Perfect End to a Summer’s Day

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It was a mid July day, of average heat, enough to keep the skin warm with light clothing whilst outside. The feel of the mid summer breeze on my arms was intensifying, the goose bumps it brought with every sheet of wind that passed over my body was enough to make every inch of my skin feel alive but not yet cold.

Walking through the town centre heading home, something felt different, a slight bubble of excitement in my stomach, a kind of daring feeling was taking over my lower abdomen. The cool breeze still flushing against my skin, working its way through my hair, the feel of it gently pushing against my skin as the wind takes it over, moving it with itself as if it was one.

The feeling of the breeze and the softness of my hair slowly slapping across my face was having a rather deep effect on me, the stirring in between my legs, the slight dampness I could feel as I am walking, stride by stride, my damp knickers rubbing against my skin, my nipples were starting to protrude through my shirt, like little buds waiting to blossom, hard, round and very visible now, the more I was thinking of them rubbing against my bra, the softness of the skin of my pert breasts was tightening as my nipples grew harder, making the dampness below worse, I could now feel the wetness on my legs, I was loving the fact id decided not to wear tights that morning. My work skirt just above the knee meaning if I continued like this id start to feel my cunt juice dripping down my leg which would make it visible for all to see, this was just making it worse.

By the time I reached my door I could smell the aching of my pussy, that sweet pure smell, the smell of desire, wanting, needing, just to be touched. I let myself in an glanced at the clock 17.55 he’d be in any minute, I didn’t have time to play before he returned, pendik escort to touch my wanting cunt, to feel how wet I really was, to slide a finger or two in me whilst gently flicking my clit, there was no time for any of this, but I wanted to release, I needed to.

That daring feeling edged away at me, knowing how desperate I was to feel my cunt come, to feel it swell and tighten in pure pleasure as my body enjoyed the orgasm.

I started to slowly unbutton my shirt, I could see my hard nipples at this my hands were moving faster button by button until the shirt hit the floor, I didn’t even bother to move it, next was my skirt, I unzipped it faster than I could drop it, feeling the silky material brush against my legs gliding to the floor made my cunt soaking, now my body just wanted to be open I wanted it all off and wanted to feel the air against all of my skin.

One hand undoing my bra as the other was sliding my knickers down my legs, my soaking wet knickers, the smell of my cunt was killing me, I wanted just to reach down there an then an make my cunt explode the way I knew it would the moment I touched it.

Finally I was naked, my boobs just standing upright against my chest, so sensitive against the cold air in the room, looking at the clock again it was 6pm any minute now id hear the key in the door, I made my way over to the bed and laid down, slowly and gently I laid my skin against the soft quilt, not wanting too much friction as I knew the slightest touch and I would come, but I wanted to save this for him, I wanted him to see how worked up id got myself.

I was proud of it, laying on the bed, legs apart, pussy so wet it was dripping down along my arse crack, feeling it touch my outer rim as it goes then dripping onto the bed, I was proud that the more kağıthane escort I was imagining this the bigger the patch was getting, the stronger sweeter I was smelling an the more I was wanting him to just come through that door and see what a mess I’d got myself into.

Laying there just waiting, the anticipation at him finding me like this, nipples harder then iv ever seen them, cunt swelling with the pressure of just wanting to come, pussy dripping all over the bed, his bed.

trying not to touch myself was harder than I thought, now and again id find my hand brushing over my skin building me up to climax but then I had to move it away, he deserved this, he deserved to see me wanting, waiting for him, laying there legs wide just waiting for him to come through that door and slide his huge hard cock deep in me, letting him feel me drowned him with come.

There it was the familiar sound of the key in the door yet I am not cooking dinner in the kitchen as he’d expect, I wonder what he’ll say, what he’ll think. before I know it he’s in the bedroom, eyes wide as I lay before him, legs open wide, breasts standing upright all tight and round, nipples deep red as the blood is pumping to them as I watch his face, watch his eyes casting over my body before they finally set on my glistening wet cunt, my pussy is begging to be touched yet still he has not touched me, he knows this, he can see it from my face, I refuse to say a word, this ones up to him, this is his choice, I’m just here waiting.

He drops his bag but doesn’t bother to even remove his shoes, he comes towards the bed, I can’t read his face I don’t know what he’s going to do, he drops on all fours over me, an still doesn’t say or do anything, he just hovers there looking maltepe escort at my naked body.

next thing I know he’s leant back, on two knees and unzipping his trousers, he pulls out his cock, his huge fat hard cock, this is it, he’s finally going to make me come. He bends down as if he’s going to slide himself straight into my pussy, god I could take him now, all of him I just want to feel him inside me so much.

he has obviously gathered this, instead of filling my dripping wet pussy h bends his head down and flicks his tongue over my clit, the feeling, my cunt is alive, god he’s going to make me come, I want to tell him to fill me instead I want him to feel me come, I want to come all over him, as if he sensed this his head rises, he looks at me and laughs, I’m now silently begging him, I’m so desperate for him.

he goes down again and carries on licking my cunt, flicking at my clit an just as he does he inserts two fingers into my cunt, god I’m going to come, before I have chance to let my body take over, my arse is full, he’s slammed his cock straight into my arse, my arse that’s dripping with my juice, I feel so full, his fingers are now inside me, rubbing furiously against my g spot, his cock is stretching my arse, god I’m coming, I tell him this he pulls is fingers out of my cunt yet keeps thrusting in my arse, my legs are knocking against him with every thrust but he doesn’t care, he’s now playing with my clit, rubbing so hard I feel like I’m going to explode.

The feeling gets deeper and deeper, I’m going to come again, I try to tell him but the words won’t come out, all that’s escaping is my body moaning with the pure pleasure, my body thrusts and bucks as it feels the intensity and then comes the release, but I’m not coming, I’m squirting all over him, covering him in me, this hot liquid squirting out of my cunt, dripping over his face, his chest, even running down his legs, this has done it for him, with one deep hard thrust I feel his cock release, his come filling up my arse, all wet and warm, we both sigh with the relief of pleasure. I just about manage to mutter, “How was your day?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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