Piercing the Rayne

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Rayne proceeded up the front steps of Ravenmore’s Cafe. Ever since the cafe opened two years ago she stopped by every day. Pierce, the owner, made great coffee and the best cookies in town. Pierce was a middle-aged, slightly balding man with a little bit of a gut. With thin framed glasses and a goofy looking goatee he looked like an absolute ‘Star Trek’ geek, but Rayne found him to be a complete hottie. As she was opening the cafe door she hoped he was not there today. She always thought she looked like such a dork drooling over a balding nerd.

She was greeted with the scent of coffee and Pierce’s booming voice, “Merry met! Want your usual? Or you feeling brave enough to try my special?”

Ever since Pierce learned she was Pagan he greeted her with ‘merry met’, which is the Pagan version of ‘hello’. Rayne slid her long, colorful Dr.Who scarf off and laid it on the table closest to the register. She then unbuttoned her black leather trench coat and folded it on top of the table. ‘What is your special?” Rayne asked.

“Its Pierce’s Cure for the Winter Blues. Basically it’s hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream.” He answered while waving as the last customers left the store.

“Okay, I’ll try it.” Rayne said as she began to dig for her wallet.

“So, how’s the Brew business today?” Pierce made small talk as he prepared her hot chocolate. He was referring to her store ‘The Witches Brew’ which was located down the street from the cafe.

“A little slow today. I closed up shop early. No one wants to come out in this awful snow.” Rayne pointed toward the display window. It had begun to snow the day before and was only suppose to get worse. The streets were already topped with 12″ of it. Her eyes roamed back to Pierce as he was putting the final touches on her drink.

“Yeah, I know, it was a bitch getting to work today.” Pierce joked as he handed her the steaming cup. Both of them lived on the second story of their buildings. The buildings they both rented were not large, but they served the purpose. She giggled at his joke and then mentally slapped herself for sounding like a sixteen-year-old high school student. She noticed his hands as he took her money, they were very large. His arms were big too. He must lift plenty of heavy boxes working here. His voice snapped her out of her daze. “I personally like the snow, it gives couples a reason to snuggle and create a lot of heat.”

Rayne’s eyes flew up to his face to find him looking directly at her. She immediately bowed her head, letting her long raven black hair drift over her face. It was as if electric sparks were going off in the room, the air was so tense. She was relieved when he changed the subject. “Are those leather pants your wearing?” Why did he have to ask about her pants though? Damn him! Can’t we talk about something else? Thoughts were racing through her head and she was beginning to have problems breathing.

She smiled, “Yeah, I bought these babies over the Internet.” Rayne twirled for him and mentally slapped herself again for acting like a fool.

Pierce’s heart throb in his chest as she spun around, letting him see the way her leather pants clung to her eryaman bayan escort form. She was such a sexy gothic girl. He judged her age to be in the early twenties. She wasn’t some skinny pathetic waif of a girl. He liked the fact that she was voluptuous. Her curves sent his mind whirling. Pierce could tell that underneath her tight corset that she had big beautiful breasts. “They look great. You think they have a pair big enough for me?” He tried to laugh his arousal off.

“I found my size didn’t I.” Rayne laughed as she modeled in her cute pants. He made her feel so beautiful. Her breaths were coming in shorter and shorter. Rayne felt her chest tighten and she almost doubled over.

“Rayne, what’s wrong?” Pierce asked as he made his way around the counter to the table she was standing by. Her hands was clenching her chest and she was swaying back and forth. “I…need…my…inhaler…I can’t…breath.” Rayne managed to get a few words out as her chest tightened even more. She tried to fumble with her bat shaped purse that was tied to her belt loop. Panic over took Pierce as he grabbed Rayne before she fell to the floor. He got her to sit in a nearby chair and she bent her head between her knees, trying to slow her breathing. She saw his big hands pushing hers out of the way as he ripped her little belt loop off to get to her purse. Quickly unzipping the little bat, Pierce shook all its contents unto the floor. Rayne grabbed her inhaler, inserted one end into her mouth and squeezed the pump. She felt her lungs open up almost instantly. Pierce left her side to turn his OPENED sign to read CLOSED and locked the front door.

“C’mon, you can stretch out on my bed upstairs.” He helped her to her feet and supported her up the two flights of stairs.

Oh no! His bed! “No, I’ll…I can’t…” Rayne tried to say but Pierce’s arms were on her, supporting her. He felt so warm.

“It’s not a problem. If I let you go home like this and if something happened…if…I’d just feel awful.” Pierce said as they got to the top of the stairs. “I couldn’t think of you not coming by here ever again to see me. Seeing you is the highlight of my day.” He cupped his hand quickly over his mouth as he realized what he had just said. They stared directly at each other. Rayne’s lips seemed to part in disbelief. He actually felt the same way towards her? Her panic was leaving, she felt completely comfortable now.

“Why do you think I come so much? I sit, drink my coffee…and fantasize about you.” Rayne confessed to him as she placed her arms around his neck.

Pierce’s heart was pounding so hard now; he could hear it in his ears. When she wrapped her arms around him, he slid his own hands to her wide hips. He tugged her roughly against him and assaulted her lips with his. She moaned and seemed to melt into him. It had been so long since he’d been with a woman. Pierce had forgotten how soft and warm they were. He had been accustomed to porno, some K-Y and his hand. Their tongues danced together as he tried to devour every inch of Rayne. He realized that her tongue was pierced and wondered how it would feel on other parts of him. His hands groped at her body. escort sincan He tugged and pulled at her in an attempted to feel all of her at once. She squealed when he found handfuls of her ass cheeks and squeezed them, grinding his body against hers.

