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I have never been one to dream up situations in my head where I end up with a woman that I barely know or know only on a professional level.

But that all changed not too long after I started seeing this girl named Melissa for employment sessions.

Everyone told me that the affection she seemed to show towards me was just her way of being nice to one of her clients and that she probably treated everyone the same way.

But I knew better.

And one other thing I knew is that I wanted to know her better, as in in the sexual way.

And I’ve never been very good at taking no for an answer, and Melissa was going to be no different, although I’d be lying if I said she put up much of a fight about it.

It all started when she was driving me around town to put in job applications, which in and of itself is not that out of the ordinary.

But when she stopped at Burger King and asked me if I wanted anything, well, I knew she had feelings for me that went beyond just a professional relationship.

After many minutes of us flirting with each other in between me doing what I was actually there to be doing (or supposed to be doing, anyway), I found myself getting lost in her eyes.

“What are you looking at John?” she asked, half-serious and half-joking, giggling and smiling at me as I openly stared down the grey shirt with gold stripes she had on, trying to get an eyeful of her tits.

“If you want to touch them, just ask silly,” she whispered to me as I reached across the table and slipped a hand down her shirt, grabbing a handful of one of her tits and squeezing it as I unhooked her bra strap.

“Not…here…” she moaned into my shoulder as I worked over her tits, both hands now inside of her shirt and squeezing away on them.

“Why don’t you clock out so we can have a little personal time Melissa? Because I would love to feel my mouth all over these tits…and other places on your body baby…” I told her as I laid a kiss on her right there at Burger King, coming around and sitting on her lap as my cock throbbed between my legs.

“I want to put my cock in your pussy…” I whispered to her, really laying it on thick as she playfully shoved me away, desperate to get out of there without causing a scene.

“And I think you want that, too,” I teased her as my hands went between her legs, starting to tug at her tight blue pants a little, getting them unzipped and down to her knees before she came to her senses again.

“I have feelings for you I can’t explain John. But it wouldn’t be right since we have a client-professional-” she started to say, cut off by me kissing her again and carrying her in my arms right out of the restaurant.

“-relationship. Not right now, we don’t, Melissa. Right now we’re about to go back to my apartment and try out the springs on the mattress,” I teased her as I led her away, Melissa looking around to make sure no one was going to think anything of it as we sped away in her car to my place.

The short drive over there didn’t dissuade either of us from what we were about to do, Melissa eagerly following me through the door and eryaman bayan escort letting me pin her to the wall and kiss her as soon as we were both inside.

“MMM…let me clock out first…” she breathlessly whispered as I removed her shirt and bra, and started tugging on her pants, just about to wrap my mouth around one of her hard nipples when she stopped me.

“Okay. I’m yours…” she purred as soon as she had officially ended the session, moaning into my ear as I started licking and sucking on her tits, her hands running through my head as I grabbed her by the hips and finished disrobing her.

“I’ve waited a long time for this chance Melissa,” I told her as I held her cunt lips apart with my hands and dove my tongue inside of her, making her audibly gasp for breath as I started thrusting it in and out of her.

“OHMYFUCKINGGOD…lick me baby…lick my pussy…” she moaned, closing her eyes and pushing her hips into mine as I ate her out, the tightness of her cunt enveloping me and making me imagine how tight it would be around my cock later.

“I want to make you feel good Melissa,” I whispered in her ear as we swapped spit, before going back to her pussy and licking away at it, the way she was grabbing two fistfuls of my hair and the way her legs hooked around my head letting me know she was going to cum soon.

“OHGOD…OHGOD…FUCK…cumming…” she shouted as she threw her head against the wall and came for me, showering my face in her juices.

“Tasty,” I teased her as I drank them down, swapping spit with her and leading her over to the couch as I sat down on it and pushed her to her knees.

“Suck my cock. Then we’ll fuck,” I matter-of-factly told her, both of us knowing full well how far things were going to go between us at that point as she wrapped her hands around my cock and started stroking it, finally leading it to her mouth and starting to suck on it after a few seconds.

“That’s it baby. Suck it good. And let me see you finger yourself while you’re at it,” I instructed her as she used her mouth to suck my cock, while plunging three of her fingers deep into her pussy, fucking herself with them to keep her wet for my cock later.

“MMM…” she moaned, becoming overcome with sexual stimulation as she worked me over as well as herself, my hips slamming into her face in perfect time to her fingers jamming up her cunt.

“Gotta keep that pussy nice and wet so it’ll be ready for me to fuck it,” I teased her as she wrapped one hand around my cock and deep-throated it while continuing to finger herself with the other one, throwing her head back in orgasm right as I came down her throat.

“FUCK YES. Gonna cum…” I whispered as I came, sending gobs of my cum down her throat as she struggled to keep her breath around it.

“Tell me what you want Melissa…” I whispered in her ear as I placed her flat on her back on the couch and climbed on top of her, my cock running all along her slick pussy lips as she arched her back and tried to force my cock up into her.

“I want your dick,” she softly whispered, twisting her hips around it as I entered escort sincan her and started thrusting in and out of her, hammering into her right there on the couch.

“So tight,” I teased her as I sucked on her tits, her legs wrapping tightly around me as I roughly fucked her pussy, her tight cunt walls wrapping tightly around me with every thrust I made into her.

