Phoning A Friend

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Ass Insertion

It’s amazing how much fun, one can have with a phone when they are alone by themselves

I was eighteen at the time, and it was summer, my parents were at work and I was at home, trying my hardest to play some game or another on the super play station. “Toad patrol” I assumed that it was, as that’s my favorite game, and I was just bored out of my skull. Nothing seemed to have any kind of depth or any kind of fun to it, there was nothing. It was as if I’d just played the game for eons, never gaining anything and never getting anything in return either. I had thought about getting a job, my parents were constantly hassling me over that one, and I still hadn’t managed to do that said thing. “You’re eighteen, not in college yet (I’d already been accepted for that fall semester, and knew that I needed to get cash for the school time, yet there were no Jobs that seemed to scratch my interests at all

Lets face it folks, I was bored out of my skull, and there was nothing that I could do about that except to be bored.

The fan was on in the main living room and it still felt like ninety. I thought about calling a friend of mine.

Ah what the hell, I thought to myself. I went out to the kitchen, and picked up the phone. I dialed my friend Debbie.

The phone rang, once, twice, three times, and I almost hung up as I have a fear of getting on someone’s answering machine, I know that its some sort of weird phobia, but I still hated the damned things. The instant I heard “Hello you’ve reached…” I started to put the phone down on the cradle, but then I heard someone with a very breathless hello into my ear.

“Hi.” I said back “How’s it going?”

“Fine, I guess who’s this?”

I had to laugh. “Debbie, it’s me, Mike.”

“Oh Mike, how good it is to hear from you. Sorry I had to let the answering machine grab you, I know how much that you hate that.”

I laughed in spite of myself. “Its all right eryaman gerçek escort numaları though I hate to admit that I was just about to hang up.

“It’s ok. I was just getting out of the shower.”

I pictured her naked and could feel as my throat began to dry out and my palms began to get sweaty. “Uh, come again.”

Now it was her turn to laugh. “I’d just gotten home from work, and was running the tub when you called.”

“Its not still running is it?”

“What?” She asked me, utterly confused.

“The tub, is it still running?”

“No, I shut the water off.”

“That’s good.” I told her, “So should I let you off, and let you get back to your tub or something?”

“Nah, it’s ok, I can always run it again, besides, how often do I get to talk to you?”

“True, I haven’t seen you since school ended.” I tried to remain calm and cool, but the thought of Debbie being nearly naked started to make me aroused. “What have you been up to?”

“Not too much, my parents want me to try and get a job, but nothing seems like any fun. I know that I need one especially with my first year of College beginning to start, but I thought that I might just stay and have a little more fun, you know.”

“Yeah. I know how that is.”

“Mike, do you mind if I sit down?”

“Uh, sure.”

I waited while Debbie at down, she came back on a few minutes later ‘that’s better.”

“Where are you?”

“On my bed, naked…” She laughed and I felt my cock harden ever so slightly, “Where are you?”

“In my living room, my parents are at work.” I had locked the door and took the phone in with me to my room. “Where do you need me to be?”

She laughed and I could almost hear the ringing of bells in her voice pattern, it was beautiful

“Anywhere you want to be lover.”

What if I were on my bed?” I asked.

“Go for it lover.”

I picked up the phone and took it to sincan escort my room, locking the door behind me. “There we go, precious.” I spoke to her, and I could hear as she started to laugh. “What’s so funny?”

“I haven’t been called precious in a long time. Where are you, now?”

“Just got to my bed.”

“Cool. Are you hard, imagining me naked?”

As a matter of fact I was. “Yeah.”

“Do you want to take off your pants, would that make you feel better?”

My mouth was dry and I could barely croak out that it might be a good idea.

“Go ahead.”

I unbuckled my pants and let them fall to my knees, I slid out of my boxers and sat down bare assed on my bed.

“What are you doing now?” Debbie asked me, God her voice was so soft that it nearly threw me into a faint.

“I’m on my bed.” I told her.

“Take down your pants.” She told me.

I couldn’t believe that this was happening, part of me wanted to tell her that she was nuts and that I couldn’t do as she asked, and yet I felt my hand reaching for my belt and sliding it out of its little holes, and letting it open up completely. I stood up. My jeans were the baggy type and the fell at my feet. I carefully slid down my boxer shorts and let them fall to the floor. “Done.” I told her.

“Good man. Where are you right now?”

I scooted back up onto my bed. “Back up on my bed.”

“Cool, what are doing?”

What would you like me to do?” I asked her. “What would make you the hottest?”

She paused for a moment. “Hmm, gently stroke yourself for me, can you do that? I think that I’d like that.”

“Me too.” I said. I placed my left hand on my cock. “There. I’m touching myself.”

“How does that feel?”

“Pretty good, how does that make you feel?” I asked, my voice already becoming horse, as I thought of her, naked, thinking of me.

“It makes me feel wet.”

“How wet?”


“Oh batıkent escort really what are you doing?”

“I’m playing with myself, feeling as I touch my outer lips, gliding my fingers across my clit as I touch myself. Are you hard Mike?” She asked me as I heard her voice change.


“Would you like to cum for me, Mike? Do you have anything to clean-up with?”

“I’m sure that I could find something.”

I kicked off my pants totally and walked out in just a shirt to the laundry room, I must say that it felt kind of good to have my cock, there, bobbing out in the open air. I grabbed a towel from the dirty clothes pile; I’d used it earlier that morning for my shower. “Yeah, I have something.”

“Ok, lay back down on your bed.”

“Sure hold on.” I did as Debbie had asked me to. “There.”

“All right. I’m going to start fingering myself, start to jack yourself off, whenever you’re ready.”

This felt so naughty, yet at the same time I thought that it was kind of cool. I could hear Debbie as she started to moan, and my fingers increased their pace on my cock. Her voice resonated through the phone lines and I could hear as she started to get close. I picked up my tempo, and I started to feel as my testicles got harder and harder. I knew that in moments I would be coming. “Debbie baby, I’m going to, I’m going to.”

“All right, lover, cum for me, cum for me.”

That was all that it took, and in moments I moaned over the phone letting my lover know that I had sprayed my seed all over my stomach. I could hear Debbie picking up her moans, and knew that she too was going to cum. She let go, and it sounded glorious as she came down from her cloud.

“There, how was that?” Debbie asked me a few moments later.

“Oh my god angel, that was wonderful, thank-you for sharing that with me.”

“You’re welcome. Now, I hate to cum and run, but my folks are going to be here in a few minute and I need to get dressed again.”

“It’s all good. When will I hear from you again?”

“How about later tonight?”

I smiled to myself, and hung up the phone, letting myself calm down from the experience. I wondered what tomorrow would bring.

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