Peach Satin

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I smile as I step in the door, and see you standing in the living room waiting for me. “I see you found the package I left for you,” I say as I walk over and kiss you deeply.

“I love them,” you whisper back. My hands down the smooth peach satin of the bustier and cup your warm round ass, my head bending to kiss and lick the curve of your jaw against your neck. I feel your breath on my neck as you hold my head against yours and smell the warm scent of your freshly washed hair. My hands slide forward on your hips and stroke the bare skin between the bustier and your high gartered stockings.

I break off our kisses and whisper firmly, “Come up stairs because you’ve got more presents.” I lead you to the bedroom and have you stand at the foot of the bed. I step away for a moment and return from the hall with a small bag. I check inside, and remove a blindfold that matches the peach color of your bustier and stockings. You look at me and shiver slightly, something between a quiver of anticipation and tremor of anxiety. I slip the blindfold over your eyes, adjusting it so it fits snuggly but isn’t pinching. I give you a few moments to adjust to the sensation of darkness.

You feel me standing in front of you, aware of my breathing, my scent, and the warmth from my body. “Give me your left hand,” and I take it firmly in mine, slipping a thick padded cuff around your wrist and fastening it. I lift your right hand and fasten it inside the other cuff.

“Now onto the bed, but not too far”. I guide you to turn and kneel on the bed, your cuffed hands in front of you and your round shaped ass rising above the mattress. My hands slide over your round ass, along the garters and down your stocking covered legs. I step off to the side and caress the small of your back while I admire the curves of your breasts spilling out of the bustier onto the cover.

“You look good enough to eat,” I murmur as I kneel behind you. kurtköy escort My tongue flicks over the bare exposed skin of your backside and then runs along the tops of your stockings and up along your garters. My body moves closer and I raise my head slightly, my tongue running from the top of your ass along your spine to the bustier and back again. I plant several kisses across the small of your back, and feel your hips start to rock and thrust as the pleasure builds in your body. My head moves back and you feel my teeth on the firm flesh of your buns, leaving tingling love bites as I worked across the supple mounds. I can see you starting to arch your back to expose your pussy, little pearls of moisture beading on the pink flesh between your thighs.

I place my tongue on your spine at the small of your back, and start to move down your warm skin. Your moans become more insistent as my tongue slips into your ass crack, and your hips lift and fall in time with the waves of pleasure radiating through your body. My tongue moves slowly until it slides onto the dimple of your puckered hole and then stops. I can hear you gasp softly, and I start to slowly rotate my tongue on your rear opening. Your knees slip a little and you moan louder as my tongue moves a little faster, flicking back and forth over the opening and pressing more firmly with each stroke. I let my saliva ooze down my tongue to lubricate your hole and spread it with gentle licks.

I pause for a moment, watching your ass pucker and release in little spasms, before I take your ass cheeks in my hands, spread them, and then press my face against your ass. My tongue is a hard point and penetrates your ass slightly. You groan deeply and buck back against my face, wanting to feel me go deeper. My tongue’s touch stays teasing light, alternating hard long licks and teasingly tiny penetrations of your bum.

Slowly my tongue’s touch lightens and I replace it with malatya escort my fingers. I dribble a little bit of lube down the crack of your ass and massage it into you with my fingertips. Your body jerks slightly from the coolness of the liquid but it soon warms up as my fingers spread it around your ass. My fingers penetrate slightly, lubricating the inner walls and helping you to relax. Finally one finger slides in to the middle joint and your ass tightens around it. I move it slowly, helping you to relax. I slip it out, lubricate it, and slide it back in again. This time you are looser and don’t clench as tight, and I know you’re ready. My fingertips are replaced by the small end of a tiny vibrator. You slide away from it at first but I keep massaging your ass with the tip until you start to relax and open your legs a bit wider. My other hand moves to your warm pussy, touching your hot juicy lips. You moan loudly and push back on my hand and at the same time push your ass a little farther onto the vib.

My fingers stroke the soft flesh of your pussy lips, pulling and tugging on the folds gently as I work the little egg deeper into your ass. I can feel the muscles pushing back on it, but each spasm from your pussy loosens you more until the fullest part is riding at the opening. One gentle push and your muscles now start working it deeper inside instead of forcing it out. My finger presses it deep enough that it to stay. A finger from my other hand slips into your pussy.

“O god, more”, you moan as you feel me rubbing the vib from inside you. I flip on the control, and low throbbing buzz fills your hips, radiating from your ass, into your pussy, and up into your belly. My fingers keep massaging your pussy and teasing your clit. Your body jerks with the spasm from your pussy and you feel me turn the speed up on the vib. The throbbing from deep inside seems to go straight to your clit, and I can hear you panting as I finger kayseri escort you.

“oooo oooo ooo ooo OOOOO FUCK fuck ooo fuck ooo FUCK”. Your orgasm seems to go on and on, the throbbing deep inside amplifying the pulses in your pussy that are pushing you over the top. My fingers slowly move away from you, letting you collapse, relax, and catch your breath.

The next time you are aware of me, my bare hips are brushing against yours. I guide you to turn over, and then lay beside you on the bed and massaging your aching arms. I raise them over your head, stretching you, and watching your body undulate. I kiss you gently and whisper “I’m going to take you”. I return to the end of the bed, mount it, and kneel, pressing your legs outward with my hands. You respond by opening your thighs and drawing your legs up. I move swiftly between your thighs, my hard cock rubbing against the moist flesh.

“Oooh please,” you whisper as you feel the hard rod of flesh against your tunnel. My hands slide between our legs and grab vib control, turning up the speed until the vibrations are pulsing rapidly from your ass through your puss and belly to your tits. I thrust into you slowly and your stocking clad legs wrap around my hips, pulling me towards your waist. My body stretches out over you, pressing down on you, driving my erection deep into your waiting pussy.

I moan against your neck, the vibration in your body sending tiny tremors of pleasure through my cock. My strokes start out steady, smooth and insistent. The head of my cock probes every inch of your inner delights, and I can feel your cum start to gush out over my balls with each stroke. I groan deep, sucking and biting on your nipples as I thrust, driving your hips into the bed with each stroke. I can feel the tension building in both of us with each rock of our hips. Finally I give way to the urgency building in my thighs and balls, letting my hot seed spill into your waiting snatch. I groan into your ear as my cock spasms in your pussy. Your cries match my own as I feel your pussy start to clench and release on my cock as your body shudders with the release of all your pent up pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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