“Fuck…me…” she moaned, her eyes rolling back into her head as she rolled her hips around my cock, arching her back to force me deeper inside of her.

“Gonna make you cum all over my dick baby,” I teased her as she arched her back again, her body starting to stiffen up as her pussy clamped down on my dick and she came for me.

“OHGOD…FUCK…YES…cumming…” she bellowed as she shot her cream out all over my thrusting cock, my balls slapping against her ass as I bottomed out inside of her and felt my own orgasm building.

“Melissa…gonna cum baby…should I pull out or can I cum in you?” I asked her as she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me back inside of her as my cum started rushing towards my balls.

“I want your babies. Give them to me,” she begged me as I held her down and came inside her pussy, flooding her womb with a fresh load of my baby seed as it soaked up into her walls and filled her to the brim.

“FUCK. Did that really just happen?” I teased her as I held myself inside of her and shot a few more loads into her, reveling in how tight she still was around me before finally pulling out of her.

“Was I as good as you imagined I would be?” she flirtatiously asked me as we started making out, my cock aiming for her pussy again as she flipped us over on the couch.

“Better,” I told her as she started lowering her pussy down onto my cock, flexing her cunt muscles for me as I started thrusting up into her.

“Good. Because this time I want to be on top,” she teased me as she started riding me, rocking back and forth on top of my cock as she lowered herself onto it.

“Fuck. Gonna make me cum inside you again too…” I moaned as she rode me, her eyes rolling back in her head and her pussy clamping down on my dick as she rode me.

“I’m…fucking…CUMMING…” she shouted as she lowered herself onto me one last time, holding herself there as she came, painting my cum with another load of her cream as her body stiffened up.

“You love my dick, don’t you?” I teased her as she rocked back and forth on my dick one last time, her walls milking me for all of my seed.

“Cumming…” I whispered in her ear as I came deep in her pussy again, her walls squeezing at my dick as I filled her womb with another thick load of my cum.

“OHGOD…” she moaned as she came off of my dick, snapping her pussy lips shut with her hands as we started making out on the couch.

“I think we can move to the bed now,” I told her as I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, Melissa bending over it and wiggling her ass at me.

“Not before you fuck my ass mister,” she told me, giggling as she wiggled her ass in front of me one more time.

“Well if you insist,” I told elvankent escort bayan her as I grabbed her hips and pointed my cock at her ass, sliding it inti her backdoor and beginning to fuck her ass.

“MMM…FUCK…pound my ass…” she whispered, throwing her hips back into mine as I picked up the speed of my thrusts into her ass.

“Gladly,” I teased her as I drove myself in and out of her rear opening, her anal ring squeezing down on my cock just as tightly as her pussy did as I felt another orgasm coming on.

“Cumming,” I whispered through gritted teeth as she silently came for me again, a trickle of her cunt juice running down her legs as I buried myself up to my balls in her ass and came in her bowels.

“OHGOD…I need your dick in my pussy again…” she softly whispered to me as I pulled out of her ass and laid her down on the bed, looking her deep in the eyes and sharing a long, deep kiss with her as she locked her legs around me, guiding my cock back into her hot, tight little pussy as I started to thrust in and out of her again.

“I always knew you felt this way about me Melissa,” I whispered to her as she arched her back and pounded her fists into the bed, cursing and swearing at me to fuck her harder.

“GIVE IT TO ME! FUCK ME HARDER YOU SON OF A BITCH!” she shouted, completely losing herself in the moment as I started quickening and deepening my thrusts into her, her walls wrapping tightly around my dick as she let her legs hang loosely off the bed and pushed her hips into mine.

“Talk dirty to me,” I teased her as ewe fucked on my brand-new bed, testing the springs on it as Melissa’s body rocked up and down on it from the force of my dick sliding in and out of her pussy.

“CUM IN MY PUSSY YOU BASTARD! GIVE ME MORE OF YOUR BABIES!” she shouted as she threw her head back and came for me, painting my cock with another load of her juices as I held it inside of her and started speeding up my thrusts into her even more.

“Ask and you shall receive,” I told her as I drove myself into her one last time and held myself there, cumming with a grunt into her pussy as I exploded inside of her again.

“MMM…fuck you’re a good fuck…” she hissed as I shot my load into her, her walls squeezing every drop out of my dick as I began to pull it out of her.

“Not as good as you are babe,” I lovingly told her as she placed her head on my chest and snuggled with me, both of us eventually falling asleep in each other’s arms and spending the night together.

I continued seeing Melissa professionally after that, and just when we thought we could put that one hot night between us behind us, she sprung some news on me that wasn’t that unexpected.

“John, I’m pregnant. And it’s yours,” she told me one day after clocking out, sharing a kiss with me in the privacy of my apartment, and what was soon to be our apartment.

That’s because we very quickly made the decision to make our personal relationship public, even though at that point it only consisted of a one-time hook-up.

“I’ve loved you from the first day I laid eyes on you Melissa. And now we can spend the rest of our lives together,” I told her over the phone in response to the news, officially ending our professional relationship, but opening the door to a far more rewarding romantic one between us.

And it all started with a hot night of sex.

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