought he had a plan.

That night Tony and Sarah lay in bed and he shared his idea. At first she didn’t seem to like the idea but the more she thought the more excited she got. Tony had two sisters and a much younger brother, Andrew, who was only 19. If Andrew would be the donor for the in vitro, Sarah could carry the baby and no one would ever have to know that Tony wasn’t the real father. Tony and Sarah spent the next several days on the phone with clinics, doctors, and insurance companies.

Andrews’s cell started vibrating on the end table next to his bed. It vibrated its way against the metal table-lamp base and was making an even more annoying ting-ting sound. Andrew opened one eye to look at the clock and reached for the phone.

~It’s 8 a.m. on Saturday, who the fuck is calling me?~ Andrew bumped his elbow with a thud on the corner of the table when he put the phone to his ear,


“Hey Andrew, this is Tony.”

“Tony, it’s 8 in the fucking morning,” Andrew rubbed his forehead with his palm.

“I know, sorry. I’m calling to ask if you will help Sarah have a baby.”

“You’re calling…God…wha..?” Andrew inhaled some of his own saliva and coughed losing his voice for a moment. “Are you drunk already Tony? It’s only 8 in the morning,” he rasped.

“Sarah and I really need to talk to ataşehir escort you, get dressed and come over,” Tony hung up the phone.

Two and a half weeks later:

Andrew sat on the edge of an exam table in the doctor’s office wearing nothing but a short hospital robe that wouldn’t tie shut in back. The paper that covered the table was cold against his bare ass. ~I can’t believe they talked me into this.~ Andrew already regretted his commitment. The door opened and a motherly, slender, brunette woman with thin rimless glasses on the tip of her nose walked in and closed it behind her. She was attractive, maybe even could’ve even been a knockout 25 years ago. ~Another nurse?~ Andrew was thinking when she stretched out her hand and spoke.

“I’m Dr. Bergeson; it’s nice to meet you Andrew. Go ahead and take off the robe and stand up.”

~Oh, brother!~ Andrew stood up and the doctor pulled on a pair of purple rubber gloves and sat on a short wheeled stool. The room was a bit cool and his naked body shivered. He looked down at his penis that looked rather small and was a bit embarrassed about the way it was responding to the temperature.

“I’m going to examine the testicles now,” she lifted up the flaccid shaft of his penis with the thumb and forefinger of her left hand and cupped one testicle with the other hand gently feeling it.

A shot of pleasure ran up Andrew’s spine from his groin and he jerked his hips back fearing he would get an erection in front of the doctor. Suddenly he felt flushed and looked down in horror at his semi-hard cock pointing at the doctor’s face.

“I…I’m sorry!” he stammered.

The doctor looked at him over the top of her glasses, “don’t worry,” she smiled with a subtle wink, “just relax, it’s quite ok…this isn’t the first time.”

The reassurance seemed to make matters worse and Andrew’s cock was now at full attention. He was still embarrassed – but no longer about his size.

“It’s looking good, virile and potent, that’s what we like to see.” She slowly and gently massaged each testicle and then ran her finger up and down each side of his firm shaft checking for abnormalities. Andrew looked down at the swollen purple member and held his breath praying he wouldn’t explode. She pulled her hand back staring at his manhood. “I need to check your prostate, turn around, lean over, and relax.” The doctor placed a dollop of lubricant on her index finger. “Spread your legs and just relax…you’re going to feel a bit of pressure,” she reached down and opened his cheek with her left thumb letting the fingers on that hand slide under putting tender pressure on the back of his scrotum. She penetrated with her right index finger, slow and easy, sliding in to massage the prostate. She ran her finger up and down leisurely for what seemed like a long time. The stimulation on his virgin ass made him even harder, his cock trapped between his stomach and the exam table. Andrew closed his eyes tensely forcing himself not to cum. “Ok, we’re done,” she pulled her finger out, peeled her gloves off, and threw them in the receptacle.

“We just need your semen specimen now,” she handed him a plastic cup and stood up to leave.

“I might kadıköy escort bayan need some help with this” Andrew joked.

The Doctor cocked her head with a smirk and looked down as if speaking to his erection, “Well I could lose my license for that.” She walked out.

Four Months Later

It was Saturday morning and Tony and Sarah sat at the kitchen table. They had gotten the news the day before that the third fertilization attempt had been a failure. Their insurance would only help cover the process three times. If they wanted to continue each round would cost them $15k.

“I’m sorry sweetheart,” Tony consoled her.

“It’s ok,” Sarah flipped her shoulder-length chestnut hair that was still damp from showering out of her eyes. She looked down at her body and her full bulbous white breasts that were spilling from the front of her open bathrobe. ~These breasts will probably never nurse a baby,~ she thought.

“Tony…,” Sarah looked across the table.


“You know in vitro is not the only way to have a baby.”

“What other way is there?” Tony looked puzzled.

“You know…”

“No, I don’t know, what are you talking about?”