“Pierce…wait…please…” Rayne broke free of their kiss. He closed his eyes and stepped back, bracing himself for her rejection.

“I’m sorry…I…,” Pierce started to speak but she cut him off.

“I’ve only been with two other men, and only one of those guys I went all the way with. I don’t have a lot of experience at this. I want to please you, just tell me how.” She chewed on her bottom lip, as she looked at him waiting for his response.

He laughed and was relieved. “I haven’t been with a woman in five years, we can go slowly. I don’t know how long I will last for you though. I’m so fucking hard right now just from kissing you.” Rayne’s cheeks reddened. She had made him hard; she had turned him on. She felt so sexy right now.

Pierce led her to his bedroom. It was pretty clean for a single guy. Rayne also noticed his abundance of candles and she smiled.

“My sister is also a Pagan and sends me candles that she has made.” Pierced said. He picked up a red candle sitting on the nightstand and lit it. “This she gave me to attract love and desire. I just burned it last night.” He proceeded to light several more candles until the room was glowing with warmth. Rayne nodded and sat down on his bed to begin unlacing her knee high boots. Pierce watched her as she slowly worked each lace free. He quickly pulled off his tee shirt and kicked off his shoes. Rayne carefully placed each boot by the nightstand and stood up to undo her pants. Pierce had already ripped off the rest of his cloths and tossed them in some far off corner as Rayne began removing her pants. He joined her on the bed and helped her peel the tight leather pants off. She wore only silky black thongs and her tight black corset now. He watched as she unhooked what seemed like fifty dozen hooks. Finally the corset was off and he could touch her large breasts. He saw that both her nipples were pierced and she had many tattoos. She stepped in front of him to give him a better view and he buried his face in her bosom. She groaned and her head fell back when his lips found her erect nipple. He used his tongue to gently tug on the silver ring going through her nipple. He sent little shock waves of pleasure and pain through her whole body. As he nuzzled against her breasts his hands slid her thongs off and tossed them across the room.

“I need to taste you.” Pierce muttered as he positioned her on the bed underneath him. Rayne noticed his voice had become deep and husky.

“I’ve never had anyone…you know…’taste me’ before.” She said looking up at him.

“I’ll be gentle. If you don’t like it, just say so.” He spread her legs a little and bent his head between them. He laughed as he looked at her shaved pubic area. She had shaved her hair in a wide V shape, which resembled bat wings. “Cute.” He muttered as flicked his tongue over her lips. Rayne jumped when his tongue made contact with her skin. He began elvankent escort bayan to caress her thighs in an attempt to relax her. He stroked her skin softly waiting for her to stop jumping. When he felt her legs relax he pushed he knees apart until she was spread wide before him. He could smell her and she smelled so good. Very slowly he opened her labia and flicked the tip of his tongue over her clit. She squealed and pushed her hips upward against him. He licked her with the broad side of his tongue this time and let the tip dip into her. He found her to be warm and wet. He pushed his tongue inside as far as he could lapping at her honey.

Rayne was almost screaming from his wonderful mouth on her. She had never felt this way. His tongue was doing wonderful things to her while his thumb was rubbing her little clit. She had never ever been close to having an orgasm with her previous sexual encounters. Pierce was bringing her to the threshold. Her thighs wrapped around his head as she was nearing her climax. “Pierce…I’m going to cum.” She panted out and dug her fingers through his hair. This made him quicken his work on her clit and he began nipping her softly with his teeth. She screamed his name and growled as she came.

Pierce rose up over her with his big arms on either side. “I don’t know how gentle I can be. I need you so fucking bad right now.” His dick was rock hard. Rayne lowered her eyes to see his wide purple tipped cock resting against her pussy. Her eyes widen as she saw how thick he was. “I’ll try to be easy, I promise.” He bent his head to find her lips. He carefully pressed the tip of his cock between her folds. Rayne was so wet the head seemed to just slip in. He pushed a little bit with his hips and felt her body tighten. Rocking slowly back and forth he inched about half of his thickness into her. She was so tight and soft. It felt like velvet wrapped around him. He waited for her to relax again. He began pushing more into her when she moaned into their kiss. Her tongue ring played against his lips and turned him on even more.

She started to push her hips up against his and he began to thrust harder into her. He pulled himself all the way out and thrust all the way back in. Each time he filled her with his entire shaft she squealed. She was making it hard for him to be gentle with her. He wanted to pound into her soft wetness. He leaned back on his knees to watch his dick move in and out of her.

“Pierce…fuck me harder.” Rayne begged as she used her hands on the headboard to press herself against his throbbing cock. That was it. His control snapped at her plea and grabbing her hips he pounded into her. His balls were slapping against her luscious ass with each powerful thrust.

“I’m going to cum so fucking hard because of you.” Pierce growled into her ear as she bit into his neck. He shoved her right leg over his shoulder and held her left leg down as his thrusts became more violet. He felt her insides tighten as she spasmed with another orgasm. His head flew back and his lips curled back in a snarl as he came with her. It felt as if he’d emptied gallons of semen in her. They rolled together on the bed until they were in a ‘spoon’ position. They looked out the window and noticed it must have started raining.

“That will go great on top of the snow.” Rayne said.

“Really, I know what goes good with the ‘rain’.” Pierce said.

“What is that?”


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