“Andrew could help us…err…you know the normal way.”

“How could he…oh.” Tony stopped short. “Wow, are you…”

The conversation went back and forth for several minutes. Tony was slow to grasp the concept and that she was being serious. At first, he felt a little jealous at her eagerness. Later, the idea started to interest him. ~It would save $15k a shot,~ he chuckled to himself.

Later that night

Tony and Andrew sat on both sides of the couch with Sarah in between them. The news came on the television and Sarah flipped it off with the remote.

“Andrew, you promised to help us have a baby,” Sarah looked at him with puppy dog brown eyes.

“Yeah,” Andrew looked sheepishly at his older sister in-law.

“I…I’m ovulating right now.”

“Oh,” Andrew licked his lips nervously.

“What if I asked you to fertilize tonight?” Sarah jumped up kneeling on the couch directly facing him with her back to her husband, her short skirt straining on her thighs. Her low-cut, sleeveless, purple shirt fitted tightly to her breasts. Its form lifted her breasts defying gravity and offering a luscious view of bouncy, creamy, cleavage.

“Pretty please?” She squeaked and leaned into Andrew until her left breast rested on the side of his shoulder. “You promised.”

“Ok…um…I guess I don’t know what we’re talking about,” Andrew confessed.

“I’ll go back to the den to get ready and Tony can bring you back in five minutes,” Sarah swung her hips and pranced away tippy-toed.

Tony and Andrew sat frozen on the couch for a bit. Tony broke the silence, “you swore on God’s name this will never get out…if her mother or friends at church ever knew she would probably kill herself.” Tony reached to the side of the couch and then handed something to Andrew,” this is a scarf, tie it around your head for a blindfold. Sarah is nervous and a little embarrassed.”

Andrew tied the scarf around his head without questioning. Tony stood up, grabbed Andrew by the arm, escort maltepe and led him down the hallway to the den.

Sarah was sitting on a long ottoman in front of a loveseat. “Ok Sarah sweetheart, got your blindfold?” Tony looked at his wife. Sarah had a scarf ready and wrapped it around her own head. Andrew was standing clueless with his hands reaching out from his sides looking like a pirate captive ready to walk the plank. “Lay down on the ottoman, Sarah….face down,” Tony directed.

“Um…guys, what are we…” Andrew stammered.

“Just wait, Andrew.”

Sarah sprawled face down on the long ottoman, scarf tight around her head, legs and arms spread over each side. Tony slid his wife’s tight skirt up her bare legs to her waist, revealing her round, soft, shapely ass and small purple cotton-laced panties that matched the color of her blouse. Tony reached in his pocket and pulled out a small knife. He unfolded it with a smooth motion, stretched her panty back with his forefinger and cut it clean off with two swipes of the blade. Tony pushed her legs wider apart with his knee. She was shaved smooth, lips parted, with a dime-sized glimpse of her pink love tunnel.

“Ok, walk forward,” Tony directed his little brother. “Keep going…a little more…now unzip your jeans.”

Andrew moved forward until his shins bumped the edge of the ottoman. He unzipped his pants and his penis fell out. It responded by slowly expanding to attention. He was unaware that Sarah’s open inviting vagina was less than three feet in front of him.

“She’s in front of you on the ottoman. She wants a baby, give her a baby,” Tony unzipped his own pants to let his erection free and stroked. “Come on, Andrew. Give her a baby. She wants it.”

Andrew lost his balance and fell forward on Sarah’s back. His cock pressed against the small of her back and she grunted, “give me a baby.”

Andrew blindly fumbled with his weight bearing down on her. The smell of sex was in the air and his cock was now instinctively seeking a warm wet refuge. It slid down the crack of her butt and between her wet labia. He held his breath in anticipation and reached down with his hand to guide himself. His swollen head found her entrance and hesitated there pressing the wetness.

“Oh…GAAWD!” Sarah let out a scream. She felt a twinge of guilt at the pleasure, keeping in mind the objective of this affair. She pushed her face down into the cushion trying to muffle her grunts, and then lifted up her head.

Andrew pressed himself penetrating…a quarter of the way…half way…then rammed himself into her, burying his nineteen year-old thickness deep in his sister in-law’s belly. He started the work, fulfilling his commitment, pushing in and drawing out. Andrew’s groping hands sightlessly found the round soft curves of her hips to rest themselves on.

Sarah made moaning noises in cadence that almost sounded as if she were crying. “Give-me-a-baby…gimme-a-baby…gimme-a-baby…gimme-a-beh…gimme-a-beh…gim-a-OH!” Her chants and grunts kept rhythmic time to his thrusts and became unintelligible. Sarah had her ass lifted high in the air, her back arched, and her blindfolded head thrown back.

Tony was dizzy with excitement watching his thirty year-old wife get fucked by his little brother. He sat down in a chair next to the desk and pulled out some lube he knew was hidden there. He smeared it around the bulb of his hard cock and stroked, biting his bottom lip….

To be continued….

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